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How Much Does It Cost to Start an Online Casino?

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Man, playing at these online casinos (like Casino Brango) sure is fun, huh? But then you get to think. I should start my own casino. Yet, how much does it cost to start an online casino? I mean, I already know the ins and outs of slot games such as Plentiful Treasure and Hyper Wins.
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Yeah, that all sounds good but it takes a bit more than a will and a fist full of dreams. It takes time, money, and a lot of know-how to run one of these babies. Yet, if you are really up for it, let’s start your journey by answering the question on top of everyone’s mind. So, does it cost a lot to start an online casino? Let’s find out!

Online Casino Versions

An Online Casino from Scratch

Now, this is the most expensive option. But if you play your cards right (pun intended) can be the most profitable one as well. So with all that said, do you still want to do this? Okay, so these are the costs to start an online casino FROM SCRATCH:
  • Designing and developing the site. These are the most obvious ones. A good site doesn’t just pop out of thin air. It takes a lot of bloody code to keep a website running. At any moment things can break and, bam, an error message! So you might need a dedicated design/dev team to keep it running, which costs what? Money!
  • Hosting costs. Speaking of sites going down, hosting. It’s expensive as hell but you need it;
  • Gambling license;
  • Making your own gaming software or buying them from a software provider. If you want the premium ones, then don’t be surprised if you have to fork out a crazy $100k.
  • Marketing promotion costs. This might look like something you want to cut corners on, but let me tell you one thing, buddy! This one is the difference-maker, it’s your hook. Without it, you won’t be growing your casino any time soon.
  • Support and other staff! This step is extremely important and is often overlooked by the inexperienced. This is the first thing you need to focus on when you’re just starting. Invest in high-skill-level employees in accordance with your budget. And then train the rest through junior programs. Also, hire a consultant if you don’t have much experience!
If you have all of this covered, then congrats! You should expect your first profits in about two or three months, according to experts. But don’t forget you also need a bit of cash reserved for emergencies.

A White Label Online Casino

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the white label. They do everything for you and when I say everything, I mean everything! Design and website development cost. Yap and to add to that you can’t change much of anything in this aspect.
Hosting cost. Fully covered. Licensing? Yap, yap. And add to that a dedicated support team that speaks a variety of languages. Now, this all sounds cool but we have a problem. The only way to affect your profit is your marketing ingenuity. So, this is a very limited option for those with a lot of cash to burn upfront and who don’t want the hassle of micromanagement.

Online Casino Franchise

I’ll be brief on this one because it’s quite similar to the white label option. The only difference is that it’s slightly cheaper and you basically have even fewer customizability options. So, this will get you money right away but at the cost of your future expansion. We saw what the cost to start an online casino is from three different starting positions. Now, let’s take a look at a live example. Or, should I say, the best example!

What Is The Best Online Casino? And Why?

The answer is obvious on this one. It’s Casino Brango! Let’s see why.

The Best Customer Support

Let’s not beat around the bush, support is the backbone of the whole operation. These hardworking drummers give rhythm to the whole casino operation, keeping it going at a steady pace. The Casino Brango support team fits this description to a tee. Call them or mail them and you’ll get a response, in no time.

Banking Methods

Now we always go on and on about cryptos but for good reasons. They are safe, fast, and very transparent and the fees can be nonexistent. There is literally no reason to pick any other way and that’s why Casino Brango has gone  crypto.

Deposit Methods in Brango

You can place a deposit in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin. The deposit minimum equals $10 in value which is just about right. But on top of it are zero additional fees on the casino end. You just pay and play, simple as that! But what about the other end of the equation…

Withdrawal Methods in Brango

When you win big it’s a momentous occasion. A bit of skill and boost from your lucky star is a combination that will give you a big win. Casino Brango knows this and wants to make that winning moment even better by giving you instant withdrawals! We promise that you can enjoy your winnings as soon as the laws of physics allow. So, withdraw your Bitcoin (or Litecoin if you deposited in Litecoin) and as always keep on spinning at the Casino Brango for maximum fun!

make money at online casinos

Make Money at Online Casinos!

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The popularity of passive income is skyrocketing today. You heard of the traditional ways, such as investing or selling goods online. But, I have some news for you! There is a way to make money at online casinos. Seems a bit unexpected, I know. Yet, online casinos can be a great place for your second income or at least a safety net. So, let’s see how we can improve your play and make this a sure-fire bet for the future.

Take the Least Possible Risk

Now, volatility is great and all but it should be approached with caution. If you are playing on slots look for the ones with a low volatile rating. Then when you get more experience try to move on to higher volatile ones. But the most important factor is that you’re playing on the slot you love. That way you won’t get frustrated or lose your temper which inevitably leads to overbetting.

So our new strategy is: Smaller, more frequent bets on low volatility slots. Maybe start with Plentiful Treasure for this one. Or bigger but less frequent ones with very volatile slots. The new game Hyper Wins is a perfect example of this. Now for some more advanced tips!

Hyper Wins play now

Be Consistent and Try to Earn More Bonus

What do I mean by this? Well first and foremost if you already picked an above mention tactic then stick to it. Don’t start mixing them up the second a big loss hits. Keep consistent and wins will surely come piling in.

Good so far but I think we are skimming on the fundamentals all good players need to have locked down. They are all connected to casino bonuses in some way or another. Get them down and you’ll start to make money at online casinos in a jiffy. Casino bonuses next!

Best Casino Bonuses at Casino Brango

No Rules Bonus

So the first fundamental is to watch those wagering requirements. This needs to be taken into account if you are to beat the system in any shape or form. An example of a great deal is the Casino Brango monthly deal. It has no wager requirements so you can bet once and withdraw the winnings immediately. In a similar vein, we go to our next tip…

Exclusive Promotions

Use your bonuses wisely. So you already used up your 30 chips and 2000 dollar sign-up bonuses and don’t know where to go out from here. Well, worry not players, as Casino Brango is always there to give help to those who ask for it. We mentioned the no wagering bonuses already, but have you heard of his partner in crime the no max cashout deal? And combing this with crypto deals such as DASH30 and 300CARDANO creates a formidable arsenal of bonuses for any occasion.

VIP Bonus

And finally, when you thought we couldn’t have anything more up our sleeves we come to the VIP section. The concept is simple. Play your favorite games earn your comp points and get benefits. Benefits vary from tier to tier but are the best at the Diamond tier. There you get a $15000 weekly withdrawal limit coupled with a $1000 monthly free chip donation. Absurd! This combined with the above-mentioned combo of bonuses is what separates the real players from the novices! So, by now you are thinking that you got all you need to make money at online casinos. But hold on there cowboy. We still haven’t talked about any table games and our secret weapon (gasp)! So table game next.

Play Games With Skills Instead of Luck at Gambling Sites

Blackjack has a basic strategy and card counting (learn more about Blackjack here). Master both and you’ll start to make money in no time. But Poker is an altogether different beast. Poker has so many tactics and maneuvers, that people dedicate their whole lives to the game. This brings to a general problem with skill-based games. They require a lot of skill (well duh).

Sure you have slightly better odds of winning while playing them than slots, but there’s a big if hiding behind that. The odds are better if you know these games in and out, which is not likely for most people. So study up first before playing your first games of hold ’em or surfer the consequences (spooky). But there’s one final way that is guaranteed to help you to win big and make money at online casinos…

Playing in Casino With the Best Payment Method 

If you want to be the best you have to beat the best in the game. It’s like going to prison (allegedly). You find the biggest dude in there and just smack him silly. And the biggest and baddest (yea I know it’s grammatically incorrect sue me) guy in this joint is of course Casino Brango. Why? Well because of his fast combo of instant withdrawals and banking options. So, take Casino Brango on his offer (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Cardano to name a few). And watch as your withdrawals make contact with your bank account in a matter of seconds. Also, don’t forget to have fun and win big players. See ya!


european roulette

European Roulette Win Strikes Again

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They say that you can’t really score any money from a roulette wheel, but you players keep proving the haters wrong. This time it was a Platinum level player spinning some European Roulette to a cool $3000+ win! And he did it all by betting on a single number. Which one? Well read on and find out. It just might be your lucky number in the next European roulette win!

European Roulette Double Win

Yap, you read that right it was a double big win this time and that doubles our excitement. I didn’t want to mention it in the opening, for the following reason. I wanted to prevent all-out jealousy from spreading which would have brought down the fun party mood. But a party it was, as our PLATINUM level player just went with his gut and put everything on 5. And pop went the champagne, as our player won a cool $3,024.00 in a SINGLE BET!

Yet our winner wasn’t done winning. Popped another bet on number 20 this time and blamo! 2,808.00  in all-American USD baby!  These kinds of big wins are to be expected from our Platinum level player. It is one of the highest ranks a player can attain at this casino bar-none. However, more on VIP later.

european roulette play now

Fun Fact and Promotions

Quick fun fact: California has its own special version of Roulette with, get this, no wheel in sight?! Well, all games of chance involving a ball or dice are banned in “The Golden State”, so roulette and craps were out!

Truth to be told, roulette wasn’t completely out, as the ever-crafty game makers figured a way to repackage the game using cards. 38/37 of them to be exact. The number depends on if it’s American or the European variety. But the game saw a limited overall play, as players preferred the more traditional version. So, hit a round of European roulette on Casino Brango, get that European roulette win and be our next big winner!

Not a fan of roulette and prefer slots or other games? We hear you loud and clear as we entered this year fully armed with promotions for your every need! With our headline act Blizzard of Cash, you can claim some of the coupons before the end of January, and bam! You are set! And additionally, if you pay with Litecoin you get an extra 10% on a certain promotional coupon! Now let’s get to the VIPs, shall we?

VIP Member Benefits

It seems that every time someone wins big he or she is some highly ranked VIP member. Now our winner this month, as we mentioned before, was a Platinum level player. This gave him two specific advantages. The first advantage was the bumped-up weekly withdrawal limit of $8000 per week which lead Diamond balloons to a crazy $15,000! And on top of that, you get a generous splattering of  $250 worth of free chips per month, going up to $1000 on Diamond!

To go up those ranks you need to play to your limits, so you can earn comp points and rise through the ranks. So, get grinding for those points and a European roulette win, like the one above, is a shoo-in. And when you do win big, just know that money will be coming to your account in a matter of seconds. Why? Because of our INSTANT WITHDRAWALS, which make every sweet win even sweeter! Have fun!

Can Dash make you a millionaire

Can Dash Make You a Millionaire?

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Now we all love Bitcoin, right? Who doesn’t like Bitcoin, with its nice price jumps and fast transactions what isn’t there to love? But some people love Litecoin as well. With its slightly more modest price jumps and much faster transaction times, it’s the silver to Bitcoin’s gold. But some people really love DASH. To see why we need to answer two simple questions, in spirit with DASH, immediately! What is Dash? Can Dash make you a millionaire? First, the fundamentals.

What is Dash?

Dash, you might be surprised to hear, stands for digital cash and was created in 2014. It is a modification or a fork (change in code) to Litecoin which is originally a fork to Bitcoin. Now, Litecoin was all about speeding up Bitcoin, but Dash took it a step further and even outpaced Litecoin. Plus, it adds privacy features, so no one can know your transaction history except you and the person on the other side.

But we will see that this decision has haunted DASH up until now. Fun fact: Dash is only the coin’s third name after X coin and Dark coin, very edgy. It appears Dash has had a lot of pent up emotions and listened to a lot of Linkin Park growing up. Who are you to judge, you are not his real dad, okay!?

On the more technical side, we have this. Dash can make 56 transactions per second which is much faster than Bitcoin’s 15 per second. Also, Private send which make all transactions between Dash users anonymous.

 The Pros of Investing in DASH

  • It’s one of the more undervalued projects right now. Though it lost its spot as one of the main competitors to Bitcoin, there are signs of a major price explosion. About 44% of the overall supply is held by long term investors which means they are waiting for a jump. This is the first one on the list of answers to the question “Can Dash make you a millionaire?”
  • It’s accepted by more than 155000 vendors worldwide, which is more than Bitcoin. Most of its economic activity is located in South America. This is due to their deteriorating economic state which Dash mitigates with its stability.
  • It’s very stable. Its price is reportedly not going to fluctuate as much as Bitcoin. But this doesn’t mean that price never makes big jumps. On the contrary, when it jumps it jumps BIG! That was the case at the end of 2017 and May 2021 when it’s priced 4x and 5x all the way!

The Cons of Investing in DASH

  • Non-existing media presence. This is mostly to no fault of its own, as the U.S. government has occasionally (allegedly) tried to blacklist DASH. It’s all due to its best-developed feature – private send. But it appears that all of that is sorted now.
  • It’s still dependent largely on Proof of Work (POW) cryptography which is old tech by now. POW is being replaced by Proof of Stake (POS). But, Dash also has some characteristics of POS with its Master nodes, which need to be explained. These are basically powerful servers that help maintain the whole of  Dash program code. The people who possess the master nodes, hold a stake in Dash, hence POS. As all the big players are moving to POS cryptography DASH will be wise to follow.
  • The lack of volatility might mean it’s not a good buy right now if you want a quick buck. But as we said, Dash is a long term project so do more holding and less day trading.

Conclusion – So, Is Dash A Good Investment In 2022?

Well, simply put – yes. While it’s uncertain what the government’s view on the cryptos world as a whole is, the general public loves it. And Dash, being a mature and extremely technically sound project has many benefits that outweigh the risks. Its ultimate benefit of course is that it busts our already extremely fast instant withdrawals into overdrive. So deposit in Dash while using the code DASH30 to get 30% no wagering and no max cash out bonus and get ready for the ride of a lifetime! Or, browse other offers with even bigger boosts. For example 300% boost for claiming the code 300DASH.  So, in the end, can Dash make you a millionaire? Absolutely! Why? With the many progressive jackpots slot on Casino Brango you really can’t miss your shot!


Casino Brango’s December review

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We are almost there, this year is almost done and dusted! Just keep going and don’t look back as we break through 2022! With our hopes and dreams still intact, let’s see what Casino Brango’s December was all about. It’s Casino Brango’s December review.

Biggest Winners

Speaking of hopes and dreams, there were two lucky people scoring amazing wins and even more amazing withdrawals. This month’s silver medalist scored a hefty $9,927! To add, that wasn’t even a premium member. Yet, our vice-champion had only two games of choice and those were Cash Bandits 2 and Diamond Fiesta, which are certified classics!

But, there was another. A win so big it clocked in $23,500 which is expected from a platinum level VIP player. Still, the thing that wasn’t expected was that all came from a single slot! The slot in question? Who other than Big Santa himself, the newest and most Christmassy slot in our whole repertoire.

Big Santa play now

Slot Tournaments

Our weekly tournaments are as popular as ever, with over 2000 players joining in December alone. After all, the most impressive one of them was held on 12/05/2021, with players playing in droves. Weirdly enough, the most played game was Goldbeard, an oldie but goodie. Next up on the Casino Brango’s December review, Games!

Most Played Games

  • Big Santa
  • Santastic
  • Rudolph Awakens
  • Eagle Shadow Fist
  • Wild Fire 7s

Wild Fire 7s play now

Most Paying Games

  • Panda’s Gold
  • Ritchie Valens la Bamba
  • Ocean Oddities
  • Samba Sunset
  • Basketbull 

Casino Promotions

Let’s finish this December with a few of the greatest promo hits. First thing first. Hurry, hurry, (please) hurry! The 777 free spin Christmas promo is almost over so grab the ramming free spins while you still have a chance!

But with all the huff and puff with Christmas promotion, we mustn’t forget this December’s monthly prom! The Naughty or Nice promo confronted you with the easiest choice you can make: no wagering or no max cash out bonus.

Casino Blog Promotion

The final crime story of this year was the most thrilling one yet, with many of you sniffing out the killer in a matter of days.

As always, your diligent detective work was rewarded with a cool 50 free spins reward. As the new year is knocking at our door, Casino Brango has a few resolutions it wishes to share with you.

We promise to bring you more fun, more big spins and the hottest slots of 2022 just waiting to be played. That was Brango’s December review, now party on and get ready for a new season at Casino Brango. You don’t want to miss it.