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Halloween pranks

Scariest Halloween Pranks 2022

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How terrified can a grown-up person be on Halloween? Apparently, a lot. We know what our senses can expect when it is dark, or when we are alone. However, there are Halloween fans who made Halloween pranks a work of art. We did a bit of research and decided to share with you some of the scariest Halloween pranks you can try recreating this Halloween.

Halloween Pranks Starter – The Noises

Nothing is scarier than unidentified sounds in your own home. You hear it but cannot see it or detect it. Your senses automatically sharpen, and you expect someone or something to jump right at you. You either freeze or grab a bat. Would you like to scare someone in this way? All you need is a small but powerful speaker and a downloaded scary sound, as per your choice. The web site can be a good place to start.

Wish to recreate your favorite horror movie? No problem. How about do your own recording of someone’s voice calling for help? The possibilities are endless if you are creative.

Scary Mirror Messages

Did you know that you can leave secret messages on a mirror that pop up only when there is steam in the bathroom? Apparently, the substance called isopropyl leaves marks on the mirror that can send chills down everyone’s spines.

It is an alcohol, safe on the skin, as it is usually an ingredient found in lotions, aftershaves and so on. So, all you need to pull out this prank is to get isopropyl alcohol, think of a creepy message and leave it for someone you wish to frighten. Once the person goes to take a shower and the bathroom fills with steam… surprise message will pop out.

May we suggest one of the following lines: “I can see you “, “That’s not what we agreed on, (NAME)“, “ Did you miss me?“ “ You can try, but cannot escape,“ “This is  going to be one scary Halloween…“, “Watch your back”, “Can’t wait to play with you, (NAME). ” Do you have any ideas what to write? Share them with us.

Creepy Dolls

Who doesn’t fear Chucky? Or Annabella? The very thought of these dolls makes us shiver. Ever since the Child’s Play series in the 80ies, creepy dolls have been featured in mass media and are now inevitable detail in horror movies.

Having a creepy doll in the corner of your room will make for the perfect set of any Halloween prank. Things get even scarier if you think that there is a spirit of a mass murder trapped inside the otherwise inanimate object. Plus, you can combine the doll with a creepy Halloween message to leave the complete horror impression.

Getting an old, creepy doll should not be a difficult task. Look for the old toys in the garage and re-design it to be creepier, or if necessary – buy one. This season, pull out one of the scariest Halloween pranks 2022 by putting the doll in someone’s room, and see what happens.

Fake Computer Glitch 

Not that we have tried this yet, but some of us are planning to. Apparently, there are sites that simulate the particular working environment on your computer screen. Whether you wish to simulate the complete system failure, a hacker attack or just the update process which goes above 100%, it is doable. Not to mention, again, the creepy messages on your screen. Browse the internet for ideas and apps and let us know how it went.

Fake Insects

We almost never come across the person who is fond of insects. People usually think they are repulsive, which a reason more to use fake insects to scare someone on Halloween. These make for the right choice if you are looking for easy-to-do pranks. The entire effort from your side should include buying fake insects made of silicone usually and placing them in a strategically chosen place.

We should probably give you some ideas here, but the very thought of it is unpleasant, so we will leave it up to you to push your creative limits.

Unusual Halloween Drinks & Food

Here’s a thought. You can pair serving unusual drinks on Halloween with fake insects described above. Yuck… ok, delete that thought. How about making special ice cubes, such as “bleeding ice cubes” for example?

And do you know what goes perfectly with drinks on Halloween? Strawberries dipped in chocolate! If you browse the internet, you will find plenty of ideas how to “dress” your strawberries as pumpkins, ghosts, bleeding strawberries, etc.  If we could read your thoughts, we bet they would say: “Enough with blood already.” So, how about we turn to the topic of dark phantom intruders?

Silhouette in a Dark Hallway

The question is – who do you wish to scare? I am asking because this one is not for the faint of heart. Encountering the dark silhouette at the end of your hallway for example, will scary you, there is no doubt. When you do not expect anyone else inside your apartment or house, and then a dark silhouette pops up, what’s the first thought on your mind? Will you grab a knife, a baseball bat, a phone to call 911? Will you lock yourself in a bathroom or attack the intruder? These are all the questions which will be running through your “victim’s” mind once the silhouette does its job.

To prepare the prank, all you need is some dark crafting paper out of which you should cut out the human-like figure. You should then attach it to the wall where it would be visible. Pay attention to the spot where the light is positioned, so that your paper silhouette is only slightly lit. This adds to the mystery and scary vibes.

Halloween at Its Best

Spending Halloween on your own? We’ve got you covered. Brango is the MasterCard accepted casino, in addition to being the well/known crypto casino as well. It means exceptional service, great promotion and instant withdrawals. What more can you ask for this Halloween season?

If you have more interesting ideas about scary Halloween pranks, we invite you to share them with us. Let’s scare the heck out of people together! Spooky salute!

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Horror-Inspired Slots

Casino Brango’s Best Horror-Inspired Slots

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There’s an intrinsic link between watching horror movies and playing some of your favorite online slots. The excitement, the danger, and the thrills that keep you on the edge of your seat while waiting for that one big hit is what makes the gameplay so unpredictable and suspenseful. Considering we’re right in the middle of the Halloween season, we thought it was a perfect time to put together a list of Casino Brango’s best horror-inspired slots.

Eternal Love

We’ll start the list of Brango’s horror-inspired slots with a classic both in terms of theme and date of release. Eternal Love is one of RTG’s older editions inspired by the Twilight saga and True Blood vampire hype of the mid-2010s.

It’s a story about two young vampires battling for the love of one ordinary girl, set against the backdrop of a graveyard with an eerie soundtrack that’s sure to send chills down your spine. It has a life-force multiplier that increases up to 1,000X, so it’s bound to provide you with some great wins.

I, Zombie

The second most popular monster creatures after vampires are, of course, zombies. And the aptly named I, Zombie, logically, tops the list of the most popular horror-inspired slots featuring them as protagonists.

It’s a 5-reels 25-paylines slot that pays 50,000x the stake. A Zombie Girl serves as the Wild Symbol that awards wins up to 2,500x the line bet. Scattered Mirrors trigger the feature, during which Wilds always springs from the I, Zombie, and Mirror symbols. All prizes are doubled or tripled if 4 or 5 scatters trigger the feature.

Halloween-themed slot

Voodoo Magic

And now we get to voodoo people, magic people! Voodoo Magic slot draws inspiration from the culture of Caribbean Islands inhabitants. It’s set in the dark and unknown swampland of the islands where the mysterious Voodoo High Priestess preys upon the unsuspected.

The infamous Voodoo Doll serves as the game’s Scatter serving you up to 100x the total bet amount when you find it across the reels. Voodoo masks, sacrificial knives, fire powder, eyeballs, snakes, and skulls are also in the game with each of them bringing a certain number of coins that can go up to 1,000!

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Ghost Ship

Speaking of Caribbean Islands, another archetypical characters of that region that feature prominently among horror-inspired slots are pirates. Out of them, the most famous is the Flying Dutchman you might know from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

The Ghost Ship serves the game’s Scatter and if you get 4 of them to appear your prizes will be doubled or increased tenfold if it’s 5 of them that trigger the feature. Any retrigger will add Extra Games to the current feature and Free Games are played at the lines and bet of the triggering game.

Nine Realms

Nine Realms slot comes from the dark fantasy category of horror-inspired slots. It features mythological heroes and legendary fighters as protagonists and offers 243 paylines/78,125 ways to win during Free Games. Besides gorgeous visuals and generous bonuses, it also has a lot of unique features such as Mystical Zone, and Gatekeeper Portal.

Combinations form by symbols appearing on adjacent reels from leftmost to right, except Scatters, which pay anywhere on the gameboard. Scatter is represented as the Free Games symbol and the top award goes up to 2,500x times the base bet. If you like fantastic TV series such as Vikings, this is a perfect slot for you.

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Count Cashtacular

And the last on the list of horror-inspired slots is also the latest edition of ours. Count Cashtacular is the continuation of the evergreen Count Spectacular slot that takes us back to the mysterious Transylvania forests. The eponymous Count serves as the game’s Wild and is a clear reference to Bram Stoker’s legendary vampire Dracula character.

The game comes in a standard 5 reels/25 fixed paylines form with the top reward going up to 50,000 times! It’s also of medium volatility so you can expect both substantial rewards and frequent payouts. It’s already making waves by delivering great wins, so be sure to check it out!


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The Horror-Inspired Slots Screaming Spins Tournament

Since October is a perfect month for enjoying anything horror-related because of the impending Halloween spooky season, your favorite instant withdrawal Casino Brango decided to honor it the proper way.

By organizing the $30k prize pool Screaming Spins Tournament with the top award of $5,000 for the best participant! You just play some of your favorite Halloween-themed slots, and who knows, you might be the one to claim it. Happy hunting!

Biggest gambling losses

5 Biggest Gambling Losses of All Time

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We’ve recently written about some of the biggest life-changing Las Vegas wins, and as much as these stories are exciting, there is always the other side of the medal. As Motörhead would put it, if you like to gamble, you win some, lose some, it’s all part of the game. But it’s one thing to lose a couple of bucks on Friday night’s eve poker with some friends, and a whole different one spending someone’s lifetime’s worth of savings on a single roll of a ball. Well, it’s people who can afford themselves the privilege of doing the second part that we’ll deal with in this article. Here come the 5 biggest gambling losses of all time.

#5 – Maureen O’Connor – $13 Million

We’ll start this list of biggest gambling losses by paying respects to one of the top women in casino world. The story of Maureen O’Connor is a fascinating one. She worked her way from a poor, working-class family who once couldn’t afford a turkey for Thanksgiving to the Mayor of San Diego. She married the Jack-in-the-Box fast-food tycoon Robert Peterson, after whose death she turned to gambling. What’s amazing is the fact that she managed to gamble over $1 billion, with losses amounting to “only $13 million.” Out of that amount around $2 million was wagered on video poker solely.

#4 – Harry Kakavas – $20.5 Million

What’s interesting about Harry Kakavas’ case is not that his total losses amount to $20.5 million, which is deservedly on the list of biggest gambling losses, but the fact that it’s only so much, considering he spent more than $1.43 billion in total while gambling. His longest losing streak was the two-year period at Melbourne Crown Casino between 2012 and 2013. He even sued the casino on the grounds that they took advantage of his “pathological drive to gamble”. The court dismissed his case when a judge decided that Harry was perfectly capable of making logical decisions. It just goes to demonstrate the importance of casino self-exclusion rules, so be sure to read that article of ours.

#3 – Charles Barkley – $30 Million

Charles Barkley is probably the most famous name on this list. A former NBA All-Star and 1993 MVP player didn’t hide his predilection for gambling. He began gambling while he was still playing in the NBA, starting slowly and eventually reaching losses of around $30 million. His biggest gambling losses were $60,000 on one roulette session and a whopping $2.5 million during a single round of blackjack. Fortunately for him, he learned soon enough the importance of responsible gambling and after a two-year break continued doing it. But only with the money he’s comfortable investing, which is advice every gambler should stick with.

#2 – Archie Karas – $40 Million

Archie Karas is not only one of the most famous poker players and gamblers of all time but also a guy whose name you’ll find on the list of both the biggest winners and gambling losses ever. He went to Las Vegas in 1992 with $50 in his pocket and turned a $10,000 loan into an unbelievable $40 million bankroll by early 1995. He holds the record for the longest winning streak ever which earned him the nickname “The Run”. But as all things must come to an end, so did his winning streak. And the way it did was just as legendary, as he managed to spend every single dime of it in a timeframe of just three weeks!

#1 – Terrence Watanabe – $127 Million

And the all-time champion on the list of biggest gambling losses is definitely Terrence Watanabe who gambled more than $825 million with total losses estimated at $127 million. He is the embodiment of what it means to be a “whale “. Unlike Archie Karas, he holds a record for the biggest losing streak ever. This is not surprising considering some of his sessions lasted over 24hrs with stakes going up to $50,000 per hand, of which some led to losses of at least $5 million per day. He was also allowed the outrageous betting limit of $17 million by Caesar’s Palace and Rio Casinos in Las Vegas, and eventually succeed in covering all his debt except for the $15 million today he still owes to Caesar’s Palace. If nothing else his story will forever be inscribed in casino history.


If there is one thing one should learn from these stories of the biggest gambling losses it is that one should always view gambling primarily as a source of entertainment, and always play it responsibly. Our instant withdrawal casino is proud of operating in one of the safest online environments, and you can always contact our customer support service 24/7 if you ever find yourself in need of a cooling period. If that’s not the case, you can continue playing some of your favorite casino games and we’ll continue providing the best bet-safe casino experience for all our loyal players. Best of luck!

Instant Withdrawal

Instant Withdrawal of Over $11k for VIP Player!

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It’s been a while since we shared a winning story with you but it was worth the wait because we’ve been sitting on quite an exciting one! One of our lucky players scored over $11k playing several different slots and got an instant withdrawal of all funds in a single transaction. All of it was possible due to his Double Diamond VIP status which carries many different perks with it. Let’s check out his story and see which ones.

New Slots Deliver Great Rewards

If you had the chance to play at Brango yet, you’ve surely noticed the relative frequency of new slot releases coming to our instant withdrawal casino every so often. Not only are they frequent but are also exquisite in terms of graphics, storylines, and unique features that hold huge potential for scoring some great rewards.

This didn’t go unnoticed by our loyal Double Diamond VIP player, because all his winnings were on slots that had their debut with us in the past sixth months. Most of his fortune was amassed playing aptly named Fortunate Buddha. He also seems to have a penchant for mythology as the rest was compiled on slots inspired by that theme such as Doragon’s Gems, Khrysos Gold and Nine Realms. The combined sum of winnings was $11.386, of which he requested and got an instant withdrawal within a single transaction.

Over $11k Instant Withdrawal

Speaking of instant withdrawal, to make things smoother for our players, we recently introduced some changes regarding them. We increased the minimum withdrawal amount to $50, while with the upper amount usually – the sky is the limit – especially if you’re a part of the same Double Diamond VIP club as this player. The fact that the weekly withdrawal limit is $15,000 for members with this status is what made it possible for him to get the full amount of funds all at once.

Take Advantage of Our Bonuses

Another important thing we shouldn’t forget to mention are all the great deals and bonuses our player took advantage of. He used last month’s EASYGO coupon that offered a 20% boost on a deposit over $100 to improve his chances of winning and as you can see he obviously succeeded.

Well, this month we’re running another set of no max cashout/low wagering coupon codes, each of which can get you a 100% boost up to $1000, so don’t let them slip out of your hand! And the best way to make use of them is by joining our Halloween-inspired $30k prize pool Screaming Spins tournament. You can also partake in our weekly Slot Heisters tournament and find yourself among the top 50 prize-sharing winners. Also, don’t miss the chance to claim 30 freebies on our latest Count Cashtacular slot, too. Best of luck!

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September 2022 review

Casino Brango’s September 2022 Review

By News & more One Comment

The back-to-school month is slowly drawing to an end, and most people can’t wait for it to be over. But that’s not the case with us here at instant withdrawal Casino Brango. Because the new games, deals, and promotions this last month have been so great, we hope they’ll spill onto the next too. But before we get to that, let’s take a look back on the previous month with our September 2022 review.

The Arrival of Three Amazing Slots

Both the RTG and our bet-safe casino have been stepping up the game lately with the sheer number of new slot releases. Once again, we’ve had not one, not two, but three amazing games premiere at our casino within a single month!

The first one was the classic three-reel Neon Wheel 7s at the beginning of the month, then we had the Indiana Jones-inspired adventure Desert Raider, and lastly, we have the luxurious Vegas XL slot where you still have the chance to grab extra 30 free spins! Don’t waste any more time and go get them!

September 2022 Monthly Promo & Tournament

We haven’t been stepping our game only on new releases but our whole monthly promo went by that name. The Step-Up September brought you the chance to claim up to a 300% boost with extra 150 free spins on Doragon’s Gems slot.

Along with it came the 20k prize pool Walk ‘N’ Roll Tournament where you could walk your way to the top of our leaderboard and take the ultimate cash reward! Many great wins and instant withdrawals were made as usual, but the most important thing was the fun that all of the participants shared along the way.

Customer Support Receives the Praise it Deserves

As all of you loyal Brango players already know, our instant withdrawal casino would be nothing without our trustworthy customer support team. This has not gone unnoticed both with you and LCB, one of the most renowned sites for online casino reviews.

We made it to the shortlist in the prestigious Helping Hand Category which recognizes excellence in providing the very best customer support service. The gala event is to be held in November and we’re sure you’ll get to see our wonderful customer support receive their long overdue recognition. Until then, they are still available to you 24/7 for any type of questions you may have.

The Most Played & Paying Games of September 2022

And to finish this September 2022 review properly, let’s go through some of the most played & paying games of the month. Two of the five mentioned new slots made it to the top of the list, as will, without doubt, happen with the last one in time for the next month’s review. This is what the list looks like:

  • Neon Wheel 7s
  • Witch’s Brew
  • Cash Bandits 3
  • Wild Hog Luau
  • Desert Raider

When it comes to the most paying games, it’s always a pleasure for our blog team to see someone paying attention to our posts. And someone seems to have paid special attention to the post concerning the win-win feature in the Bubble Bubble slot because that’s exactly the game that made it to the top list of last month’s most paying games. The rest you can see for yourself:

  • Buble Bubble 2
  • Cai Hong
  • Deuces Wild (video poker)
  • Doragon’s Gems
  • Lucha Libre

That’s all we prepared for this September 2022 review, but more exciting things are yet to come, so keep paying close attention to our future blog posts!