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75% No Max Cash Out Bonus for 2 Whole Days

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It is “Fortune June” month at Brango, which means a bunch of crazy bonuses and free spins all month long. Before I entered the crazy casino world, I must admit I had a completely different picture about how promotions, like this no max bonus, are created. If you scroll below, you’ll find one of the scenarios that were playing out in my head. We are dying to hear yours as well. Feel free to share them in the comments below. In the meantime, allow us to announce that as of today and during tomorrow – June 22nd, you have the chance to get your hands on the 75% no max cash out bonus. Yes, that’s a nice amount of dollars on top of your deposit to make things spicier and make money hand over fist. How we came up with this coupon, what it looks like and what you should do to get it? Keep on reading to find the answers.

Your Tuesday Chilling with Us

So, you ended up with us again. Not too bad… Especially because this is the place where something new happens often. We get it. Sometimes you just need to click the “power off” on everything else that happens in your life and take a moment to chill.

And what better way to chill than with an awesome chance to hit a great, big, fat win? Speaking of which, did you know that there is a huge $20k prize pool in our Fortune June tourney – waiting for you to get your share?

What will it be, a 75% no max cash out bonus or the slots tournament? It’s a tough decision, I have to admit. So, why not both?

 A Short Way from an Idea to Coupon Creation 

In one of the scenarios mentioned above, the boss would start off by saying that we need to provide an offer that not only sounds good but actually delivers value. Sounds familiar? We thought so. Whoever worked in any type of company had witnessed meetings like this one. Basically, this is how the discussion could easily be played out.

  • Boss: The numbers look good, so, let me hear the ideas and wrap things up quickly.
  • Colleague 1: Well, we thought that Tuesday and Wednesday are great days to start warming up with let’s say 50% bonus.
  • Boss: I see you’ve been sleeping. We already have 50% scheduled for June 20th and 21st. So, what else?
  • Colleague 1: Oh, yeah, right… Then, let’s increase it a bit. I would go with 75% on June 21st and 22nd, and then keep upgrading the offer as days go by.
  • Boss: Nice thought, but still not good enough.
  • Colleague 2: I know… everyone likes no wagering, so why not include it?
  • Boss: You are putting me to sleep here, people… I really think we can do better.
  • Colleague 1: Honestly, I think it sounds just regular, not awesome, as we used to bomb them with no wagering.
  • Colleague 2: Then what about we combine no wagering and no max cash out?
  • Boss: You think? We might as well let them run the casino… Although, we always end up with no rules bonuses either way.
  • Colleague 2: OK, that was a hasty thought. I’ve got it! No max cash out!
  • Boss: 75%, no max cash out. I like where this is going. But still, we need something extra.
  • Colleague 1: Available for redeeming unlimited number of times?
  • Boss: That’s it! Do what you need to, and I’ll check it out later. Where’s my coffee?

75% No Max Cash Bonus

And that’s how the coupon before you was created. No…. I’m kidding. We are way more professional than this. But it sums up the core of the promotion – it should always be attractive, affordable and above all – highly potent. Like we all tend to be sometimes.

Therefore, let’s join forces and get that powerful win at the tip of your fingers! Only on June 21st and 22nd, for as little as $35 deposit you can claim the 75% up to $1,000 no max cash out bonus. The bonus is available unlimited number of times a day. Wagering is set at 40x deposit plus bonus amount. We invite you to use it for playing non-progressive slots. Speaking of which, have you checked out the Meerkat Misfits yet? We heard it’s a blast.

Meerkat Misfits play now

Up to 200%

Up to 200% Plus 200 FS in Fortune June Promo

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Welcome to the month that can change things for the better! June days are reserved for weddings, relaxation, chilling, and basically – no sleep. June nights are a new dimension if you ask me. If in good company, you can make June nights worthy of unforgettable memories. When everything else fails, Brango keeps standing. Your June days (and nights especially) can be extremely rewarding in our superb environment. And this month, we have prepared some great offers. Up to 200% bonuses and plenitude of spins are just a part of the generous June promo. Let’s take a glimpse together.

Fortune June Promotion Overview

Up to 200% bonuses sounds great, but this is just the tip of an iceberg. There are more fantastic deals coming your way in Fortune June promotion. This entire month, the codes will be changing every two days. In other words, stop by our Cashier regularly to keep track of the active offers. There will be straightforward free spins coupons, up to 200 free spins.

There will be various boosts available, from 50% up to 200%. The rules attached to each coupon are various. For example, if you are a fan of the no playthrough rule, keep an eye on the JUNE50 Coupon. It is one of those jewels that lets you redeem the bonus, play, and withdraw your winning without the need to wager it further. What you win is yours to take instantly! The best part of majority of this month’s coupons is that these deals are available for claiming unlimited times a day. Talking about June chilling!

Up to 200% Bonus Plus 200 FS

The much talked-about bonus offer which attracts many players whenever we launch it is the “up to 200% bonus plus free spins”. Comprehensive in its nature, this deal gives you the chance to choose how much you are willing to offer. Perfect for managing your bankroll and planning your winnings. Strategic minds, this one is for you.

The tiers start at 50% plus 50 free spins for the minimum deposit of $35. There are four tiers ending with 200% plus 200 free spins. Full terms are available at the Cashier.

Free Spins Coupons in Fortune June

As we mentioned above, the coupons change every two days bringing fresh offer to the table. For those of you who are into free spins, there will be plenty to choose from. Pay special attention to JUNE100SPINS and JUNE125SPINS. Again, the best aspect of this deal is the fact these coupons will be available for redeeming unlimited times per day.

The games in focus will be the newest Penguin Palooza and Fortunate Buddha. Only the latest and best for our loyal players. If you haven’t had the chance to try on the newest slots, this is the perfect chance. Pair the experience with the free spins offer for the best odds.

Fortune June Tournament

Your favourite crypto casino Brango keeps maintaining the standards month after month. This June we are bringing to you another awesome chance to get your fair share of the $20,000 prize pool. Yes, I am referring to the Fortune June Tournament! Your fortune may reside on the reels of our monthly slots’ tournament. Try it out.

The tournament ends on June 30th. Remember that cash prizes have no restrictions! We already feel that this is the beginning of a tremendous summer. Day or night, your Casino Brango support team is available at all times. Don’t be a stranger. You know where the friendliest bunch of people waits. Join us!


Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Traditions

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What is the first thing that comes up to your mind when you hear the word “mother”? For many people it is love, support, compassion, softness and tenderness. This weekend we celebrate these lovely creatures who remember every birthday, anniversary and all dates significant to you. So, it would be very disrespectful if you forgot about Mother’s Day. Even if you dismissed it from your mind, Casino Brango is here to remind you of it and give you some additional information about this day and provide you some ideas to make “I love you” gesture. Let’s start!

Establishment of Holiday

Celebration of women and mothers can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans who organized festivals in honor of the mother goddesses. In its present form, Mother’s Day was established in 1900s thanks to Anna Jarvis who initiated it after her mother’s death. She organized the first celebration of this day in 1908. Soon, Woodrow Wilson made it a national holiday and the catholic churches also accepted it.

Tradition and Celebration

There are different ways to celebrate Mother’s Day across the world. They usually include going to church, presenting flowers or gifts and family dinners. The whole point is to make women feel special on this day, but we believe our readers treat women carefully every day. On this day we should also pay attention to women’s position in society, to give them credit and respect for everything they are doing. Our mothers and many other women have fought for generations to achieve and protect equal rights for us all, but there is always space to improve things. This holiday is here to remind us of compassion and solidarity so make sure you always find time for conversation with meaningful ladies in your life and helping them with household chores.

Mother’s Day Gifts to Save the Day

In case our male readers didn’t prepare properly for this holiday, Casino Brango is there for you, our dear procrastinators. If you are not very creative you should always go with flowers or a perfume, but we at Casino Brango appreciate originality. Think about her interests, habits and lifestyle. Try to remember what she was talking about lately, there must be something that she wants but cannot afford. If it still doesn’t ring a bell, gift cards are always safe choice for the ladies with unpredictable taste. Basically, there is no wrong presents.

Mother’s Day in Casino Brango

As always, festive atmosphere didn’t miss our casino. We love to celebrate every significant day through the year. This month you can expect a lot. There are a lot of new promos we made for you. Numerous slot games to spice it up! Join our monthly tournament called Fever May where you have a chance to compete for the $20k prize pool.

And last but not the least – check out our monthly Spring Cash promotion because we’ve been very generous! Wish you luck!

If you got to this, we want to thank you for reading. We hope you found some interesting and useful information in this short reminder of Mother’s Day holiday. Casino Brango is looking forward to celebrating the next big date soon. We will do our best to make more interesting promotions and we are eager to receive your feedback. Always happy to hear from you!

Happy Mother’s Day!

up to 60% boost

Spring Cash Brings Up To 60% Boost

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We are starting off a new month in style! A brand-new monthly promo is coming to Casino Brango and it will be wild! Do you know how in the spring you have a lot of rain? Well, with us there is no rain, only cash! In May you will have a chance to collect up to 60% no rules boost as well as some free spins on the side. Stay with us and find out more in the following passages!

It’s Cash Time

Casino Brango cuisine is at the highest level as usual. This month, we have tried some wild recipes and cooked very tasteful dishes. Our key spice is cash, lots and lots of it. So, what is on the menu? Well, from the 1st of May all of the players can get up to 60% no rules boost. You can see how the bonuses are given in the table below:

[table id=3 /]

That is not the end! You can also get 20 free spins with no deposit that can use once per day on the Magic Mushroom slot game. Those free spins and bonuses will be available every day, during the whole month. Yet, we are preparing mega surprises in the second half of the month also! From the 17th of May, you will have a chance to collect additional 50 free spins on Copy Cat Fortune and these extra spins will be at your disposal after each deposit.

$20k Fever May Tournament

We have saved the best for the last! To conclude this topic, we need to explain only one more thing – our monthly tournament. So, during the whole of May, all players have a chance to compete for the $20k prize pool tournament called Fever May. As you are already familiar with, the leader-board will be updated every 24 hours. Join in and raise the room temperature because fever is about to come!

Visit Casino Brango and get those free spins and boosts while you can. We are feeling generous this Spring, so use the opportunity. Wish you the best of luck!

spring cash play now

Easter Celebrities

Easter Celebrations at Casino Brango

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It’s Easter weekend already fellow players and your favorite instant withdrawal casino Brango cannot wait to share the celebratory spirit with you. We had quite a bit of Easter-themed promotions this month that get you 20 free spins without depositing, and extra 50 free spins from April 17th after each new deposit. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, so before we get to them let’s present you with some of the most interesting Easter celebrations around the world.

Crimes Stories Reading in Norway

Believe it or not, Easter in Norway is a time for some high crime! Thankfully, not the real crime but that was what people thought back in 1923. The year when a highly popular crime novel came out that made people think it was not fiction. From then on, it has become a custom to watch and read detective and crime stories over this period. We’re proud to say we share that tradition with the Norwegians because we have a whole section dedicated to them. Check them out and see how you can occasionally get a hold of free spins if you manage to crack them.

Egg Cracking in Serbia

Easter is a holiday that jumps around the calendar like a bunny, so it should not come to you as a surprise that for Orthodox people like Serbians it’s not on this but on next weekend. And the way it’s celebrated is rather interesting. Eggs play an integral part, where every family decorates theirs and holds a competition for the most beautiful ones. Everyone chooses one for himself and starts cracking it against another. The one that doesn’t break is believed to be especially blessed with fortune.

The Great Easter Bunny Hunt in New Zealand

When it comes to New Zealand, are folk that spends their Easter celebrations with guns blazing! Namely, every year around Easter, hunters gather in the Central Otago district to hunt for rabbits. And while it may seem a bit cruel to you the reason behind it has an ecological background. The rabbit population was artificially introduced and came to negatively affect the biodiversity of the country. They are therefore considered to be a pest, that needs to be cut down. The reasoning may not be the same, but the means are the same with the Old Granny character in our new Run, Rabbit, Run slot. It came just in time for Easter celebrations, so go and try it out and claim your 30 free spins.

Easter Promotions and Bonuses at Casino Brango

And while our way of marking Easter may not be so bizarre as the previous one thing certainly is. The free spins and bonuses we like to share with our loyal players! We’re having some great free spins & no rules bonuses that go up to 100% to boost your Easter and a $20k Prize Pool Tournament that you can still join till the end of the month. Wishing you a very happy Easter and may fortune always be on your side!

run rabbit run play now