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How Long Does It Take from Online Casino to Bitcoin to Your Pockets

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It is Valentine’s Day and in case you missed out on the event of the month called Love 2 Win, we invite you to check out the $20,000 prize pool tournament. Join it today for some love vibes and great winnings. And as with all the winnings, people are always impatient to get their hands on the prize. In crypto casinos, your prize is money, specifically, a virtual type of money. Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency available at our online casino, but it’s the most famous one. That is why it is in our title. So, how long does it take to get that bitcoin to your pockets? Stay with us and find out!

How to Play Bitcoin Casino Games?

We want to show you how you can play casino games while depositing in bitcoin. We made the process simple because we want to make things easier for all of you who aren’t accustomed to this kind of payment method. You can read about it in more detail on our blog because we are going to explain the process in short now.

First of all, you should sign-up to our casino and create your own account. After that, every time you want to make a deposit to play games you should log into your account and choose a deposit option that will lead you to the ‘Cashier’. Next, you should pick the depositing option and pick the amount and you will get a QR code or link. You should click on the link or scan the address and when everything is done, you will receive positive feedback on your screen.

Which Bitcoin Wallet is Good for Online Casino Brango?

To get your bitcoin wallet you should visit the official bitcoin website and install the software. When that is done, your bitcoin wallet will be automatically created, and you should only select the one you prefer. There are several wallets and all of them are customized for different purposes. Some of them make an accent on the safety, some of them on the speed, but all of them are great, be sure of that.

For beginners, it is often difficult to choose the best bitcoin wallet. There are a lot of things to consider, from safety to fees. However, starting with the hardware wallet could be a good choice. We have covered this topic of crypto wallets in the past, and you can find more details on our blog.

After I Deposit Bitcoin Cash How Long Do I Have to Wait to Play?

The depositing process can usually be measured in minutes if not less. Yet, be aware that sometimes speed doesn’t depend on us, but on the other external factors. When you deposit in bitcoin, your money will be transferred into fiat currency. After the process is done, you can enjoy your favorite games. Check out our Game Reviews to see what new games we have to offer at Brango Casino!

How to Receive Online Casino Winnings in Bitcoin? 

Today, cryptos are a regular thing. The mysticism and uncertainty of it disappeared and people feel comfortable using all the cryptos available. Because of that, all of you are more comfortable in receiving your online casino winnings than before. All the money you win you can easily transfer into fiat in an exchange place available to you. Nevertheless, it is quite important that Casino Brango is one of the rare online casino places famous for its instant withdrawal possibility and accuracy. If you don’t believe us, you can see what others think of us here!

Now you know, visit our site and come play with us and your winnings will be in your pockets almost immediately!

running a full Bitcoin node

New HTC Exodus is Running a Full Bitcoin Node

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Mobile phones have long passed the line of gadgets allowing you to make phone calls and surf the net. The latest in the line of awesome phones come from HTC under the name of Exodus 1s. What makes it great is the capacity to hold entire Bitcoin ledger. New HTC Exodus is running a full Bitcoin node and we are presenting it today.

Exodus 1S Overview

There is no doubt that HTC Exodus 1s is something new. If you are just a regular person like me, you may be wondering what running a full Bitcoin node actually means?

First of all, it does not mean that you would be able to mine Bitcoins. This phone would use an SD card that inserts into the phone and can hold the entire bitcoin ledger of transactions. The SD card does not come with the phone and the user would need to buy it separately. In order to grasp the benefits of running a full node on your phone, you would need to understand the idea behind the project.

The idea was to provide for extra layer of privacy and control. This feature should enable holding the records of all bitcoin transactions on your phone. What is it good for? It enhances decentralization of the network and minimizes the possibility of hacking.

It takes a lot of storage, though. The estimated 260 GB has the tendency to spread each year.  This is one of the reasons why most users rely on wallets that only download part of the information relating to validation, while the rest is held by third party websites.  HTC Exodus 1s features its own wallet application, Zion Vault.

Pros and Cons

As stated previously, the feature of running a full Bitcoin node has several benefits. In its essence, it should contribute to the safety of the entire network.

When using a phone with this feature, you are basically excluding third party web sites from the picture. Privacy enhances as well, as the phone user is the only person having access to blockchain.

This phone supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Binance Coin. However, it can run a full node on Bitcoin only.

Big plus is the price of app. $250 which is far less than the users had to pay for the previous version of HTC Exodus 1.

Downsides include the storage needed to accommodate the data.

HTC Exodus 1s will first be placed in the markets of Europe and UAE.

Do you think that security on digital gadgets has reached its peak?