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Video Poker Mistakes to Avoid

By November 5, 2022No Comments

Video poker is one of the most popular casino games you can play at online casinos, and the reasons for it are numerous. From its simple rules, low house edge, and an element of skill that can significantly increase your chances of hitting some big wins, there are few things not to like about it. But, as usual, no one is immune to making a few mistakes here and there. What this article aims to do is point out some rookie mistakes you can easily avoid while playing video poker.

Playing Games You’re Not Familiar With

Although getting a grip on video poker is fairly easy, there are many different versions of the game out there. You would not only need an incredible amount of time to try them all out but a considerable bankroll too. So, when playing with real money try to stick to the versions of video poker games you’re already familiar with. This doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to playing the ones you already know, only that you should first get  a hold of the basics before you jump onto them.

Not Using the Correct Strategy

The main reason why you should not play video poker games you’re not familiar with is because you aren’t able to apply the best possible strategy. And using a proper strategy is essential if you want to achieve long-term success. But keep in mind that what works for Deuces Wild might not always work for Jacks or Better. Studying and applying properly which strategy works for which video poker game will reduce the house edge to an almost negligible figure and significantly improve your chances of winning.

Not Playing Maximum Coins

Not playing maximum coins is also one of the common mistakes players tend to make while playing video poker. That’s because most of them don’t understand that the overall payout for maximum coin bets is proportionally larger than the payouts for smaller bets. It increases the game’s return and decreases the house edge which is obviously something you should strive to do. You should especially play max-coins on games with progressive jackpots because it’s usually the only way you can win them.

Avoiding Progressive Video Poker Games

Speaking of progressive jackpots, avoiding playing them is another common mistake people unwillingly commit to. It’s true that progressive video poker games are in many ways similar to progressive jackpot slots. They collect huge sums of cash to be occasionally paid out in a form of a massive jackpot to that one, particularly lucky guy. And while the payout might be slimmer on them than on standard video poker or slot machines, it’s wise to give them a go from time to time. Particularly if you encounter two otherwise identical machines and one of them offers a progressive jackpot. Just remember to always go with the maximum number of coins per hand.

Not Paying Full Attention to The Game

Another thing that separates video poker from let’s say conventional slots is the fact that you don’t need as much focus for the latter. Because slots don’t require much skill and intuition you can afford to zone out and focus on the experience. But with video poker, you need to be always on the ball. Consider playing slower, so you can devote more time to each hand and you’ll see how much your overall gameplay improves. Also, go easy on the drinks as it is the shortest way to not just waste your ability to concentrate but also your entire bankroll.

Not Practicing Video Poker Online

And finally, the last mistake to avoid is underestimating the value of practice. As is the case with almost any other area of life where a certain set of skills is needed, you can always get better the more you practice. And the easiest way to perfect your video poker skills is to play it oanline at a bet safe casino such as Brango. We offer a wide variety of different poker variations you can try out, so head to our video poker page and choose the one to your liking. Looking ahead to some of your big wins!

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