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Drinksgiving Celebrations at Casino Brango

By November 22, 2022No Comments

Hey there, fellow Brango players, are you excited about the impending holidays we expect in just a couple of days, such as Thanksgiving and Black Friday? You’ve probably already come up with some jokes to tell over the dinner table, or updated your shopping wish list with items to fill your wardrobe. But did you know there is even one more occasion happening over the week? The so-called Drinksgiving Day, also referred to in some circles as Black Wednesday, or more infamously The Blackout Wednesday. Let’s check out some history behind the occasion.

History of Drinksgiving

While we know pretty much about the history of Thanksgiving Day, which has been around since 1621, the origins of Drinksgiving are much murkier. The term was coined around 2007, with a search history on Google beginning in 2014. But the concept has been around for many decades before the term itself came into broad use.

Drinksgiving Day refers to the tradition of people, mostly young adults and college students, gathering the night before Thanksgiving in their hometown bars and pubs before spending the next day with their families, or as Urban Dictionary jokingly puts it, having to endure them. The fact that most people don’t work on Thanksgiving makes Drinksgiving a perfect occasion to catch up with old friends over a couple of drinks. As long as you take them the same way you like to play at our bet safe casino. Responsibly.

How to Celebrate Drinksgiving

There are numerous ways to celebrate Drinksgiving, and none of them has to imply indulging in binge drinking. Your primary focus should be on the essence of such a gathering. And the essence we’re talking about is the celebration of friendship.

So, reach out to that old high school buddies you haven’t seen in a long time by hopping out to your favorite pub or bar. Or if you’re into a more private atmosphere, invite them to your place, and serve them their preferred choice of drinks, whether or not it involves alcohol. This way, you’ll both have a great time looking back on the good old days and ease some tension ahead of the big day in front of you.

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