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Mountain Mystery, part 4

By December 26, 20222 Comments

Five friends, one of whom is a killer, gathered for a mountain climb expedition, which turned into mountain mystery. This is the fiction story in 4 weekly sequels, told from the perspective of one of the team members, and any resemblance to the actual characters, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Find the code name hidden in the text as a misplaced word, copy/paste it in the Cashier and access the special Christmas free spins to which the below stated terms apply.

The Morning After

Puzzled is not the right word to describe my state of mind at that point. Astonished? Maybe. However, I would never leave such a mess. So, whoever it was, still has a lot to learn.

One thing drew my attention, though. The tent of the battleground was ripped open from the inside, and with great force as far as I could see. Now, look at that… Did the trio tried to attack whoever approached the tent? Was it self-defence?  So many questions, no answers in sight. A true mountain mystery I did not see coming.

Then, I followed the bloody traces to see if they would speak to me. At one point, I figured that the bodies were missing. Deione’s body was there, but no sign of Sandra or Clara. Wtf!?

Ian Woke Up

Ian woke up at that moment and his first reaction was to start screaming. Typical. A snowflake will never become a man. “Get up”, I said. “We were attacked last night, and this is the aftermath of the battle. The only thing I do not understand is why Sandra and Clara. What is so special about them?”

“You are talking like all this is normal to you, or as if you expected it to happen”, said Ian.

I looked at him and he finally got it.

-“What did you do?!!!”, he yelled.

-“I wished…” I said and smiled.

-“Oh, you sick bastard!” Ian screamed.

-“Look, this was done by someone or something powerful. No traces in the snow, no bodies…. Has it crossed your mind that the killer left the scene leaving no trace whatsoever?”

-“So, who was it?” Ian asked.

-“Or what it was?” I said.

Mountain Mystery: The Aftermath

Suddenly, the mountain started to howl. It sounded more like wailing, then bursting. It felt like the avalanche was about to hit. Will this be the end of a mountain mystery for the two of us?

Ian, my complete opposite was standing there and started to pray. He accepted his fate. I took one look around, feeling assured that there must be someone watching. And I was right. There she was. The mountain lioness stood at the top of the hill peacefully RIGHT watching us, as if trying to say: “We will meet again.”

And I am sure we will. As for Ian, he closed this chapter of his life, the moment he heard the avalanche coming.


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