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Masks of Atlantis Slots Review and Free Spins

By May 17, 2023February 21st, 202486 Comments

 The Revelation Unveiled: Dive into the Enigmatic Realm of RealTime Gaming’s Atlantis Masks

Attention: The Mystical Resurgence of Atlantis on Your Display!

Behold as the age-old lost empire stages a return, not confined to historical archives but gracing your screens. RealTime Gaming has meticulously crafted an enthralling enigma in the form of Masks of Atlantis, offering a unique opportunity to plunge into the abyssal depths and witness the reemergence of ancient ruins. Prepare yourself for a tumultuous wave of victories as we navigate through the intricacies of this spellbinding odyssey through the world of slots.

 Curiosity Piqued: Embark on an Oceanic Mystery with Masks of Atlantis

While the fabled Atlantis remains ensconced in the realms of mythology, Masks of Atlantis steps boldly into reality, making its debut at the instant withdrawal haven, Casino Brango. Let’s extend a hearty applause to this cutting-edge slot release that vows to deliver an immersive underwater escapade.

Masks of Atlantis introduces players to a maritime mystery adventure with 5 reels and 20 paylines. Its straightforward yet rewarding framework categorizes it as a slot of moderate volatility. If you’re on the lookout for a gaming experience that seamlessly balances gameplay and bountiful rewards, your quest ends here.

 Inquisitive Exploration: Unraveling Symbolic Features and Coveted Prizes

1. Shield Scatters: Initiate the Free Spin Extravaganza
2. Athena: Amass 2,500 coins
3. Poseidon: Acquire 1,000 coins
4. Atlas: Secure 500 coins
5. Hydra: Gather 200 coins
6. Ancient Symbols: Procure 50-100 coins

The Wild, symbolized by the game logo, seamlessly substitutes all symbols. The Scatter, embodied by the Free Games logo, triggers a cascade of 10 free games with the appearance of three Scatters on an active payline.

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Mask of Atlantis

Masks of Atlantis slot

 Engaging in the Action: Immerse in Free Games, the Seaquake Feature, and Multipliers

 The Free Games Gala

– Engage in gameplay at the bet sum corresponding to the triggering spin.
– The feature concludes upon exhausting all Free Games or upon reaching the pinnacle of potential payouts.
– Employ strategic prowess during your free spins, as re-triggering remains beyond the realm of possibility.

The Seaquake Spectacle

The Seaquake Feature introduces an additional layer of exhilaration, activating with each spin adorned with triumphant symbols. The objective? Attain a cascade of wins that intensify with each successive spin.

The Seaquake Multiplier Extravaganza

Initiate a set of ten free spins intertwined with an augmented Seaquake Multiplier feature by landing three shield scatters. The multipliers ascend with each subsequent Seaquake Cascade:

– Initial Cascade: 1x Base Game, 3x Free Spins
– 1st Seaquake Cascade: 2x Base Game, 6x Free Spins
– 2nd Seaquake Cascade: 3x Base Game, 9x Free Spins
– 3rd Seaquake Cascade: 5x Base Game, 15x Free Spins

Engross yourself in the enigmatic world of Masks of Atlantis and seize the opportunity to win up to 50,000x your line bet on any spin.

 Unlock Free Spins for the Masks of Atlantis Slot

Submerge yourself in the exhilaration of online gaming at Casino Brango and elevate your adventure through their sensational free spins offering! Dive into a plethora of captivating slots and dynamic gameplay without expending a single penny. To lay claim to your free spins, navigate to Casino Brango’s Free Spins and set forth on a journey brimming with excitement and potential rewards.

 Quiver with Anticipation: Gameplay and Tactical Triumphs

Wager anywhere from 0.20 to 5 coins per spin and witness the unfolding excitement with a constellation of three to five matching symbols. The high-yielding Athena symbol stands as a beacon, offering a pinnacle prize of 2,500 coins for a quintet. Wilds seamlessly step in as substitutes for base game symbols, heightening the likelihood of securing winning pay lines.

Experience the spectacle of Seaquake Cascading Wins and Seaquake Multiplier features, activating in the wake of each triumphant combination. As symbols of victory fade away, new contenders emerge, intensifying your chances of laying claim to prized winnings. The Masks of Atlantis beckon, promising a riveting gaming experience.

 Unveiling the Symphony of Cascading Wins: A Paradigm-Shifting Mechanism

Keep a vigilant eye out for Cascading symbols, seamlessly occupying positions left vacant after triumphant combinations. These symbols not only offer a visual spectacle but also play a pivotal role in crafting new alliances. Cascading continues its rhythmic dance with every triumph until the resonating silence of no winning combinations.

Deciphering the Enigma of the Seaquake Multiplier: Amplify Your Triumphs

During the tenure of the Seaquake Feature, multipliers weave their magic with each cascading occurrence. The progression of multipliers unfolds as follows:

– Initial Seaquake: 1x Base Game, 3x Free Spins
– 1st Seaquake Cascade: 2x Base Game, 6x Free Spins
– 2nd Seaquake Cascade: 3x Base Game, 9x Free Spins
– 3rd Seaquake Cascade and beyond: 5x Base Game, 15x Free Spins

Whether you opt for the demo version or venture into the realm of real money, partake in the unraveling of the mysteries concealed within Masks of Atlantis and let the seaquake of triumphs commence!

Interrogating the Unknown: Answers to Your Lingering Questions

 Can I Indulge in a Demo Experience of Masks of Atlantis?

Certainly, Masks of Atlantis extends an invitation to a demo mode, allowing players to navigate through the intricacies of the game without venturing into the realms of real currency. Probe the depths and acquaint yourself with the mechanics of the game before immersing yourself in the tapestry of real-money play.

 How Does One Partake in the Real-Money Adventure of Masks of Atlantis?

Embarking on the journey of real-money play in “Masks of Atlantis” involves the following steps:

1. Establish an account with Brango casino.
2. Navigate to the cashier section and select a suitable payment method to initiate a deposit.
3. Following the deposit, commence your exploration of “Masks of Atlantis.”

Masks of Atlantis play now

Unravel the enigmas concealed within Masks of Atlantis, be it in the realm of demos or with real currency, and let the resounding echoes of triumph resonate!


  • Kermit Washington says:

    The new game isn’t bad. It’s kind of slow, but the cascading wilds is cool. Hopefully I can hit and get some money.

    • Kaleb Bowman says:

      has a lot going for it: The animation style is unique, the animation is some of the best I’ve ever seen. I always got the sense that this was a real lost, living and breathing culture with a coherent society. All in all Brango never fails to provide entertainment slots to the lineup.

    • Anthony Militello III says:

      I was slightly disappointed with this game as compared to other ones recent release bonus is hard to get in payouts or not very hard for it from what I experienced like I do like to see how many lanterns is very cool

      • David A Mariscal says:

        Got my free spins hit the free spins bonus early on but didn’t win. Then I hit the free spins bonus again and got about $10 I highly recommend

    • Emilly Cardenas says:

      Don’t really understand the plot of the game but I love the fact that the free spins are a trial version. Maybe upon the next deposit I’d be able to play it again and win big

  • Jonathan Patterson says:

    The new casino game Mask’s of Atlantis is really a spectacular game with awesome bonuses. That I think you will enjoy. Give it a try.

  • Susan Vigil says:

    Masks Of Atlantis is a really great game! I enjoyed it very much. I really like how the game was created and also I really liked the bonus round with the free spins This is a really fun game and kept me well entertained!

  • David Crittenden says:

    Play the masks of Atlantis! I love the looks of it is very refreshing seeing a new game hit the casino and the amount of wins it comes with are awesome! Spin away!

  • Sidney says:

    I wanted to love this game but after playing it at several places with up to 60 free spins I only hit the bonus one time and I even played through all my money after the free spins. So it probably won’t be one that I play frequently.

  • Rachael Romas says:

    I really enjoyed the new game and I am looking forward to playing it more often. Has really decent payouts.
    Username RachaelRomas

  • Brian Bounyavong says:

    Not a fan of the game but I’ll take it.. atleast they are releasing new games. Never hit the bonus after 110 spins,

  • Erika Sanders says:

    I didn’t like this game at all. Payouts were low and game just didn’t make me want to play again.

  • Antawn sims says:

    They could have kept this one one the drawing board lol this isn’t something that’s enjoyable nor a money maker I rate it a 2 outta 10

  • Misty Arrant says:

    I had fun with this game the visuals are great really looks great. Seems like it’s a game you won’t loose a whole lot on and just might be one to go to win I have it added to my favorites personally lol

  • Gogoyobari7 says:

    I do not like this game, not happy with payouts or feature. Free 50 spins and I only got $10. One of the worse games .

  • Ms says:

    This game was fun and I got some big wins. When you hit a bonus, it really pays off. I enjoyed the theme and liked the music that comes with it. I would definitely recommend and have played a few more times.

  • Joseph Flores says:

    The game is okay its not my fav one but it works i really dont get to picky about a slot i just play to win thank you brango you the best

  • Noel Dehon says:

    Hi everyone I think this game is good I think I will play again for a while and try to win again I am sure I will win its just a matter of time good luck everyone stay safe and enjoy

  • Lawrence Fagan says:

    This is a kind of fun game if u like slow spins.. I don’t have control of the stops like jungle bonus.. but I play it but I keep low bets til I get use to it… the payouts are not big a lot but low payouts from what I see!

  • Amanda says:

    New Game is ok… I’m not much into this type of game… But I did have a couple of decent hits. Can’t wait for the next new game.

  • Kayla says:

    I personally didn’t like this game 😕 I liked the features it offered on the bonus round. But in my opinion this slot is a money pit 🤷 you spend more money attempting to get to the bonus round then you win on the bonus round. I’ll pass on Playing the slot game with my own money 😂😂

  • miles pullar says:

    I thought it was okay until I got the drum in the center position and got to spin the Jungle Wheel. I ended up with a bonus win for a couple hundred off a dollar! Now I love this game. Just wait till you get the jungle bonus reels. Good Luck!

  • Alicia Unterbrink says:

    Masks of Atlantis is interesting in theme and cascading effect. I haven’t succeeded in reaching the bonus feature yet so I can’t say if it makes it worth it, but I have noticed that the game doesn’t seem to pay very well so far. . . seems to have a lot of fruitless spins.

  • Jordan says:

    I am always excited when a new game comes out. I did not enjoy this one as much as I’ve enjoyed the previous two, but I did had fun playing it. The cascading feature is kinda neat and I do enjoy the graphics of the masks. Very visually pleasing game and overall pretty fun.

  • Victor says:

    I liked the new game just the wins on there start of small other than that it was pretty sick you most definitely check it out


  • Jordan says:

    The game itself isn’t terrible. It’s kinda fun, however, I highly recommend playing it at a casino that respects its customers, no matter how much they deposit monthly. Brango doesn’t seem to respect its players, especially if they don’t deposit thousands monthly. I deposit as much as I can, low hundreds, and am treated like a burden any time I use the live chat. They close it on me immediately each time or sometimes listen to my issue and then end it. Blatant disrespect when asking them why I haven’t been able to redeem no deposit bonuses. I was wanting to spin some games, but no codes had been working. Disappointed, as I’ve loved this casino. I can’t allow myself to be disrespected like that and continue to be a paying customer without someone attempting to make it right, though, and i know for certain that they wont reach out to discuss the situation and try to make things right. So, moving on to a other casino. All in all, it’s a decent slot game. Just advise you to play it elsewhere.

  • Chloe larson says:

    Masks of Atlantis is a very addictive enjoyable slot. I’m happy that there’s a game layout like this, it’s one of the favorites I have on other sites. Love it

  • Matthew Waugh says:

    Username: Waughside
    I didn’t really think the new game was that good as it seemed like every spin that did win was less than my wagering amount which in my opinion is a loss. So it felt like every spin was a loss. I was hoping for an awesome bonus round but I don’t think this game even has a bonus round?

  • Kristin M Hickman says:

    Masks of Atlantis was not as good as some of the other games you have come out with lately. It is very hard to get the bonus and then when you do it only rewards you a little. I wonder what the secret to this one is but I guess I will have to play it again to find out. Not the best addition to the lineup!

  • John Woods says:

    Like most of the RTG games, Masks of Atlantis is a fun game, albeit
    kinda tight. I’ll definitely play it again, maybe get it drunk first — ya know…to loosen it up. 🤐

  • Matthew Marcoccio says:

    The new game is okay. During my free spins I never hit the bonus or even won that much so more free spins to experience the bonus would be nice. I like the colors and multipliers

  • Kurtis sletta says:

    I wasn’t much of a fan of the new game didn’t do too good just wasn’t that fun I don’t think maybe if I had more action I guess but still last few games between really good so that’s fine

  • Melissa Crabtree says:

    I love when new games come out. They never cease to amaze me. Didn’t hit any of the features on this one yet but hopefully next time it will be willing to show me what it has got!!!!

  • Jesse James Hildebrant says:

    I really like the cascading multiplier feature because it makes each spin more exciting and profitable! when the bonus feature is activated you get a huge 20 free spin feature with the opportunity for additional spins too! give it a try!

  • Melissa Evans says:

    This game is a little bit different, although I did enjoy playing it and as always giving me the opportunity to try the game out is always very much appreciated. Thank you.

  • Billy Jackson says:

    Masks Of Atlantis is a really good game just got to stick with it will hit eventually probably one of my top 5 favorites as of now

  • James says:

    Ive really enjoyed having a new tumble game to play. Even though it isnt the fastest of paced games, the contstant tumbles keep you engaged and on the edge of your seat. Its hard to get the free spins but so worth it once you do.

  • john thiel says:

    i dont know about the bonus didnt hit one i like the free roll when wins kinda slow pace well for me it was might be differnt for others idk

  • Dakota Kays says:

    This system is a really good thing for people like me… I struggle day to day from my own actions. I’m just saying i work hard for my actions lol

  • Yuliya Boldyreva says:

    Played the new game in like 5 different casinos, and guess what I only got 1 bonus on one game that’s it. It’s slow, I can’t pass the moment where the winning line disappears. I won’t be playing that game nomore. Don’t like it

  • Bigbillybadass says:

    Crazy fun with huge multipliers.
    When your on a roll the sky’s the limit on the massive payout you can get

  • Millyconley5 says:

    I enjoyed this game About as much as I could considering it’s not my favorite type of slots game. I’m sure it doesn’t help much that I also didn’t have any luck either.

  • Crystal L Meharg says:

    This new game is ok. I dont like not having a bonus game with free spins. I find it a bit boring.

  • Brandyn smith says:

    If you like falling Tile slots this is the game for you. Art work is great the music adventurous. Cant touch on the bonus features since I didn’t land any YET.. definitely worth the second look or third.

  • Logan says:

    This game is fair. If you want to win big, you have to bet big, but overall there is a high RTP with this slot.

  • Jennifer Jeffers says:

    This new game was not as exciting as I expected. I never really hit anything on it. I understand how the games (all casino games) work, but I think hitting smaller prizes randomly is better than hitting nothing, ever. I’m not sure if the big prizes are even obtainable. Either way, I do like the casino, and I do spend money on it.

  • Jason Rasnick says:

    I didn’t really like this new slot. It didn’t grab my attention like most of the recently added games. I probably won’t spend any money on this one and will use it for some of the other newer games.

  • Jonathan says:

    this game was ok I guess, wish I would of triggered the feature but I guess there’s always next time for that

  • John says:

    Not exactly one of my favorite game releases so far, didn’t hit the feature so I’m not sure if I’ll give this one another go or not

  • Sarah L says:

    Not a fan of this game…doesn’t hit really. Maybe gotta work out some kinks. Still down to give it a shot. Thank you for the free spins.

  • Lawerence says:

    I would give you guys my honest opinion but if I do I won’t receive nothing this game isn’t that good it blows I haven’t gotten a free spins on this sloti if you love wasting money and gambling this is the slot for you but this game is awesome I always win no matter if I put a quarter there or max bet I always come out on top becuz of brango and the slots don’t forget there sister websites this is one bad ass dude take my word for it and play this new slot guards

  • Annie Freudig says:

    I grew up on Tarzan and this seems along those lines. Lol. I’m excited to play and hopefully WIN🏆 BIG!

  • Eric carthon says:

    has a lot going for it: The animation style is unique, the animation is some of the best I’ve ever seen. I always got the sense that this was a real lost, living and breathing culture with a coherent society. All in all Brango never fails to provide entertainment slots to the lineup.

  • Marktheshark2 says:

    Dont like it didnt get into it looks like they were lazy in the idea and took the eazy route i guess they cant all be a hit ill wait for the next new slot

  • Christopher says:

    I enjoyed the graphics of this game. I do see how this game can be fun. i just personally didn’t have the greatest experience the first time. I would definitely love to give this game another 30 spins and another chance. RTG in my opinion is top of the line slots. They have never let me down. of course some games are better then others. but all in all in the end RTG hits the nail on the head and I am patiently awaiting the next 30 spins. thank you very much once again casino extreme and brango and of course limitless for the opportunities every single month. thank you


  • Matthew Eason says:

    Is new Atlantis game is one of my all-time top favorite slot games on casino bingo website. The bonus is outrageous and delivers so much fun that this is the only game I play now. Everyone should try this game at least once just to see how truly fun it really is.

  • Mrmill1979 says:

    At first i thought i didnt really like this game or even this type of game. But, upon my second time trying this game i had a little luck and got to see how truly fun it can be….when it’s playing that is!!

  • Armando says:

    The new game is alright I don’t really like how the bonuses work and it seems a little slow to me. But the more you play the more you see the benefits of it. I think I. Time this game will improve and a different version will be out soon.

  • john lloyd says:

    Well, this game isn’t that good.. so hard to get free spins in this game.. im having a hard time getting those free spins.. not so good and yet not the worst. anyway thank you for the game casinobrango.

  • Ryan Moore says:

    The masks of Atlantis slot is pretty nice i like the set up and the multiplier.. i cant wait to make some big wins i like the style of it also give a great feel. Tha ks for the all the opportunities to try the new games

  • Dante lewis says:

    The Seaquake Cascading wins, which activates on each winning spin is pretty neat considering the potential payout . two thumbs up!!! This Game is one for the books I just love how Symbols completely correspond to a Greek-mythology storyline.

  • Ernesto Raygoza says:

    I kinda like this game for the simple fact that you can hit big in this game. Its a little slow pace game but fun to play. I enjoy this game and will keep playing it too.

  • Dermon Lewis says:

    really liked the bonus round with the free spins This is a really fun game but not complete.
    I agree They could have kept this one one the drawing board

  • Samuel Davis says:

    This game is amazingly fun and exciting the bonus is so exciting and the winnings are amazing. I love playing this game i play all the time

  • Sydney Rae Green says:

    good game super fun the graphics were great I got free spins as so as I started on my free 50 from you guys tried it one more time I hit a bonus that really showed me love. Overall the game is different yet like all the rest.

  • Sara says:

    Another one that I’m just not really feeling. Pretty slow for me didnt really hit much or at all. Didnt get to check out bonus or free spins so hard to say.

  • Dablkhand00 says:

    Ok this I is the best new game of the year by far play this thing at a buck and get to free bonus spins and you should be on top money especially if you hit extra free spins while in the bonus starting at 3x to I believe 15x pay out. AWESOME POTENTIAL HERE!

  • Robert Melgoza says:

    I like new game did get some wins cascade symbols change free spin multiple goes up wild counts as scatter lots of fun username Robsterrss

  • Dave says:

    I love the hd graphics and the exciting features are what keeps me on my toes. Brango casino did it again with another amazing slot to play

  • Angela Valdez says:

    Play the masks of Atlantis! I love the looks of it is very refreshing seeing a new game hit the casino and the amount comes slots great bonus

  • Wishbone00 says:

    Mask of Atlantis is okay not my favorite but defiantly not my least favorite slot to play at RTG casinos. I think Brango Casino should go back to letting us play table games with our loyalty rewards bonus I mean what did we do to loose weekend spins all the way an now no table games on loyalty bonuses booo

  • Timothy correa says:

    Really loved the game!! Surprised by the free spin feature! Multiplier also gives u a lot of ways to win big!! Overall A+ in my books!


    Very cool game nice bonus I like to play here amazing casino and great service keep up the good work. Smirfie33

  • Mrmill1979 says:

    My first impression was not so good…but then i gave the game another try when i deposited after i lost on my free spins. And even though i didn’t win on my second time playing i had alot more fun because i got to see how fun it is when its actually playing.

  • Heather says:

    This new slot doesn’t blow my mind or anything but it’s decent. I don’t see myself playing it really aside from free spins. Idk I might a time or two. I like the theme for sure though

  • Alejandro Alvarez says:

    I really enjoy the under water ocean mystery feel u get and the music that is played is kinda relaxing . The bonus future is interesting,because u only need one bonus and two wild to all three be attach so the bonus can hit. Depending on how much u be betting spin. If your lucky I can for sure see this slot being on the more reliable ones when it comes to consent hits I enjoyed it very much and I ha put a good amount of money into it just to be given it rite back with a bit extra ( most the time ) goodluck everyone.

  • M says:

    I really liked this game because of the high wins when you get the three wheels. This game definitely pays off. I think it has a good theme as well, and music gets me excited.

  • C says:

    This game was unique in how it played out. I like the sidle increase in multiplying the wins. I would recommend. I didn’t get the bonus, but I still hit high amounts playing lowest setting.

  • Chel says:

    I love this game, the suspense of the music and the cool tomb raider theme is fun to play with. I enjoy the bonus round because you win so much

  • Chel says:

    I love this game, the suspense of the music and the cool tomb raider theme is fun to play with. I enjoy the bonus round because you win so much

  • Sabrina Richards says:

    I hate to be Debbie downer but I’m not a fan of this game. Small payouts no bonus in site is very dark and gloomy.

  • Sharon J says:

    This game was ok to play. It wasn’t too boring but also it didnt really do too much while I played it. The bonus seemed like it could be fun and pay decent if you hit something I just didnt get the chance to play it enough maybe. It is worth a try though.

  • Edgard murillo says:

    It was cool not bad but similar to other games My first impression was not so good…but then i gave the game another try when i deposited after i lost on my free spins. And even though i didn’t win on my second time playing i had alot more fun because i got to see how fun it is when its actually playing.

  • Misty says:

    The mask of Atlantis is pretty legit I’ve hit huge one time on a .20 spin it was lit af. All in all my favorite new slot in a while for sure yo

  • David Fowler says:

    I love the game the feature has given me some really big wins but like most cascading games that I love it is kinda slow. Rev7364

  • Maria says:

    , the graphichs are some of the best I’ve have seen. I always got the feeling that this was a real lost, living and breathing culture with a coherent society. All in all Bthus casino never fails to provide entertainment slots online