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Litecoin wallets

How to Choose Litecoin Wallets?

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Litecoin special promotion at crypto casino Brango has certainly caused interest among many punters. To get the best out of our online casino promotions in June, we invite you to deposit in Litecoin. Lat week we took you through Litecoin Guide to Depositing , so that you can save on your depositing fees and get your transactions done 4 times faster than usual.  Today, we have prepared a brief outlook on Litecoin wallets and how to choose them wisely. Remember this is just an independent view on Litecoin wallets, based on many reviews online. We suggest doing your own research and choosing the one that suits your needs.

Litecoin Wallets in General

Before depositing at crypto casino Brango, you would need to secure your own Litecoin wallet.  Whether you would store your cryptos online or offline it is up to you. Both options have their pros and cons. One thing remains, Litecoin wallets are important, and you should choose them wisely.

All wallets are highly secured. Naturally, storing your Litecoin in a cold storage, i.e. the hardware device may be considered ultimately secured. On the other hand, for regular users, who do not store huge amounts of cryptos, online Apps may work just fine.

Online Litecoin Wallet Apps

Major crypto exchanges have their apps for storing your crypto currencies. These apps are native to a certain exchange such as Coinbase for example, yet completely independent when it comes to storing. It means the following:

  • They are free of charge, regardless of whether you have an open account on the exchange or not.
  • These apps also store user funds offline, and there is an option to store the cryptos in a virtual vault.
  • The App may offer 2-step verification for all accounts, and all transactions should be encrypted with SSL.
  • Your Litecoin wallets and your private keys deserve the storing with a special encryption. For example, Coinbase uses AES-256 encryption, as per their claim.
  • These Litecoin wallets use strong authentication relying on hash factors.
  • As for the fees, you can find the examples of transactions with all applicable fees stated at this link. As you will see, for transactions whose total value is between $10 and $25, the fee would be $1.49.

Offline Litecoin Wallets

Offline Litecoin wallets go a step further in storing your crypto currencies. The difference between online and offline wallets is in a fact that offline ones store your cryptos on a hardware.

Hardware wallets cost between several tens of dollars, to several hundreds, and they may go even above $1k.

The cost of a transaction depends on the wallet itself. This is also an aspect that you need to research for yourself, as we cannot endorse any crypto wallet.

Litecoin Wallets All Set, What Next?

In choosing the right wallet we advise you to rely on the aspect which is the most important to you. Cryptos are generally safe and provide you anonymity when playing online. There is a reason why people use both online and offline wallets. After all, you know how much money you store and for what purpose. In accordance with all this, you should choose the most suitable wallet.

When you have a safe place to store your cryptos, go straight to our lobby to find the June promotions featuring benefits for Litecoin depositors. Good luck!