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Loch Ness Loot Slot Provided a $13k Win

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Zachary is the latest winner of a massive reward in our bet safe and crypto accepted Casino Brango. He managed to reach over $13k win on Loch Ness Loot! This RTG slot has produced some amazing wins in the past, and every one of our winners claimed it was an unforgettable experience. Before you set on a new spinning adventure set in the Highlands, read on to get to know the slot and its features a bit better. The text will also focus on Zachary’s amazing venture.

The Win on Loch Ness Loot

Zachary won the exact amount of $13,322. He won the largest part of this amount on Free Games Feature, $9,200 to be exact. Additionally, he also scooped several “smaller” wins during free games and base game as well.

Loch Ness Loot is a cartoon-like slot with the mysterious creature in focus. After decades of stories promoting the only once allegedly seen Nessie, the creature finally jumps at you from the screen. Well, you would need to search for it first, as well as to scare away the other tourists trying to take pictures of the Loch Ness monster.

The slot is set in the Scottish Highlands. The images of calm lake hide many secrets. It is up to you to find them out, just like Zachary did.

The Win-Win Feature

Loch Ness Loot slot has a win-win feature, to keep you on the safe side. As outcomes in the spinning of the reels are unpredictable, developers included this feature to satisfy majority of players. If, by any chance you do not achieve a win, this feature can pay up to 200 times the triggering bet. Keep wagering on all the paylines in the spin that triggered the free spins bonus.

Platinum VIP Status in Casino Brango

Zachary is the Platinum Level player and has deserved this VIP status through his playing. As a quick reminder, Platinum status allows for $8,000 weekly withdrawal. Additionally, it also offers the $250 worth monthly chip. At Platinum VIP level, you can get $1 for 100 comp points, and 2 comp points for $10 wagered.

Loch Ness Loot Slot Feature that Brought the Big Money

This is a 5-reel and 25-paylines slot that sets you on an unforgettable adventure. In order to get to the biggest prize in this slot, you would need to dig deep into the lake. There, you can find between 2 and 5 bags full of treasure with your winnings multiplied up to 25 times.

This is what Free Games Feature offers in short. You can trigger this feature upon collecting 3 or more bags. Then, you get access to 8 free games that double the prizes. Nessie is the Wild that expands each time it appears during a Free Games Feature.

Other Adventures in Loch Ness Loot

Apart from the prizes that hide under the lake, Loch Ness Loot slot is packed with other prizes as well. Spotting the “monster” is in a focus of this story. But you should know that you are not the only one searching for Nessie. Therefore, disabling others to take the pictures of Nessie can build your winning potential significantly. You have flipping their boats at your disposal or sinking them entirely while scooping 2,000 coins reward.

Also, finding the cameras of other tourists gets you 1,250 coins, while taking the picture yourself rewards 500 coins. If you aim high for the largest number of coins – 2,500 exactly – try spotting Nessie 5 times!

Dive deep into the lake and find the treasure. Loch Ness Loot slot could be the beginning of your way to another VIP level!

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Vegas Lux RTG slot

Vegas Lux RTG Slot and Its Bling

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Welcome to the newest adventure coming from the RTG’s kitchen. This time, we are taking you to the Las Vegas Strip, in the new Vegas Lux RTG slot. Feel the atmosphere of the rich ones and enjoy the luxury setting. The night is bright and young, and you are in for some classy entertainment. Enjoy the glittery diamonds, an attractive showgirl, a sexy whale and more!

Design of the Vegas Lux RTG Slot

Glamour is the main theme in the Vegas Lux RTG slot. Anywhere you turn, there are flashing lights, diamonds, cherries, triple 7s, a high roller, fireworks, cards suits.

Neon lights take you on an adventure that satisfies the many senses. Each of your wins will be announced with flashing lights. The setting displays the famous fountain at the Bellagio. Although the scene may seem static at the first glance, the many ways you can play Vegas Lux slot compensate for this. Remember that anything is possible in the Sin City.

The Vegas Lux RTG Slot Overview

This is a 5-reel slot with 720 ways to win. The maximum payout on a single spin is 1320x the winning bet.

Vegas Lux allows for hands-free option of playing. You can also speed up the spinning of the reels by pressing the thunder button. Automated option is also available. Therefore, sit back, and relax. Let the bling lead the way.

Wild and Scatter 

The Wild is the substitute symbol.  It substitutes all other symbols, except for the Free Games Symbol and the Scatter.

The Scatter is the Diamond symbol.  Interestingly, the Scatter appears only on the three reels at the center of the screen and can help you forming the winning combination. Since there are 720 ways to win, we think that you will find it easy to make some big wins.

Finding three to five Diamond Scatters can trigger the Diamond Feature, explained below.

Special Features in the Vegas Lux RTG Slot

Special feature, the Diamond Feature, in Vegas Lux trigger upon landing 3-5 Scattered Diamonds. When this happens, wins multiply by the total bet.

Free games is another special feature within Vegas Lux RTG slot that triggers 8 free spins. Watch out for this one in the base game. Once you land 5 Free Games symbols appearing on just as many reels, your Free Games feature activates. Eventually, you can re-trigger it and get the amazing 240 free spins.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to visit the Vegas from our bet safe and crypto accepted Casino Brango.


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Voodoo magic

Voodoo Magic, One of Your Favorite Slots

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Dark and the unknown is what lures us into the forest of a Voodoo High Priestess. There is more to this RTG slot than just spinning the reels in the rhythm of the African drums. Voodoo Magic, one of your favorite slots takes you on the never before seen adventure. You will roam the forest while the sun sets and do your best to survive the ordeal.

 Voodoo Magic Setting

Voodoo Magic takes you to a deep forest while the sun is giving in before the night takes over. The forest prides with its wildlife as well as with the secrets it hides.

In this 5-reels and 13-paylines slot, you will come across charms, Voodoo masks, sacrificial knives, fire-powder, eyeballs, snakes, and skulls. Interested yet? These will be the clues to look for in an order to pass through this supernatural experience and survive the sorcery.

The Wild

Priestess is the Wild symbol and substitutes for all other symbols, except for the Scatter. She is said to use her magic powers to make other symbols disappear, just so she can take their place. Hence, 5 Wilds can get you 2000 coins.

The Scatter & The Free Spins Feature

Voodoo Doll is the Scatter. Sticking a pin into a voodoo doll may prove unfortunate for some, while our players can expect pleasant surprises.

The Scatter can trigger the Black Magic Free Spins Feature and award you 25 free spins that come with multipliers.

Magically, the first spin is as usual, while the second one is doubled. The third one is tripled, and so on until you reach the maximum of 25x multiplied final spin.

During the Free Spins Feature, the same lines and bets apply. We know that number 13 can be troublesome for some of you. In case you are superstitious and avoid playing on 13 paylines, there is an option to play on 12.

The Prizes

Only the bravest will survive the Voodoo forest and sticking pins in voodoo dolls. Then, it is only fair to reward the bravest among you. Those who find the Scattered Voodoo Dolls will receive up to 100x the total bet. Additionally, the Priestess has prepared:

  • up to 100 coins for charms or weapons
  • up to 150 coins for candles
  • up to 250 coins for fire-powder, bones, eyeballs or snakes
  • up to 300 coins for skulls
  • up to 500 coins for totems
  • up to 1,000 coins for Voodoo Masks.

Are you brave enough to enter the Voodoo world? If so, what better way to join the adventure than to play at bet safe and crypto accepted Brango Casino?

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