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Where there’s a will

Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way

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A man is an egoistic being. We all are. It is in a human nature. Without a certain amount of egoism, we would not be able to survive through centuries. I know it sounds harsh when we like to think about ourselves as of very conscientious people, kind and considerate. Fortunately, we have means and willingness to learn and adapt, as well as to grow in spirit. Nevertheless, we keep yielding to our vanity. Closing our eyes in front of the circumstances that we made ourselves believe are greater than us. Where there’s a will there’s a way, they say. So, why do we keep finding excuses for not acting, not going through with our plans, not defending people who are weaker than others, not standing up for what is right?

Things We Fear

Kudos to people who manage to have control over their ego. When you take a look at the everyday circumstances that we successfully evade because it is easier that way, you will see how weak we can be.

For example, the diet never starts the moment we talk about it. It does not matter. We will start tomorrow. In order to start exercising we need a preparation, bot physical and psychological. Then, we need a proper gear. And don’t let me even start on planning an annual check-up. We will do it next week, next month, and so on.  Self-deceit is a powerful thing.

Additionally, many people have troubles connecting. They give a way to prejudice and just let others pass them without making a true connection. It is safer that way. Why? Because:

  • who knows what they are truly like
  • how “normal” those others are,
  • how privileged or unprivileged they are
  • to what extent we share the same values
  • what their background is
  • if they have alternative motives for making bonds
  • will they hurt us, and ultimately
  • what-the-hell they want from us?

Well, guess what – you will never know, unless you reach out, right?

Fear and Passion

It has occurred to me that fear and passion are the two most powerful drives. Passion makes us to unimaginable things. The greatest works of art represent expressions of greatest passions. The most unbelievable human stories of survival were inspired by passion in its many forms – desire to live, aspiration to succeed, a strong wish to help someone, etc.

Fear on the other hand can either motivate us or block us completely. Apparently, people are always struggling between these two ends of the spectra. If we feel frightened, we will back down. If we feel passionate about something, we will fight for it. It is amazing that after so many centuries a man has lived on this planet, human behavior can be reduced to these two actuators. Fighting fear is a more complex concept, and you can find some of the practical advice here.

Therefore, the question is: how to motivate yourself to act and not be a passive by stander of your own life?

Find Your Driving Force

Obviously, we live in times of tensions and various movements that will shape our future. In order to be able to stand firmly with both feet touching the ground, a man needs to recognize the inner virtues. The same goes for the traps our minds can make and prevent us from acting as we should.

In order to let go of fear and find your passion to motivate you, psychologists suggest the following:

  • Self-actualization
  • Practice love and belonging
  • Accept your own worth
  • Try to form a bond with that special someone, both physically and emotionally

Do you think you have enough of a will to find your way?



Workaholic, The Signs and the Perils of Becoming One

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People say that new generations are not so dedicated to spending time at work. Apparently, many businesses have shifted online and there is a growing demand for various jobs that we can do remotely. Moreover, new technologies provide for opportunities to spend less amounts of time doing the usual tasks. Nevertheless, the change in people’s attitude towards jobs changes a bit slowly. Hence there are still individuals who identify themselves with the jobs they. They enjoy the fact someone needs them. Their dedication knows no limits. Workaholic, the signs and the perils of becoming one is the topic of the day.

The Necessity to Have Things Under Control

Control freaks are a special kind of workaholics. They can be difficult to handle in real life as in business. Although, managers like to have them onboard. These individuals like to have everything under control. They are dependable and trustworthy. Or, are they?

The thing with control freaks is that they usually feel honored to be a “go-to person”. Now, it is up to a company to decide whether putting so much reliability on one person is the best solution.

Workaholics annoy people around them. They also deprive them of growth opportunities. Why? It is simple. Once they grab their piece of responsibility, they are actually grabbing a new chance to show their competences and learn something new in the process.

24/7 Availability

Constantly thinking about work and putting all other things aside in order to be available anytime, anywhere can be truly exhausting.

There are rare cases when this kind of dedication actually pays off. Mostly, workaholics find themselves in situations where burn out is inevitable.

There are also managers who have the need to oversee everything and like to be consulted, as micromanagement is the only way the know how to run a business. They are in no less danger of a burn out than any regular employee. Moreover, their attitude towards work can serve as the path others should follow, as managers, i.e. leaders set standards.

Lack of Rest

Whatever position a workaholic has in a company, rest is a necessity – both daily and annual rest. Vacations were meant for a reason. There is no pay or benefit that can compensate for bad health and depression. Let alone, bring a satisfaction that can match some other pleasures in life. The only thing workaholics need to learn is to embrace joy and real life that surrounds them.  Moreover, every now and then, they can spin the reels at our bet safe casino Brango. Who knows? Maybe they come across a new way to relax while cash keeps flooding in.

Do you know a workaholic that gets to your nerves? Tell us your story.

banned in the USA

Unbelievable Things Banned in the USA

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Understanding some of the laws in the USA can be pretty weird if you’re coming from outside. You can get a gun in the store next door, but still, you’re not able to place sports bets. Since weapons aren’t banned in the States, some things you won’t believe are. Here is the list of some things banned in the USA.

Bare-Hand Fishing

Fishing is a favorite hobby for many people and lucky for them, it is totally legal activity in all of the American states. Namely, it has some regulations, but still free. For example, the state of Indiana has a strict law about fishing. There, you are not allowed to do this activity with bare hands.

Feeding Pigs With Garbage

Ok, we know that these animals are always hungry and can eat almost everything, even garbage. However, this act is allowed in every state, except in North Carolina. This state has a regulation that regards cooking garbage first before giving it to the pigs.

Texting and Walking

You can’t look at your phone or text while you’re crossing the street in Hawaii. This relatively new law predicts fines start at $15 and can go to $100 if you make multiple violations of the law. This is understandable when you know that this activity causes approximately 12,000 injuries per year.

Drunk Surfing

Believe it or not, Iowa as a landlocked state which banned surfing under the influence of alcohol. We know that things could escalate if alcohol is included too, but in Iowa, there is no reason for such a law. Let’s suppose that they know best.

Wearing Saggy Pants

In Collinsville, Illinois, saggy pants have been banned since 2011. The law determines the way of wearing pants. The fine is $100 plus community service for the first offense, and $300 plus community service for subsequent offenses.

No Toy Guns For Minors

Minors in Kansas City are not allowed to purchase cap pistols. It seems pretty normal until you learn that in Kansas City minors are allowed to buy shotguns freely.

This is part of American’s lifestyle. If you like to read that kind of posts, go to the category “Lifestyle” on the blog of bet safe and crypto accepted Casino Brango.



Land on your feet

How to Land on Your Feet Again

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We have all been in situations when we felt we let ourselves down. Our beliefs, plans, projects, relationships…. Although there is nothing wrong with experiencing the fall, accepting is as a lesson is far more important. Falling off the wagon can happen to anyone. Learning how to land on your feet again is more important than beating yourself up because of the fall. It is also more difficult than simply taking the fall.

Be Your Own Best Friend

What would you say to your best friend who had a misfortune to experience failure? Exactly. Now, consider telling the same thing to yourself when faced with the fall. Many people have the tendency to beat themselves up because of their mistakes.

Admittedly, we may hurt far more when it is our own inadequacy or weakness that is exposed. Nevertheless, accepting it and dealing with it appears to be one of the most important lessons we can learn in life.

Ways to Cope

We may debate over whether things happen for a reason. The fact is that through life, a person will go through a lot. There will be all sorts of ups and downs to handle. Each one of us can decide on how much involved he or she wishes to be.

The easier way is to let the nature take its course, relax and go with the flow. The more difficult way is to take the stirring wheel and navigate the storms. Which course would you take?

Let the Experience Be Your Teacher

The thing is that whatever you decide to do, the situations and circumstances will inevitably leave traces on your psychological development. It is no news, but we should remind ourselves every now and then, that ancient civilizations pondered on this topic as well. They talked about the experiences as of heavenly teachers.

Facing danger and possibility of failure has always been a sign of maturing, no matter the outcome. There are tribes still today that practice initiation. Once you face the challenge, you are mature enough to become an adult. Why is that so?

It is certainly not because that person has showed incredible stamina or skill (although this is praised as well). The main reason lies in a preparedness to accept whatever may come and to give it your best shot – even if you find yourself lying down beaten nearly to death.

Rising Up and Landing on Your Feet

Rising up is probably the hardest part of the process. Swallow the pain and pride and keep on moving. Without any attempt to sound patronizing, I personally think that once we get up and land on our feet, it is crucial to simply continue where we left off.

The notion of new beginnings sounds great, but it can overshadow the steps we took to arrive where we are now. We are what we make of ourselves. We carry all our successes, as well as failures with us everywhere we go. There is no way we can escape them. People either love us or hate us because of them. However, the very fact that we have managed to get up, pick up the pieces and continue moving, should tell a great story. The story about willpower and love. Love yourselves, people. More importantly, be kind to one another. You never know what someone had to experience in life in order to be the person he or she is.

Tell us about your greatest success or hardship. Do you successfully land on your feet often?

Sleep and play

Sleep and Play Is What Weekends Were Made For

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Weekends are made for rest. You may like active rest, for example, which is good. However, at the end of the day, activities such as participating in our Free Spins Fever may wear you out. Eventually, everyone needs sleep. It may be your favorite time of the day, or you may be completely indifferent to the fact the night was made for sleeping. All the same, sleeping on weekends has a special flavor to it. Sleep and play is what weekends were made for, and these are some everyday items that can help you with your power nap.

Sound Machines 

In order to get a healthy sleep and relax, scientists always recommend eliminating electric devices from bedroom. This includes all wi-fi devices, meaning your phones as well. Nevertheless, there are these small jewels that do not cause unhealthy vibrations or irritation, but rather bring calm and help with stress-relief.

I am talking about the so-called “white noise” gadgets. According to their description, these should block all other noises in the background. There are several manufacturers on the market that produce these mini speakers. Not necessarily, but they can emit pleasant noises, such as rain or surf waves for example. All you have to do is choose your favorite machine, set up a timer and relax.

Light-Emitting Devices

The same as sound, light has soothing powers. Naturally, not all types of light can help you fall asleep. What we have in mind is a small gadget that emits light at intervals. Manufacturers claim that it works as a metronome.

Basically, if you wish to catch some sleep as soon as possible, you should coordinate your breathing with the appearance of light.  The magical thing about it is that the timer sets to 8 up to 20 minutes, which is presumably the time it would take you to fall asleep, in case you are using this device.

Pillow Sprays

Yes, these exist. I know, you can use your favorite scent, be it perfume or similar. However, the sleep professionals claim that our favorite scents actually wake us up. They do some calming, that is true. However, they usually evoke sentiments and make us reminiscence or stimulate millions of thoughts, forcing our brains to stay in active mode.

Pillow sprays contain herbal essences that proven work when it comes to calming effects.

We all love both sleep and play. What is your favorite ritual for burning the candle at both ends?