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Hot dice scratch game

Hot Dice Scratch Game – The Hottest Game of Luck

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Hot Dice Scratch Game is one of the hottest games at any online casino. If you are looking for pure entertainment, without any hassle, this is the right choice for you. For many of us, playing with dice was one of the favorite ways to have fun. Throwing dice and expecting the outcome is one of the sweetest anticipations we know of. In this game, you scratch for the symbols to appear.  And when they do, you should look for the two symbols with total of either 7 or 11.

Basic Terms

In order to play, a player should place the wager and then scratch to reveal what is hidden on the five sets of dice. This is one of the RTG games featuring progressive jackpot that a player can win plus up to 200x the wager.

In case a player “shoots” two dice total of 7 or 11, he or she wins. Also, the game is won if a player uncovers the hidden “Chip” symbol, which instantly awards all prizes on the card.

If it triggers, progressive jackpot adds to all other wins.

How to Navigate?

Hot Dice Scratch Game is very easy to navigate. Naturally, it is recommendable to try the fun mode first. This can help you to get to know the game and become familiar with the rules and buttons.

The up and down arrows help players to set the betting amount. The “play” button activates the scratch card. Furthermore, players need to activate each set of dice by simply clicking on it.

The “Rules” button reveals the general rules of the game.

Everyone’s favorite “Cashier Button” takes you to the casino cashier. There you can make deposits, redeem coupons, request withdrawal, etc.

The “Back” button takes you back to the casino lobby.

As usual, there is also the “Help” button that refers to the basic rules, explanations of what goes by the winning combination, details of the bonus round, etc.

Steps to Take

First, a player should decide on the amount he or she wishes to play. Then, when a player clicks the play button, the game starts. Next, the player reveals the prizes. If you cannot handle the anticipation, there is a way to reveal all prizes at once, i.e. to scratch all cards simultaneously. Simply, click on “Scratch all” button.

What a player should aim for is scratching a card with two dice displaying the total of 7 or 11. Alternatively, the aim is to get a “Chip symbol”.

There is no easier way to try your luck. Scratch the cards now with Hot Dice Scratch Game!

bitcoin crypto lottery winner

Lottery Winner Invested Half in Bitcoin

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The news of an American lottery winner who put half of his winnings into Bitcoin has spread through the crypto world. First, some people believed that it is fake news. He posted a picture of the winning ticket on Reddit and no one doubts anymore.

One man from Illinois recently won half a million dollars on a scratch card. To remind you, this type of game you can play online and we at Casino Brango have an awesome offer of them. More about it you can find in the post “The Pleasure of Playing Scratch Cards Online”.

How Lottery Winner Invested in Bitcoin

Now, let’s go back to this lottery winner. The Reddit user “Joxnlol” posted an image of himself holding a certificate from the Illinois Lottery, stating that he has won $500.000 in April this year. He explained that he first had to fork over $143.000 in taxes to the state. Half of the remaining $357.000 in net winnings he went into a year-long Bitcoin investment. He also challenged readers to remind him in eight months if the investment was a good one.

Other Reddit users have different comments on his post. One of them wrote that he did the smartest thing when he put half of his winnings in Bitcoin. He added that if he could wait 3-5 years it will be much more than his win.

That’s the plan, I don’t intend to touch any of it for at least another year. I set aside money for emergencies, I set aside money for myself, and I set aside money for tattoos. The only major purchases I’ve done is I paid off my old car, set up an agreement to sell it to my friend. Bought a new car for myself and put a down payment on a house“, explained this lottery winner.

Bitcoin is the highly recommended payment method at online casinos and we already wrote you why Bitcoin so attractive. If you didn’t yet use this crypto for playing games, read our blog post on how to make your first Bitcoin deposit. Then, you just chose a game, play and win!



scratch cards rtg games

The Pleasure of Playing Scratch Cards Online

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Among all casino games, scratch cards are probably the youngest. The game was introduced in the late 70s of the 20th century in the USA and gave players the opportunity to win only by scratching some cards and find winning digits. Thanks to its popularity developers decided to launch this game in the online world, too. It was in 2010 when players first got the taste of playing scratch cards online.

The Gameplay

There is nothing complicated in scratch cards gameplay. It is indeed one of the simplest games of chance ever invented. You have to choose the game with a theme you like. After that, you can start scratching. Online scratch cards are simple, fun and packed with thrills. They come in varied forms, do not require to learn complicated rules. Also, it can be accessed anywhere and on all devices.

Depending on the exact game, players are required to match icons so as to win prizes. Most of these games usually require that players match a trio of icons in order to win. The best part of playing scratch cards online is that you haven’t got the skill to play and all prizes are awarded instantly. When you know that Casino Brango is bet safe casino with instant payout, look no further than our scratch cards.

Popular Scratch Cards

Casino Brango offers you a good selection of scratch card games with different themes. You can scratch the 5 sets of dice at game “Hot Dice“, or pull the prize for the hat at “Magic 7’s” and find the pot of gold in “Lucky 8’s“. However, the most popular scratch card game at our casino is “Treasure Tree“.

At this game, you have to match three of a kind in the same colored bags to win up to 25 free games or up to 500x your bet in instant prizes! To make these prizes even sweeter they will be tripled in any free games that are awarded. Free games are won by revealing 3 Money Bags of the same free game amount at the same colored prize area.

Shake the treasure tree and win great prizes!

scratch cards rtg games