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Can Dash make you a millionaire

Can Dash Make You a Millionaire?

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Now we all love Bitcoin, right? Who doesn’t like Bitcoin, with its nice price jumps and fast transactions what isn’t there to love? But some people love Litecoin as well. With its slightly more modest price jumps and much faster transaction times, it’s the silver to Bitcoin’s gold. But some people really love DASH. To see why we need to answer two simple questions, in spirit with DASH, immediately! What is Dash? Can Dash make you a millionaire? First, the fundamentals.

What is Dash?

Dash, you might be surprised to hear, stands for digital cash and was created in 2014. It is a modification or a fork (change in code) to Litecoin which is originally a fork to Bitcoin. Now, Litecoin was all about speeding up Bitcoin, but Dash took it a step further and even outpaced Litecoin. Plus, it adds privacy features, so no one can know your transaction history except you and the person on the other side.

But we will see that this decision has haunted DASH up until now. Fun fact: Dash is only the coin’s third name after X coin and Dark coin, very edgy. It appears Dash has had a lot of pent up emotions and listened to a lot of Linkin Park growing up. Who are you to judge, you are not his real dad, okay!?

On the more technical side, we have this. Dash can make 56 transactions per second which is much faster than Bitcoin’s 15 per second. Also, Private send which make all transactions between Dash users anonymous.

 The Pros of Investing in DASH

  • It’s one of the more undervalued projects right now. Though it lost its spot as one of the main competitors to Bitcoin, there are signs of a major price explosion. About 44% of the overall supply is held by long term investors which means they are waiting for a jump. This is the first one on the list of answers to the question “Can Dash make you a millionaire?”
  • It’s accepted by more than 155000 vendors worldwide, which is more than Bitcoin. Most of its economic activity is located in South America. This is due to their deteriorating economic state which Dash mitigates with its stability.
  • It’s very stable. Its price is reportedly not going to fluctuate as much as Bitcoin. But this doesn’t mean that price never makes big jumps. On the contrary, when it jumps it jumps BIG! That was the case at the end of 2017 and May 2021 when it’s priced 4x and 5x all the way!

The Cons of Investing in DASH

  • Non-existing media presence. This is mostly to no fault of its own, as the U.S. government has occasionally (allegedly) tried to blacklist DASH. It’s all due to its best-developed feature – private send. But it appears that all of that is sorted now.
  • It’s still dependent largely on Proof of Work (POW) cryptography which is old tech by now. POW is being replaced by Proof of Stake (POS). But, Dash also has some characteristics of POS with its Master nodes, which need to be explained. These are basically powerful servers that help maintain the whole of  Dash program code. The people who possess the master nodes, hold a stake in Dash, hence POS. As all the big players are moving to POS cryptography DASH will be wise to follow.
  • The lack of volatility might mean it’s not a good buy right now if you want a quick buck. But as we said, Dash is a long term project so do more holding and less day trading.

Conclusion – So, Is Dash A Good Investment In 2022?

Well, simply put – yes. While it’s uncertain what the government’s view on the cryptos world as a whole is, the general public loves it. And Dash, being a mature and extremely technically sound project has many benefits that outweigh the risks. Its ultimate benefit of course is that it busts our already extremely fast instant withdrawals into overdrive. So deposit in Dash while using the code DASH30 to get 30% no wagering and no max cash out bonus and get ready for the ride of a lifetime! Or, browse other offers with even bigger boosts. For example 300% boost for claiming the code 300DASH.  So, in the end, can Dash make you a millionaire? Absolutely! Why? With the many progressive jackpots slot on Casino Brango you really can’t miss your shot!

gaming and gambling

Differences Between Gaming and Gambling

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Man, these slots are a lot of fun? And video games are also a lot of fun, huh. Sure, wish that somebody would tell me the difference between them. Well, worry no more, because we are looking at similarities but more importantly the differences between gaming and gambling. Let’s dig in!

Gaming vs Gambling – Is This the Same Thing?

So let’s put things in perspective. Both industries, gambling and gaming should be referred to as gaming. They both include the activities of playing games, we can all agree to that. But what are the key differences? Well, the most obvious difference is the skill-based aspect. Playing traditional games usually require more skills while in slot games you rely more on your lucky stars. But it’s not all so cut and dry as it may appear at first glance. Two things complicate this picture. Loot boxes and skill-based slots. Let’s take a crack at loot boxes first. This gaming and gambling feud is heating up!

Loot Boxes Gambling?

First things first, what are loot boxes? Well, in a lot of online games you can get cosmetic items to change the appearance of player characters. And in most big game releases the only way of getting some of these things is by buying them. Well, not them, but a randomly generated package that may or may not contain the item called a loot box. So, people buy and buy these digital boxes in hopes of getting a rear hat or sunglasses they can put on their characters.

Now, loot boxes have been a very hot topic in the gaming industry for over half a decade. Are they gambling? If they are, do they negatively affect the children playing these games? Most people would say yes to both, including the Belgium government. They order a removal of loot boxes from all the games they can purchase in. And if the companies don’t comply with that…Fines!

But loot boxes aren’t the only way traditional gaming companies have tried to get into gambling, without following regulations. The multiplayer game GTA online has a casino in it. Plain and simple, no pretending or trying to cover it up. But you pay with a premium in-game currency, not real money, so no regulations, I guess. They allege this is different from directly spending real-world currencies like USD or Bitcoins, or Dash for example (check the info here) and doesn’t have to be regulated as such. Not a good look, let’s see the gambling side.

Big Santa play now

What Are Skill-Based Slots?

Skills-based slots only became a thing in the last decade or so. The reason for this is a shift in demographics. The generation that grew up surrounded by games has gained purchasing power and more adult tastes. So, they want the rushes and big wins you get with slots, mixed in with a bit of challenge.

Enter skill-based slots, with a cool combo of luck and skills that anyone can enjoy. Now, skill-based slots separate into two categories. The first, the rarer kind, are the slots where the skill-based component dominates the whole game. These are like traditional games but with some specific actions, like killing an enemy triggering a slot reel. Other types of slots include the skill-based aspect only in their bonus rounds while the rest of the game’s more luck-based. Now, let’s see what the final scoreboard between gaming and gambling is, shall we?

Conclusion – What is better? Gaming or Gambling?

The gambling industry is heavily regulated and for good reasons (kids!). And the fact that the gaming industry is trying to dodge these regulations isn’t helping them in the long run. But there is another reason why slots are just straight up superior: You can bet with real money. And win big by doing so! Adding to that, when you win big there are casinos that have instant withdrawals like our very own Casino Brango! 

60 free spins

60 Free Spins on Two Popular Slots – Last Call

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Don’t you just love December? The snowy blues, short days, and the longest nights? Just kidding. Luckily, this month has its better sides as well. A few of those, actually. May we remind you that hanging around your favorite crypto casino Brango is the warmest place to be? Holiday promotions are just a drop in the ocean of December surprises. As December rushes through the snow, we have many gifts to give and treats to share. We must move fast and change the offers frequently. Therefore, today is the last day to get 60 free spins for playing two of the hottest slots this month. Keep on reading to get the better idea of what type of offer we have in mind.

60 Free Spins Available Today

As you already may know, December is the month when Santa makes his Naughty or Nice list. On which list would you like to find yourself?

You should know that our Santa considers all of you winners. Naughty or Nice, it doesn’t matter, as both lists have plenty to choose from. Although Christmas is still a bit more than 10 days away, Brango Santa has prepared free spins galore to warm you up before the holidays actually kick off.

Once again, the choice is yours. Claiming either of the 2 coupons active today will get you the 60 free spins on either Big Santa or Naughty or Nice III. Whichever coupon you choose, you cannot go wrong. Both slots are generous, new, and most importantly fun to play.

Big Santa play now

Big Santa is the most recent slot added to Casino Brango’s family of games. With the top reward of 50,000 times bet per line, it is the inevitable addition to Christmas vibes as well.

Naughty or Nice III play now

Naughty or Nice III is the latest in the Naughty or Nice series. Attractive women are wild substitutes, while the game logo is the Scatter. Landing up to 5 Scatters delivers up to 100x the bet reward. There is an extra feature with free games, in addition to the 60 free spins you get upon claiming the coupon.

Bonus Offer

The best part about this “60 free spins offer” is the fact there is an extra twist. Apart from the spins, each coupon contains the bonus offer as well.

No Wagering

For example, choosing the Nice coupon, gets you 25% no wagering bonus. It means you can ask for an instant withdrawal upon striking the big win. There is no additional wagering, which makes this offer a low-risk one, with great potential on the other hand.

No Max Cash Out

Choosing the Naughty coupon rewards you with the 25% no max cash out bonus. For those among you who are new to online gambling, the no max cash out bonus allows you to claim your winnings in entirety, with no cap on payout. Please note that weekly withdrawal limits still apply here.

Both Naughty and Nice coupons require the minimum deposit of $35 and they apply to playing non-progressive Slots Only, Keno & Video Poker.

You can find more information about the acceptable depositing methods on our banking page. In case you are new to the crypto world, we invite you to check out our Bitcoin depositing guide as well as the detailed information about the benefits of depositing in Litecoin, DASH or Cardano.

Feeling Competitive?

In case the above 60 free spins and 25% bonuses do not satisfy your appetite, we have something even bigger.

Have you heard that there is an ongoing Naughty or Nice tournament during December? The prize pool is gigantic $20,000! Casino Brango welcomes the steamiest Christmas fun this holiday season! Join us for a hot round of the Xmas Naughty or Nice tournament with top prizes!

Naughty or Nice tournament will finish on December 25th, when we will be crediting the rewards. Remember, cash prizes have no restrictions. Chip prizes chip prizes contain 40x wagering and 3x max cash out open for non-progressive slots play. Make sure to check the full terms prior to entering.

Welcome to Casino Brango’s holiday season events!

tournament play now

November promotion

November Promotion Has Started

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November promotion has just started, and it has already become the thing everyone is talking about. Holiday season is approaching, and we cannot wait to give away the many rewards, and process instant withdrawals to make your November the best so far. The biggest joy is in sharing, and we wish to share those good vibes with you. Happy thoughts and lucky spins are all we need now. Before joining the November promotion, let’s take a look at what you can expect this month.

November Promotion Overview

Once again, crypto casino Brango did not fail when it comes to meeting your expectations. Moreover, you could say that we raised a bar a bit. November promotion includes some special daily treats apart from the usual big bonus offer.

Big Bonuses

In short, the coupons will change every two days, as usual. Each coupon will give significant bonus up to 165%. Furthermore, the bonus offer comes in package with the no wagering requirement. We have all seen this before, and it proved to be the most attractive aspect of any promotion.

The reason is simple. It allows players to take the money as soon as they win it. There is no playthrough of the won amount. Hence there is no risk of losing your winning. This is probably the online casino promotion at its best.

WGFREE150 claim nowDaily Spins

As mentioned above, November promotion goes a step further and adds mor rewards to your account. Apart from the big bonuses, players can get 20 free spins every day. The only requirement is that a player has previously deposited that same day. In the end, it all comes down to you being able to grab the bonus offer and free spins as a special holiday treat.

The 20 free spins are given on Warrior Princess slot . It is one of the latest games which we added to our offer. The beauty of this slot is in its high volatility. In other words, you would need a bit of patience to hit the win, but when it happens it will most probably be worth the time invested.

With its 40 fixed paylines, and the top reward worth 96,000 times the initial bet, Warrior Princess is a lucrative choice. Add the 20 free spins on top of the already rich features, and you can spin for some huge winnings here.

Princess Warrior play nowDeposits and Withdrawals

Crypto casino Brango is one of the leaders in the field of instant payment processing. We make sure that your deposits and withdrawals are processed instantly. You have a wide range of available deposit options. For more details check our banking page.  You may find that it is not easy choosing the deposit method. When in doubts, refer to our blog. You will find the information on Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and other available methods.

You can withdraw your winnings in Bitcoin or in Litecoin – in cased you have previously deposited in LTC. Make sure to check this out as LTC transfers have the lowest possible fees and are several times faster confirmation times.   At any point, you can ask for assistance from our live support team. They are available 24/7 and will answer any question you may have.

November promotion is on, people! Are you eager to slide into the holiday spirit as soon as possible? We are! Join us in Bitcoin casino Brango and stay alert for more of November promotions to come!

Dash deposit method

Dash Deposit Method Kicks Off the New Promotion

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Anyone who values extremely fast payment processing and great promotions, would be glad to know that Casino Brango introduces DASH deposit method. With every new crypto depositing method, our crypto friendly casino treats players with the new exceptional promotion. This time, we have included the no wagering, no max cash out, the big bonus and all things nice, packed in two promotional codes. You can claim both, or the one that was tailored to your needs. Nevertheless, before you jump straight to our lobby to check out the promo codes, allow us to walk you through some of the main advantages of depositing in DASH.

DASH Deposit Method Advantages

Using DASH to deposit has many advantages. The same as with other crypto currencies, the main benefits concern two major aspects: processing time and fees.

DASH allows you to deposit instantly, with almost no fees. According to our research, the average transaction fee which applies to Dash is $0.01. However, your wallet may impose certain fees, so make sure to check this before choosing a wallet, or your preferred deposit method.  As for the speed, apparently DASH is much faster than BTC or ETH for instance. Reportedly, it handles up to 56 transactions per second.

You may already know that crypto currencies protect your identity more than any other payment method. DASH has gone a step further, encompassing the feature which protects your anonymity.

Guide to DASH depositing

To deposit at Dash at crypto casino Brango, you should simply follow these steps:

  • Login to your casino account
  • Choose “deposit” option which takes you straight to Cashier.
  • In Cashier, chose “deposit ” among the three options: deposit, withdraw, redeem.
  • Choose DASH as a depositing option.
  • Define the amount you wish to deposit. As you may already know, the minimum depositing amount is the Dash equivalent of $10.
  • Click “deposit” button below the amount section.
  • Copy the DASH address which pops up on your screen, below the QR code, or scan the code.
  • If you have chosen to copy the address, paste it in the “send” section of your wallet.
  • Click “send” and the money will appear on your casino account.

DASH Deposit Method Promotion

If everything said above sounds appealing, we can suggest claiming the DASH promo codes. This time, there are two active codes. You can claim both, or just one of them. Kindly note that one Dash deposit makes you eligible for redeeming one code.

Depending on your preferences, you can get either huge 300% boost to play non progressive slots, Keno and Video poker. Alternatively, you can choose the lower boost of 30% but with no wagering and no max cash out requirement. We think both offers are exceptional, as you will rarely come across the promotion which includes all of the players’ favorite aspects:

DASH30 – 30% DASH No Wagering & No Max Cash Out Boost

  • Code: DASH30
  • Value: 30%
  • Minimum deposit: $35
  • Wagering: None
  • Max cash out: None
  • Allowed games: Non-progressive slots, Keno & Video Poker
  • Max bet per hand: $10
  • Available for 1 Dash deposit

300DASH – 300% DASH Boost

  • Code: 300DASH
  • Value: 300%
  • Minimum deposit: $35
  • Wagering: 40x Deposit + Bonus
  • Max cash out: 15x Deposit
  • Allowed games: Non-progressive slots, Keno & Video Poker
  • Max bet per hand: $10
  • Available for 1 Dash deposit

Dash promotion claim nowMake DASH your favorite crypto. Hurry up to our lobby and try it out. The immense offer of slots with fantastic odds is at your fingertips!