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Life Lessons Learned Through Gaming

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We all gamble for entertainment, pleasure, gain, or out of passion. Inevitably, playing at the casino will teach you some lessons, no matter whether you win or lose. Let us do our best to prepare you to win.

It is a long way from a beginner to a master. When you start realizing the rules of a game, you may become puzzled at the many variations or possibilities each game has to offer. Mastering the skill is not necessarily an entertaining thing to do. Sometimes you must force yourself to practice in order to become better. If you enjoy practicing in life generally, you can consider yourself lucky. Practicing to gamble is probably the most interesting thing to do, comparing to all other types of practice. There is excitement, as well as expectation of the money gain – one of the best expectations there are.

Speaking of gaining money, do you consider yourself a responsible gambler? Whichever game you choose to play, gambling will eventually teach you an important lesson – how to manage your playing budget. Investing and saving is what this world is all about. Therefore, if you can handle it in gambling, you can handle it in all other aspects of life.

Apart from finding the proper measure in money handling, gambling can also teach you how to handle all other categories, such as time, for example. There are players who simply forget about time when playing. Some of the games could be very time consuming, and when paired with sharp and exciting graphics, it is not easy to let go. However, if you practice enough (and by this I do not mean “practice the game itself”, but the strength of your will as well), the result will be delivered. Additionally, I am sure you heard about the habits of successful people, and time management is one of them.

Accepting the risk is the ultimate lesson you can learn while playing. Those of you who are ready to risk have the opportunity to win big. “Living at risk is jumping off the cliff and building your wings on the way down”, said Ray Bradbury. Dont we all juggle with possibilities, circumstances and our skills, building our wings and hoping for the best? Again, if you can do this while playing, you can do it in real life and vice versa.

So, once you managed to control the money, as well as time you have at your disposal, the question is: which game to play? The highest payouts are usually associated with the games which are hardest to master. Hardest does not stand for impossible here. Again, with a good will, a bit of luck, and a lot of practice, everything is possible. Even the most unimaginable results!

Have you mastered your skill yet? If not, start practicing HERE.

Or, you can try to be the winner playing one of the latest RTG releases.

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Video Poker Tips For Beginners

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It’s not difficult to understand why video poker is one of the most popular casino games around. It’s a game of luck and skill, balancing the strategy of poker with the accessibility of slots. We decided to make some short guide with the basic tips for playing this game. Whether you’re a complete beginner or you’re just looking to freshen up your skills, this video poker tips we made,  will be useful and can help you to become a really good video poker player. Let’s start!


Regardless of the fact that video poker is a game of skill, its rules are relatively simple. For all of you who already played poker as a table game, it’s a piece of cake. The main goal is to make the best ranked five-card hand you can. If you make a winning hand, you will win.

At the beginning, you can choose the bet and then five cards are dealt to you. You can choose to discard any of them, but if you really want you can do it with all five. When you check the card you want to discard, press the draw button and it will give you a replacement card. If you have luck, you will have a winning card.


Video poker is known as one of the online casino games with excellent odds. But, it can vary across the games. Also, just like slot, video poker can give you a progressive jackpot.


The best strategy you can pursue at video poker is to bet “max coin” on your hands. It’s particularly effective for extracting the maximum value from a Royal Flush, the most valuable winning hand in the game.

Variations of the game

Many online casinos offer you numerous variations of this game and Casino Brango is on that list. We have for you the most popular video poker like: “Aces & Eights”, “All American Poker”, “Bonus Deuces”, “Double Double Jackpot Poker”, “Jacks or Better”, “Loose Deuces”, “Joker Poker”…

Try your luck and play some of them at your favorite Casino Brango!



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Is Gaming a Pleasure Or a Skill?

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The ultimate question which each gamer asks himself is whether gaming is considered pleasure or skill.

Gaming as pleasure

People have been gaming in different ways and forms ever since the dawn of society, as we know it. There are only a few things that can produce such satisfaction as winning. And one thing is certain: you will barely find a person who has no opinion whatsoever regarding gaming. We think of it as a form of pleasure.

In ancient Greece, the philosophers argued whether pleasure and satisfaction are considered the greatest ideals. Long-lasting satisfaction was considered to be the effect caused by the stillness of the soul or mental peace, as we would refer to it today. So, the question is: what causes satisfaction?

Gaming as skill

There are people who know gaming makes them feel superior and in control of the situation. This is hedonism at its best! It is a skill that puts you in a position to rule. Rule over the odds, the other players, the house, the luck. No one likes to be a slave to the circumstances and other people. “We should not limit ourselves in pleasures “, thought the ancient philosophers. However, we should also have a duty to accept whatever the destiny holds for us, be it pure pleasure or hardship.

The one thing that preserved till today is the funny fact that all of us like to enjoy life.  The essence of living is bliss and happiness, and all of us strive for it, at work, at school, in our relationships, during our free time… We often gamble in order to obtain these ideals. Even when we fail, we like the thought that we were brave enough to try.

Let us know what causes your gambling satisfaction? Is it the intensity, the drive, the fruitfulness, or simply the game itself? We would like to hear your thoughts.

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How do slot tournaments actually work?

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Slot tournaments are gladly played at online casinos and players really like to see them in the casino offer. But, what is a slot tournament actually?

In general, it is a competition between players on the selected online slot to get more points and be on the top of the leaderboard. Prize can be different from casino to casino, but mostly it is a big number of free spins or free chip. Usually, the prize is split between multiple players.

An important thing you have to know before you start playing a tournament is that some of them are completely free to enter, whilst others will charge you a buy-in fee. Don’t worry if you chose to play a tournament with an entry fee because at Casino Brango it is very low, just $0,5 or $1.

A more important question about slot tournaments is – How you can start playing them? First of all, you have to visit your favorite online casino and find the one you want to play in section Tournaments. At Casino Brango every month we prepare for you the list of daily and weekly tournaments with excellent prize pools and interesting slots.

Now, you are completely ready for competition with other players and to start playing you have to download free casino software since tournaments are only available in the download version. After that, you should create an Alias, the name that will be displayed in the leaderboard. You can do this by clicking the “tournaments” button in the casino lobby. Please note that this Alias is not the same as your casino username. Check out all you must know about USER ACCOUNT and how to open it.

Next step is to choose the tournament you like to play and reserve your place in it. Click “Buy-In” button and you’re there.

Before you start scooping your points and try to be the best, please read tournament rules HERE.


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Online gaming advantages you have to know

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There are people who forget that gambling is not only about winning or losing. Firstly, it is about fun. Whether you choose to go to the movies or go bowling, you must pay something for that pleasure. It is the same with gambling. If you are a disciplined person and know how to limit your resources, gambling can be just as fun! Furthermore, it can bring you financial gain, which other ways of entertainment cannot. In the “digital world,” we are living online casinos become very popular because of their advantages compared to land-based casinos. We present you some of them.

Online casino is there for you 24/7 and you do not need to worry about getting your seat at the table, for example.

Also, the advantage of the online casino compared to the land-based one is the fact that you can bet with amounts ranging from as low as several dollars to the very high ones. Land-based casinos usually do not allow very low stakes, especially at poker tables.

And last, but not the least important, gambling online is much safer.

Our team at Casino Brango makes sure that your experience at our casino is a top-notch, putting safety and speed first. Whether you choose to gamble using Bitcoin, or any other currency, it is our duty to make sure you are well protected and enjoy the game.

While browsing through the games we offer you, keep in mind that whatever game you choose to play, the terms we provide are likely the most favorable ones in an online gambling world. From free spins to great bonuses, we keep in mind that you are a demanding audience and we will do our best to keep on track.

We know you are eager to start playing, and therefore, we strive to make the time it takes to process any registration and withdrawal the shortest possible. From the moment you register, your security and pleasure are our mission.

Above all, your personal information, as well as all your financial transactions are encrypted and stored in a digitalized “vault”.

You are in control, so go ahead and spin those wheels!

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