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Maserati Cup Tournament with $200k Prize Pool

By March 16, 2023August 4th, 20232 Comments

Some might say that March is a boring month. The holidays are behind us, summer still seems far away, and the weather is so unpredictable that it is causing us all mood swings. I am not here to argue these general opinions. But I can definitely offer some amazing spices to this ongoing March Blues. Spices that are hot and sweet and will make your days alive. I am talking about our ongoing “The Maserati Cup” Tournament, which is everything but boring.

If you are regular at our blog (and I choose to believe you are), you probably know the most important details. Tourney has a $200k prize pool and brand-new Maserati Grecale is the grand reward. But let’s talk a bit more about the other prizes, rules and details.

What to Expect from the Maserati Cup Tournament

You have 200k reasons to expect only the best. Yes, $200k prize pool is something never-before-seen. But that’s why Instant Payout Casino Brango is your favorite online place. We move boundaries and we always try to make things more interesting. The Maserati Cup Tournament is a perfect way to level-up everyday gaming experience and to win even if you are not actually winning. It is an online slot tournament, and the entry fee is any bonus-free deposit of a minimum $20. Once you are qualified, the points earning starts. Every day is a new chance to climb higher on the leaderboard. Points in the tourney are earned through wagering, deposit amount, and daily missions. There are also daily and weekend multipliers. If you play every day, it will multiply your points and increase your ranking.

Another thing to highlight is that Maserati Cup is also ongoing in our sister Instant Withdrawal Casino Extreme. If you play at both, your chances will double. Make sure to check out their page and get the best of both places!

Daily Missions

Daily missions seem to be players’ favorite. They create a feeling of a never-ending game, with every day being a new possibility to score big. There is a brief description of a daily mission on the tournament page each day. If you solve a mission successfully, additional points will be added to your ranking.

Prizes That Will Make You Feel Like a Real Champion

It is pretty clear that prizes are what makes this tourney so special. As you already know, the Grand Prize is a Maserati Grecale. Maserati has always been a synonym for a perfect style, luxury, and safety. And that’s why it is the main prize. But we must warn you. Driving a Maserati brings a lot of looks. People will turn their heads, take pictures and admire your car. So, be ready to feel like a star.

But this amazing car is just one of the rewards. The runner-up will win a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is a trip to Bahamas, and they will get a chance to bring one person with them. Vacation on Bahamas sounds like a pretty good highlight of the year. Be consistent and it might be your highlight!

When it comes to other prizes, others among the top 10 players will be enjoying new iPhones, Apple MacBooks, Sony TVs.. And around 200 chip prizes are waiting to be won! This tournament is special because it also has daily winners/daily rewards. That means you don’t have to wait until the end of the tourney to enjoy your share of a $200k prize pool. Daily winners have their rewards sent every Monday!

The best part of the Maserati Cup Tournament is that you still have time to climb to the top. The competition is on until the 19th of April, so make sure to join as soon as possible and find your spot at the leaderboard. It can also be a seat in the brand-new Maserati!

Happy playing!

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  • Jeffrey lane Williams jr says:

    Hey there I think this game was cool got one bonus with the free spins 3 times blown up squares.. would like to see what happens when you get a good higher bonus or free spins.

  • Mel Greenlee says:

    I want to extend my sincerest praise to both casinos of Extreme and Brango. The new tournaments and daily rewards give us, as players, a chance to see how much we are valued. The thought that went into these tournaments is encouraging to see as it gives a more personalized connection across the board. The encouragement, camaraderie and fun makes me keep coming back. Keep up the good work. I’ve enjoyed all the prizes.

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