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5 Things You Should Never Do At A Poker Table

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There rarely is a casino game that requires higher levels of social intelligence than poker. And as with every social situation you can think of, there is a certain code of conduct to be followed to make the experience pleasurable for all the parties involved. Poker is no exception to this rule, as it includes a vast array of DOs and DON’Ts. In this article, we’ll be looking at a few examples in the latter camp. So, here come a couple of things you should never do at a poker table.

Never Pick a Poker Table Outside Your League

This is one of those rookie mistakes that can easily be avoided. It doesn’t affect other players as much as it does you, in fact, they will be more than eager to take advantage of it. That’s because as the famous poker saying goes: “It’s morally wrong to let a sucker keep his money.” And you will be one of them if you sit at the poker table that’s way beyond either your level of skill or your bankroll. Take the middle road, and eventually, you’ll climb up the ladder.

Don’t Waste Time or Slow Roll

While picking the wrong poker table may not annoy other players as much, nothing will get on their nerves more than deliberately wasting time or slow rolling. The quick pace of poker is what makes it so exciting in the first place, and taking enormous amounts of time just to decide what to do, realize that it’s your turn, or show your cards is a big no-no. The last one is the so-called practice of slow rolling which doesn’t serve any other purpose than to annoy people. So try not to be that guy.

Don’t Reveal Your Folded Cards

On the other hand, revealing your folded cards while the game is still on is maybe even worse. That’s because when you talk about them, you’re giving away important information to other players in the game, and that can completely change the outcome of the game. And although we get the temptation to share what you have in some situations such as close raises during a flip, it’s best you keep that information to yourself so as not to disrespect other players.

Don’t Disrespect the Dealer

Si, if you thought disrespecting other players was the worst thing you can do, the only thing that can top it is disrespecting your poker table dealer.  A dealer is a person who is just doing his job and has no influence whatsoever over the course of the game. And taking your frustrations on them when you run into a losing streak is absolutely unacceptable breach of poker etiquette. If you tend to find guilty parties in anyone besides yourself while playing poker, maybe you shouldn’t be playing it at all.

Celebrate With Dignity

And lastly, remember to always mark your winnings in a dignified manner. Of course, it’s only natural to feel happy whenever you win a hand, but make sure not to get overly excited, as that will send a wrong message to others than you think. And what we mean by that is that most people will interpret that as a sign that you’re not used to winning. There are better ways to express your winning mentality at a poker table, and none of them includes boasting like a petulant kid.

It’s All About Fun

While these rules are all about making the experience of playing at a poker table as enjoyable as possible, what’s even more important is to not take them too seriously. Just act like a decent human being, and you won’t even notice that they’re there. And if you want to improve your poker skills you can check out some of our advice on the subject. Best of luck!

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the longest poker game

The Longest Poker Game in History

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Have you ever asked yourself during one of those late Friday night poker games that seem to last forever just how long one could play a single session of poker without interruption? Well, now that we put that thought into your head, you might as well stay with us for the story of the longest poker game ever played.

Where Did The Longest Poker Game in History Take Place?

If someone were to ask you to guess the location of where the longest poker game took place, chances are you’d probably imagine some Twitch-streamed World Series of Poker tournament with Guinness World Record officials trying to note down a record. But the truth is that it took place in a setting that’s inseparable from poker history. The Wild West.

The longest poker game in history occurred in a famous town you might know by an even more famous movie. Tombstone, Arizona. A place known for the infamous shootout at the O.K. Corral. And not an ounce less infamous venue where history was made is the Bird Cage Theatre that stands to this day. You can imagine what kind of reputation it had back in the day when the New York Times described it as “the wildest, wickedest night spot between Basin Street and the Barbary Coast.”

It is in the basement of the said institution that the longest poker game occurred. And it’s not the only thing that the basement hosted. It also had an elite bordello where it’s said Wyatt Earp met his fourth wife with whom he remained married for 47 years.

Who Took Part in The Longest Poker Game?

Speaking of Wyatt Earp, he was only one in the line of the most recognizable faces of the Old West that took part in the poker games Bird Cage Theater organized. He and the other participants of the already mentioned shootout at the O.K. Corral were not only regulars of the Bird Cage Theatre but actively took part in the longest poker game. Besides the famous duo of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday, other notable players were George Hearst, Diamond Jim Brady, Bat Masterson, and Adolphus Busch.

What Were the Stakes?

The owners of the Bird Cage wanted to keep their business afloat by coming up with the idea of organizing a never-ending high-stakes poker game. The minimum buy-in was $1,000 with an estimated $10,000,000 that changed hands during the course of the game. If you take into account the inflation it corresponds to more than $273,300,000+ in today’s dollars. And out of all the proceedings, 10% went to the owners of the Bird Cage. So, it’s quite obvious why they didn’t want it to ever end, isn’t it?

How Long Did The Longest Poker Game Ever Played Last?

We got so worked up, that we forgot to mention what got us started writing this article in the first place. The duration of the longest poker game in history. Well, it ran continuously from 1881 to 1889, for a total span of 8 years, 5 months, and 3 days and an unknown number of hours. How’s that possible, you may rightfully ask? Well, the official story goes that players would quit only when someone new came in to play and replace them. Also, they had only a few minutes worth of rest in between the hands, after which the game would continue.

Why Did it End?

So, what was the reason for the game to finally fold knowing it was lucrative for all the parties involved? Considering the history of Tombstone and Bird Cage, one would presume a shootout or a heist to be the reason. But the truth is rather prosaic. In March of 1889, the miners of the nearby Grand Central Mine dug too deep, causing ground waters to flood the silver deposits that were the backbone of Tombstone’s economy. The town’s residents grew poorer, which made the Bird Cage owners put an abrupt end to the longest poker game ever played. So far, that is!


While eight years might seem like a long time for a poker game in this day and time, the one truth that stands the test of time is that the longer you practice, the better you become at something. If you want to acquire the status of these legendary poker players, go check out our list of tips on how to quickly improve your poker skills. And when you do, feel free to play some of the best online poker games you can get your hands on, here at Brango’s instant withdrawal casino.

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10 Ways to Quickly Improve Your Poker Skills

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In one of previous posts, we’ve already covered the topic of different types of gambling. Essentially, we can sort casino games into two basic categories. The ones that involve pure luck and the ones where a certain amount of skill plays a role. In chance-based gambling, luck decides everything. You can only trust your inner feeling and hope for the best. But in skill-based games many factors, such as strategy and tactics, come into play to determine the outcome of a game. The prime example of this type of game is poker. And if there’s skill involved there’s also a way to improve it. That’s why we’ve put this list of 10 ways you can quickly improve your poker skills. Just in time to brush up, because weekly withdrawal limits at your favorite online casino Brango have been increased 3x till the end of the month!

Start with the Basics

You don’t start building a house from the roof and the same holds true for getting better at poker. The rules of game may be simple to understand but it takes a lifetime to become a master at it. So, go watch some of the many available YouTube tutorial videos out there. Or, if you’re old-fashioned like me, read a couple of books that deal with fundamentals of the game. You will learn from people with years of experience, and it will set you up on a road to develop a serious long-term strategy.

Play Fewer Hands

The fact that you’re reading an article about improving your poker skills probably means you’re eager to play more hands. But playing more hands doesn’t equal getting better at winning, quite the opposite. You will need an enormous amount of luck in order not to waste away your chip stack.

What you should do is play smart, and that means playing aggressively. This way fellow participants will have a tough time in predicting your hands, and your chances of winning the pot will significantly increase.

Don’t Be The First To Limp

To limp in poker is to bet the absolute minimum needed to stay in a hand. This is usually done so that the player can survive the hand. But why should you avoid being the first to call it? Because it’s not possible to win the pot before the flop. And being the first to limp increases the odds of having to face multiple players, making it less likely to win.

So, if you must do it, try to limit it to situations where someone else has already called it first. This will boost your chances of hitting something good on the flop.

Don’t Bluff for the Sake of Bluff

Bluffing is so ingrained into poker culture, that many people, and especially beginners think of it as an essential part of the game. The truth is that there isn’t a single rule about how many times you need to bluff or at all during a poker game. But many players feel deprived of victory if they don’t employ a bluff during game.

What’s important to know is how to use bluff to your advantage in the most effective way. The answer lies in your dealt poker hands, and you should only bluff if there’s a way to improve upon them. Let the cards speak for themselves, and it will work in most situations when it’s needed.

When in Doubt, Fold

The knowledge when to stop is often what makes a crucial difference between mediocre and professional player. It sounds simple enough, but everything about human psychology tells us it’s not. We are creatures built to be curious, and the urge to win at all costs runs deep into all of us. And both these things are denied to us when we opt to fold.

But you are doing yourself a favor. That’s because calling too often, besides above-mentioned ineffective bluffs, is probably the fastest way to lose at poker. So, choose to fold, but keep details of the hand in mind, so you can discuss them with more experienced players. They will help you find out whether you made the right choice.

Identify Your Weaknesses

Aside from discussing your play with others you can also do it on your own too. Learning from your mistakes is probably life’s greatest survival mechanism. Whether it being a broken heart, or a bust at a high-stake poker game the emotions we feel serve the same purpose. To get better! And the way to get better in poker is to focus on things you need to improve upon by reviewing your previous plays. This way you’ll not just learn passively the way you do when you watch videos and read books. You will actively make yourself learn, by asking questions and properly identifying your weak spots.

Only Play If You Feel Like It

The idea behind poker and every other casino game is primarily to have fun, and if luck be, earn some money while doing it. That’s why it’s important to be well rested, in good shape and properly nurtured. If you don’t get enough sleep your concentration will not keep up, and you will lose most of the time.

Being in good physical health can only be of benefit. And with a stomach filled with proper food, you should be ready to give your best. And while those free drinks may be tempting, try to keep alcohol intake on a minimum. Combining all these things is sure to keep you on edge, and that way you can make right decisions most of the time.

Play Only the Good Games

You’ve probably heard the famous quote: “If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room.” And while this may apply to most situations out there, it doesn’t apply to poker completely. Because while you don’t have to be the smartest guy at the table, you should at least be better than half the other players if you want to have a positive win-rate. So, how do you find yourself at the right table?

By noticing that someone is making above mentioned mistakes of limping first, that there are multiway pots, and that re-raising happens either too rarely or too frequently. And if you play online poker like we have here at bet safe Casino Brango, make sure to take advantage of table statistics. Moreover, choose a table with a high average pot size and a high percentage of players seeing a flop.

Make Some Friends

While it’s true that poker is played primarily as an individual game, it would be nothing without other players. That’s why it’s such a popular pastime on Friday nights! Having a large circle of friends will not only make these nights super fun, but they will also help you in the long run. Having insight into other people’s perspectives and thoughts on strategy and tactics will certainly significantly improve upon your poker skills.

Hire a Coach

If all the above advice still just doesn’t do it for you, the fastest way to quickly improve your poker skills is to simply hire a poker coach. A coach is someone who usually plays higher stakes games and has more experience than most regular players. As such, he can easily point out your mistakes as they happen and make you improve 10x the rate you would on your own.

But there is a catch. They don’t come free. Most of the professional coaches will charge you at least $200 per hour. So, if you are on limited bankroll, you should consider hiring a poker coach only if you play mid to high stakes games, and the money isn’t a problem for you. But if you are intent on getting good, it may well be worth the price.


Like with any other game of skill, you get better at poker by practice. So, take the time, and try to employ at least one of these advice in your next games. It may be as simple as getting a good night’s sleep or hiring a professional coach for 1-1 seances. You’ll see what works out the best for you. Speaking of practice, the fastest way to employ these tips is to play one of many available games at crypto friendly Casino Brango. Follow the link, and you can instantly show off your newly acquired skills in your favorite online casino.

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Professional poker player

Professional Poker Player, Daniel Negreanu

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The latest World Series of Poker (WSOP) Player of the year is Daniel Negreanu. You may like his style of playing or not, but his consistency proves to be invincible. The “Real Kid Poker” has built a brand name for himself and added more ka-ching to his already staggering over $50 million net worth. How he does it may seem like a mystery. However, behind every great success there is usually a lot of hard work and practice. Meet professional poker player, Daniel Negreanu.

Early Life

Daniel Negreanu was born in Toronto in 1974. As every professional poker player, Negreanu showed interest in poker early in childhood. The sources claim that he has always been a competitor. Competing against peers was not a difficult obstacle to overcome. However, joining the pros and defeating some of the experienced players has always been challenging.

Style of Playing Poker

Negreanu earned his first WSOP bracelet in 1998 and his career took off thereafter. This was his first international success and the beginning of a wonderful career. We will not be naming all of his rewards and titles, as it would take too long. Moreover, you can find that info online. What we find especially interesting is Negreanu’s style of playing.

Undoubtedly, he has a brilliant mind.  The pros say that the thing that puts him a step further than many others is his ability to think long terms. Namely, Negreanu is apparently keeping track of not just poker hands, but the entire length of hands someone can have in certain situations. Naturally, this takes a lot of practice. Years of training and losing. Remember this when you hear that smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. Becoming a professional poker player takes mental stamina as well.

Additionally, one more ability was ascribed to him as one of his main advantages. Negreanu has obviously chosen to be consistent in his decisions. The analysts say that he has rarely made unpredictable decisions that go off track. Of course, a player needs to mix and match from time to time. Nevertheless, the way to combine consistency and in-depth predictions of the opponent’s moves with unpredictable situations and still come out as a winner – is an art without a doubt!

Social Engagement

Daniel Negreanu has proved to be a true charity worker. Reportedly, he donated a lot of resources to people in need and thought about the community he is coming from.

Moreover, he is also a very politically engaged and outspoken. His tweets get a lot of reactions. Negreanu likes to tackle political issues and social topics.

In case you are wondering whether he is giving lessons in poker, the answer is – YES. You can find his expert advice here.

Once you learn a few tricks, do not forget to let us know. Keep playing!

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5 Games With The Biggest Progressive Jackpot

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Do you have guts to risk big? If the answer is yes, keep your eyes on the games with the biggest progressive jackpot and hope you will bring home a really massive win! To help you out, we marked 5 progressive games with the biggest jackpot currently. There are 3 progressive slots for the fearless and 2 poker games on the list.

Aztec’s Millions

Can you imagine $3.256.334 on your account?! The progressive jackpot on this video slot is that high currently. This is the really good reason to play this 5-reels slot where the progressive jackpot is awarded when 5 “Aztec’s Millions ” symbols occur on a pay line. This win will be added to other wins. During normal play, “Aztec King” appears only on reels 2, 3 and 4 and substitute for all symbols except scattered Idol and “Aztec’s Millions”. 3, 4 or 5 scattered Idols appearing anywhere triggers 5, 15 or 25 Free Games respectively. Each scatter symbol appearing during free games awards a Bonus Prize equal to the triggering bet. During free games, all prizes except the Bonus and Progressive Jackpot will be tripled.


This video slot is currently at the second place with an unbelievable $927.815 progressive jackpot. You can win Jackpots if they become active at the start of a Megasaur Feature. If the Mega Jackpot activates, 5 Volcanoes during the feature will win the entire mind-blowing Megasaur Jackpot! The Win-Win feature awards up to 250x your bet if you fail to win anything during the free games, and the Feature Guarantee system will ensure you never go longer than 250 spins without a feature!

Spirit of the Inca

The game includes five networked progressive Jackpots, each with a nail-biting ‘Boiling Point’ value on display, showing players their respective “Must-Trigger-By” values. Now, this jackpot on the slot “Spirit of Inca” is the amazing $293.302!

Caribbean Hold’Em Poker

This game belongs to Caribbean Poker Trilogy we already wrote about. If you pop a coin in the €˜ole Jolly Roger, you could win the game’s biggest bounty of all ­. This is a cross-casino progressive jackpot that is shared with Caribbean Hold’Em Poker’s sister game, “Caribbean Stud Poker”. Parts of this jackpot are awarded for specific poker hands created on the flop and a Royal Flush awards all the loot! Currently, the progressive jackpot is $146.016!

Caribbean Stud Poker

As we already said, this game shares an impressive cross-casino progressive jackpot with its sister game, “Caribbean Hold’Em Poker“. Of course, it is also $146.016 at this stage. Just feed a coin to the Jolly Roger and you have a chance to win the exotic massive jackpot.