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Valentine’s day Casino Promotion

By February 3, 2023August 4th, 20235 Comments

Love is in the air! And so is cash! Yes, February is all about love, romance, and appreciation, but here at Instant Withdrawal Casino Brango, we like to spread love by creating amazing opportunities for all of you to make money! That’s why our February promotion is voluminous, burning, and intense. I am talking about up to $10,000 in bonuses a day intense!

So, you want to be our Valentine?

February Promotions for All-year-long Romance

Did you know that celebration of Valentine’s Day originates from Ancient Rome? There are many stories trying to explain how it all started and we will probably never know the real truth. But it is not time for a history class, and what’s important is that we are celebrating the love so let’s start with it.

For all of you our dearest friends, we have 2 different coupons available as part of our February Love themed promotion.

Low Wagering & High Volume Bonuses

One of the coupons gives 125% Bonus, or up to $1000! It is a low wagering boost which can be used for all non-progressive slots (777 excluded). The other coupon is a bit spicier as it offers 365% Bonus with a minimum deposit of only 20$. Again, it is valid for all non-progressive slots (777 excluded). Both coupons can be redeemed 5 times a day, which means you can take up to $5000 Bonus each!

Be sure to check out the Cashier as well as our Promotions page where you can find more awesome promo offers.

And imagine what amazing gifts you can buy to your partner (or yourself) with this cash! You can pick up some ideas for unique Valentine’s Day Gifts in our previous article.

February promotion play nowFebruary Is Also About Super Bowl

Mid February will be super hectic. Other than Valentine’s Day, we are all highly excited for February the 13th when the great Super Bowl LVII Game takes place! It’s going to be a real spectacle, action-packed and with thrilling halftime show. Can you imagine how excited the people who are going to watch it live must be? And can you imagine yourself there at the stadium? Well, dreams can become reality with a little help of your favorite online casino.

There is an ongoing tournament called “Blood, Sweat and Tickets”, with the super bowl tickets as the main prize! Plane tickets are also included! But that’s not all. This tourney has amazing $50,000 prize pool, with daily rewards such as iPhone devices, cash and free spins and chips. It is on for couple more days, so you still have time to grab your place among winners of these amazing prizes. The best thing is that tournament entry is any bonus-free deposit of a minimum 20$. And all you have to do is play, which means you can win tournament prizes even if you don’t actually win in games.

Hurry up and join now!


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