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Why Are Casino Dealers Rotated?

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Whether in land-based or online ones, casino dealers play an essential role in almost every casino game. That’s especially true for table games the likes of baccarat and blackjack.

Besides dealing cards, they have to explain the rules, interact with players, explain the odds and methods of play, and run the game according to the “house” rules. In other words, they have a lot of stuff on their plate to deal with. But taking a break from all these responsibilities is just one of the reasons that they change very frequently. In this text, we’ll try to list a couple more.

Reasons for the Casino Dealer Rotation

Giving Dealers a Break

As we have already stated, balancing multiple responsibilities can weigh tough on one’s mind. Besides the obvious reasons of having to eat, go to the toilet or take some fresh air, one of the main dealer’s duties is to calculate the odds. And a refreshed mind is always more fit to do it than the distracted one. This is a tip that applies to players too, so if you want to improve your skills in any kind of casino game be sure to play them only when you feel like it.

Avoiding Errors

One thing that connects dealing cards for blackjack, poker and baccarat is that after a while it becomes a repetitive task. And when your mind is focused on doing certain things over a certain period it tends to switch off. And when your mind switches off, it becomes susceptible to errors. Dealers are especially in trouble because besides doing their job, they have to chat with players, announce results, and sometimes even make manual payments.

Players Like to See New Faces

As in all luck-based games, there are certain rituals and even superstition that players employ to boost their chances of winning. When a player is having a bad streak at a game, he often tends to think it’s because of vibes a certain dealer emanates. In order to counter this, they think the change of dealer will change their luck for the better too. And when things become too repetitive a new face can always bring a dose of fresh air to the table.

Preventing Player Collusion

One of the more controversial opinions as to why rotations of casino dealers occur is that the casinos don’t want them to become too familiar with the players. Because if they become too close to each other they can make a deal to defraud a casino. And that’s the last thing they’d want. So, by moving them from table to table they tend to prevent any kind of shady activities.

But even this is becoming unnecessary since every land-based casino has a lot of cameras around that monitor every move. All of this is certainly impossible in online casinos the likes of bet safe casino Brango. That’s because the live dealers cannot see the players and all the procedures are checked by software.

Stopping Winning and Losing Streak

Similarly controversial opinion is the idea that rotating dealers can prevent players from going on a winning or casinos on a losing streak. Because if a player is on a winning streak the casino will lose money. This is especially espoused regarding blackjack because the dealer’s loss is the casino’s direct loss. But if you think about it, there isn’t much substance to these claims, besides ones that involve superstitions. Dealers usually get rotated in a cyclical way, usually every 20 to 60 minutes regarding their shift schedule. And all of these claims turn to rubble in online casinos because there isn’t even a need to rotate dealers since they cannot see each other.

What About Trying Online Casino Live Dealer Games?

If you want to experience the best of two worlds that both land-based and online casinos can offer a great way to start is to play one of many available live dealer games you can find at crypto friendly casino Brango.

What Are Live Dealer Games?

Live dealer games are exactly what they say they are. They are games streamed from online casinos that you can play with real human dealers instead of computer-generated ones. They offer the real-life experience of land-based casinos while simultaneously you can play them from the comfort of your home. And they are absolutely clear of any doubts you might have regarding the reason for the casino dealers rotation.

What Games Are Available with a Human Dealer?

So, if you want to give a try to some of the live dealer games you can play at an instant withdrawal casino Brango here is the list of available games just a click away: Blackjack, Baccarat, American Roulette, European Roulette.

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What Are Cool Tips for Live Online Casino?

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Live online casino games are an awesome way to mix the very best from the land-based casino and an online casino. But, as in all things, you should possess information before deciding what casino will be your chosen one. Here are a few tips for live online casinos that are going to make your search easier!

What is a Live Online Casino?

We have mentioned that a live online casino is the best of both worlds. It is a mixture of the thrill that land-based casino gives and the comfort which online casino provides. But how do live casino functions exactly?

A live casino is an online casino that works in real-time. This kind of casino is led by live human dealers. Live casino game is usually streamed via a video link from a casino table in the present time. Players can play the games from their warm home by a computer, or even mobile phone, and communicate with the dealers with the help of the chat boxes.

How to Play Live Online Casino

For starters, you have to pick a casino in which you will play the game. Our advice is to look for the casinos that give their players bonuses and promotions. This way you will have higher odds to win huge prizes. Check out our new promotions at Casino Brango here!

If you want to play live games at Brango the process is easy. You should log in to the casino and search for the Games option in the menu. After that, among the offered games you should be able to find Live Dealer Games. Click on the game you want to play and join the table of your choice. Don’t forget, you have an option to pick a dealer as well.

Also, if you want to play live online casino games, our advice is that a good internet connection is needed. A stable connection with enough bandwidth is required for this type of game.

Cool Tips for Live Online Casino

We have prepared a few tips for you that you should be aware of if you want to try live online casino games. Check them out!

Carefully Choosing a Casino Where You Play

The most important thing is finding a casino where you can play safe and fair. So, before you register and make a deposit do your research!

Usually, reputable casinos have good reviews and feedback from the players. A recommendation is always a good option if you want to make sure that you are playing for the very best out there. You can be certain that if you decide to play at our Casino Brango we promise you maximum safety and anonymity!

Mobile Casino

We can proudly say that Brango is mobile-friendly! When you choose your live online casino, look for the one that allows you to gamble via your mobile device. Nowadays we are living a fast kind of life and it is practical if you can play games anytime you like with the help of your phone.

Live Dealer Casino

Live Dealer is, as we have mentioned above, a person that is at a physical table and it is available online to the other players via live stream.

At Brango, you can choose between various Live Dealers games like Blackjack, RouletteBaccarat, and Super 6. We have to mention that you should pay attention that you must transfer your balance from the casino to the Live Dealer balance. Don’t worry, you can return the funds when you finish playing!

Try your luck and play Live Dealer Games with us!

Live Dealer Games

Live Dealer Games Have Arrived

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Bet safe Casino Brango proudly presents the new addition to our already rich game offer. Live Dealer games are now live, and you can join anytime. Online casino Brango goes a step further and gives you the chance to experience table games first-hand, while resting comfortably at home. You can also play Live Dealer games while “on the go”. In case you have no experience with this type of gaming online, what follows is a short guide to get you going. Join us!

What Live Dealer Games Are?

Live Dealer games have been around for the last 15 years. However, this kind of online gaming is apparently now experiencing a revival. It is not strange, having in mind the fact many punters are still not able to spend time at land-based casinos and play table games the usual way.

Our newest offer, Live Dealer Games, are the next best thing. The dealers at the tables are live streamed from studios worldwide. Players join the table they pick and play with others as they would in brick-and-mortar casinos. The games can be very dynamic should you come across the right opponent.

At the moment, you can choose between several table games. Plus, you can choose the dealer as well.

Where to Look For?

Once you log in to our crypto casino Brango, you should search for the Games option in the menu. Among the offered games, you should be able to find Live Dealer games. Clicking on the link will take you to the entrance to the Live games.

This option gives you the chance to choose the game, the dealer and the stake level. As for the available games, you can pick Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, and Super 6.

Apart from deciding on the game, the dealer and the stake level, make sure to check out the option to transfer the balance from the casino to the Live Dealer balance. After you finish the session, you can return the funds back to the casino balance.

The Unique Experience of Live Dealer Games

We know you love online games. Everyone appreciates the anonymity, the speed, and the generous promotions. This newest addition to our Bitcoin casino Brango focuses on table games, which, by default are a bit slower than slots, or video poker for example.

Nevertheless, table games are the heart of casino world. It takes knowledge of the game, the skill, and a strategy to sit at the table and bring the house down. Do you think you have what it takes to take that seat?

The Advantage of Playing with Us

Crypto friendly Casino Brango is the home of safe gaming. We continue to provide outstanding service to all our players. Offering instant payouts is the thing we are known for. However, there are way more advantages of playing with us.

For example, the same as you can collect your withdrawal within a few moments, you can also start playing quickly thanks to our fast-depositing methods.

Subscribing to our blog gives you the chance to keep track of all the hot events in our casino. Moreover, there are unique and constant blog promotions which you can enter to participate in our fun and creative mind games and win free spins.

If at any moment, you need help of any kind, feel free to contact our live support, available 24/7.

Try your luck and measure your skills at the table, playing Live Dealer Games. Start now!