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Spring Wilds slot

Spring Wilds Slot Welcomes Easter

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Spring Wilds slot is here, and it is adorable! With Easter approaching, RTG has released the pastel-colored slot with irresistibly cute symbols. Meet the Easter bunny and his crew and start the Easter egg hunting! You may win some of the coolest prizes so far!  Join us for a quick review of the newest RTG slot.

Spring Wilds Slot Overview

What you have before you is a 5-reels and 25-paylines slot which gives away the gentle and cute impression. That is – until you get to know the symbols and the potential behind them.

Basically, playing this slot will set you on an Easter Egg hunt. The eggs hide on the reels and we wish you luck in revealing them. Spring Wilds slot is also interesting because it has more symbols than what we have used to see in RTG slots. With a little help of the three main symbols in Spring Wilds slot you can become one of our lucky winners. Watch out for the Easter egg, the basket, and the game logo.

Special Spring Wilds Slot Offer

It is our pleasure to be able to offer you the following benefits for playing Spring Wilds slot at crypto casino Brango. If you redeem the Code: WILDSPRING till April 3rd, 2021 we can offer as follows:


$35 – $99 Get 50FS on Spring Wilds

$100 – $199 Get 100FS on Spring Wilds

$200 – $299 Get 150FS on Spring Wilds

$300+ Get 200FS on Spring Wilds

The wagering is 35x (Free Spins Winnings). Max Cashout is 10x Deposit, payable on Non-Progressive slots with max bet per hand $10. To get acquainted with all the symbols and features of this slot before playing, keep on reading.

Wild, Scatter and the Bonus Symbol

The Wild in Spring Wilds slot is the Easter Egg. It substitutes for all other symbols except for the Scatter and the Bonus symbol, in forming the winning combinations.  Easter Egg lands on all reels except the first one.

The Scatter is the Basket with golden eggs. As usual, Scatters are the way to get to the Free Games – the happiest part of the game for many players. This time, you would need at least 3 Scatters to trigger 10 Free Games. Landing 4 Scatters rewards you with 15 Free Games, and 5 Scatters can get you 20 Free Games.

The Game Logo acts as the Bonus symbol in Spring Wilds slot. This is the symbol which triggers the Lucky Streak Re-Spins Feature. To do it, you would need 6 of them to appear anywhere on the board.

Lucky Streak Re-Spin Feature

One of the beauties of the Lucky Streak Re-Spins Feature is that you can trigger it in base game already, as well as on any spin later on.

What happens is that while the feature lasts the Spring Wilds Bonus symbols are held in place, and only those symbols and blanks can appear on wheel box with each cell of a wheel box having either Spring Wilds Bonus symbols or blanks. You spin the reels and once they stop 2 things can happen:

  1. Spring Wilds Bonus symbol can remain in the place for the rest of the feature while the Lucky Streak feature continues with next spin.
  2. The game awards feature winnings if there are no Spring Wilds Bonus symbol appearing on cells. The reward depends on the number of Spring Wild symbols which you have collected previously. In the end, the Lucky Streak feature ends and releases all collected symbols.

Free Games Feature

Free Games trigger with 3, 4, or 5 appearing Scatter symbols. It rewards 10, 15, or 20 Free Games.  You can re-trigger this feature with at least 3 Scatters.

Interestingly, this feature has a special surprise. Namely, the Independent Reels with Locking Respin Bonus can activate. The feature ends when there are no more Free Games left. Alternatively, having reached the maximum payout also ends the Free Games. We bet you cannot wait to try this one out at crypto casino Brango!

Spring Wilds slot play now

New Year’s Parade

New Year’s Parade at Casino Brango

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This year, the ultimate fun is at Casino Brango – your favorite crypto accepted and bet safe online casino! Although Christmas has just walked away, we are not letting fun leave us as well. New Year is just around the corner and you should get ready to celebrate it with us.

As of today, we are starting the New Year’s Parade that will end December 31st at midnight casino time. The promotion will kick off with New Year’s Weekend Free spins. There will be 150 free spins to play NAUGHTY OR NICE III. The weekend will end with 100% Cashback on Sunday.

Next week will start with preparations for fireworks. On Monday, you would be able to get  131% up to $250 + 100 free spins, no max cashout! Amazingly, there will also be 20% boosted instant CASHBACK ON ALL BONUS FREE LOST DEPOSITS!

New Year PRE-COUNTDOWN is starting on December 30th, with 2 changing every 12 hours. Stay tuned to check out the available chips, boosts and free spins!

On New Year’s Day, we will have 3 codes with 8 hours countdown. We will be boosting your deposits and making your crypto wishes come true. The final countdown starts at 16:00 with 210% up to $300 plus 100 free spins, no max cash out! And that’s not all! In the holiday spirit, we’ll add 31 free chip as well!

We hope you are in good spirits and ready to join us in our New Year’s Parade!

New Year's Parade

Bitcoin cash

Cryptos That Marked 2019

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Cryptos and blockchain have certainly marked 2019. Digital revolution has definitely started to transform our world. Although blockchain has found wide application in many industries, cryptos have taken the central role and continue to make the world go around. Apart from Bitcoin, these are some of the cryptos that marked 2019.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is closely related to Bitcoin. It is actually a Bitcoin’s fork. Bitcoin Cash is on a list of cryptos that marked 2019 due to its strong start and endurance throughout the year and the expansion of Simple Ledge Protocol (SLP).

At the beginning of 2019, Bitcoin Cash had the price of $135 and quickly moved up to $300 in April 2019. Moreover, it continued to grow and in August finally reached its peak of $480. BCH proved to be able to maintain relatively solid stability as it kept its price above $300 until recently. At the moment of writing of this text BCH has the price of $187.73.

If we take a look at BCH/USD pair trading in the past year, we will see the increase of more than 30%, which is quite good.

As for the SLP, the records show that app. 6,150 tokens have been created using the SLP framework. We can trade with them on crypto exchanges. Moreover, more and more merchants are accepting BCH. Reportedly, in 2019 there were 934 online stores, 550 brick-and-mortar- merchants and 889 other types of businesses that accepted dealing with BCH.


Litecoin is one of the alt coins that marked the astonishing increase of 40% during the entire 2019. However, its price kept fluctuating a lot. Therefore, we consider LTC to be highly volatile in nature. At the beginning of 2019 LTC had the price of $32. It quickly increased to $142 in June 2019. However, it has been in decline since then and at the time of writing of this text, its price is $40.20.

Nevertheless, Litecoin is one of the fastest crypto currencies and has therefore, secured its place on our list. Speed is one of the main advantages of payments in cryptos. As we wrote before, it facilitates the transfers and reduces the transaction costs to the very minimum. Furthermore, it is one of the oldest cryptos and the 4th cryptocurrency by market capitalization. We also explored the interesting details about Litecoin during 2019 and wrote about it on our blog.


There are many reasons why Ether (ETH) is one of the most desirable coins to trade with. Ethereum network has proved its reliability and continues to keep steady. Ethereum blockchain network has become the basis of many businesses that continue to run successfully. From blockchain-based gaming to building entire “smart cities”.

Ethereum is to thank for two main benefits we enjoy today. Firstly, Ethereum ecosystem issues ERC-20 tokens. Secondly, it provides for smart contracts. These are digital contracts that make transactions easier, while making the process automated, encrypted and top-notch secure.

ETH started the year with the price of $116 and ending at (at least on this day) $127.80. Ether reached its peak in June with the price of $334.66, making the yearly increase of 20%.

In overall, Ethereum caught up with the audience. There were reportedly more than 20 million ETH accounts that created in 2019. Only this year, 4 million new ETH addresses appeared.

We suppose you have your favorite crypto accepted casino. What about your favorite crypto for the upcoming 2020?

Dash cryptocurrency

DASH Cryptocurrency, a Privacy King

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Dash cryptocurrency is not the coin people comment on frequently. However, it deserves a spot on our list of the most powerful cryptocurrencies. It has been present for a while and gained a firm circle of fans. Nowadays, everyone refers to DASH as private, secure and fast. Join us for a story about how this crypto received the nickname of Dash, a privacy king.


Dash cryptocurrency was invented back in 2014. The creator was Evan Duffield. What drove Duffield to invent this new cryptocurrency were rare downsides of Bitcoin and the way BTC was processed. Originally, DASH was referred to as XCoin and DarkCoin. Quickly, the name Dash caught its roots and remained till today.

Interesting thing happened upon the very launch of this currency. Namely, 1.9. million coins were mined. This amounted to app. 10% of the intended total supply. The creator, Evan Duffield, claimed this happened due to the bug which appeared when Litecoin code split into forks in order to create Dash. He decided to solve the problem and relaunch the coin. Therefore, Dash was created using the Bitcoin core code and some of the newly added features, enhancing privacy and quick transactions.

DASH Overview

Similarly to Bitcoin, Dash is an open-source. It functions on its own blockchain, has its own wallets and community.

Initial plan was to issue 18 million units of DASH. Nowadays, the price of a DASH is approximately $67.72 and the total market cap is above $613 million. When it comes to mining, it has been estimated that DASH is 4 times faster than Bitcoin.

Circulating supply is 9,064,783 DASH, while maximum supply is 18,900,000 DASH. Dash has a variable block reward which decreases at a 7.1 % rate each year.

Transaction fees when using DASH are close to zero. Moreover, it seems that Dash has the potential of being the true Internet currency.

Notable DASH Features

Dash has certain characteristics that make it quite interesting. This is probably the unique cryptocurrency that enables its users to send funds privately, while blending it in among other transactions. There is an additional, optional feature available for all users. That feature provides for coin mixing service.

The creator of this method was Gregory Maxwell. He looked at the Bitcoin transactions using public addresses and figured out that they may be prone to tracing. In order to secure the ultimate privacy, he thought of CoinJoin method. It combines several payments from various senders and makes one unique transaction. This method disables third party tracking of any transaction, because it is extremely difficult to match the exact sender with the proper recipient.

Additionally, Dash enables the users to send the funds instantly. And instantly means 1.5 seconds. InstantSend is a feature of a Dash protocol which enables Dash to outplay the existing payment platforms which are centralized, such as VISA, for example. Its top-notch performance is truly instant.

On the other hand, Dash is unique in one additional matter. It features MasterNodes, the servers that rule the entire process.  These are computers running a Dash wallet and making decisions, locking transactions with InstantSend, coordinating mixing of coins, voting on funding, etc.  Approximately 2 DASH is the fee that goes to MasterNode on weekly basis. Dash is the first cryptocurrency that implemented the MasterNode to its protocol.

Have you had any experience with Dash so far?

movies related to cryptos

Movies Related to Cryptos Worth Watching

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It is not strange that cryptocurrencies have found their way to the movie world. However, it is strange that it did not happen earlier. Hollywood has the habit of announcing events in its own subtle way. This time, cryptos emerged on the surface first and the movies followed. Either way, it is interesting to see how many movies related to cryptos there are.

Inside Job (2010)

The first movie on our list is not about crypto currencies, but it explains the situation prior to the emergence of Bitcoin. The most important message that this movie sends is the necessity for a decentralized, digital currency which would be independent.  Once you see the movie, you will understand why the world needed the currency which is not under any government control.

Deep Web (2015)

Subtitle of this documentary movie is “The Crime Saga of the Digital Age”, which should tell you a lot. The term “deep webb” has quite a wide interpretation. Among many other things, it entails the dark web as well. Deep web is the alternative Internet space where many good and bad things are possible. Therefore, it is no wonder that cryptos had something to do with deep web.

Namely, the movie Deep Web tackles the subject of Silk Road. It was the first marketplace where paying in Bitcoin was possible. Its creator, Ross William Ulbricht, was arrested the moment trading on his marketplace achieved significant volume. The movie narrator is Keanu Reeves.

Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It (2015)

If you are just discovering the world of blockchain and Bitcoin, this documentary is a must. Do not expect to learn about the latest news from the crypto world, or advices on the latest technology updates. Nonetheless, this documentary is the starting point in understanding the basics of how blockchain and Bitcoin are functioning.

Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain (2018)

Lastly, one of the latest movies on the subject of blockchain and digital world found its place on our list. The movie explores how blockchain has transformed reality and describes the examples of various societies worldwide and the ways the are either coping or embracing cryptocurrencies.