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european roulette

European Roulette Win Strikes Again

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They say that you can’t really score any money from a roulette wheel, but you players keep proving the haters wrong. This time it was a Platinum level player spinning some European Roulette to a cool $3000+ win! And he did it all by betting on a single number. Which one? Well read on and find out. It just might be your lucky number in the next European roulette win!

European Roulette Double Win

Yap, you read that right it was a double big win this time and that doubles our excitement. I didn’t want to mention it in the opening, for the following reason. I wanted to prevent all-out jealousy from spreading which would have brought down the fun party mood. But a party it was, as our PLATINUM level player just went with his gut and put everything on 5. And pop went the champagne, as our player won a cool $3,024.00 in a SINGLE BET!

Yet our winner wasn’t done winning. Popped another bet on number 20 this time and blamo! 2,808.00  in all-American USD baby!  These kinds of big wins are to be expected from our Platinum level player. It is one of the highest ranks a player can attain at this casino bar-none. However, more on VIP later.

european roulette play now

Fun Fact and Promotions

Quick fun fact: California has its own special version of Roulette with, get this, no wheel in sight?! Well, all games of chance involving a ball or dice are banned in “The Golden State”, so roulette and craps were out!

Truth to be told, roulette wasn’t completely out, as the ever-crafty game makers figured a way to repackage the game using cards. 38/37 of them to be exact. The number depends on if it’s American or the European variety. But the game saw a limited overall play, as players preferred the more traditional version. So, hit a round of European roulette on Casino Brango, get that European roulette win and be our next big winner!

Not a fan of roulette and prefer slots or other games? We hear you loud and clear as we entered this year fully armed with promotions for your every need! With our headline act Blizzard of Cash, you can claim some of the coupons before the end of January, and bam! You are set! And additionally, if you pay with Litecoin you get an extra 10% on a certain promotional coupon! Now let’s get to the VIPs, shall we?

VIP Member Benefits

It seems that every time someone wins big he or she is some highly ranked VIP member. Now our winner this month, as we mentioned before, was a Platinum level player. This gave him two specific advantages. The first advantage was the bumped-up weekly withdrawal limit of $8000 per week which lead Diamond balloons to a crazy $15,000! And on top of that, you get a generous splattering of  $250 worth of free chips per month, going up to $1000 on Diamond!

To go up those ranks you need to play to your limits, so you can earn comp points and rise through the ranks. So, get grinding for those points and a European roulette win, like the one above, is a shoo-in. And when you do win big, just know that money will be coming to your account in a matter of seconds. Why? Because of our INSTANT WITHDRAWALS, which make every sweet win even sweeter! Have fun!

Big win

Big Win on Both US and European Roulette

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We have exciting news for all of you! Our platinum VIP player has made the BIG WIN of over $20,000 while playing roulette! We send him our congratulations and wish him to continue this amazing winning streak.

Don’t give up! You can score your big win also. Check out our games and play with us. Maybe this spin will be the lucky one! To inspire all of you, we want to tell his story! Stay tuned!

Play and Gain

Fun facts relating to this win start with the fact that it is rare to have a win as big as this. It doesn’t happen every day that our player plays both European and American roulette and wins, precisely, $21.034.

His lucky numbers were 34, 32, 17, 30. But, to make everything more surprising, he won while making a straight up bet! The exact number he bet on was the winning number. What are the odds!

American vs European Roulette

Perhaps you already know the difference between American and European roulette, but because of the wider audience, it doesn’t hurt to explain it one more time.

The main distinction between these games is in the wheels. The European roulette wheel features one zero less than the American one. Specifically, the American wheel has two zeros, while the European has one.

Additionally, the American version has 36 numbered spots which means that it has 38 possible results. On the other hand, the European version features 36 numbers and 37 possible results.

european roulette play now

Your Goal While Playing Roulette

Also, there are a lot, and when we say, we really mean A LOT of different kinds of bets when playing roulette.

We won’t get into details here, but you can check out more on our blog about different kinds of bets as well as different kinds of strategies that you can use to improve your chances for a big win.

But you should know that when you are playing roulette, your goal is to guess in advance where the ball would land. You guess the number, the color, or the group of numbers where you think the ball would eventually land and you keep your fingers crossed.

Our player succeeded, perhaps you will also!

Join VIP Lounge

The big winner was a part of our VIP Lounge program. You can enhance your chances by entering our VIP Lounge. Your only task is to make a deposit of $100.

Try your luck because this can be your first step toward winning more than $20,000! Find out more about our VIP program here.

We must remind you that here with us at the crypto Casino Brango, you can INSTANTLY WITHDRAW your funds! We are famous for our customer support service that is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Your big win is only one click away!

Slots Heist Players

Slots Heist Tournament Players Thrived Once Again

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One more Slots Heist weekly tournament is over, and we must say, we enjoyed playing with every one of you. Nevertheless, we are especially proud of our winners. Our Slots Heist Tournament Players for the last week included  super platinum VIP-level players!

As weeks go by, the Slots Heist tournament continues. The winner of this tournament won a $400 cash prize, the second place won $250 and the third $200. Also, our top 50 players who share the prize pool received $2,500 and 1,800 free spins. In this heisting, your only job is to try your luck and compete!

Rules of Slots Heist Tournament

  1. Only slot gameplay counts towards the points.
  2. The leaderboard will be updated every 24 hours (for gameplay of the last two days).
  3. Prizes will be credited every Tuesday.
  4. The Slots Heist runs every week from Monday to Sunday.
  5. Slots Heist Scores may be adjusted based on the number of deposit bonuses claimed during the current week.
  6. Only players who have made at least 3 deposits can participate in tournaments.
  7. Reward Terms
  8. 1x wagering, non-progressive play (777 restricted), and no other restrictions.
  9. Chip prizes contain 40x wagering and a 5x max cash out.
  10. Free Spin prizes contain 45x wagering and a $50 max cash out.

Platinum Loyalty

Every one of our players is a VIP for us! But, with us, you have a chance to enter the real VIP Lounge in our casino. The only requirement that you need to fulfill is a $100 deposit.

This opens the door to becoming a part of our loyalty program. What do you get in return? Higher chances for winning! We give you comp points, cash for points and your weekly limit goes up to $15.000 for our Diamond members.

Preferred Games

We know you love our games, and we appreciate that. You are the reason why we try to enhance our game offer always and forever.

With that in mind, let’s reflect on the most played games in the past tournament. That games were Nova 7s, Gemtopia. Apart from the tournament, the game that attracted majority of players last week was Blackjack.

Nova 7s slot gives our players a chance to get lost in the completely new universe! If you try your luck with this slot, you have a chance to reach the stars.

Nova 7s play now

One of our most played games, however, remains Gemtopia. Its jewelry-themed design and spectacular prizes keep shining and attracting our players!

Gemtopia play now

Blackjack is a type of game for more traditional gamblers. This is not a surprise if you know that it was the favorite game of the famous Napoleon!

Litecoin Domination

If you haven’t played with Litecoin yet, we suggest you try it! Litecoin is faster and less expensive than Bitcoin. Also, it is completely anonymous and extremely secure.

All of our winners have made Litecoin deposits this week. The entire process of Litecoin depositing lasts only a few seconds. There is a Litecoin Depositing Guide  on our blog so you can check it out.

See you at the next tournament our dear heisters!

Slots Heist Tournament

Slots Heist Tournament Was Prized Once Again

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How often do you login to your online casino account with high hopes? How often do you feel lucky? Everyone plays to win, and hopefully win big. Players win every day in casinos. Check out the winners from the previous week in our Slots Heist Tournament. This time, we are proud to say that all our winners are platinum level.

Slots Heist Tournament

Have you tried it already? Now, would be the best time to try the Slots Heist tournament. The tournament has simple rules. Just keep the reels spinning and you will be able to see your ranking on our leaderboard, updated every 24 hours.

The winner of this tournament took home a $400 cash prize. The second place took $250, and the third place, $200. Besides, there is so much more to it than just winning cash. The players who rank among the first 50 on the leaderboard share the prize of 1,800 free spins. In addition, the first 50 players also share the cash prize pool of $2,500, with the first 3 places included.

Rules of the Slots Heist Tournament

  1. Only slot game play counts towards the points.
  2. The leaderboard will be updated every 24 hours (for game play of the last two days).
  3. Prizes will be credited every Tuesday.
  4. The Slots Heist runs every week from Monday to Sunday.
  5. Slots Heist Scores may be adjusted based on the number of deposit bonuses claimed during the current week.
  6. Only players who have made at least 3 deposits are able to participate in tournaments.
  7. Reward Terms
  8. 1x wagering, non-progressive play (777 restricted) and no other restrictions.
  9. Chip prizes contain 40x wagering and a 5x max cash out.
  10. Free Spin prizes contain 45x wagering and a $50 max cash out.

How do I become a Platinum Member?

We appreciate you and your loyalty. We offer an exceptional loyalty program, and you can join us with as little as a $100 deposit. In return for your loyalty, we offer comp points as well as cash for points, and your weekly limit goes up to $15.000 for our Diamond members. The last week’s winner holds a Platinum VIP status, as well as the ones that came in second and third. Nevertheless, you should know that every player is a VIP in our casino. This is why we have set the minimum requirement to enter the VIP Lounge at a $100 deposit.

This allows you to enjoy the benefits and to progress further to the Platinum level as our player. Perhaps even the levels beyond – Super Platinum and Diamond.

What Games Should I Play?

Our winner played many games. Some of the most popular in our last tournament were Gemtopia, Vegas Lux, and Spring Wilds. Depending on your preferences, you might enjoy some of the other 197 games we have to offer, but these three were chosen last week as favorites.

Gemtopia is just one of the many favorites among our players. Many players enjoy this game because of its dazzling design and great chance to win some of our top prizes.

If you miss the real Vegas, the smell of the Caesars, Bellagio, or Golden Gate, then Vegas Lux is the game for you. It will offer you some of the glamour that all of us miss in these online times. It has 720 paylines, so the chances of a jackpot are high.

Vegas Lux Play Now

Let’s not forget the Spring Wilds. It will add much-needed spring color to the cold winter months.

Many other stories of good fortune happen in casinos. Who knows? Maybe you are our next winner. May the odds be ever in your favor. Are you feeling lucky today?




Two wins over $6k each

Two Wins Over $6k Each for Platinum Player

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Did we mention how strongly persuaded we are that you will be making huge wins this month? It is only the beginning of November and the reels at crypto casino Brango already proved to be lucky for our loyal players. This time, we will focus on today’s winning story. One very lucky lady made two wins over $6k each. Welcome to the story about Litecoin deposits, the most rewarding slots, and instant withdrawals.

Two Wins Over $6k Each

Today’s winner has achieved great success playing two of the popular slots. Cash Bandits 3 is so popular that it obviously doesn’t matter whether the game is hot or gold. It keeps delivering winnings constantly. This time, our Platinum player hit $6,000 on the Free Game Feature of the latest sequel in this popular series.

Moreover, she also played Ritchie Valens™ La Bamba, only to trigger the $6,624, also on the Free Game Feature. If you take a look at our monthly reviews, you will see that this slot is not so often on the list of the most popular slots at Bitcoin casino Brango. However, every now and then we are able to witness to its extraordinary winning hits. Have you considered the fact this game may prove to be just as lucky for you as well?

Ritchie Valens La Bamba play now

Lucky Litecoin Deposit

The lady winner placed her deposit in Litecoin when she played the Cash Bandits 3. Litecoin deposits have certain advantages. We know that there are players among you who are still not familiar with the crypto world and find no big difference between BTC, LTC or any other crypto deposit method. We get it.

Therefore, if Litecoin deposits are all Greek to you, we can suggest reading our Litecoin Guide to Depositing. You will see that the entire process is easier as we take you step by step to your first LTC deposit, which we hope would be rewarding just as our winner’s.

Litecoin Advantages

In short, the advantages of depositing in Litecoin are many. If we need to sum up the most important benefits, it all comes down to the following:

  • LTC is 4 times faster than BTC.
  • Transaction fees are at least 100 times lower than with BTC.
  • Litecoin has psychological advantage being less expensive and present with more units on the market.
  • Occasionally, we host promotions with extra benefits for LTC deposits.

What About Withdrawals?

Our winner did not stop at the above-mentioned LTC deposit. She continued to play with new deposits and eventually requested the Bitcoin withdrawal. Our team processed this payout instantly, and the winner walked out with $7,500. Not too bad for spinning the reels.

Speaking of withdrawals, you should know that when you deposit in Litecoin, you can request to withdraw the winnings in LTC as well. Otherwise, Bitcoin is the standard withdrawing method. For full list of available deposit and withdrawal methods, visit our banking page.

Free Games Feature in Cash Bandits 3

Cash Bandits 3 is one of the winning slots and its Free Game Feature deserves attention. If you are eager to open the vault, you need to be savvy in cracking the codes. However, this particular vault rewards significantly. You can win up to 200 free games with up to 6x multiplier. The number of free games depends on how lucky you get with the codes. Warm up those fingers, people!

Cash Bandits 3 PLAY NOW

Two wins over $6k each may seem like a tough goal to set. However, playing and winning goes smoothly when you choose the bet safe place with exceptional customer support. At Litecoin casino Brango you are at home. Happy spinning!