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Pyramid Pets

Unveiling Pyramid Pets: 300% Boost + 50 Spins & New Game Tourney

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Hey there, people! We’re super excited to launch our brand-new game, Pyramid Pets. It’s a game that combines the charm of ancient Egypt with the cuteness of furry friends. Of course, there’s something for you to get started: a 300% Boost plus 50 Free Spins. Plus, a tradition of a $1500 New Game Tournament that goes on for 5 days. But before we get into that, let’s check out this pyramid and find out what it’s hiding.

Dive into the Heart of Egypt with Pyramid Pets

This is an adorable 5X3, 20-payline slot with dogs, cats, birds, and paw symbols all decked out in a pharaoh-style pyramid, guiding you to unbelievable wins. It’s got everything to keep you on the edge of your seat, so let’s take a look at some great features that can multiply your wins up to 15 times and get you some massive wins!

Special Features of Pyramid Pets

  • Cascading Multiplying Wins
  • Paw Medallion Scatters
  • Pharaoh Multiplier

Cascading Multiplying Wins

Hit any winning combo, and watch the magic unfold with the Cascading Multiplying Wins feature. As winning symbols vanish, they make the way for new symbols to tumble down. It’s a non-stop action-packed feature that gives you more chances to win. And the best part is yet to come – the Pharaoh Multiplier.

Paw Medallion Scatters & Pharaoh Multiplier

And here comes the best part. Land yourself 3 golden Paw Medallion Scatters along any payline, and BOOM – you’re in for 10 Free Games where the Pharaoh Multiplier not only starts at an incredible 5x but can skyrocket UP TO 15X. Crazy, right?

Special Offer: 300% Boost & 50 Free Spins

Because we love spoiling you, here’s the sweetest deal. Dive into Pyramid Pets with just a small deposit, and we’ll lavish you with a sensational 300% Boost and 50 Free Spins to kickstart your adventure. Use the code: PETS300 to redeem it. It’s all about making your gaming experience unforgettable, packed with more fun, more wins, and more adorable pets than ever before.

Join the $1500 New Game Tournament

Jump on the reels today and battle it out for a piece of the huge $1,500 prize pool, happening from April 10th -14th. Compete for $300 prizes daily. Just a small deposit gets you in on this exciting challenge. Your smarts and a bit of luck are all you need here.

Ready to Explore Pyramid Pets?

Don’t wait any longer! Join the adventure in Pyramid Pets and let these adorable creatures guide you to treasures beyond your wildest dreams. Remember, the sands of Egypt are filled with untold riches, and with our amazing treats, you’re always a step closer to uncovering them. Let’s make some memories with the cutest companions. Time to play!

Pyramid Pets

win at a casino

Can You Win at a Casino With Only $20?

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When you picture a scene from the casino you probably imagine a table of players with stacks of chips beside them that translate well into thousands of dollars. And while it applies to certain high rollers, people forget that for most people gambling is a pleasurable pastime. That means they come to the casino with only a couple of bucks in their pockets they’re ready to spend. But have you ever wondered if it’s possible to win at a casino with let’s say only a $20 bill? We think it is, and this article is here to try to provide a couple of reasons why.

Pick An Online Over Land-Based Casino

The first thing to consider is the type of place you’ll bet your limited bankroll of $20. And the reason why you should always pick an online casino over a land-based one is rather simple. That’s because online casinos offer a welcome bonus to new players usually in the form of a matching deposit amount. This means you can double your initial bankroll of $20 to $40 which already is a kind of a win at a casino, wouldn’t you say so? Besides the welcome bonus, there are numerous ones you can take advantage of that we’ve covered in a recent article.

Divide Your Bankroll If You Want to Conquer

When you determine your bankroll the next thing you should do is divide it into smaller units. A unit is a type of system that makes it easier to keep track of the total available bets you have during a gaming session than it is when dealing with dollars and cents. For example, if you divide your bankroll of $20 into 50-cent bets, you’ll have 40 units at your disposal. And there are certainly more chances of making a win at a casino if you’ve got 40 tries than to blow all your $20 bankroll on a single bet.

Take RTP (Return to Player) Into Consideration

Every casino game comes with an RTP that determines how much of the wagered money goes back to the players. That means that the higher the RTP goes the higher your chances of making a win at a casino are. For example, if a game has an RTP of 97% the same percentage are your chances of making a profit. This is very important when working on a limited budget because you want to increase it as soon as possible. And the safest way to ensure it happens is by picking high RTP games. These are usually table games such as roulette, blackjack, and baccarat that can achieve an RTP that goes as far as 99,5% so they might be a good way for you to start.

Play Strategy-Based Games

Speaking of table games, the reason they have such significant RTP is that they require a certain degree of skill. One of these games is the already mentioned blackjack where the right combination of card counting and using strategy charts can cement your win at a casino. The same can be said about poker and roulette where using their respective strategies can lead you ways. We regularly write about them on our tips & tricks page, so pay it a visit from time to time.

Remember To Have Fun

And lastly, what you should always keep in mind, is to treat gambling as a way of having fun. Following these bits of advice will certainly improve your chances of making a win at a casino, but in the end, $20 is just $20. See them as an opportunity to make your casino experience as pleasurable as possible no matter how long it may last. And that positive mindset is sure to turn into a positive balance amount on your account sooner or later!khrysos gold play now

up to 60% boost

Spring Cash Brings Up To 60% Boost

By Casino Promos, Promotions 6 Comments

We are starting off a new month in style! A brand-new monthly promo is coming to Casino Brango and it will be wild! Do you know how in the spring you have a lot of rain? Well, with us there is no rain, only cash! In May you will have a chance to collect up to 60% no rules boost as well as some free spins on the side. Stay with us and find out more in the following passages!

It’s Cash Time

Casino Brango cuisine is at the highest level as usual. This month, we have tried some wild recipes and cooked very tasteful dishes. Our key spice is cash, lots and lots of it. So, what is on the menu? Well, from the 1st of May all of the players can get up to 60% no rules boost. You can see how the bonuses are given in the table below:

[table id=3 /]

That is not the end! You can also get 20 free spins with no deposit that can use once per day on the Magic Mushroom slot game. Those free spins and bonuses will be available every day, during the whole month. Yet, we are preparing mega surprises in the second half of the month also! From the 17th of May, you will have a chance to collect additional 50 free spins on Copy Cat Fortune and these extra spins will be at your disposal after each deposit.

$20k Fever May Tournament

We have saved the best for the last! To conclude this topic, we need to explain only one more thing – our monthly tournament. So, during the whole of May, all players have a chance to compete for the $20k prize pool tournament called Fever May. As you are already familiar with, the leader-board will be updated every 24 hours. Join in and raise the room temperature because fever is about to come!

Visit Casino Brango and get those free spins and boosts while you can. We are feeling generous this Spring, so use the opportunity. Wish you the best of luck!

spring cash play now

20 free spins

20 Free Spins for Lucky Wins

By Casino Promos, Promotions 42 Comments

Hello, world! Today is a brand-new day with brand-new surprises that we at the Casino Brango have prepared for you, our dear players. Gifts are a custom with us and not an exception. This time we want to recall you about our 20 free spins monthly promotion! We have prepared 20 FREE SPINS that can be yours in a matter of seconds, you just need to take them. If you want to find out how you can get them, stay with us!

20 Free Spins to Play Top Slots

We make sure that you have a good time while playing at the Casino Brango. You know you have the possibility of instantly withdrawing your funds, yet we wanted to enhance your odds for huge winnings also. That is why we are giving you 20 free spins to play our most popular slot games!

During the whole month, we are giving you a chance to collect your free spins every day with the coupon code BLIZZARD20. With us, this January is also going to be in the holiday mood and that is why we are also giving you x45 wagering on free spins winnings with no deposit required. Enjoy your game and check the terms and conditions below!

Terms & Conditions

  • Coupon Code: BLIZZARD20
  • x45 wagering on fs winnings
  • MCO: $50
  • NP Slots only allowed excluding 777
  • $10 max bet per spin

In the end, we want to invite you to check our various depositing methods. Different methods are all made to make your experience at the Casino Brango better if that is even possible. You can read about depositing on our blog, but if you have any questions feel free to contact our customer support. They are available to you 24 hours 7 days per week!

Spin the wheels of fortune with those 20 extra free spins! May the odds be with you!

claim now free spins

make money at online casinos

Make Money at Online Casinos!

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The popularity of passive income is skyrocketing today. You heard of the traditional ways, such as investing or selling goods online. But, I have some news for you! There is a way to make money at online casinos. Seems a bit unexpected, I know. Yet, online casinos can be a great place for your second income or at least a safety net. So, let’s see how we can improve your play and make this a sure-fire bet for the future.

Take the Least Possible Risk

Now, volatility is great and all but it should be approached with caution. If you are playing on slots look for the ones with a low volatile rating. Then when you get more experience try to move on to higher volatile ones. But the most important factor is that you’re playing on the slot you love. That way you won’t get frustrated or lose your temper which inevitably leads to overbetting.

So our new strategy is: Smaller, more frequent bets on low volatility slots. Maybe start with Plentiful Treasure for this one. Or bigger but less frequent ones with very volatile slots. The new game Hyper Wins is a perfect example of this. Now for some more advanced tips!

Hyper Wins play now

Be Consistent and Try to Earn More Bonus

What do I mean by this? Well first and foremost if you already picked an above mention tactic then stick to it. Don’t start mixing them up the second a big loss hits. Keep consistent and wins will surely come piling in.

Good so far but I think we are skimming on the fundamentals all good players need to have locked down. They are all connected to casino bonuses in some way or another. Get them down and you’ll start to make money at online casinos in a jiffy. Casino bonuses next!

Best Casino Bonuses at Casino Brango

No Rules Bonus

So the first fundamental is to watch those wagering requirements. This needs to be taken into account if you are to beat the system in any shape or form. An example of a great deal is the Casino Brango monthly deal. It has no wager requirements so you can bet once and withdraw the winnings immediately. In a similar vein, we go to our next tip…

Exclusive Promotions

Use your bonuses wisely. So you already used up your 30 chips and 2000 dollar sign-up bonuses and don’t know where to go out from here. Well, worry not players, as Casino Brango is always there to give help to those who ask for it. We mentioned the no wagering bonuses already, but have you heard of his partner in crime the no max cashout deal? And combing this with crypto deals such as DASH30 and 300CARDANO creates a formidable arsenal of bonuses for any occasion.

VIP Bonus

And finally, when you thought we couldn’t have anything more up our sleeves we come to the VIP section. The concept is simple. Play your favorite games earn your comp points and get benefits. Benefits vary from tier to tier but are the best at the Diamond tier. There you get a $15000 weekly withdrawal limit coupled with a $1000 monthly free chip donation. Absurd! This combined with the above-mentioned combo of bonuses is what separates the real players from the novices! So, by now you are thinking that you got all you need to make money at online casinos. But hold on there cowboy. We still haven’t talked about any table games and our secret weapon (gasp)! So table game next.

Play Games With Skills Instead of Luck at Gambling Sites

Blackjack has a basic strategy and card counting (learn more about Blackjack here). Master both and you’ll start to make money in no time. But Poker is an altogether different beast. Poker has so many tactics and maneuvers, that people dedicate their whole lives to the game. This brings to a general problem with skill-based games. They require a lot of skill (well duh).

Sure you have slightly better odds of winning while playing them than slots, but there’s a big if hiding behind that. The odds are better if you know these games in and out, which is not likely for most people. So study up first before playing your first games of hold ’em or surfer the consequences (spooky). But there’s one final way that is guaranteed to help you to win big and make money at online casinos…

Playing in Casino With the Best Payment Method 

If you want to be the best you have to beat the best in the game. It’s like going to prison (allegedly). You find the biggest dude in there and just smack him silly. And the biggest and baddest (yea I know it’s grammatically incorrect sue me) guy in this joint is of course Casino Brango. Why? Well because of his fast combo of instant withdrawals and banking options. So, take Casino Brango on his offer (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Cardano to name a few). And watch as your withdrawals make contact with your bank account in a matter of seconds. Also, don’t forget to have fun and win big players. See ya!