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Casino Brango Celebrates National Tell a Joke Day

By August 16, 20222 Comments

Hello, fellow Brango players, allow us to introduce and congratulate you on what’s probably our favorite holiday out of them all. The National Tell a Joke Day! That’s because there’s an intrinsic connection between telling a joke and spending your time at a casino. Namely, both are highly contagious, extremely fun activities designed to bring out the best of the day and put a smile on your face. That’s why here at Brango’s crypto casino the occasion is always properly marked with pomp and great promotions. And although we love to tell a joke, there’s no joke about them!

The History of National Tell a Joke Day

Unfortunately, we don’t know the exact author of the National Tell a Joke Day, which isn’t surprising when you consider how often we forget most of our jokes. What we do know is that jokes have been an inseparable part of human history from time immemorial, with the first recorded one tracing back to at least 1900 B.C. Believe it or not, it involved good old flatulence humor, which just goes to show that people’s perception of humor didn’t change much over time. Some also attribute the invention of jokes to the ancient Greek hero Palamedes, who used them to outwit the more famous Odysseus on the eve of the Trojan War. But it doesn’t really matter, does it? What matters is that to tell a joke was a sign of human presence from the moment we were able to use language as means of expression.

The Benefits of Having a Laughter

There are so many benefits to laughter it would take days just to count them all. According to Mayo Clinic, there are both long-term and short-term effects it has on our health. It can improve your cardiac health and blood circulation, reduce your stress levels, trigger the release of endorphins, and boost your T-cells. It also helps you get through tough times, connect with people and make you feel less depressed and anxious.

If this sounds familiar, you’re on the right trail, because that’s exactly what playing at the casino does. And while we may not be able to boost your T-cells, there’s another kind of boost our bet-safe casino excels in. The one that measures in free spins, chips and cash. We decided to go on a special kind of blast this August, with an up to 200% boost plus 200 free spins you can claim for the duration of the whole month. Hope this brings a smile to your face half as much as it does when you tell a joke so good that the whole room brightens up!

Up To 200% Boost Plus 200 Free Spins play nowHow to Celebrate National Tell a Joke

There are so many reasons to love and ways to celebrate National Tell a Joke Day. The primary idea is to have a great time, so try to do whatever makes your stomach muscles strain. You can spend some time reading up on different jokes online or do a bit of digging on social media to find the material you can share with your friends and make a riot of laughter for everyone involved.

Since you’re reading this on our blog, we’re sure you’d enjoy a bit of casino humour, so we might as well make your search easier with some of our previous texts on the subject. Here’s one about the best gambling jokes for any audience or if you’re more into the prevailing humour of internet memes go check out our list of top 5 gambling memes. And if nothing brings a smile to your face more than the sight of cash, consider joining our $20k prize pool Fight Till The Last August tournament and we’re sure you’ll be the one to have the last laugh!


  • Buddys121 says:

    So good to play something different. Love it

  • Chuck Pierce says:

    I do not like the game in particular it’s got a nice feel to it but I mean I got one bonus it gave me $0.06 with 13 spins it came back with another bonus and I gambled to get 10 spins and it gave me zero I played it on a lot of the casinos and never had any luck with it at all I don’t know if it needs a higher value spin but right now I’m just not going to play it unless it’s free of course

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