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Casino Brango’s March 2022 review

Casino Brango’s March 2022 Review

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The month of March’s end draws near, but the spring’s just getting started. And its blessings didn’t miss our players yielding them with huge wins and loads of fun playing their favorite games. Let’s read all about this month’s biggest instant withdrawal, new slot addition, and a list of most paying and played games at our casino! It’s time for Casino Brango’s March 2022 review to kick in!

The Biggest Winner Instant Withdrawal

There’s not a better way to start this review than with this month’s biggest winner instant withdrawal. Our lucky player managed to amass a small treasure of $35,197.16 by playing two aptly named games: Plentiful & Halloween Treasure. Nothing is impossible at Casino Brango as the spirit of giving Halloween treats to our players lasts the whole year!

The Newest Copy Cat Fortune Slot Addition

And the treats don’t stop here, because a new game that goes by the name Copy Cat Fortune is the latest addition to our stock, and it’s already breaching the records as you’ll have the chance to witness below. Don’t miss the chance to check it out, and claim your 30 free spins!

copy cat fortune play now


The March was all about the festive spirit, with the most prominent one being the Mardi Gras. Our crypto casino decided to celebrate it the proper way by organizing two big events: The Mardi Gras Cash Fest & March Mania Tournament. The Mardi Gras Cash Fest had a great NO MAX CASH OUT rule in place while March Mania Tournament provided our players with a chance to partake in a whopping $20,000.00 PRIZE POOL.

The Most Played Games

Things are already heating up in expectation of summer at crypto casino Brango as two of the most played games in the past month have fiery topics as their themes. The first one is Popiñata which brings us to the sultry land of Mexico. The donkey-shaped piñatas that cover the reels deliver the same treats that the above-mentioned player got from Halloween Treasure. The second being the Wild Fire 7s which with its simple 3×3 layout evokes the memories of classic fruit machines. We’re also especially proud to see our newest addition Copy Cat Fortune on the list along with the evergreen classic that’s Cash Bandits 3. Here’s what the rest of the list looks like:

  • Popiñata
  • Wild Fire 7s
  • Eagle Shadow Fist
  • Copy Cat Fortune
  • Cash Bandits 3

The Most Paying Games

It seems that our advice on games that offer the biggest RTP when combined with a little skill and proper strategy has borne fruit at last, because two of the most paying games in March are our live dealer versions of Blackjack and European Roulette. And speaking of RTP is it really surprising to find a game the likes of Green Light on it, too? Not when you know it has a 97.5% RTP rate! The rest of the table comprises of another Mexican-themed game called Lucha Libre and a classic Big Bopper game set in the ’50s. Check it out yourself:

  • Blackjack (live dealer)
  • European Roulette (live dealer)
  • Green Light
  • Lucha Libre
  • The Big Bopper

That’s all for Casino Brango’s March 2022 review! Whole lotta surprises are coming your way so brace yourselves and keep a close watch on our blog updates to stay informed!

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February review

Casino Brango’s 2022 February Review

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Hello, fellow readers! Do you also have a feeling that February went by within a blink of an eye as we do? But even though it was the shortest month of the year, what’s not short about it is the list of all the great stuff that happened at crypto casino Brango! Then let’s not keep this introduction any longer and jump straight onto the biggest events! Here’s a February review!


Tripled Weekly Payout Limits

February is all about love, and love for our players was all that was on bet safe casino Brango’s mind. And since love and generosity go hand in hand, we decided to be extra generous with you with our tripled weekly payout limits!

Biggest Withdrawal

What that meant was that even a newbie could instantly withdraw from the standard $4,000 a week limit up to $12,000! And that was all but affirmed with the biggest instant withdrawal of the month hitting the whopping $10,200.00!

Valentine’s Month Bonuses

They say there are no rules when it comes to love! Your favorite online casino Brango knows this all too well! That’s why we chose to go on a “NO RULES” bender with our Valentine’s month promotional bonuses going as high as 100% with up to 56 FREE SPINS you could claim 5 times a day! And when there are no rules there are no wagering requirement neither, nor max cash out limits!

Valentine’s Slots Tournament

The love vibes of Valentine’s Day don’t last just a day at crypto friendly casino Brango but the whole month. That’s why we’ve organized Valentine’s Slots Tournament with increased prize pool of $20k during whole month of February.

Over 2500 of our loyal players joined to play tournaments on plethora of non-progressive slots available at instant withdrawal casino Brango. And weren’t we surprised to find out that the most popular tournament slot played in the month of love was none other than Naughty or Nice!

The Most Played Games

Speaking of the most played games, as the number of players that joined our tournaments proves, slots are topping the list again. What makes us especially proud is the fact that our newest exotic addition Thai Emerald made it to the list too. And this is how the list looks like:

  • Bubble Bubble 3
  • Lil Red
  • Cash Bandits 3
  • Plentiful Treasure
  • Thai Emerald

Thai Emerald play now

The Most Paying Games

And now for something completely different regarding our most paying games. A little bit of video poker made it to the list among other slots. But what strikes the eyes is that the game Small Fortune is on the list of most paying games too. Symbolic, wouldn’t you agree?

  • Gods of Nature
  • Pick Em Poker (video poker)
  • Small Fortune
  • Secret Jungle
  • Super 6

That’s all for our February review! But quite a bit of surprise are marching your way the upcoming month, so beware and stay tuned so as not to miss them!

no wagering

Last Chance to Use No Wagering Code

By Promotions 2 Comments

No wagering offer is almost finished, grab it now. November as the month of giving is halfway gone. Luckily, we will keep you packed with special offers. Today is your last chance to use this great promotion, which will increase your chance of winning big. Let’s see what this promotion has to offer besides no wagering.

How to Get No Wagering Code?

It is very easy to get the no wagering code. All you need to do is to follow a few simple steps, and you will be playing your favorite game with a great bonus in no time.

  1. Go to your Casino account or Create one
  2. Go to Cashier
  3. Enter your bonus and click on Redeem Code
  4. Make your deposit and get ready to win.

In today’s offer, you will get a 150% bonus, together with no wagering it will increase your chances of winning big. The code that you should claim is PLAYFREE150.

Terms of the Promotion

  • 150% No Playthrough Bonus
  • Wagering: None
  • Max cash out: 3x
  • Minimum deposit: $35
  • Playable on: Non-progressive Slots Only & Keno
  • Max bet per hand: $10

150% bonus claim now

What to play?

The choice is yours. However, there are quite a few favorites among our players. The number one favorite at the moment is The Egyptian Gold slot. The design is beautiful, and apart from the usual 5 reels has 243 paylines which can expand to 576. Imagine so many possibilities combined with no wagering and a 150% no playthrough bonus you are bound to hit the jackpot!

Egyptian Gold slot play now

Check our review for Egyptian Gold Slot, and let us know how you liked the game!

Choose Brango Casino

Every player at the casino is playing to win, and hopefully, win big. Understandably, you are here to get your bonuses and benefits. However, we have a lot to offer. Casino Brango offers superb customer support and maximum safety. The payouts are instant, and the service is kind and helpful. Casino Brango is Bitcoin accepted online casino, but we also accept other cryptocurrencies. We would like you to feel welcome every time, which is why we work hard to keep our service on the top level. Whether you decide to hang on, and just play a few games, you can be sure that your information is safe with us.

Hurry up, this offer is valid only until the end of the day. Don’t miss your chance to win big!
Spin those reels! Have a lucky Tuesday, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

what has changed

What Has Changed for You in 2021?

By Lifestyle One Comment

It has been almost two and a half years since our worlds have turned upside down. Although the cause of it is not something to be happy about, we cannot turn our backs to searching for positive aspects in any given situation. Casino Brango has scratched the surface of the topic of changes which happened in 2021. Furthermore, we wanted to know whether these changes have impacted our characters, daily routines, relationships and lifestyle in general. We would also like to hear from you regarding this subject. What has changed for you in 2021? Was it for the better or worse?

The Technology

Our crypto casino Brango keeps introducing new cryptos and processing your payments instantly, as if the regular speed is not fast enough. The world has never spun this fast. Technology seems to be in focus wherever we turn.

Most probably you have a favorite app which helps you in handling your daily shopping or reminding you about the errands. Perhaps you got used to the VR experience and find it strange to actually be physically present among people. Whatever technology you are using, there is one thing that you and all of us should remember – it is there to be your tool. Don’t fall into the trap of letting tech rule your life. It should make things easier, that’s all.

They say that very soon contactless ways of making payments will become mainstream, diminishing the volume of usual cash payments until cash completely vanishes. Would you like to see this happen or not?

Free Time and Remote Working

If you are not an essential worker, you have most probably worked from home, for at least one period of time during this entire mess we found ourselves in. How was it for you?

People who needed to juggle their work with kids and family had the toughest times. Recently, I read somewhere that the entire concept of time has changed amid the new circumstances. For many people days became longer and exhausting while others felt inadequate in their own lives.

If someone offered you to work from home a few years ago, you would most probably be ecstatic. No commuting to work, no dress codes, more free time on your hands. What about today?

Personally, after having spent some time working from home, I must admit that remote working has more traps than I originally thought. The most important one being the false belief that we hold control over time. In case you actually managed to use the spare time to do something meaningful, you can consider yourself lucky. Moreover, we would honestly like to hear about it. You may inspire someone to follow your lead and improve his or her life.

Did you work out more? Completed an online course? Fell in love? Started your own online business? Helped the local community in any way? Our comment section below is dying for your comments.

Social Interaction in 2021

In 2021, social interaction comes down to keeping in touch online. You most probably know what happens in your friend’s life by simply scrolling through his or her Instagram, Facebook, or any other app. Nevertheless, when was the last time you sat together and really talked?

This question leads us to exploring the topic of the importance of live communication. Apart from the fact it stimulates creativity in many ways, and generates productivity, live communication is irreplaceable in bonding. In that way, live communication can prevent negative thoughts, deepen the mutual understanding, make us feel being parts of a community.

What has changed in communication in 2021? How do you communicate with people close to you? Via chats, phone, or in person? Do you feel more connected in 2021 than before?

Instead of the Final Words of Wisdom

The questions are many. We obviously have years to delve on these. What has changed in the previous year is a tough question. Seemingly, not so much. The Earth still supposedly revolves around the sun, and we still have no influence on global politics. Perhaps we will not know the true results of this global shift until we get old. However, only if we stay aware of the change, we may be ready to act once we feel we are off course. Are you awake?

slot tournament

Become Our Winner and Get Instant Withdrawal

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Winning at slots is an everyday event at crypto casino Brango. However, creating an array of winnings happens every now and then. Today’s winning story takes a look back at the exceptional gameplay and achievement made by our lucky player. How often do you hear that a player won the prize in a tournament, and then added two more big wins to the total? Congratulations to our lucky player! You can become our winner as well. But first, let us take a peek at the details of this week’s winning story.

Slots Heist Weekly Tournament

The best slots tournament is at Bitcoin casino Brango. Our Slots Heist tournament has become a widely known competition event. A tremendous number of slots players join every week to play their favorite games and grab the rewards.

As a quick reminder, the first prize is $400 in cash. The second prize is $250, while the third one is $200. Moreover, the first fifty players share the additional prize pool of 1,800 free spins! The mentioned cash prizes are part of the $2,500 prize pool shared by the first 50 players.

Should you wish to win any of the Slots Heist prizes and become our winner, you should play as frequently as possible. That is all it takes! There is no need to win at slots, but simply to play them.

Become Our Winner

The lucky player we mentioned at the beginning entered the latest weekly Slots Heist tournament and won the $200 prize. This was a tremendous success. However, he did not stop there. Once you feel the luck is on your side, you should keep going. This winner obviously knew this, so he continued spinning.

The surprise came in the form of another two great winnings, followed by Casino Brango’s instant withdrawal. The games which brought the biggest success to our player were:

Eventually, the winner grabbed $3,499 instantly! We can freely say this was one hell of a win! We wish all the best to our winner and many happy spins in the future!

Loch Ness Loot Play Now

Are you still looking for reasons to become our winner? Keep on reading.

Instant Withdrawals at Casino Brango

Crypto casino Brango is one of the rare online casinos whose team understands the players’ needs. Playing is great, but once you win you want us to show you the money fast. We get that. Therefore, we keep providing the instant withdrawals. And when we say “instant” – we mean it. Here, you can expect to collect your winnings within a few moments.

What is even more interesting is that Casino Brango also promotes even faster withdrawals. What can be faster than “instant”, you may ask. Our answer is – Litecoin. When you deposit in Litecoin, you qualify for withdrawing in Litecoin as well. This means 4 times faster payouts and almost no fees.

We invite you to browse the blog to get all the information on Litecoin depositing, withdrawing, wallets, etc. You can also contact our live chat team with any questions you may have.

Special Litecoin Benefits 

If you thought Litecoin benefits end with extremely fast payouts and low fees, you were mistaken. When you deposit in LTC, you also get access to special benefits of our 2-day promo codes. Become our winner and get extra bonuses and/or free spins along the way.

For example, today only you can still claim the AUGUST65 code for the no wagering promotion, including the additional 10% bonus (on top of the 65% boost) for LTC deposit. To enter this promotion, you would need to deposit at least $35. Kindly read all the terms in our cashier before claiming the offer.

AUGUST65 claim now

Become our winner and enjoy the best online casino experience!