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5 Things You Should Never Do At A Poker Table

By October 29, 2022No Comments

There rarely is a casino game that requires higher levels of social intelligence than poker. And as with every social situation you can think of, there is a certain code of conduct to be followed to make the experience pleasurable for all the parties involved. Poker is no exception to this rule, as it includes a vast array of DOs and DON’Ts. In this article, we’ll be looking at a few examples in the latter camp. So, here come a couple of things you should never do at a poker table.

Never Pick a Poker Table Outside Your League

This is one of those rookie mistakes that can easily be avoided. It doesn’t affect other players as much as it does you, in fact, they will be more than eager to take advantage of it. That’s because as the famous poker saying goes: “It’s morally wrong to let a sucker keep his money.” And you will be one of them if you sit at the poker table that’s way beyond either your level of skill or your bankroll. Take the middle road, and eventually, you’ll climb up the ladder.

Don’t Waste Time or Slow Roll

While picking the wrong poker table may not annoy other players as much, nothing will get on their nerves more than deliberately wasting time or slow rolling. The quick pace of poker is what makes it so exciting in the first place, and taking enormous amounts of time just to decide what to do, realize that it’s your turn, or show your cards is a big no-no. The last one is the so-called practice of slow rolling which doesn’t serve any other purpose than to annoy people. So try not to be that guy.

Don’t Reveal Your Folded Cards

On the other hand, revealing your folded cards while the game is still on is maybe even worse. That’s because when you talk about them, you’re giving away important information to other players in the game, and that can completely change the outcome of the game. And although we get the temptation to share what you have in some situations such as close raises during a flip, it’s best you keep that information to yourself so as not to disrespect other players.

Don’t Disrespect the Dealer

Si, if you thought disrespecting other players was the worst thing you can do, the only thing that can top it is disrespecting your poker table dealer.  A dealer is a person who is just doing his job and has no influence whatsoever over the course of the game. And taking your frustrations on them when you run into a losing streak is absolutely unacceptable breach of poker etiquette. If you tend to find guilty parties in anyone besides yourself while playing poker, maybe you shouldn’t be playing it at all.

Celebrate With Dignity

And lastly, remember to always mark your winnings in a dignified manner. Of course, it’s only natural to feel happy whenever you win a hand, but make sure not to get overly excited, as that will send a wrong message to others than you think. And what we mean by that is that most people will interpret that as a sign that you’re not used to winning. There are better ways to express your winning mentality at a poker table, and none of them includes boasting like a petulant kid.

It’s All About Fun

While these rules are all about making the experience of playing at a poker table as enjoyable as possible, what’s even more important is to not take them too seriously. Just act like a decent human being, and you won’t even notice that they’re there. And if you want to improve your poker skills you can check out some of our advice on the subject. Best of luck!

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