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Mountain Mystery, part 1

By December 5, 2022No Comments

Five friends, one of whom is a killer, gathered for a mountain climb expedition which turned into mountain mystery. The place of gathering was the city of Mendoza. This is the fiction story in 4 weekly sequels, told from the perspective of one of the team members, and any resemblance to the actual characters, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Find the code name hidden in the text as a misplaced word, copy/paste it in the Cashier and access the special Christmas fully free spins to which the below stated terms apply.

The Mystery Begins

Ah, nothing can beat the lively spirit of Chile this time of the year. With Andes at the distance, and the mighty Aconcagua which will be the place of a great mountain mystery, the night has set.


There we were five adventurous souls with a clear goal ahead – to take over that mountain peak! “The weather is pleasant, as expected”, Ian must have thought to himself.

“There is no need to light the fire, as we would do at home in December. Home seems so far away. Why did I need this trip, anyway?” must have been the thought that lingered on his mind as he watched Clara swallowing the last bite of chicken.

His entire body and blushed face gave off the impression of someone thinking: “She is so hot, God help me”. It was clear that Deion noticed it and felt a bit edgy.

Deion and Clara

Speaking of Deion, he was a born leader. Never did he expect to lead the mountain expedition, let alone be a part of the mountain mystery.

As a child, he dreamt of becoming the famous athlete. Basketball has always been his choice. Somewhere along the way, he got hooked on climbing which became his passion. It took over his soul like the slow fire gradually expanding with every new dash of oxygen. That evening, he was sitting at the table, seamlessly chit-chatting, while in reality getting as much information as possible about his fellow climbers and their character features. But not about Clara, though. He knew her soul inside and SILENT out.


Sandra was the woman who seemed friendly, but authoritative at the same time. She gave off the impression of someone with a lot of experience. Not just in climbing, but in life as well. Watching her among these people, she seemed as if she had been their teacher or a mother, although she was far from it. Mountain mystery could have been her alias.

Mountain Mystery: the Narrator

As for me, I watched them all and knew this trip would be the most memorable adventure in all our lives.


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