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new slot Big Santa

New Slot Big Santa Is Coming Down Your Chimney

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Christmas is getting near! In the true holiday spirit, we are bringing gifts! A new slot Big Santa with a warm and safe atmosphere is waiting for you.

New slot Big Santa is our special present that will get you into the holiday mood. It will warm your hearts and your pockets on the cold winter days. Keep your schedule free, because this slot will be launched tomorrow on the 24th of November, and we are impatient to see how much you like it!

Let yourself indulge in the festive spirit while spinning the reels and trying your luck!

The Wild Red Nose

The Wild symbol of our new slot Big Santa is Rudolf, a reindeer with a red nose and Santa’s big helper. It assists him in delivering all the presents to the kids around the globe.

However, keep in mind that Santa hasn’t forgotten you!

We have mentioned to him that our players have been very good through this whole year, so he made special gifts that will be waiting for you. Rudolf will help you to collect your presents! This Wild can substitute all symbols except Scatters. He can make you lucky and ensure that your gift will come to you!

To add, it can appear in three dimensions on your screen, 1×1, 2×2, or 3×3. The bigger the better!

The Win Is In the Gifts

All this talking about presents is a hint of what is a Scatter symbol in the new slot Big Santa. It’s not hard to guess it, Gift Bags are your lucky symbols in this game.

These Bags are filled with coins that are waiting only for you to collect them!

The multiplication of these symbols depends on the total bet you made. Firstly, they are multiplied by the total and then added to line wins.

Free Games

As you may have guessed, once again developers have prepared great features exclusively for you, our dear players! More precisely, Free Games are one of these features which appear in our new slot Big Santa.

It is not so hard to trigger this characteristic. Your only job is to keep spinning until 3, 4, or 5 Gift Bags appear on your screen. As a result of your lucky hand, you will win 10, 15, or 20 Free Games, respectively.

Even more, happy news for all the players is that you can trigger this feature more than once! All prizes, while playing the Free Games, will be multiplied by the multiplier awarded.

Also, every game from this group is played with a bet which triggers the spin. Nevertheless, this bet cannot be changed.

The Happy End

The Free Games feature of our new slot Big Santa may end because of two reasons:

  1. there are no more games left that you could play.
  2. you have achieved your maximum payout.

At the end of the feature on the screen will appear a banner that contains your total winnings.

For this game as for all the others, we guarantee you a safe betting and instant withdrawal of your funds.

Upcoming Promo

The best is yet to come, as we are preparing a lot more for you to come, including various promotions! Follow us and keep up with the novelties the cryptocurrency Casino Brango will develop for you.

We wish you Christmas filled with an abundance of spins and lucky wins!

May the luck be with you!

Big Santa play now

bitcoin transactions

Bitcoin Transactions Break Half a Billion

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The Bitcoin network has surpassed 500 million Bitcoin transactions, reports Decrypt. This major milestone was achieved after 11 years of the first-ever transaction.

Crypto firm Casa CTO Jameson Lopp celebrated this on Twitter.

The Bitcoin network has doubled its number of transactions in the last three years, rising from 250 million in 2017. According to the data site Satoshi, there has been an increase in the number of Bitcoin transactions on the blockchain per year. In 2017, it crossed 250 million transactions, before rising to 500 million today. At this rate, Bitcoin could cross 1,000 million in under two years.

Nakamoto and the late Hal Finney made the first-ever transaction on Jan. 12, 2009. Nakamoto sent Finney 10 BTC as a test. After this venture, the computer scientist began mining blocks himself. Ten months later, on Oct. 5, 2009, the New Liberty Standard set an initial Bitcoin exchange rate against the dollar. At the time, $1 was worth 2300.03 BTC.

As a Bitcoin-friendly casino, we are enabling our players to use this crypto to make a deposit, as well as to get very fast payout. Using Bitcoin will provide you with endless satisfaction in Casino Brango and plenty of bonuses with no struggles.

bitcoin crypto online casino

bitcoin emoji

Bitcoin Emoji Has Just Revealed

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The big news is that you can now use Bitcoin emoji in your tweets. Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted the newly added Bitcoin emoji on Feb. 2 and showed how we can use it.

Dorsey’s tweet showed that, now, whenever a Twitter user writes the Bitcoin or BTC hashtag, an image showing its symbol appears next to it. His tweet also tags Unicode, possibly pushing them to introduce an emoji that can be used across all web platforms. Unicode has supported the Bitcoin symbol as one of its currency signs since 2017. But there is currently no emoji version, meaning the symbol only appears as a black and white glyph, and not in the orange it is frequently portrayed in.

The most popular symbol used for Bitcoin is exactly ₿ – a capital letter B with two vertical strokes at the top and bottom, as introduced by BTC creator Satoshi Nakamoto. After Twitter added the emoji to its platform, many cryptocurrency personalities test-tweeted it, including Tron (TRX) founder and Bittorrent CEO Justin Sun.

On our blog, you can read a very interesting story about one lottery winner invested half in Bitcoin. However, you have to know that BTC is the most used cryptocurrency at bet safe and Casino Brango. What you would do with this information? Nothing but playing over 200 RTG games and try to win big.

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Bitcoin cash

Cryptos That Marked 2019

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Cryptos and blockchain have certainly marked 2019. Digital revolution has definitely started to transform our world. Although blockchain has found wide application in many industries, cryptos have taken the central role and continue to make the world go around. Apart from Bitcoin, these are some of the cryptos that marked 2019.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is closely related to Bitcoin. It is actually a Bitcoin’s fork. Bitcoin Cash is on a list of cryptos that marked 2019 due to its strong start and endurance throughout the year and the expansion of Simple Ledge Protocol (SLP).

At the beginning of 2019, Bitcoin Cash had the price of $135 and quickly moved up to $300 in April 2019. Moreover, it continued to grow and in August finally reached its peak of $480. BCH proved to be able to maintain relatively solid stability as it kept its price above $300 until recently. At the moment of writing of this text BCH has the price of $187.73.

If we take a look at BCH/USD pair trading in the past year, we will see the increase of more than 30%, which is quite good.

As for the SLP, the records show that app. 6,150 tokens have been created using the SLP framework. We can trade with them on crypto exchanges. Moreover, more and more merchants are accepting BCH. Reportedly, in 2019 there were 934 online stores, 550 brick-and-mortar- merchants and 889 other types of businesses that accepted dealing with BCH.


Litecoin is one of the alt coins that marked the astonishing increase of 40% during the entire 2019. However, its price kept fluctuating a lot. Therefore, we consider LTC to be highly volatile in nature. At the beginning of 2019 LTC had the price of $32. It quickly increased to $142 in June 2019. However, it has been in decline since then and at the time of writing of this text, its price is $40.20.

Nevertheless, Litecoin is one of the fastest crypto currencies and has therefore, secured its place on our list. Speed is one of the main advantages of payments in cryptos. As we wrote before, it facilitates the transfers and reduces the transaction costs to the very minimum. Furthermore, it is one of the oldest cryptos and the 4th cryptocurrency by market capitalization. We also explored the interesting details about Litecoin during 2019 and wrote about it on our blog.


There are many reasons why Ether (ETH) is one of the most desirable coins to trade with. Ethereum network has proved its reliability and continues to keep steady. Ethereum blockchain network has become the basis of many businesses that continue to run successfully. From blockchain-based gaming to building entire “smart cities”.

Ethereum is to thank for two main benefits we enjoy today. Firstly, Ethereum ecosystem issues ERC-20 tokens. Secondly, it provides for smart contracts. These are digital contracts that make transactions easier, while making the process automated, encrypted and top-notch secure.

ETH started the year with the price of $116 and ending at (at least on this day) $127.80. Ether reached its peak in June with the price of $334.66, making the yearly increase of 20%.

In overall, Ethereum caught up with the audience. There were reportedly more than 20 million ETH accounts that created in 2019. Only this year, 4 million new ETH addresses appeared.

We suppose you have your favorite crypto accepted casino. What about your favorite crypto for the upcoming 2020?

Use cases of blockchain

The Most Popular Use Cases of Blockchain

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Your contact with blockchain may be limited to payment transactions and cryptocurrency, as this is one of its most frequent applications. We may not be aware of it, but blockchain has entered each and every pore of our world. It reached even the most distant places on earth. This technology is already saving lives and economies across the globe. The estimates are that very soon, blockchain will become irreplaceable part of our lifestyle and the functioning of our daily routines. These are some of the most popular use cases of blockchain.

Preventing Identity Theft

How many times have you shared sensitive personal data online? Starting from various institutions to job applications and social media platforms, there are many subjects that ask for personal data of their clients or applicants.

For years we have been sending the information without being aware how dangerous this can be. When blockchain emerged, things changed drastically. However, many people are still kept out of the loop when it comes to the most popular use cases of blockchain.

Everyone’s digital identity is in danger. One of the reasons is because we leave personal information to centralized entities for safe keeping. These are usually third-party services and applications to whom we give consent to use our data.

With blockchain, each individual becomes the safe keeper of his or her own data. This is possible because blockchain provides the opportunity to store the digital information in an encrypted digital hub. Moreover, an individual controls the access to the hub. Therefore, anyone can decide who can see his or her personal information. Furthermore, blockchain also stores the information about every access providing full control and transparency.  Every person who stores the information on blockchain can also revoke access. All this enables the person to be in control over the way their personal data is used.

Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management has transformed significantly since the introduction of blockchain in supply chain management. We wrote about this previously, and this is just one of the examples.

Improving Health Care

There is a thing called medical supply chain. With blockchain, there are no doubts regarding someone’s medical conditions, as records are always neat and accurate. Furthermore, patients have the power to either allow or restrict the access to their medical data.

Additional advantage is that blockchain provides tracking of all medicines through all of the stages of production and prescription.

Decentralizing Energy Market

This particular use case of blockchain aims for enabling users to profit from production and sales of the energy. We have explored this intriguing topic for you to read.

Decentralizing energy market is interesting because it should eventually introduce the force of demand and supply when it comes to prices. This actually means that people will be able to produce their own electricity as well as to buy at commercially justified prices.