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Fun casino facts

Fun Casino Facts

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Ever since the dawn of mankind, gambling has been one of the favorite types of entertainment. Playing a game against all odds and winning can certainly add a special flavor to an experience. Beating the odds is a challenge of its own. It requires some luck, though. Furthermore, gambling also entails a certain skill and analytical mind. Especially when playing table games. Here are some fun casino facts.

Nature of Casino Games

Gambling is challenging. The biggest challenge in gambling is to figure out the predictive character of each game. Apparently, there are many cases of developing the strategies. Some of those work quite well and players get to take large amounts of money home. Some other techniques failed. Additionally, some of the tryouts even made the news or served as an inspiration for certain movies. Either way, gambling has a long history of ups and downs.

Nevertheless, one thing remained constant: gambling is still one of the rare entertainments that provides both fun and opportunity to earn money.

Casino and Table Games Fun Facts

#1 The four kings in a deck of cards represent the four leaders: Alexander the Great (king of clubs), King Charlemagne (king of hearts), Julius Caesar (king of diamonds), King David (king of spades).

#2 Blackjack was the favorite game of Napoleon. He simply adored the game and even played it while exiled on the island of St. Helena. Historians say that 21 was his favorite distraction.

#3 Twenty-one actually came to North America with French settlers along the Mississippi River. The original rules were quite different. For example, doubling was not forbidden for the dealer or the “house”, a new betting round would happen after the dealing of each card.

#4 Card counting is actually not illegal. This is one of the main misconceptions. However, most casinos are in the hands of private entities. Therefore, they reserve the right to control and ban the entrance to whomever they think is trying to cheat.

#5 Yes, the movie “21” found its inspiration in real-life events and persons. Namely, the MIT students and their professor did form sort of a “company” when they became skilled at counting cards in blackjack. There were also people investing in their operations and they dominated the casinos in the 90ies.

#6 The first casino in the world ever established was Casinò di Venezia in Venice, Italy. It opened its doors in the first half of 17th century. However, gambling does not originate from Italy.

#7 According to archaeological findings, gambling originates from China. Moreover, the oldest evidence dates back to 2300 BC and is related to sort of a lottery. Although we cannot tell for sure whether there had been any older evidence of any form of gambling, the Chinese artifacts and sites are officially the oldest ones.

#8 The first ever $1 million bet was placed in Las Vegas in 1980. The man was William Lee Bergstorm and the Casino in question was Binion’s Horseshoe Casino. He played craps and lost.

#9 The difference between US and European roulette is in a fact that European one has 37 numbers and a single zero, while the US one has 38 numbers including a single and a double zero.  That being said, European roulette is obviously more player-friendly due to the fact it has a single zero which decreases the house edge to the estimated 2.7%

#10 The first country to legalize online gambling was Antigua and Barbuda in 1994.

#11 The biggest revenue in gambling worldwide gets collected in Macau. This place is the administrative area of China. Namely, the yearly revenue exceeds $37.5 billion.

#12  The queens in a deck of cards represent the following women: Pallas (referred to as the “warrior goddess” and considered to be equivalent to the Greek Athena or Roman Minerva), Rachel (biblical mother of Joseph), Argine (no reference to the exact origin), and Judith (of the Apocrypha).

Feel free to add interesting facts in the comments below, should you know any.

scuba fishing online slot

“Scuba Fishing” – the Best Slot for Summer Days

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No matter what video slot “Scuba Fishing” RTG released last year, these days are the right time to play it again. Summer vibes are all around us and we hope that some of you currently enjoy on the beach. If it’s true, take a dive into the deep and submerge yourself in this amazing online adventure.

In this all way win slot from RTG, the ever-lurking Shark might catch you off-guard and expand in the middle reel to offer you a Free Respin and increase your chances of an aquatic Big, Mega or even Huge Win.

All symbols pay left to right in online slot “Scuba Fishing“. There isn’t scatter symbol and Shark is wild substitutes for all other symbols.

The Respin feature is triggered when 3 wilds stack up on the middle reel. Like most others RTG titles, “Scuba Fishing” will be playable across all devices.

In your underwater adventure, you could see urchin, pearl oyster, corals, jellyfish, and other colorful sea creatures. You didn’t come alone thru the water because of Scuba diver will assist you as you spin the reels and wait for your catch of the day.

We think that we have convinced you enough to play this slot these summer days. Maybe, it will be your winning game and we will write about you in our “Latest Winners” blog section.

So be brave, and take on this underwater adventure!

scuba fishing video slot

Suspicious mind

A Suspicious Mind Rethinking Trust and Privacy

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I am present on all social media platforms and like to browse and be informed. I am very much aware of the fact that most of the info I receive is false, or at least not entirely true. Still, I persist. I post, I interact and sometimes I stay away from certain subjects. Probably because of a suspicious mind rethinking trust and telling me to stay on the safe side.

Privacy In The Past

First of all, I grew up in a world where the main lesson on privacy was not to talk to strangers. Our daily routine was based on trust. Consequently, I trusted my parents that they would protect me no matter what. They trusted me to do my homework and go straight home from school. We all trusted my teachers that they would teach me valuable things and above all – to teach me how to keep studying and advance professionally. Everyone trusted the drivers on the streets to keep their side of the lane. We all trusted our doctors with our lives.  People trusted their next-door neighbors to be normal, sane people able to look after the children if needed.  Therefore, there had not been any talks about psychopaths or any kind of maniacs luring around.

Privacy Today

What privacy entails nowadays, greatly differs. Hence, the exposure of the smallest details from our lives appears to be the danger to our privacy . There are a lot of fields to cover if we want to be fully protected. However, I honestly think that we have never been fully protected in the first place.

Recently, a man contacted me on Facebook after I left a comment on a post regarding education.  It appeared we shared common interests. He was polite, not at all pushy. and he looked normal. Nevertheless, I replied with a single phrase. I did not feel the need to get into details and start a conversation. I felt endangered. Why? The trust was gone. The trust in general.

We are constantly being told that this world is full of psychos. Therefore, we learned quickly that drug dealers, murderers and other criminals are on the streets, just waiting to claim us as victims. We are being threaten by other humans. The evil ones.

The Outcome

The result is clearly visible. We keep our accounts private. Above all, we take all safety measures to ensure our loved ones are secured. We take self-defense lessons. We do not share our thoughts openly as we used to.  We are binge watching crime series, taking pleasure in a fact we are not the characters in it. We are unconsciously preparing for that something bad to happen.

While doing this, we are also alienating from people who are close to us. I bet everyone here reconsidered the kind words someone uttered. Maybe even made a false impression in his or her own mind by twisting the words and giving them the new meaning, quite different from the original one.  Sometimes, we do not know how to take a compliment. Being suspicious at  altruistic gestures has become reality.  It appears that we are on the verge of completely losing the foundation of all human connections – the trust.

I read it somewhere that if a child learns at the very young age that there are people he or she can rely on, that child will be trustworthy in adulthood.  It seems that majority of issues with trust happen unconsciously, although we have built the trust based on conscious experience.  Finally, will we let the circumstances we live in take their toll on us, or will we fight back?

We are dying to hear whether you feel unsafe in any given situation.

Blockchain and cryptos doing charity work

Blockchain and Cryptos Doing Charity Work

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Sometimes it is difficult to imagine blockchain and cryptos doing charity work. Philanthropic use of cryptos and modern technologies certainly has not been the primary reason why these concepts emerged. However, blockchain is constantly finding its applications in various fields. Philanthropy is just one of those applications that have found its roots. We just need to spread the word in order to get it widely accepted.

A Short Recap of Blockchain Concept

We wrote about how one of the main advantages of blockchain is to move the middleman out of the picture. Having just the two parties involved in any kind of a deal or business, reduces the costs and cutting through red tape. If we put this “no middle-man” business on a blockchain, the red tape is out of the picture as well. The data is secure, reliable, transparent and available within seconds. The question is how charity work fits into this plan?

Blockchain and Charity Work

The widely accepted premise when it comes to the value of money is that people who have earned it are more aware of its value. Therefore, they are more willing to share it, or to invest in into charity. The others, who wore born into wealth, do it mainly for certain tax reliefs. No matter whether we believe in the stated premise, the fact is that giving back to the community or a person in need is the purest human drive. The problem which most charities are facing is the lack of transparency.

Consequently, the money we donate cannot always be traced and people or companies that have donated resources or goods have no way of seeing whether their donation has reached the final beneficiary. Blockchain can help significantly in this matter. However, the reports show that this “new” technology is not so widely accepted by charity organizations. As you can see from the findings from TechTrust’s “Digital Survey 2018” report, 58% of charities among the 1,262 surveyed, do not have a digital strategy. This means that the majority of those charities have not developed plans about their online presence. They are also not planning to offer in-depth feedback about the funds they raised or to invest in IT training.

Paradoxically, the survey shows that 90% of charities have accounts on at least one social media platform. This shows that they are not lacking the basic knowledge. However, it appears that using the Internet structure is recommendable in raising the funds. When it comes to spending, the surveyed organizations apparently did not show the same enthusiasm.

Advantages Blockchain Can Bring to Charity Work

Most importantly, blockchain can cut the costs of international money transfers. An example is The World Food Program, part of the United Nations fighting hunger project. They claimed that by implementing blockchain, they managed to save around $150,000 a month on transaction fees.

By making things transparent and more reliable, charities can improve their image and build a stronger reputation. This can help them in the long run, in future fundraising.

Moving to blockchain can prove their work is sustainable. If donors receive feedback on how their money had been spent, charities will build stronger relationships with their donors. Subsequently, blockchain can trace the roots of a charity mission. Charity work is sustainable if it is well planned in advance, organized and well thought through.

The charity organization is doing sustainable work if it understands the needs of its beneficiaries and knows how to provide. Blockchain offers help in this segment as well. It secures instant exchange of data and funds.

Challenges of Implementing Blockchain to Charity Work

Reportedly, bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency used in charity donation. However, vast majority of web sites are still not accepting donations in bitcoin. In spite of this fact, the donations in cryptos have exceeded $100 million a year.

The reports show that volatility of cryptos is the main reason for charities to avoid  bitcoin. However, foreign currencies also fluctuate and are non-the-less accepted regularly.

When thinking about challenges and cons of accepting cryptos for charity donations, we should recall the staggering amount of more than $400 billion dollars given away for charity per year and compare it with more than $300 billion in cryptos circulating globally. The potential is immense.

Do you think that cryptos can make this world a better place?




Cleopatra's Gold video slot

Cleopatra’s Gold – One of the Favorite Slots

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Gorgeous Egyptian ruler has been an inspiration for RTG slot “Cleopatra’s Gold“, one of the most played games at Casino Brango. Just like the greatest and wealthiest civilization, this slot is full of riches. You only should find them!

This slot has an Egyptian theme and offers various symbols on 5 reels, which can reward with 20 paylines. All symbols pay left to right except scattered Pyramid, which pays any. The main Figure is Cleopatra, just like the real one. She is a substitute symbol and can appear on any reel and the prize is doubled if one or more Cleopatra substitutes in a winning.

The second important symbol, you will like to see on the reels is Pyramid who acts like a scatter symbol and can unlock free spins. When three or more Pyramids appears anywhere will trigger the bonus feature. The player is awarded 15 free spins at the lines and bet of the triggering game. All prize payouts are tripled during this feature. Players may win 15 more free games if three or more scattered Pyramids appear anywhere during the bonus feature spins.

Slot “Cleopatra’s Gold” is one of the frequently played games at our casino. The best proof for this is that this game was on the list of top 5 most played slots in January. Also, it is the slot that our players often play in tournaments. Today you have the opportunity to enjoy a completely free slot tournament and play “Cleopatra’s Gold” for the $40 chip prize.

Explore the sands of ancient Egypt and seek the sources of Egyptian power, the mighty pyramids, and the enigmatic Cleopatra. The vast treasures of Egypt await the right explorer and it could be you.

online slots Cleopatra's Gold