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How to Handle a Blocked Casino Account

By November 15, 2022No Comments

If your casino account has been blocked, don’t worry – we’re here to help! Things like this happen sometimes and there is no reason to panic. Fortunately, it’s still possible to retrieve it. We are bringing you a quick guide that should help you handle a blocked casino account. Let’s check it out!

Reasons Why Your Account Could Be Blocked

To help you understand the bigger picture, let’s go through some possible reasons why casinos can block your account.

Wrong Username or Password

This is the most common reason for casinos to lock a player’s account. It’s also the easiest to undo, but how do you do it? The reason for this is that you have entered the incorrect username or password. As a result, the casino is trying to protect you from an unauthorized person that might be trying to log in instead of you. To prevent it, pay attention to your log-ins.

Violation of Terms and Conditions 

Reading the terms and conditions is very important and not reading them can sometimes cause more harm than good.

By violating terms and conditions casinos also consider unacceptable communication. Keep in mind that casinos will not tolerate any kind of rudeness or verbal abuse. The more effective communication with casino – the faster you’ll solve your problems.

Here is what you should always check when, let’s say, you’re claiming a casino promotion. Although it is highly unlikely for this to happen, these are some of the things you should know when claiming the coupons. It saves your time and keeps you on the safe side.  First of all, wagering requirements, then maximum expected winnings as well as maximum bets. Next, the information about the games covered by the promo, deposit requirements, and promo duration.

There are some general things to look for that can save you time and get you all the information you need before you start playing. It doesn’t only refer to casino promotions, but to general casino policy.


Gambling can be a great form of entertainment if you are a responsible adult. However, a player can sometimes feel that he or she is losing control of spending, time, or energy. Casinos like crypto casino Brango promote responsible gambling and respect your decision, whatever your reasons may be. If you ever decide to take a pause in playing, simply ask for it. Read more about self-exclusion and ways of doing it.

Falsified Information Given

If you have sent fraudulent information to the casino, the chances are you will end up with blocked casino account. This is one more reason why you should respect the rules in every casino that you choose to play.

To avoid problems with your account, you should read the Terms and Conditions on the casino’s site. Those are the documents that carefully inform you of the terms by which you use the casino’s services and website as well as some additional rules. There you can find everything that might interest you about casino Brango regulations.

Unblocking Your Casino Account

Now, let’s see how to solve a problem. The first step you should take is to contact the customer support team. If the casino in question has a live chat this will be the easiest and fastest way to get that account unlocked. If they don’t have it, you’ll need to email them. We don’t mean to brag, but casino Brango has an awesome support team that will help you and give their best to resolve every issue you may have. They are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days per week for any questions.

Customer support will tell you why the account has been locked and help you unlock it. If it’s a simple reason like entering the wrong log-in information they may just send you an email to reset your account information. Talking about verification, you should probably upload more documentation to ensure that you are a real user.

Generally speaking, there is a low possibility that your winnings are lost, and your account gets permanently blocked, so don’t worry about that. We hope this post helped you. Of course, you can avoid getting in trouble by choosing a trustworthy place to play such as casino Brango. Join us and enjoy all sorts of games and instant payouts!

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