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Differences Between Gaming and Gambling

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Man, these slots are a lot of fun? And video games are also a lot of fun, huh. Sure, wish that somebody would tell me the difference between them. Well, worry no more, because we are looking at similarities but more importantly the differences between gaming and gambling. Let’s dig in!

Gaming vs Gambling – Is This the Same Thing?

So let’s put things in perspective. Both industries, gambling and gaming should be referred to as gaming. They both include the activities of playing games, we can all agree to that. But what are the key differences? Well, the most obvious difference is the skill-based aspect. Playing traditional games usually require more skills while in slot games you rely more on your lucky stars. But it’s not all so cut and dry as it may appear at first glance. Two things complicate this picture. Loot boxes and skill-based slots. Let’s take a crack at loot boxes first. This gaming and gambling feud is heating up!

Loot Boxes Gambling?

First things first, what are loot boxes? Well, in a lot of online games you can get cosmetic items to change the appearance of player characters. And in most big game releases the only way of getting some of these things is by buying them. Well, not them, but a randomly generated package that may or may not contain the item called a loot box. So, people buy and buy these digital boxes in hopes of getting a rear hat or sunglasses they can put on their characters.

Now, loot boxes have been a very hot topic in the gaming industry for over half a decade. Are they gambling? If they are, do they negatively affect the children playing these games? Most people would say yes to both, including the Belgium government. They order a removal of loot boxes from all the games they can purchase in. And if the companies don’t comply with that…Fines!

But loot boxes aren’t the only way traditional gaming companies have tried to get into gambling, without following regulations. The multiplayer game GTA online has a casino in it. Plain and simple, no pretending or trying to cover it up. But you pay with a premium in-game currency, not real money, so no regulations, I guess. They allege this is different from directly spending real-world currencies like USD or Bitcoins, or Dash for example (check the info here) and doesn’t have to be regulated as such. Not a good look, let’s see the gambling side.

Big Santa play now

What Are Skill-Based Slots?

Skills-based slots only became a thing in the last decade or so. The reason for this is a shift in demographics. The generation that grew up surrounded by games has gained purchasing power and more adult tastes. So, they want the rushes and big wins you get with slots, mixed in with a bit of challenge.

Enter skill-based slots, with a cool combo of luck and skills that anyone can enjoy. Now, skill-based slots separate into two categories. The first, the rarer kind, are the slots where the skill-based component dominates the whole game. These are like traditional games but with some specific actions, like killing an enemy triggering a slot reel. Other types of slots include the skill-based aspect only in their bonus rounds while the rest of the game’s more luck-based. Now, let’s see what the final scoreboard between gaming and gambling is, shall we?

Conclusion – What is better? Gaming or Gambling?

The gambling industry is heavily regulated and for good reasons (kids!). And the fact that the gaming industry is trying to dodge these regulations isn’t helping them in the long run. But there is another reason why slots are just straight up superior: You can bet with real money. And win big by doing so! Adding to that, when you win big there are casinos that have instant withdrawals like our very own Casino Brango! 

February review

Casino Brango’s February Review

By News & more One Comment

In looking back at the month behind us, there is nothing else we can do than put on a big, happy smile. Your favorite deposit method, Instant Gift Card, is back. Also, February is the month of love and this February hearts were pounding at bet safe and crypto accepted Casino Brango. We truly enjoyed sharing the stories and emotions with all of our dear players. But, let’s start from the beginning – this is Casino Brango’s February review.

Credit Card Deposits

To the satisfaction of many of our players, credit card deposit method is back! In February, Instant Gift Card got back. It proved to be one of the favorite and most convenient deposit methods at our casino. Moreover, it is also simple to use, as described in one of the previous blog posts.

We also introduced the 444% boost on your first deposit. And that was not all! We also rewarded you with 44 free spins in case you tried out the 444% boost and had no luck in playing with it. Every game is a winner at Casino Brango!


February review proudly recaps two Valentine’s promotions celebrating the most loving month of the year. We asked you to write about the craziest acts of love on our blog and we have rewarded the 3 best comments with up to 100 free spins.

Simultaneously, our Valentine’s casino promotion gave you the chance to create your own bonus. Our casino team worked hard on preparing this promotion, and apparently you loved it. That is why we kept it available for the most part of February.

New Game

February review also focuses on new games launch. Our offer of games got enriched by “Dr. Winmore” and “Pulsar” RTG games.

“Dr. Winmore is an outer space adventure featuring mad scientist and his space lab where his cooking up a secret potion. The game is rich in cascading multipliers, providing more chances of winning. We had a successful promotion of 150% and 50 free spins to enable you to get to know the game and make some real cash.

Pulsar is a slot game that was launched at the very end of January 2020. However, it was not until February that we had a special promotion for this slot.  This is another space-themed slot with cascading wins and exploding stars. Our promotion included 420% boost and 69 free spins with no max cashout!

dr. winmore online slot

Top Winners

The month behind us was very fortunate for many of our loyal players. Among the top winners was our famous Amparo, who won $11,295, followed by James who won $6,367 – just to name a few.

Most Played Games

Your absolute favorite in February was “Plentiful Treasure”, followed by “Tri-Card Poker” and “Halloween Treasures”. The games such as “Cash Bandits 2” and Blackjack kept steady and continued to pay well.

Most Paid Games

Among the games with the highest payouts in February you can find the following: “Voodoo Magic”, “Samba Sunset”, and “Fantasy Mission Force”. The games “Triple Twister” and “Gods of Nature” were also games that you won significantly.

Lastly, at the end of our February review, we are glad to have been able to share the month of love with all of you, nice people. Keep reading and playing with us!

Hot dice scratch game

Hot Dice Scratch Game – The Hottest Game of Luck

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Hot Dice Scratch Game is one of the hottest games at any online casino. If you are looking for pure entertainment, without any hassle, this is the right choice for you. For many of us, playing with dice was one of the favorite ways to have fun. Throwing dice and expecting the outcome is one of the sweetest anticipations we know of. In this game, you scratch for the symbols to appear.  And when they do, you should look for the two symbols with total of either 7 or 11.

Basic Terms

In order to play, a player should place the wager and then scratch to reveal what is hidden on the five sets of dice. This is one of the RTG games featuring progressive jackpot that a player can win plus up to 200x the wager.

In case a player “shoots” two dice total of 7 or 11, he or she wins. Also, the game is won if a player uncovers the hidden “Chip” symbol, which instantly awards all prizes on the card.

If it triggers, progressive jackpot adds to all other wins.

How to Navigate?

Hot Dice Scratch Game is very easy to navigate. Naturally, it is recommendable to try the fun mode first. This can help you to get to know the game and become familiar with the rules and buttons.

The up and down arrows help players to set the betting amount. The “play” button activates the scratch card. Furthermore, players need to activate each set of dice by simply clicking on it.

The “Rules” button reveals the general rules of the game.

Everyone’s favorite “Cashier Button” takes you to the casino cashier. There you can make deposits, redeem coupons, request withdrawal, etc.

The “Back” button takes you back to the casino lobby.

As usual, there is also the “Help” button that refers to the basic rules, explanations of what goes by the winning combination, details of the bonus round, etc.

Steps to Take

First, a player should decide on the amount he or she wishes to play. Then, when a player clicks the play button, the game starts. Next, the player reveals the prizes. If you cannot handle the anticipation, there is a way to reveal all prizes at once, i.e. to scratch all cards simultaneously. Simply, click on “Scratch all” button.

What a player should aim for is scratching a card with two dice displaying the total of 7 or 11. Alternatively, the aim is to get a “Chip symbol”.

There is no easier way to try your luck. Scratch the cards now with Hot Dice Scratch Game!

movie-themed slots film

Movie-Themed Online Slots and Their Popularity

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There is nothing better than linking the two things which you like a lot – movies and slots. The game developers know this and thanks to them we have movie-themed online slots. That is one of the most popular categories of online casino games because slots bring our favorite movie characters to the reels.

The question is what were the reasons for using movie themes for slots. The truth is very simple, slots are engaging and there is a lot of scope for graphics and themes in the slot games. Adding movie theme slots becomes a trend because these themes add to the player’s enjoyment. One more very important reason is related to the fans of some movies. Namely, some movies already have their big fan base so that developers do not have to put in a lot of effort to bring in the audience. The player gets a new chance to interact with their favorite character. All of the mentioned makes movie-themed slots some of the gladly played games at online casinos.

People from Real Time Gaming made some of the best online slots and among them are several with a movie theme. First of all, they paid tribute to one of the best-known martial artists, Jackie Chan. His movies were the inspiration for the three RTG slots, “Eagle Shadow Fist“, “Fantasy Mission Force” and “Fire Dragon“. Players like these slots and as a proof, you can find their reviews written on our blog. 

video slot real money slot

RTG didn’t resist to the some old Hollywood classics.  One of them is the American vaudeville and comedy team active from 1922 until 1970, “The Three Stooges“. Comic trio “appears” on the slot reels in three games. You can play it on bet safe and crypto accepted Casino Brango.

Movie-themed online slots have always been a safe choice for the casino industry. They are frequently used by developers and usually the games are a huge success. The number of slot games keeps increasing with passing of time. So, if you’re someone who loves movie-themed online slots, there is a chance of finding a game that is based on your favorite movie. If not, then wait for it, because a lot is yet to come.

Wu ZeTian play now

Online Slot With Asian Theme And The Empress

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Ever since its launch, the online slot with an Asian theme, Wu Ze Tian, proved to be one of your favorites. It is not the pure chance that RTG chose to make Wu Ze Tian the main character of one of their slots. This empress was a strong character and an extraordinary woman. As for the slot itself, whether it’s the Asian atmosphere or the stunning beauty of the Empress herself, it mesmerizes.

The Story Behind the Pretty Face

Most historians talk about this extraordinary woman as a ruthless autocrat, thirsty for power. The fact is that she climbed the social ladder very quickly thanks to her ability to seduce. The first one in line was the Emperor Father, Tai Zong. Later on, his own son, Kao Zong. He eventually succeeded the throne. Reportedly, she entered the court at the age of thirteen, as she was chosen to be one of the Emperor’s concubines.

The World Wu Ze Tian Lived In

Those of you who love history may know that Confucianism was the prevailing philosophy at the time. Interestingly, it still has its reflections even in modern China. Among many other aspects, knowing your place in a society was one of the crucial standpoints. Our heroine was raised in such a manner, and her roots were quite traditional. Nevertheless, she did use unconventional means of getting to power.

The Reign of Wu Ze Tian

Once she raised to power, she reigned “motherly”.  Oddly, many sources write that she used this particular word to describe her reign. In Chinese philosophy, one of the main concepts is the concept of “good” or “goodness”, which is presented by a pictogram containing the sign for a child and a mother. Needless to say, this period in Chinese history was labeled as the peaceful and cultural one.

Eventually, she used to stress the importance of Buddhism, which resulted in it being the prevailing philosophy of the Tang dynasty. Hence, the art and culture flourishment of the time.

The Impact Wu Ze Tian Had on Women

Wu Ze Tian particularly imposed the need to loosen the submissive rules applied to women all over China. They began to participate in both political and cultural life. She brought the idea of a woman as a role model, by ordering scholars to write biographies of famous women. During her reign, the court was moved from its traditional male headquarters.

Downside of Wu Ze Tian’s Rule

Dark side of her reign relates to the cruelty of her secret police forces, and arrests of her political rivals. Many people claim that she intentionally threw her eldest son out of the political life, so she could manipulate the younger, weaker one, and basically reign in his name. On the other hand, she minimized the influence of military and managed to choose experienced and scholarly people to form the circle closest to her. Getting into this circle was not easy at all. Everyone should undergo through various levels of evaluation, such as background check and passing very difficult state exams – just to name a few.

Aftermath of Wu Ze Tian’s Rule

The old Chinese proverb says: “The bird is not singing because it has an answer, but because it knows a song”. It was left to future generations to determine whether Wu Ze Tian left better China to the people who came after her. She sang her song, and went peacefully in 705, leaving the throne to her third son. Nowadays, there are many speculations and stories surrounding the circumstances she lived, in. One thing is for sure: history will always remember her name.

Have you already tried out this online slot with Asian theme or any similar that we have in offer?