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Shelltastic Wins: Make a Splash with a 300% Boost & 50 Spins

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Hello there, dear players! Ready to dive into a world of underwater treasures? Introducing Shelltastic Wins, the newest slot game at Casino Brango that’s got all the pearls, coins, and deep-sea loot you could dream of. And to kick off your journey with a bang, we’re giving you a 300% Boost & 50 Free Spins to start your adventure off right. Oh, and don’t miss out on our $2500 New Game Tournament – it’s gonna be epic!

Get to Know Shelltastic Wins

This is a vibrant 6×5, Pays Any game where every spin unlocks new opportunities to win big. Shelltastic Wins is a visual feast, with stunning graphics and captivating gameplay that’ll have you hooked from the first spin.

Cool Features That’ll Reel You In

  • Free Games Feature
  • Cascading Wins
  • Buy Feature
  • Bonus Bet Feature

Shelltastic Wins is packed with awesome features to boost your chances of striking it rich beneath the waves.

Scatter Symbol: Land 4 or more Heart Scatters to unlock the Free Games feature, where up to 100x Multipliers can really up the ante.

During Free Games, Multipliers stick around through Cascading Wins, stacking up to create some seriously big payouts.

The Cascading Wins feature is yet another chance to ride the wave of good fortune. After any winning combination, the symbols bubble away and a new one’s Cascade in from above, giving you another shot at a payout.

Want to dive straight into the Free Games feature? Buy a Free Games spin or turn on the Bonus Bet to boost your odds of hitting more Scatters and scoring some legendary wins.

Start Playing with 300% Boost & 50 Free Spins

Start your underwater adventure with just a $20 deposit and grab a 300% Boost plus 50 Free Spins. Just use the code: SHELL300 and you’re set to swim with the sharks.

$2500 New Game Tournament

Get ready to show off your skills from May 8th to May 12th in our New Game Tournament and compete for a slice of the $2500 prize pool. Strategy, skill, and a pinch of luck could put you on top of the leaderboard and get you a share of $500 daily.

Ready to Take the Plunge?

The ocean depths are calling your name! Head to Casino Brango and dive into Shelltastic Wins, where instant withdrawals make sure your winnings hit your account fast. Start spinning, and who knows what kind of underwater treasure you’ll find!

Shelltastic Wins

Cosmic Crusade

Launch into Space with Cosmic Crusade: Grab a 300% Boost + 50 Free Spins!

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Welcome, interstellar adventurers! Are you ready to blast through the stars and claim riches that span the cosmos? Casino Brango proudly presents Cosmic Crusade, our brand-new space-themed slot game that promises otherworldly excitement and astronomical wins. And to put things rocketing off to a flying start, we’re offering an incredible 300% Boost and 50 Free Spins to all the new astronauts. Plus, don’t miss the out-of-this-world $2500 New Game Tournament that’s set to run for an exhilarating 5 days. But first, let’s buckle up and take a closer look at what awaits you in the vast expanse of the universe.

Cosmic Crusade Slot Highlights

Navigate a universe of opportunities in this 5×3, 25-payline slot game. Cosmic Crusade combines stunning graphics depicting deep space and alien worlds with engaging gameplay that keeps the excitement going. Your cosmic companions are not just fellow travelers; they’re your key to unlocking a saga filled with chances for monumental wins at every twist and turn. So, suit up your space gear, because we’re about to launch into a quest for epic treasures.

Engage with Epic Features

Cosmic Crusade is packed with features designed to enhance your gaming experience and increase your chances of a massive win. Let’s go through some of them:

Progressive Jackpots

Spin through the cosmos where even a non-winning spin can trigger one of the progressive jackpots—Minor or Major. It’s your chance to win big anytime!

Starship Scatter Adventure

Watch as 3 Starship Scatter symbols land to activate the dynamic Pick feature. Choose your destiny by selecting one of the six mysterious planets, each revealing its own number of Free Games and Multiplier values. It’s a universe of potential!

Galactic Multiplier Madness

In the throes of the Free Games feature, each win can launch your multiplier into orbit, significantly increasing your potential payouts. This feature is about to give you a taste of the high stakes in deep space.

Exclusive Launch Offer: 300% Boost & 50 Free Spins

Set a course for adventure with just a $20 deposit and receive our exclusive 300% Boost plus 50 Free Spins to help you explore the far reaches of our game universe. Use code: COSMIC300 to claim this one-time offer and prepare for liftoff.

$2500 Prize Pool Cosmic Crusade Tournament

The excitement doesn’t stop at the game. Join our New Game Tournament from April 24th to April 28th and battle it out for a slice of the $2500 prize pool. Daily prizes of $500 ensure that the stakes are as high as the skies. No bonuses or free spins are in use here—just your skill and a little bit of astronaut’s luck.

Embark on Your Cosmic Crusade Today

The stars are aligned for an unforgettable adventure. Join us on Cosmic Crusade, where the thrill of the chase meets the beauty of the cosmos. Play now, and let the journey to interstellar riches begin. Are you ready to become a legend in the galaxy? Let’s see what the stars have in store for you!
Cosmic Crusade

Pyramid Pets

Unveiling Pyramid Pets: 300% Boost + 50 Spins & New Game Tourney

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Hey there, people! We’re super excited to launch our brand-new game, Pyramid Pets. It’s a game that combines the charm of ancient Egypt with the cuteness of furry friends. Of course, there’s something for you to get started: a 300% Boost plus 50 Free Spins. Plus, a tradition of a $1500 New Game Tournament that goes on for 5 days. But before we get into that, let’s check out this pyramid and find out what it’s hiding.

Dive into the Heart of Egypt with Pyramid Pets

This is an adorable 5X3, 20-payline slot with dogs, cats, birds, and paw symbols all decked out in a pharaoh-style pyramid, guiding you to unbelievable wins. It’s got everything to keep you on the edge of your seat, so let’s take a look at some great features that can multiply your wins up to 15 times and get you some massive wins!

Special Features of Pyramid Pets

  • Cascading Multiplying Wins
  • Paw Medallion Scatters
  • Pharaoh Multiplier

Cascading Multiplying Wins

Hit any winning combo, and watch the magic unfold with the Cascading Multiplying Wins feature. As winning symbols vanish, they make the way for new symbols to tumble down. It’s a non-stop action-packed feature that gives you more chances to win. And the best part is yet to come – the Pharaoh Multiplier.

Paw Medallion Scatters & Pharaoh Multiplier

And here comes the best part. Land yourself 3 golden Paw Medallion Scatters along any payline, and BOOM – you’re in for 10 Free Games where the Pharaoh Multiplier not only starts at an incredible 5x but can skyrocket UP TO 15X. Crazy, right?

Special Offer: 300% Boost & 50 Free Spins

Because we love spoiling you, here’s the sweetest deal. Dive into Pyramid Pets with just a small deposit, and we’ll lavish you with a sensational 300% Boost and 50 Free Spins to kickstart your adventure. Use the code: PETS300 to redeem it. It’s all about making your gaming experience unforgettable, packed with more fun, more wins, and more adorable pets than ever before.

Join the $1500 New Game Tournament

Jump on the reels today and battle it out for a piece of the huge $1,500 prize pool, happening from April 10th -14th. Compete for $300 prizes daily. Just a small deposit gets you in on this exciting challenge. Your smarts and a bit of luck are all you need here.

Ready to Explore Pyramid Pets?

Don’t wait any longer! Join the adventure in Pyramid Pets and let these adorable creatures guide you to treasures beyond your wildest dreams. Remember, the sands of Egypt are filled with untold riches, and with our amazing treats, you’re always a step closer to uncovering them. Let’s make some memories with the cutest companions. Time to play!

Pyramid Pets

Mega Monster

Mega Monster: Major Frights & Mega Wins With 300% Boost & 50 Spins

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Salutations, brave beast tamers and monster aficionados! After the roaring success of Magic Spellbound, prepare to unlock a new level of excitement with Mega Monster, our latest spine-tingling slot sensation. Set foot into an arena where the stakes are high, and the creatures are larger than life. Join forces with an eccentric cast of monsters, each more delightfully daunting than the last. Spark your daring spree with a monstrous offer: a 300% Boost + 50 Spins to catapult you to the pinnacle of winnings! Redeem with code: MONSTER300 at the cashier, but hurry—this deal vanishes when the full moon wanes on March 31st. And there’s more: a beastly tournament awaits to commemorate the release of Mega Monster. Scroll down for the gory details.

Mega Monster Slot Overview

Traverse the reels on the 5-reel, Monster Madness. Within this eerie laboratory, the air crackles with electricity, and the echoes of monstrous creations stir the night. Amidst the cackles and howls, discover a landscape teeming with opportunities for legendary payouts. Franky, Wolfie, and Vampirella are not just your companions; they are your key to unlocking the game’s massive potential.

A Menagerie of Mega Monster Features

Mega Monster isn’t just a slot game; it’s an entryway to a bizarre bazaar of fantastical features and monstrous payouts:

Terrifying Free Games: Trigger the Free Games with the Mutating Combos feature by aligning 3 or more Full Moon Scatter symbols. Select your concoction carefully to unleash up to 60 Free Games, where combinations mutate, and your winnings grow with a multiplier that could skyrocket your balance by up to x5.

Scatter Howls: The Full Moon Scatter cries out to award payouts from any position, multiplying your total wager and paving your expedition with silver-lined victories.

Wild Monsters: Not one, but two kinds of Wild Monsters are eager to morph your reels. These beastly Wilds substitute for all symbols except Scatters, increasing the likelihood of hair-raising wins.

Top Award Monsters: Seize the top award, an awe-inspiring 50,000x times your bet, ready for those bold enough to face the creatures of the night.

Venture into Mega Monster 

Dare to embark on a journey into Mega Monster with just a $20 deposit. Pry open the doors to a domain where monstrous rewards lie in wait and magnify your intrepid escapade with our 300% Boost + 50 Spins.

Tournament of the Beasts: A Monstrous Encounter

Gear up for a clash of epic proportions in our New Game Tournament. Compete for a share of the $1,500 monstrous prize pool from March 27th to the 31st, with bounties designed to augment your beast-wrangling skills to mythical levels. A mere deposit is your ticket to this coliseum of contention. Here, your strategy and luck are your arsenal – no extra bonuses or spins needed. May the most formidable beastmaster prevail!

Join the Monstrous Rally

The call of the wild is loud, beasts are restless, and a legendary lineup of monsters is ready to rumble. Step into the fray at instant withdrawal Casino Brango. Delve into Mega Monster and spin your way to monstrous majesty. Play now and etch your saga in the annals of monster mythology. A world of mammoth fortunes beckons – will you answer the call to adventure?

Mega Monster

Magic Forest: Spellbound

Try NEW Magic Forest: Spellbound with 300% Boost & 50 Spins

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Hey there, slot lovers! The previous game Beary Wild was fun, but the next game is gonna be on another level. Buckle up because we’re taking you deeper into the magical wilderness with our newest game, Magic Forest: Spellbound. You’ve got an exclusive offer to give it a go – 300% Boost and 50 Spins. Use code: MAGIC300 at the cashier to take advantage, but be quick, because it expires on March 20th ! On top of that, join the traditional New Game Tournament to grab a piece of the $1,500 prize pool. It’s live from March 13th until the 17th!

Magic Forest: Spellbound Slot Overview

Step into an otherworldly 5-reel, 3-row slot game, Magic Forest: Spellbound, where fantasy and fortune collide. Here, the mythical Phoenix awaits to lift your quest to new heights with its legendary power. Ready for an adventure of a lifetime?

Special Features of Magic Forest: Spellbound

The Magic Forest is brimming with secrets and wonders; here are a few to discover.

Free Games: Land 3 or more Book of Spells Scatter symbols to unlock a magical feature filled with Cascading Multiplying Wins. Choose your spellbook wisely to discover up to 60 Free Games, where your victories grow and multiply, potentially enhancing your balance with a magical x5 multiplier.

Scatter Spells: Scatter symbols sprinkle their magic across the reels, rewarding you in any position and multiplying your total bet, paving your path with golden opportunities.

Try It Out With Our Special Boost & Spins

Dive headfirst into Magic Forest: Spellbound with just a touch of magic (or a $20 deposit), and let our 300% Boost and 50 Spins lead you to a world of magical wins.

$1500 Prize Pool New Game Tournament

Prepare for an epic battle in the New Game Tournament. Compete for your share of the $1,500 enchanted prize pool and elevate your magical journey to legendary realms. Participate for 5 days and secure a daily prize of $300. Remember, your magic is your strength—no need for additional enchantments. May the most magical competitor win.

Join the Magical Quest Today

The forest calls, the reels are set, and an epic saga of magic and mystery awaits. Embrace the magical expedition at Brango, delve into the mystical realms of Magic Forest: Spellbound, and spin your way to legendary fame. A fortune filled with spells and wonders is out there. Are you ready to seize it?

Magic Forest: Spellbound CTA

Play Now