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Instant Withdrawal

Instant Withdrawal of Over $11k for VIP Player!

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It’s been a while since we shared a winning story with you but it was worth the wait because we’ve been sitting on quite an exciting one! One of our lucky players scored over $11k playing several different slots and got an instant withdrawal of all funds in a single transaction. All of it was possible due to his Double Diamond VIP status which carries many different perks with it. Let’s check out his story and see which ones.

New Slots Deliver Great Rewards

If you had the chance to play at Brango yet, you’ve surely noticed the relative frequency of new slot releases coming to our instant withdrawal casino every so often. Not only are they frequent but are also exquisite in terms of graphics, storylines, and unique features that hold huge potential for scoring some great rewards.

This didn’t go unnoticed by our loyal Double Diamond VIP player, because all his winnings were on slots that had their debut with us in the past sixth months. Most of his fortune was amassed playing aptly named Fortunate Buddha. He also seems to have a penchant for mythology as the rest was compiled on slots inspired by that theme such as Doragon’s Gems, Khrysos Gold and Nine Realms. The combined sum of winnings was $11.386, of which he requested and got an instant withdrawal within a single transaction.

Over $11k Instant Withdrawal

Speaking of instant withdrawal, to make things smoother for our players, we recently introduced some changes regarding them. We increased the minimum withdrawal amount to $50, while with the upper amount usually – the sky is the limit – especially if you’re a part of the same Double Diamond VIP club as this player. The fact that the weekly withdrawal limit is $15,000 for members with this status is what made it possible for him to get the full amount of funds all at once.

Take Advantage of Our Bonuses

Another important thing we shouldn’t forget to mention are all the great deals and bonuses our player took advantage of. He used last month’s EASYGO coupon that offered a 20% boost on a deposit over $100 to improve his chances of winning and as you can see he obviously succeeded.

Well, this month we’re running another set of no max cashout/low wagering coupon codes, each of which can get you a 100% boost up to $1000, so don’t let them slip out of your hand! And the best way to make use of them is by joining our Halloween-inspired $30k prize pool Screaming Spins tournament. You can also partake in our weekly Slot Heisters tournament and find yourself among the top 50 prize-sharing winners. Also, don’t miss the chance to claim 30 freebies on our latest Count Cashtacular slot, too. Best of luck!

fortunate buddha play now

Big win

Big Win on Both US and European Roulette

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We have exciting news for all of you! Our platinum VIP player has made the BIG WIN of over $20,000 while playing roulette! We send him our congratulations and wish him to continue this amazing winning streak.

Don’t give up! You can score your big win also. Check out our games and play with us. Maybe this spin will be the lucky one! To inspire all of you, we want to tell his story! Stay tuned!

Play and Gain

Fun facts relating to this win start with the fact that it is rare to have a win as big as this. It doesn’t happen every day that our player plays both European and American roulette and wins, precisely, $21.034.

His lucky numbers were 34, 32, 17, 30. But, to make everything more surprising, he won while making a straight up bet! The exact number he bet on was the winning number. What are the odds!

American vs European Roulette

Perhaps you already know the difference between American and European roulette, but because of the wider audience, it doesn’t hurt to explain it one more time.

The main distinction between these games is in the wheels. The European roulette wheel features one zero less than the American one. Specifically, the American wheel has two zeros, while the European has one.

Additionally, the American version has 36 numbered spots which means that it has 38 possible results. On the other hand, the European version features 36 numbers and 37 possible results.

european roulette play now

Your Goal While Playing Roulette

Also, there are a lot, and when we say, we really mean A LOT of different kinds of bets when playing roulette.

We won’t get into details here, but you can check out more on our blog about different kinds of bets as well as different kinds of strategies that you can use to improve your chances for a big win.

But you should know that when you are playing roulette, your goal is to guess in advance where the ball would land. You guess the number, the color, or the group of numbers where you think the ball would eventually land and you keep your fingers crossed.

Our player succeeded, perhaps you will also!

Join VIP Lounge

The big winner was a part of our VIP Lounge program. You can enhance your chances by entering our VIP Lounge. Your only task is to make a deposit of $100.

Try your luck because this can be your first step toward winning more than $20,000! Find out more about our VIP program here.

We must remind you that here with us at the crypto Casino Brango, you can INSTANTLY WITHDRAW your funds! We are famous for our customer support service that is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

Your big win is only one click away!

cash bandits 3 slot win

Outstanding Win on Cash Bandits 3 Slot

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Just a few days ago people from RTG delighted us with one more sequel of extremely popular Cash Bandits. Seems that players barely waited for it and one of them managed to make a very big win on Cash Bandits 3 slot. We talk about $26,458!

Beginner’s Great Win

Lately, it isn’t the first time that some newbie makes a big win at bet safe and crypto accepted Casino Brango. Just that happened when Joseph made his account and started to play. Apparently, he already knew that Cash Bandits 2 is the most popular online slot at our casino, from month to month, and wanted to check if that sequel can be more popular then its precursor.

First, he started with Cash Bandits 2 slot and made one win of $1640 during the free game feature. After that beginner’s luck, our lucky player started spinning reels on the latest RTG release, and then magic happened. Once again, thanks to the free games feature he made several hits. The two biggest wins were over $5000. At the end of their winnings string, Joseph scooped an outstanding $26,458 win on Cash Bandits 3 slot!

The Magic of Cash Bandits Title

Whether it is the theme, design, or features, Cash Bandits have constantly been among the most frequently played games. On the heels of the success of the previous two versions, this slot has amazing and a bit of improved visuals. Also, it continues to pleasantly surprise us. This time, it is with Free Spins win multipliers that go up to 23x! Eventually, a player can win up to 390 free spins!

As well as the previous parts, Cash Bandits 3 slot has a Vault free game feature. There are 6 vaults to open. Depending on how many combinations you manage to break, the vault will reward you with up to 200 free games and up to 6x multiplier. Re-triggering can add 5 free games.

cash bandits 3 slot

Roulette whale

Being a Whale at Roulette

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For every passionate Roulette player, the ultimate goal is to become so successful to reach the status of a “whale”. However, we should remember that whales are individuals who have enough resources to invest in the first place. Nevertheless, becoming and being a whale in Roulette is possible, providing a person dedicates to a lot of practice and developing skills. Moreover, a whale should posses certain character features and demeanor in order to be considered a true “whale”.

Whales have a certain magnetism. The appeal that surrounds them is mesmerizing. Everyone wants to be a “whale”.  Let us see whether you have the personality and attitude of a “whale”.

Financial Base

Before the money came flooding in… well, there was money. As stated previously, a person can become rich by playing Roulette. However, if you already have an extremely large amount of money to start with, the chances are you will get there faster. The same as in life in general, money brings more money until, it is multiplied to the absurd amount and you stop counting.

Obviously, if you invest more you can win more. Having money at your fingertips gives you a certain power. It enables you to spend it the way you wish. If you invest it wisely, the financial gain is not questionable. And wise investment requires skill and knowledge, which brings us back to our starting point and the fact that whales have both type of resources – the money and the knowledge.

Time at Disposal

Being a whale at Roulette sounds glamorous and exciting, but it requires time. Players who decide to pursue this status should know that this game entails passion. Again, gambling resembles life in one of its main features. Passion is the feeling that can consume a lot of time and dedication.

Passionate players, the same as passionate people in general, consider consistency to be a pleasure. In order to follow the streak, a Roulette player would need to dedicate hours and hours from time to time. Not many people are in a position to do this. Then again, it is all up to a player. The whale decides to what extent the personal or professional life should be put on hold.

Therefore, a whale puts all other obligations aside and enjoys the passion. The whale shows that he or she can be focused and able to follow through the game with the same commitment and display the same firm consistency.

Readiness to Risk Big Time

Readiness to put it all to risk is probably the very essence of a gambler. Roulette is a game. It is not the life itself. We are not risking someone’s life, but our own resources which we have put aside for gambling purposes.

Therefore, the logical reasoning tells us that there would be no possibility to loose, other than the one we accept at the very beginning when we look at the odds and engage in a game. Regardless of this type of reasoning, many people still hesitate to give it a go, or to simply play with their funds. This is where the whale dominates.

Whales have no hesitations and no second-guessing. They make bald decisions and they think quickly.

Ability to Plan in Advance

Ability to plan in advance is crucial in every business. Being a professional gambler is no different. Also, this ability is strongly connected to the previously mentioned one. When a whale is ready to risk, he or she knows what that risk means, because that player planned ahead. The whale knows what to expect in certain circumstances.

Whales are also skilled at certain manipulating techniques. They know when and how to apply them. And they have several scenarios already played out in their minds. This facilitates making the next move.

In other words, they are prepared. Concurrently, whales also display “come what may” attitude. Whatever the outcome, they will take it with dignity.

Do you think you have what it takes to become a whale?


Players proud of their game

Wayne Has Made Some Serious Money Playing Our Slots

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Wayne is one of our dear players who made some serious money recently playing our slots.

It is always a pleasure to see our players proud of their game and the money they won.  The pleasure is even greater when you see someone is enjoying the game.

Wayne Chose to Play “I, Zombie” and “Lucha Libre” Slots

The slot “I, Zombie” where he progressed from $1,952, and $2,140 to ultimately $3,385 features elderly Sensei, a Blue Female Warrior with knives, and the Red Witch.

This is five reels, three rows slot which offers 25 adjustable pay lines. They pay left to right, starting from the leftmost reel.

I, Zombie is a Wild symbol that substitutes for all other except scattered Mirror. Scatter wins are added to line wins and multiplied by total bet. When I, Zombie or Mirrors appear they may reveal 2 additional I, Zombie which hop to the other 2 positions on that reel.

Free games are triggered here when 3 or more scattered Mirrors appear anywhere. All I, Zombie and Mirror symbols that appear during free games will reveal extra I, Zombie Wilds. Prizes are doubled if 4 scatters triggered the feature or tripled if 5 scatters triggered the feature. Any retrigger will add extra games to the current feature only. Free games are played at the lines and bet of the triggering game.

Player proud of his game

Lucha Libre Brought Mega Win

However, the biggest win he achieved by “wrestling with the Mexican professional” where he progressed from $8,550 and won amazing $9,372. This is a 5-reel slot where you can attend a fight between Taco Malo and Guacamolio, choosing one of 3 fighting moves to defeat your opponent. It features 25 variable paylines where all symbols pay left to right except scattered Wrestling Rings, which pay any.Free spins are rewarded.

More on this game you can find here

Player proud of his game

Player proud of his game

Bitcoin & Deposit Method

Wayne preferred bitcoin, which apparently brought him luck. As a quick reminder, you can use our  QBDirect deposit method. It enables you to skip the hassle of handling Bitcoin, wallets, etc. This feature allows you to buy your BTC through us and simply enjoy the game with Bitcoin credited to your account. It is also available at our sister Casino Extreme.

Way to go, Wayne!