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200% boost

200% Boost Coming Your Way

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Things are heating up at crypto casino Brango, as Halloween approaches. It is only Tuesday and you can already enjoy the 100% boost  which is available throughout the day. However, there are even bigger boost brewing up in our cauldron. The wizards from Bitcoin casino Brango have done their magic and prepared an even bigger boost which will become available tomorrow, October 27th. In this article, we will take a glimpse at it. 200% boost coming your way! Fasten your seatbelts!

200% Boost Offer

Right before Halloween hits us in all of its gloom, we will treat players with bog bonuses. As of tomorrow, there is a chance to claim the 200% boost. Remember, the bigger your deposit, the higher the boost money.

For example, let us imagine you deposit $100. If tomorrow you claim the coupon code NOLIMIT14 or NOWR14, we will boost it with additional $200 on top of your deposit. It means that you can play with the overall $300. This makes it easier to hit bigger winnings. In the next paragraph we will discuss it in detail.

No Wager or No Max Cash Out?

As for the rest of the terms, you already know the drill. This “trick or treat” month, you choose between the no wagering or no max cash out offer. The boost is the same, but each of the options bears certain benefits.

No playthrough allows for getting your hands on the money as soon as you hit the win, without the need to wager it further. Do you know what this means? No risk of losing the winning through additional wagering. Make sure to read the full terms below:

  • CODE: NOWR14
    200% Boost

    Wagering: None
    Max cash out: 2x
    Minimum deposit: $35
    Playable on: Non-progressive Slots Only, Keno & Video Poker
    Max bet per hand: $10


On the other hand, the no max cash out allows you to withdraw your winnings with no upper limit. No matter how much you win, you get your entire winning either in one or several instalments – depending on your VIP status and the entire winning amount.

    200% Boost

    Wagering: 50x
    Max cash out: None
    Minimum deposit: $35
    Playable on: Non-progressive Slots Only, Keno & Video Poker
    Max bet per hand: $10

The Advantages of Big Boosts

Everyone likes big boosts. Why is that so? Big boosts such as the 200% boost can improve your overall gaming experience-. Not to mention the fact it can increase the odds of winning bigger amounts of money.

For start, 200% boost gives you that extra push in the right direction. If you aim at playing non-progressive slots with higher volatility, 200% boost can be a game changer. These slots, by default deliver bigger wins during the longer period of time spent playing. Big boost can help here in two ways:

  • It makes your money last longer because it enlarges your bankroll, thus extending the gaming experience and providing bigger chances of hitting those big wins
  • The more you wager i.e., the higher the stakes, the bigger the winnings

200% Boost to Play Non-Progressives

The offer of non-progressive slots at Bitcoin casino Brango is noteworthy. We know that many of you already know this but allow us to draw your attention to some of the slots which produced big wins recently.

The Hottest Games This Month

In case hot slots are your choice, these should be taken into consideration: The Big Bopper, Legend of Helios, and the ever-popular Loose Caboose.

Still Waiting for the Lucky Winner

Cold games are the ones to consider if you are aiming for that big win that hasn’t hit recently. Did you know that the newest Bubble Bubble 3 is still brewing its biggest win yet? Judging by majority of comments on our blog, there is absolutely no reason to wait any longer. Use the 200% boost to grab one of its tremendous prizes!

bubble bubble 3 play now

Dash deposit method

Dash Deposit Method Kicks Off the New Promotion

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Anyone who values extremely fast payment processing and great promotions, would be glad to know that Casino Brango introduces DASH deposit method. With every new crypto depositing method, our crypto friendly casino treats players with the new exceptional promotion. This time, we have included the no wagering, no max cash out, the big bonus and all things nice, packed in two promotional codes. You can claim both, or the one that was tailored to your needs. Nevertheless, before you jump straight to our lobby to check out the promo codes, allow us to walk you through some of the main advantages of depositing in DASH.

DASH Deposit Method Advantages

Using DASH to deposit has many advantages. The same as with other crypto currencies, the main benefits concern two major aspects: processing time and fees.

DASH allows you to deposit instantly, with almost no fees. According to our research, the average transaction fee which applies to Dash is $0.01. However, your wallet may impose certain fees, so make sure to check this before choosing a wallet, or your preferred deposit method.  As for the speed, apparently DASH is much faster than BTC or ETH for instance. Reportedly, it handles up to 56 transactions per second.

You may already know that crypto currencies protect your identity more than any other payment method. DASH has gone a step further, encompassing the feature which protects your anonymity.

Guide to DASH depositing

To deposit at Dash at crypto casino Brango, you should simply follow these steps:

  • Login to your casino account
  • Choose “deposit” option which takes you straight to Cashier.
  • In Cashier, chose “deposit ” among the three options: deposit, withdraw, redeem.
  • Choose DASH as a depositing option.
  • Define the amount you wish to deposit. As you may already know, the minimum depositing amount is the Dash equivalent of $10.
  • Click “deposit” button below the amount section.
  • Copy the DASH address which pops up on your screen, below the QR code, or scan the code.
  • If you have chosen to copy the address, paste it in the “send” section of your wallet.
  • Click “send” and the money will appear on your casino account.

DASH Deposit Method Promotion

If everything said above sounds appealing, we can suggest claiming the DASH promo codes. This time, there are two active codes. You can claim both, or just one of them. Kindly note that one Dash deposit makes you eligible for redeeming one code.

Depending on your preferences, you can get either huge 300% boost to play non progressive slots, Keno and Video poker. Alternatively, you can choose the lower boost of 30% but with no wagering and no max cash out requirement. We think both offers are exceptional, as you will rarely come across the promotion which includes all of the players’ favorite aspects:

DASH30 – 30% DASH No Wagering & No Max Cash Out Boost

  • Code: DASH30
  • Value: 30%
  • Minimum deposit: $35
  • Wagering: None
  • Max cash out: None
  • Allowed games: Non-progressive slots, Keno & Video Poker
  • Max bet per hand: $10
  • Available for 1 Dash deposit

300DASH – 300% DASH Boost

  • Code: 300DASH
  • Value: 300%
  • Minimum deposit: $35
  • Wagering: 40x Deposit + Bonus
  • Max cash out: 15x Deposit
  • Allowed games: Non-progressive slots, Keno & Video Poker
  • Max bet per hand: $10
  • Available for 1 Dash deposit

Dash promotion claim nowMake DASH your favorite crypto. Hurry up to our lobby and try it out. The immense offer of slots with fantastic odds is at your fingertips!

Big win and bitcoin withdrawal

Big Win and Bitcoin Withdrawal Out of the Cashback

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Do you know a player who doesn’t like a good cashback? The beauty of playing at crypto casino Brango is that it takes care of the player experience. Your satisfaction always comes first, and there is nothing we enjoy seeing more than the player’s progress through the VIP levels. Or getting their feet back on the ground after a tough gameplay. One lucky winner turned the loss into a fantastic win. This lady’s story deserves your attention. Join us for a quick review of her big win and Bitcoin withdrawal.

Big Win and Bitcoin Withdrawal

Our lady winner chose to play a few slots. However, the biggest winning hit happened on the reels of Storm Lords. She hit $2,250. In continuation, the slot Legend of Helios delivered $875.

Legend Of Helios play now

15% Cashback on Bonus Free Deposits

One of the benefits of playing with us is the cashback which players can claim on various occasions. This time, the lucky winner claimed the 15% cashback. If you have played at Bitcoin casino Brango you may have noticed that we allow 15% cashback on bonus free deposits. It means that when you play with your deposit only, without claiming any bonus, and you lose – you have the right to claim this 15% cashback.

Bitcoin Instant Withdrawal 

Amazingly, our winner turned one her loss into a win and used this cashback to make this tremendous win. In the end, she got her big win and Bitcoin withdrawal worth $6,000 instantly. You will seldom find the casino ready to pay out the winnings within minutes after the request has been made. We can proudly say that Brango rocks when instant withdrawals are concerned.

Platinum Level VIP

The lucky player holds the Platinum level VIP status at bet safe casino Brango. It is the third out of the five VIP levels with many benefits for players. To enter the Platinum level, a player needs to deposit over $10,000 over the period of 3 months and to acquire 50,000 comp points.

On the other hand, casino provides the opportunity to withdraw $8,000 per week, which is double the amount of the initial weekly withdrawal limit. Furthermore, Platinum players can claim $250 monthly free chip, 2 comp points for every $10 wagered and can exchange 100 comp points for $1.

In case you are a newbie, all this may seem like a lot. However, playing at Casino Brango is the satisfying experience which runs like a two-way street. To get your foot in the door and enter the newbie’s Silver VIP level, you need to deposit just $100. Quickly, you can become eligible to grab many new perks.

Storm Lords Slot

This is another Asian themed slot which attracts a lot of players to its reels. Fans of the traditional WuXia characters take over the reels to produce big win and Bitcoin withdrawal, if you are lucky like our winner was.

The slot has 5 reels and 50 variable paylines. Symbols pay left to right, unless we are talking about Scatters which pay in any position. While playing this slot you will have the 2 Bonus Features at your disposal, as well as the Free Games Feature and the Treasure Coin Feature.

Looking for some action and incredible top prize of 50,000 times the bet? This is a winning slot! Try it out now!

storm lords play now

No Max Cash Out Offer for Limitless Wins

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How much any player can cash out from a gameplay? In general, most online casino games have more favorable odds in comparison to the games in brick-and-mortar casinos.  Moreover, at crypto friendly casino Brango you can often come across superb promotions. Some of them include the no max cash out offer as a special advantage. On October 19th and 20th, you have the chance to grab the special no max cash out boost. There are no limits to how much you can win at Bitcoin casino Brango.

No Max Cash Out Offer  

We have already written about the fact October is the month of choices. Every two days, players can choose between the no wagering and no max cash out offer and grab the special boost.

Today, you will be given the same choice. However, we decided to focus on the “no max cash out” offer, as it deserves attention, and we rarely talk about it. So, what is the advantage of the no max cash out offer?

Firstly, let us take a look at the terms that apply to the no max cash out offer:

60% Boost

Wagering: 15x
Max cash out: None
Minimum deposit: $35
Playable on: Non-progressive Slots Only, Keno & Video Poker
Max bet per hand: $10

NOLIMIT10 claim now

No Limit to Cashing Out

Today’s code bears the name NOLIMIT10 for a good reason. Basically, there are no limits to how much you can cash out from this promotion. It means that once you fulfil the wagering requirement, casino will not be putting a cap on your cash out. To be even more precise, the only limit you will see here is the weekly withdrawal limit in accordance with your VIP level. However, in the end you get to collect your winnings from this promotion in full.

Lower Wagering

Although this offer already has the exceptional no max cash out benefit, we also made sure that it includes another attractive aspect. Wagering here is set at 15x, which is lower than the usual 40x or 45x or sometimes higher playthrough requirement.

Big Boost

The boost which you can get with the NOLIMIT10 code is 60%. This may not be the exceptional 100%, but it is still a big boost. After all, the boost amounts depend largely on your deposit. Have in mind that the boost amount is higher when your deposit is bigger, if we take into consideration the entire amount that you will have at your disposal to play with.

For example, deposit of $100 will be rewarded with $60 on top of your deposit. Therefore, you will have $160 to play with. These $160 can easily turn into thousands. Especially if you choose to play some of the slots with high RTP, such as Sweet 16 with the incredible 98.1% RTP. We reviewed the slot on our blog. Or you can try playing it here.

Sweet 16 play now

In the end, casino deducts the boost amount, and pays out your winnings instantly with no upper limit, except for the weekly withdrawal limit. As a quick reminder, the standard newbie weekly withdrawal limit is $4,000. It can go a lot higher as a player progresses through the VIP levels. To put it simply, if your winnings exceed your weekly withdrawal limit, you will get your money in instalments, but the important thing here is that you will get the entire winning from the promotion. No max cash out whatsoever.

No Wagering Offer

The beauty of our October Trick or Treat promotion is in a fact you get to choose between the codes. If you prefer even lower risk than the above code has to offer, we advise sticking to the no wagering coupon. Claim NOWR10 and get the same 60% boost with no playthrough requirement. It means you get your winning amount instantly, with no need to wager it further.

To sum up the terms:

60% Boost

Wagering: None
Max cash out: 10x
Minimum deposit: $35
Playable on: Non-progressive Slots Only, Keno & Video Poker
Max bet per hand: $10

Happy spins, draws and moves, people! Let us know which offer you prefer best!

Bubble Bubble 3 slot

Bubble Bubble 3 Slot Announces Halloween Season

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There has rarely been a slot so interesting that it deserved having sequels. Bubble Bubble 3 slot has jut arrived and we are more than happy to announce it. The hottest Halloween witches are here to reward you with excellent prizes and provide ultimate fun in the Bubble Bubble 3 slot. As you will see, the visuals are even greater than before, the special features way richer than you are used to, and the overall fun is second to none. Let the Halloween season kick off!

Bubble Bubble 3 Slot Atmosphere

Since Halloween frenzy is here, the Bubble Bubble 3 slot atmosphere is in full Halloween bloom, or should we say – it withers, to be in sync with the Halloween spirit.

There is a graveyard back in the distance, and the three attractive witches Wanda, Winnie and Willow are on a mission to reward you this Halloween! They have 5 reels and 50 fixed paylines at their disposal to cast some spells, morphing symbols, multipliers, re-spins, non-progressive jackpot, free games and more!

Apart from the unique special features, Bubble Bubble 3 slots has the Win-Win Feature as well. You know what it means – even if you lose, you get rewarded. Some of the most popular slots ever have this cozy feature, such as Loch Ness Loot, Triple Twister, Megasaur, or Bubble Bubble 2

The Main Symbols

Bubble Bubble 3 has two expanding Wilds. Namely, both Willow Witch and Wanda Witch act as Wilds, substituting all symbols, including the Scatter. They appear on reels 1 and 5 during normal games. Moreover, these Wilds expand before awarding the wins. Furthermore, when one of the Wilds forms the winning combination, the prize doubles. On the other hand, when both Wilds participate in the winning combination the prize multiplies 4 times.

Crystal Ball is the Scatter. The Scatter winnings add to line wins and they multiply the total bet. In Bubble Bubble 3 slot, the top reward is 4,000x bet per line.

Jackpot & Magic Features

Jackpot in Bubble Bubble 3 slot is non-progressive and cannot be grouped. All symbols pay Left to Right including the Crystal Ball Scatter.

In the below described Crystal Ball Re-Spins Feature, you can trigger the jackpot randomly. There is a Grand Jackpot triggering with Crystal Ball filling in the 15 positions.

Mega Magic Features

Bubble Bubble 3 slot has several Mega Magic Features, unique in many ways. What connects them all is the fact they can produce big winnings over longer period of time. It means players should prepare to endure longer gameplay in order to achieve big wins. For many of you, higher variance in slots means bigger wins and more fun. This is precisely why high variance slots are always among the most popular games at Bitcoin casino Brango.

Mega Magic Feature: Winnie Returns

First of the Magic Features prides itself with the following:

  • 9 Wilds that morph on the reels
  • 20 Free Games
  • Re-trigger with Scatters accounted for before Wilds land

Mega Magic Feature: Wilder Witches

The next level in this exciting game contains the following:

  • 9 Free Games and any appearing Witch casting a spell and turning the reel into a Wild
  • 33 Free Games in case both Wilds appear, with the possibility to re-trigger the feature.

Mega Magic Feature: Crystal Ball Re-Spins

The popular Re-Spins Feature triggers with the minimum of three Crystal Ball Scatters. It awards the following:

  • 3 Re-Spins to start with
  • Witches morphing into Scatters before the feature starts
  • Additional Scatters held in position during the feature
  • Re-spins re-setting to 3
  • Grand Jackpot when the Scatter takes all 15 positions

Halloween is almost here. Get your treats in time! Try Bubble Bubble 3 now!

bubble bubble 3