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Secrets of Slots That Only The Chosen Ones Know

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Are there any secrets when it comes to slots? What do you think? Through this post, we are going to try to elaborate on some of the urban secrets of the slot machines that only the chosen ones know. Board on the wild train because the party is starting now!

Max Betting Is the Best Option

Perhaps you would think that max betting isn’t the best option out there. Nevertheless, it has been shown that max betting is, in fact, a good option for the players. When it comes to most slot games, making maximum bets triggers more bonuses and jackpots. This way, your odds for a huge win will be greater.

Classic Slots Pay Out More Than Video Slots

Talking in general terms, urban myth is that classic slots pay out more than video slots. You can find much information of this sort online. According to some online websites, video slots payout less than the classic ones because they attract more players. Classic slots don’t have as many developed pop-culture themes as video slots do and that is the reason why they are cheaper to maintain. Consequently, that is the reason why they can pay more than the video slots.

Slots Are Completely Random 

Slot machines function on the principle of randomness. A certain rate of payment does exist, but it is still in accordance with the random results slot machine produce. That is the case because in the base of the slot games is a random number generator. This mechanism ensures that jackpots come randomly. To make it simpler, every spin you make is totally independent of every other that you or someone else have made. So, the message is, don’t give up! Your chances to win the jackpot on the next spin are the same.

Games Are Designed to Be Played as Fast as Possible

Logically, every casino wants to earn money and the more bets players make, the more money goes to the casino. If games are fast, players have more chances to make bets. Yes, this means more income for the casino, but it also means higher odds for the players. In fact, fast playing games provide players with more opportunities and higher chances to win bonuses, jackpots and make all kinds of huge wins.

Slot Sounds and Graphics Are Designed to Make You Feel Happy

Game developers want to make your game experience as pleasant as possible. That is the reason why designers of slot games pay attention not only to the aesthetics of the game but also to the vibe the game transfers to the players. Slot designers want to make players happy and enthusiastic. So, sounds, colors, movements, and graphics are all made just to make you feel as cheerful as possible.

Can You Manipulate Slot Machines?

We will give you a direct answer straight away: no way! As we said before, slot machines are random. The only thing you can do, if you want to make your odds higher, is to stay focused and don’t give up. Try your luck and, if it means something to you, wear your lucky charm. We cannot give you better advice than this one!

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Wilds as symbols

Wilds as Symbols in Slots

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Wilds as symbols in slots exist ever since the beginning of slot machines. Seeing a Wild on the reel brings luck to any player. Some gamblers compare Wilds to Joker in cards. Either way, the Wilds are a true jewel of almost every slot. As there are various types of Wilds, we have prepared a short guide. Enjoy it.

The Value of the Wilds

Wilds are symbols of high value.  One of their main purpose is to form a winning combination. Wilds can replace any other symbol that appears on the reels, except for the Scatters. That way, wilds help players to earn more money faster.

The other important purpose of Wilds is to be able to increase the total value of the combination.

Wilds can come in either one or multiple numbers in slots. There are also slots that have no Wilds at all, but this is usually not the case.

Expanding Wilds

Expanding Wilds could become one of the player’s best friends. As the name suggest, expanding Wilds actually expand across entire reel.

When a player lands a certain wild symbol on a reel, the expanding Wild triggers. Additionally, this type of a Wild can also trigger if a player has stacked a certain number of Wilds.

As explained previously, possessing a Wild helps player to build more wining combinations. Also, it can increase the payout. Players should keep in mind that paylines pass through all reels, so if found there, Wilds lift the payout amount.

Stacked Wilds

Stacked Wilds often come in pair with Expanding Wilds. Again, the very name is very suggestive. Stacked Wilds are the wild symbols that appear on top of one another, to form a stack. They form on the same reel vertically. Alternatively, sometimes these can be seen horizontally.

Logically, once the payline passes through the stack of Wilds, lucrative winning is inevitable.

Sticky Wilds

Sticky Wilds are the wilds that stick around for a certain number of spins. These Wilds do not boost your chances of winning in a single spin. However, these Wilds can remain “silent” for several spins. That way, players can rest assured that at least one Wild would appear on the next spin.

Trailing Wilds

Trailing Wilds may as well be called “Clone Wilds”. These wild symbols clone themselves after a spin. The name comes from the fact these Wilds practically form a sort of a trail when sliding down the reel, leaving the original Wild on its place.

The process of “trailing” can repeat several times. It comes to an end when the cloned Wild reaches the last position on the reel. Trailing Wilds are attractive due to its ability to produce some huge wins.

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5 Games With The Biggest Progressive Jackpot

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Do you have guts to risk big? If the answer is yes, keep your eyes on the games with the biggest progressive jackpot and hope you will bring home a really massive win! To help you out, we marked 5 progressive games with the biggest jackpot currently. There are 3 progressive slots for the fearless and 2 poker games on the list.

Aztec’s Millions

Can you imagine $3.256.334 on your account?! The progressive jackpot on this video slot is that high currently. This is the really good reason to play this 5-reels slot where the progressive jackpot is awarded when 5 “Aztec’s Millions ” symbols occur on a pay line. This win will be added to other wins. During normal play, “Aztec King” appears only on reels 2, 3 and 4 and substitute for all symbols except scattered Idol and “Aztec’s Millions”. 3, 4 or 5 scattered Idols appearing anywhere triggers 5, 15 or 25 Free Games respectively. Each scatter symbol appearing during free games awards a Bonus Prize equal to the triggering bet. During free games, all prizes except the Bonus and Progressive Jackpot will be tripled.


This video slot is currently at the second place with an unbelievable $927.815 progressive jackpot. You can win Jackpots if they become active at the start of a Megasaur Feature. If the Mega Jackpot activates, 5 Volcanoes during the feature will win the entire mind-blowing Megasaur Jackpot! The Win-Win feature awards up to 250x your bet if you fail to win anything during the free games, and the Feature Guarantee system will ensure you never go longer than 250 spins without a feature!

Spirit of the Inca

The game includes five networked progressive Jackpots, each with a nail-biting ‘Boiling Point’ value on display, showing players their respective “Must-Trigger-By” values. Now, this jackpot on the slot “Spirit of Inca” is the amazing $293.302!

Caribbean Hold’Em Poker

This game belongs to Caribbean Poker Trilogy we already wrote about. If you pop a coin in the €˜ole Jolly Roger, you could win the game’s biggest bounty of all ­. This is a cross-casino progressive jackpot that is shared with Caribbean Hold’Em Poker’s sister game, “Caribbean Stud Poker”. Parts of this jackpot are awarded for specific poker hands created on the flop and a Royal Flush awards all the loot! Currently, the progressive jackpot is $146.016!

Caribbean Stud Poker

As we already said, this game shares an impressive cross-casino progressive jackpot with its sister game, “Caribbean Hold’Em Poker“. Of course, it is also $146.016 at this stage. Just feed a coin to the Jolly Roger and you have a chance to win the exotic massive jackpot.





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The Winner of “Slots Heist” Had Some Great Hits

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Heisting the casino is something that our player try to do every week. Some of them are successful, some are not. But, they have one similar trait. They never give up! The latest winner of “Slots Heist” proves that.

Our loyal player Chut V Doan was the latest winner of the biggest slot run you can participate. He was very persistent in spinning reels on some of the popular RTG slots. While did that, he made some great wins. First Chut won on video slot “Dragon Orb” and his account was filled with $1850. Later he got one more great win of $2825 playing RTG underwater release “Megaquarium“. The biggest hit he made on the slot “Panda’s Gold” and won $5824.

To all these wins Chut added first place on the “Slots Heist” leaderboard. It brought him a $300 cash prize, which is provided for every player who wins first place in one week.

“Slots Heist” Reminder

Now, we want to remind you what “Slots Heist” actually is. It is a special opportunity for all Casino Brango’s players to get rewarded by simply doing what you love the most, playing favorite slots. We are counting every single spin you make and your rewards depend on the number of spins you make. On our site, you can find the LEADERBOARD which will be updated on a daily basis and it is a place where you can check your current score.

Once in a week, our top 50 slot game players will share prizes of over $1000 and over 1000 free spins. The first place will get $300 cash, for the second you will get $200 and the one who will be in the third place will get $100. Furthermore, players will get plenty of free chips and free spins as a reward for playing games and enjoying themselves.


Unique number eleven

Unique Number Eleven

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Do you have a favorite number to bet on? Most people choose numbers according to significant dates in their lives. However, each number has a special meaning in numerology. Also, each number bears certain energy, according to numerologists. Therefore, a bit of knowledge on the meaning of numbers is always welcome. Before you start betting, consider the aspects of the unique number eleven.

Symbolism of Unique Number 11

Among numerologists, the number eleven is the Master Number. This means that it is a double-digit number coming from a single root number. Eleven is the first number after 10, which symbolizes completeness. When we look at it that way, then 11 is excessive. Sometimes, people perceive it as a symbol of exaggeration and extravagance.

As it is the combination of two equal numbers, the number eleven symbolizes dynamics. Furthermore, it also requires interaction. There must be an individual and his counterpart. Moreover, as each interaction delivers results, eleven is often associated with dynamics and teaching through struggle.

Some of the terms that numerologists relate to eleven are: intuition, spirituality, teaching, charisma, dynamism. Possibly, its power hides in the fact that is the first among the Master Numbers (11,22,33). Furthermore, number eleven is also the root of all other Master Numbers.

How Unique Number Eleven Relates to People

Maybe you heard before that the holders of number eleven are old souls. We wondered what this actually means. Having in mind that eleven brings intuition, it is not so difficult to guess. Individuals who were born in the sign of eleven are powerful people. They often have strong will that they can control and focus on a certain subject. At the same time, these people are highly sensitive and spiritual.

Often, their strength is not limited only to their psychological side. Holders of eleven are usually physically strong as well.

There is one special feature that puts holders of eleven among the spiritually most awaken people among us. It is the ability to show empathy and respect for others. Considering the world we live in, this character feature will soon become scarce and in high demand.

Significant Mystery Dates Related to Unique Number Eleven

According to Glynis McCants, numerologist and best-selling author, the 11/11 date is the moment when heaven opens. At that time, the universe is granting wishes, and everything is possible.

If we think of the Mayan calendar, we can all remember that they predicted the end of a very important cycle on Dec. 21st, 2012. Try adding all cyphers from this date, and it will sump up to eleven. The predicted hour, according to the Mayas was 11:11. It symbolizes rebirth, the coming of the new age. The one that comes after the complete and perfect number 10.

Remembrance Day falls on November 11th each year. It is the day when the world remembers all the victims of wars. It was originally related to the date when the peace was signed ending the First World War.

Apollo 11 was the first aircraft to land on the Moon.

New York became the 11th US state.

Do you know any fun facts relating to number 11?