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Types of Self Exclusion at Casino

By September 17, 2022August 3rd, 2023No Comments

Self exclusion in casinos is possible and even advisable in certain circumstances. Now you must be thinking that we are out of our minds running a casino blog and advising you to ban yourself from playing. Nevertheless, responsible operations are at the heart of our business, so we feel obliged to explain this not-so-often talked about topic. This is casino self exclusion in details. What it is; how you can benefit from it; and how to do it.

Casino Self Exclusion Explained

Gambling can be the ultimate form of entertainment if you are a responsible adult. However, a player can sometimes feel he or she is losing control of spending, time, or energy. Or simply strives for change of a lifestyle.

Team at crypto casino Brango promotes responsible gambling and respects your decision, whatever that may be. Should you decide to take a pause in playing with us, you can do it in 2 forms, which we will discuss below.

How to Exclude Yourself  

Depending on the reason, you can ask for 2 types of casino exclusions:

  • Cool off period
  • Self-exclusion

Cool Off Period

Cool off period is, as the name suggests, the period of time you need to rethink, reset, or recharge. It may happen that you feel unsure regarding your future gambling endeavours. Or that you just need some time to relax from playing, think it through, and see whether you wish to come back. In situations like this one, asking for the “Cool Off Period” is a wise thing to do. If we have delivered the superior service and the vibes that we shared were good enough, you will return. To ask for a cool off period, you should do the following:

Send an email to using the email you registered with when setting up your Account. Your message should contain:

  • the request to set the cool off period for the given account
  • the desired cool off period (please note that available options are: 24 hours, 1 day, 7 days, 1 month, 1 year or an indefinite suspension)

It is important to understand that once you choose a certain cool off period, you cannot re-activate your account before the chosen period expires. On the other hand, when you set the cool off period to “indefinite”, you can change your mind but only after the first 24h expires.

Benefits of a Cool Off Period

It would be great if we could sometimes put our lives on hold, right? Imagine taking a pause in your daily job, or relationships. It would help you redefine your priorities and wishes. Online casino exclusion, or the cool off period (to be more precise) offers exactly that kind of a reset. Your balance can rest until you decide to return, or you can choose to withdraw it prior to cooling off.

Moreover, you can use this period to reconsider your strategy, depending on which casino game is your favourite. You can start with tips and tricks on our blog and compare it to your experience.

Stacking up a bankroll is a huge benefit. If you are looking for a wilder gaming experience, but cannot afford to play with extensive funds, saving on extra cash during the cool off period can eventually help you get the high-roller experience.

Speaking of cash, we are sure that there are items you wished for but haven’t been able to afford. Use the cool off time to satisfy the shopaholic in you.

Lastly, we cannot skip mentioning the fact that sometimes we all need to relight some fires. If playing online doesn’t have the same meaning for you as in the beginning, cool it off. The whole point of gambling is feeling good and profit in the process. If any of the components is missing it may be time to step back. Let the time do its magic until you feel the same desire again.

Casino Self Exclusion

This is a more serious option which you can choose if you think you have developed deeper gambling issues which started affecting your daily routine, relationships, finances, etc. People come to casinos to have some fun time. When it stops being fun, casino self exclusion is something you should consider.

The only catch here is that it is permanent. Once you report to us that you have serious issue with gambling which requires exclusion, we will deactivate your account permanently. There is no period after which you can ask for re-activation. On one hand, this may be a turn off for some. However, serious problems require serious measures with the goal of getting back on your feet and enjoying other types of fun in a healthy way.  To sum it up, if what we offer causes any serious damage, we do not wish to be a part of it.

Always Choose Control

Everything that we discussed above raises the question of control. Losing it may be attractive sometimes, but not when gambling is in question. The same as in life, the challenge of being in control is one of the most important you will need to face.

So, in what way you can practice being in control? I have to say that it is a bit unconventional from a casino team member to answer this question, but I will try to do it, speaking from personal experience only.

Define Your Red Lines

Even if you are not aware of it, you must have certain boundaries. I think we all set them either consciously or unconsciously. Knowing what they are makes your job easier. So, don’t be afraid to face yourself. Eventually, stick to your red lines and you will be in control.

Make Plans in Advance

Making plans usually concerns the bankroll management. This is the most popular advice you can get and probably the most useful one. If you want to stay in control, you should set realistic expectations and plan your way to the top.

Planning your budget is the most important aspect. Once you set your plan in motion, stick to it.

Don’t Borrow Money

It is difficult to restrain from borrowing money from friends and family. However, it is important to know that if you manage to restrain yourself, you are saved from debts, humiliation, broken ties with people you care about. Rule your gaming habit, don’t let it rule you.

Stay Away from Greediness

Again, it seems that most of the tips revolve around your ability to be realistic. Practice simplicity and you will see how your plans will turn to be doable. Knowing when to stop and take a break is a habit of successful people. Greediness is a sure way to go bust.

Now that you know that there is a cushion to ease your fall, you can play with less worry. Although we hope you will not be in a position to need casino self exclusion, it is always better safe than sorry. Should you be interested in more details, feel free to contact our live support. They are proficient and available 24/7.

Since we have swallowed the bitter pill of explaining casino self-exclusion, we can turn to the brighter side of life. And what is brighter than the neon lights in the Neon Wheel 7s? Or the treasure in the latest slot Desert Raider, for which you still have time to grab extra 30 free spins?

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