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Unique number eleven

Unique Number Eleven

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Do you have a favorite number to bet on? Most people choose numbers according to significant dates in their lives. However, each number has a special meaning in numerology. Also, each number bears certain energy, according to numerologists. Therefore, a bit of knowledge on the meaning of numbers is always welcome. Before you start betting, consider the aspects of the unique number eleven.

Symbolism of Unique Number 11

Among numerologists, the number eleven is the Master Number. This means that it is a double-digit number coming from a single root number. Eleven is the first number after 10, which symbolizes completeness. When we look at it that way, then 11 is excessive. Sometimes, people perceive it as a symbol of exaggeration and extravagance.

As it is the combination of two equal numbers, the number eleven symbolizes dynamics. Furthermore, it also requires interaction. There must be an individual and his counterpart. Moreover, as each interaction delivers results, eleven is often associated with dynamics and teaching through struggle.

Some of the terms that numerologists relate to eleven are: intuition, spirituality, teaching, charisma, dynamism. Possibly, its power hides in the fact that is the first among the Master Numbers (11,22,33). Furthermore, number eleven is also the root of all other Master Numbers.

How Unique Number Eleven Relates to People

Maybe you heard before that the holders of number eleven are old souls. We wondered what this actually means. Having in mind that eleven brings intuition, it is not so difficult to guess. Individuals who were born in the sign of eleven are powerful people. They often have strong will that they can control and focus on a certain subject. At the same time, these people are highly sensitive and spiritual.

Often, their strength is not limited only to their psychological side. Holders of eleven are usually physically strong as well.

There is one special feature that puts holders of eleven among the spiritually most awaken people among us. It is the ability to show empathy and respect for others. Considering the world we live in, this character feature will soon become scarce and in high demand.

Significant Mystery Dates Related to Unique Number Eleven

According to Glynis McCants, numerologist and best-selling author, the 11/11 date is the moment when heaven opens. At that time, the universe is granting wishes, and everything is possible.

If we think of the Mayan calendar, we can all remember that they predicted the end of a very important cycle on Dec. 21st, 2012. Try adding all cyphers from this date, and it will sump up to eleven. The predicted hour, according to the Mayas was 11:11. It symbolizes rebirth, the coming of the new age. The one that comes after the complete and perfect number 10.

Remembrance Day falls on November 11th each year. It is the day when the world remembers all the victims of wars. It was originally related to the date when the peace was signed ending the First World War.

Apollo 11 was the first aircraft to land on the Moon.

New York became the 11th US state.

Do you know any fun facts relating to number 11?






Blockchain and cryptos doing charity work

Blockchain and Cryptos Doing Charity Work

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Sometimes it is difficult to imagine blockchain and cryptos doing charity work. Philanthropic use of cryptos and modern technologies certainly has not been the primary reason why these concepts emerged. However, blockchain is constantly finding its applications in various fields. Philanthropy is just one of those applications that have found its roots. We just need to spread the word in order to get it widely accepted.

A Short Recap of Blockchain Concept

We wrote about how one of the main advantages of blockchain is to move the middleman out of the picture. Having just the two parties involved in any kind of a deal or business, reduces the costs and cutting through red tape. If we put this “no middle-man” business on a blockchain, the red tape is out of the picture as well. The data is secure, reliable, transparent and available within seconds. The question is how charity work fits into this plan?

Blockchain and Charity Work

The widely accepted premise when it comes to the value of money is that people who have earned it are more aware of its value. Therefore, they are more willing to share it, or to invest in into charity. The others, who wore born into wealth, do it mainly for certain tax reliefs. No matter whether we believe in the stated premise, the fact is that giving back to the community or a person in need is the purest human drive. The problem which most charities are facing is the lack of transparency.

Consequently, the money we donate cannot always be traced and people or companies that have donated resources or goods have no way of seeing whether their donation has reached the final beneficiary. Blockchain can help significantly in this matter. However, the reports show that this “new” technology is not so widely accepted by charity organizations. As you can see from the findings from TechTrust’s “Digital Survey 2018” report, 58% of charities among the 1,262 surveyed, do not have a digital strategy. This means that the majority of those charities have not developed plans about their online presence. They are also not planning to offer in-depth feedback about the funds they raised or to invest in IT training.

Paradoxically, the survey shows that 90% of charities have accounts on at least one social media platform. This shows that they are not lacking the basic knowledge. However, it appears that using the Internet structure is recommendable in raising the funds. When it comes to spending, the surveyed organizations apparently did not show the same enthusiasm.

Advantages Blockchain Can Bring to Charity Work

Most importantly, blockchain can cut the costs of international money transfers. An example is The World Food Program, part of the United Nations fighting hunger project. They claimed that by implementing blockchain, they managed to save around $150,000 a month on transaction fees.

By making things transparent and more reliable, charities can improve their image and build a stronger reputation. This can help them in the long run, in future fundraising.

Moving to blockchain can prove their work is sustainable. If donors receive feedback on how their money had been spent, charities will build stronger relationships with their donors. Subsequently, blockchain can trace the roots of a charity mission. Charity work is sustainable if it is well planned in advance, organized and well thought through.

The charity organization is doing sustainable work if it understands the needs of its beneficiaries and knows how to provide. Blockchain offers help in this segment as well. It secures instant exchange of data and funds.

Challenges of Implementing Blockchain to Charity Work

Reportedly, bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency used in charity donation. However, vast majority of web sites are still not accepting donations in bitcoin. In spite of this fact, the donations in cryptos have exceeded $100 million a year.

The reports show that volatility of cryptos is the main reason for charities to avoid  bitcoin. However, foreign currencies also fluctuate and are non-the-less accepted regularly.

When thinking about challenges and cons of accepting cryptos for charity donations, we should recall the staggering amount of more than $400 billion dollars given away for charity per year and compare it with more than $300 billion in cryptos circulating globally. The potential is immense.

Do you think that cryptos can make this world a better place?




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The Biggest “Slot Run” at Casino Brango Just Started

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Have you ever dreamed about how would it be to try to heist the casino?! We dare you to do that and, as a matter of fact, we will reward you! Yes, you have read it correctly.

The biggest “slot run” at Casino Brango has started! If you are now wondering how you can participate in “SLOTS HEIST“, we will tell you – it is very simple! You have a chance to get rewarded by simply doing what you love the most, playing favorite casino slot games. We are counting every single spin you make and your rewards depend on the number of spins you make. On our site, you can find the LEADERBOARD which will be updated on a daily basis and it is a place where you can check your current score.

Once in a week, our top 50 slot game players will share prizes of over $1000 and over 1000 free spins. First place will get $300 cash, for the second you will get $200 and the one who will be on the third place will get $100. Furthermore, players will get plenty of free chips and free spins as a reward for playing games and enjoying themselves.

Now, just sit back in your chair, choose your favorite slot and spin, spin, spin… We have nothing else to say but – Good luck!

Maybe, you can start on the latest RTG release “Fire Dragon“?

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real series video slots online

Quick Tips About Playing Slot Online

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Slots are the most popular games at almost every online casino and there are a lot of long articles about tips and tricks for playing them. Actually, the truth is very simple and can be explained in just one minute. Here are 5 quick tips you may or may not know about slots online.

Learn how the slots work

The slot games have very simple rules, but before you start playing learn them to avoid the beginner’s mistakes. Check out the Term and Conditions.

No strategies for playing

Regardless, the majority of casino players think that you have to know the good strategy to win on the slot, that’s not true. Every video slot working due to RNG software and the results for every spin are truly random.

Play slots in a free mode

If you’re not an experienced player or don’t know which slots to play first, check out the demo versions of every slot. Casino Brango offers you numerous amazing video slots and each of them you can try in fun mode.

Check out the wagering

Online casinos frequently give players bonuses such as free spins. But, almost every bonus comes with a wagering requirement. That’s is how many times you have to “wager” the bonus before it turns to cash.

Pay attention to progressive slots

If you dreamed about big Jackpot, you can keep an eye on progressive slots. It’s different from simple online slots because a percentage of every unpaid bet is added to the Jackpot, which keeps growing. Check out the recently mega win of Jeremy who played one progressive slot.

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online casino players' reviews

Check out players’ reviews of Casino Brango

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We only can tell you – big thanks! For your loyalty, for your sincerity, and for the feedback you made to us. According to the players’ reviews you left below the post on our blog, we can conclude that we on the right way. Very appreciate your opinion about Casino Brango, regardless you have praise or complaints.

In the interest of a fair relationship between us and our players, in this post, we will show you some of the reviews you wrote about Casino Brango.

“Casino Brango has been the GREATEST ONLINE CASINO I ever encountered so far, I love the quick response of cust service reps for any inquiries you may have, and the INSTANT PAYOUT for e-wallets, its incredibly awesome, and that’s one of the reasons why I continuously do my deposits, and will not hesitate to, again and again, thanks a lot, guys!”

“Brango first has the best customer service agent to chat with they get 5stars not to mention they have instant withdrawal through Bitcoin my favorite game is Plentiful Treasure cause I hit the major jackpot when the game first came out it’s actually my favorite casino and it’s got good promos and comps 5/5starz in my opinion u can never go wrong with Brango.”

“Daily free spins for depositors are a big plus. Have had a lot of luck on this site. Instant payouts are really instant regardless of the amount requested. New games added throughout the year to keep it fresh.”

“Casino Brango is sister casino to the renowned Casino Extreme – so you get the same superior customer service, high-end casino action, and cutting edge RTG platform. Casino Brango offers bigger and better deposit and non-deposit bonuses so for me, it’s a cut above the rest.”

“Casino Brango has great games and promotions as well as tournaments. Not only do they take the time to answer absolutely any question that you ask they will help with any deposit issues and they are truly care about their customers. They have great personalities and if you play there enough eventually you are carrying on a conversation as if you have been buddies forever. That, in my opinion, is SUPERB customer service. It is easy to just rush someone away it takes time and effort to show people that you care and that is what they do. Thanks, Brango”

“If you like Play In Real Time Gaming slots then Brango and Extreme will be excelent choice .
1. Instant cashauts for e-wallets
2. Good massive bonuses welcome bonuses included Huge Thursday 678% bonus in Extreme.
3. Huge number of free bonuses
a) Welcome no deposit free chips, every Friday 120 / 100 free spins without deposit for active players, Friendly live chat credited free chips after every 5 deposits – From time to time they send via email no deposit free spins. – After they released new slot same again you can find some free spins actions in their social media , Every month Free tournaments in the download version of casino and exclusive promotions in their social media – So its worth subscribe their magazine in Brango and Extreme.
Withdrawal time – 10/10 – Deposit Bonuses 9/10 – Free Chips and Free Spins 10/10 and friendly Live chat 10/10 So summary they offered better quality service compared to other Real Time Gaming software casinos.”

“The casino has pros and cons.
the Pro’s…..instant payout friendly, fast customer service representatives with fast response times, the software is easily navigated, they have cash back options and daily free spins.
The Cons
there is only one con in my opinion and it may have to do with my own luck. but with Brango it seems that my withdraw request are very few and far between. I probably have withdrawn maybe a total of 10 percent of the amount I have deposited. This has really been bothering me lately and I am on the brink of not playing at Brango any longer.”

All reviews of Casino Brango, you can read HERE.