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Several Big Slot Wins Brought Gary Over $23.000

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Probably, most of our players spend weekends playing some of over 200 RTG games at bet safe and crypto accepted Casino Brango. But, not everyone has the luck to make big slot wins. Last weekend our player Gary experienced the very good feeling of hitting big on online slots. Also, he found out that Casino Brango really has an instant payout. That is something that our players very appreciate according to their reviews of our casino.

The hero of our today’s blog post is Gary and his big win. Namely, he played several popular slots at our casino and has made several wins. When they all add up, he got over $23.000! It looks like a very great sum, doesn’t it?

For sure, the luckiest slot for him was “Lucky 6“. The first reason is that Gary scooped nearly $6000 on its reels. However, while playing this slot he triggered the free games feature and on one single spin made fabulous $3.975. The rest of his winning amount on this game Gary made during the base game and it was $1915.

big slot wins

One of Gary’s big wins he made playing slot “Panda’s Gold“. There, he filled his account with $3.056 when he managed to open a special Fortune free games feature. These free games are awarded if 5 scattered Fortune occur after the re-spin. All prizes are x5 during this feature. Any prize that includes at least one Wild which is Panda is multiplied by a further x8.

big slot wins

Obviously, Gary pushed up the limits at our casino last weekend with the slot’s special features. One more feature he triggered while spinning reels on game “Asgard“. He got $2.820 after triggering the Valhalla Feature. This feature is unlocked from the 15th trigger onward. 30 free games are awarded with morphing symbols. Any winning symbols are morphed after pays are awarded. New symbols appear in morphed positions and may award extra wins. Morphing continues after each win until no winning combination occurs.

rtg slot online slot

Gary tried the latest RTG release “Halloween Treasures” and won $1.220 which was added to all his big slot wins from last weekend session.

If you want to read your winning story at our blog, hurry up, log in/sign up and enjoy playing the best games in the industry!


movie-themed slots film

Movie-Themed Online Slots and Their Popularity

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There is nothing better than linking the two things which you like a lot – movies and slots. The game developers know this and thanks to them we have movie-themed online slots. That is one of the most popular categories of online casino games because slots bring our favorite movie characters to the reels.

The question is what were the reasons for using movie themes for slots. The truth is very simple, slots are engaging and there is a lot of scope for graphics and themes in the slot games. Adding movie theme slots becomes a trend because these themes add to the player’s enjoyment. One more very important reason is related to the fans of some movies. Namely, some movies already have their big fan base so that developers do not have to put in a lot of effort to bring in the audience. The player gets a new chance to interact with their favorite character. All of the mentioned makes movie-themed slots some of the gladly played games at online casinos.

People from Real Time Gaming made some of the best online slots and among them are several with a movie theme. First of all, they paid tribute to one of the best-known martial artists, Jackie Chan. His movies were the inspiration for the three RTG slots, “Eagle Shadow Fist“, “Fantasy Mission Force” and “Fire Dragon“. Players like these slots and as a proof, you can find their reviews written on our blog. 

video slot real money slot

RTG didn’t resist to the some old Hollywood classics.  One of them is the American vaudeville and comedy team active from 1922 until 1970, “The Three Stooges“. Comic trio “appears” on the slot reels in three games. You can play it on bet safe and crypto accepted Casino Brango.

Movie-themed online slots have always been a safe choice for the casino industry. They are frequently used by developers and usually the games are a huge success. The number of slot games keeps increasing with passing of time. So, if you’re someone who loves movie-themed online slots, there is a chance of finding a game that is based on your favorite movie. If not, then wait for it, because a lot is yet to come.

scratch cards rtg games

The Pleasure of Playing Scratch Cards Online

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Among all casino games, scratch cards are probably the youngest. The game was introduced in the late 70s of the 20th century in the USA and gave players the opportunity to win only by scratching some cards and find winning digits. Thanks to its popularity developers decided to launch this game in the online world, too. It was in 2010 when players first got the taste of playing scratch cards online.

The Gameplay

There is nothing complicated in scratch cards gameplay. It is indeed one of the simplest games of chance ever invented. You have to choose the game with a theme you like. After that, you can start scratching. Online scratch cards are simple, fun and packed with thrills. They come in varied forms, do not require to learn complicated rules. Also, it can be accessed anywhere and on all devices.

Depending on the exact game, players are required to match icons so as to win prizes. Most of these games usually require that players match a trio of icons in order to win. The best part of playing scratch cards online is that you haven’t got the skill to play and all prizes are awarded instantly. When you know that Casino Brango is bet safe casino with instant payout, look no further than our scratch cards.

Popular Scratch Cards

Casino Brango offers you a good selection of scratch card games with different themes. You can scratch the 5 sets of dice at game “Hot Dice“, or pull the prize for the hat at “Magic 7’s” and find the pot of gold in “Lucky 8’s“. However, the most popular scratch card game at our casino is “Treasure Tree“.

At this game, you have to match three of a kind in the same colored bags to win up to 25 free games or up to 500x your bet in instant prizes! To make these prizes even sweeter they will be tripled in any free games that are awarded. Free games are won by revealing 3 Money Bags of the same free game amount at the same colored prize area.

Shake the treasure tree and win great prizes!

scratch cards rtg games



online casino review october

Casino Brango’s October Review

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Well, here we are at the end of October the most spooky month in the year. Our team has made some great things and one of them is the survey for rating us. Our players gave us good feedback to know what we are doing well either what can we do better. RTG released one more Halloween-themed slot – “Halloween Treasures” and in the spirit of this holiday Casino Brango has made amazing promotion. Now, before you start to think about November, let’s have a look at some of October’s highlights.

Survey For Rating Casino Brango

Last month we gave players the opportunity to rate as and get a reward. We wanted you to be honest and prepared coupons with big bonuses and many free spins. Your rating doesn’t affect the bonus you’ve got.

New Game

Straight from the Casino floor, the “Halloween Treasures” you now can play anywhere and everywhere. Thanks to the good people of RTG this game arrives just in time for the spooky holiday. This 5-reels video slot has 243 all ways pay paylines and even four jackpots – Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand. Only you have to know is that jackpot can’t be grouped. All symbols pay left to right including scatter symbols – Crystal Ball. Substitute symbols are Halloween House and Gravestone.

Player has two opportunities to increase their chance to win at this slot. It has two special features – Free Games Feature and Halloween Jackpot Feature. Don’t miss out on the Hunt for Halloween Treasures in this fun-filled slot, loaded with jackpots and ways to win. In a nutshell, an all ways win and an all ways fun!

Halloween-themed slots rtg video slot

Top Winners

Such a wonderful month for our player Scott was October! He got the biggest payout in Casino Brango, as well as our sister Casino Extreme. His account was filled with great $11.458. Next to Scott is one more well-known player. She is Rhiannon and she added a $9055 to all her wins at our casino. Benjamin is also on the list of top winners with $8050, such as Edward which made the win of $5449 and James who scooped $5532.

Most Played Games

Obviously, our players like a lot to spinning reels. Because of that, the most played games at our casino in October were these five slots – “Cleopatras Gold“, “Gemtopia“, “Cash Bandits 2“, “Aladdin’s Wishes“, “Plentiful Treasure“.

Most Paid Games

Games with the biggest payouts in October were four slots and one video poker. Most paid slots were: “Lucky Tiger“, “Fu Chi“, “Panda’s Gold“, “Witch’s Brew“. “Double Double Bonus Poker” is also on the list of games with the biggest payout.


one or two hands in Blackjack

Playing One or Two Hands in Blackjack?

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There is no greater joy than enduring at the table. Every gambler wishes to see a bankroll last. When playing Blackjack, it is important to assess the situation correctly. Relying on basic strategy is ok. However, if a player wishes to advance, there are details to think of. Join us for the exploration of whether playing one or two hands in Blackjack is an advantage.

Assessing the Chances

A great deal of players prefers playing two hands, as they believe this increases their chances. Alternatively, they start with a hand and then spread it onward. The reasoning behind this strategy is that when a player plays two hands, he or she will be dealt more cards an hour. More cards – more winning chances, or so it seems.

However, more experienced players know that playing more hands will get a player’s bankroll in danger. Actually, this is the perfect way to expose the bankroll to more losses, as the house edge does not disappear when a player plays two hands.  On the other hand, if a player is skilled, there is a way to make multi-hand profitable.

Betting on Two Hands

Betting on two hands is beneficial if you are counting cards. But we will get to that later on.

Choosing to bet on one or two hands in Blackjack is not easy. The positive aspect of betting on two hands is that a player can decrease the hourly loss. Naturally, this depends on the total number of players at the table. For example, a player decides to split the betting in the following way: instead of betting $20 on one hand, he or she bets evenly and wager $10 on each of two hands.  In theory, the hourly loss would come down from $10 (when betting $20 on one hand) to $8 (when betting $10 each hand).

Nonetheless, betting on two hands has its own downsides. With increasing the total bet on two hands, the risk increases as well. Imagine, that instead of betting $20 on one hand, a player decides to bet $20 on each hand. Apparently, the more money you invest, the higher the chances of winning big. However, in this case, a player enlarges the total amount of a bet. Consequently, the hourly loss increases as well.  There are still chances of winning, but the risk is great as well.

What Happens with the Bankroll?

As for the bankroll, the bottom line is that there would be no more or less ups and downs when betting on two hands, other than usual. Players should keep in mind that although two hands appear to be separate wagers, the overall amount that is wagered is the same. Furthermore, both hands relate to the same dealer’s hand, so if you are winning, you are winning on both hands. Alternatively, you are losing on both.

The good thing is that betting on two hands can prolong the time spent at the table. If you are playing for the pure joy, or if pleasure of the game is your primary goal, betting on two hands is a way to go.

Should I Count Cards?

In short terms: you would need to decide what your goal is.

If you are counting cards, the experts suggest going with the two-hand bets. When counting, you have the edge already. This is also the situation when spreading your bet equally among hands means less risk. The interesting thing is that the risk does not increase with changing of the betting amount.

Moreover, most of the casinos require to bet double the table minimum for each hand, when betting on two hands. Eventually, this leads to more opportunities of winning or losing a more significant amount.

There is also the advantage of spreading the bet to two hands with minimum bets, in order to move through the negative count smoothly. Minimum bets in this case should serve to get rid of the cards with small value. That way, a player is left with the remaining cards of the higher value to be dealt. Similarly, a player can start betting on two hands with minimum bets, and then switch to one-hand and larger bets when better cards come his or her way.

Whether you bet on one or two hands in Blackjack could be the question of style, not just the skill. Either way, we are looking forward to hearing about your experiences in Blackjack.