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World Cup Curiosities

World Cup Curiosities – A Black Friday Gift For You

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Well hello to all of you soccer fans! Or do you prefer to be called a football fan? Football or soccer, that is a discussion for another occasion. But now, now is the time for the FIFA World Cup 2022! The greatest football event of the year has already kicked off. While we are enjoying all the amazing games, in this article you can find out why this world cup in Qatar is special. Let’s dive into the World Cup Curiosities!

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Many World Cup Curiosities are related to Qatar

Many of the interesting facts following this World cup are related to the host country- Qatar. This is the first World Cup held in the Arab world, and the second one happening in Asia. Additionally, since Qatar is considered a small country (by both population and land size), it is also the smallest country ever to host this major event. On the other hand, it is the major sporting event ever held in the Middle East.

There is another record set by Qatar this year, but this one they will probably want to forget. By losing to Ecuador on the 20th of November, Qatar became the first host team ever to lose an opening game of World Cup.

It Is the First Ever World Cup Held During the Autumn

Spring or summer was always the time for this championship. But with average July temperature of 100F, we would probably have too many cases of heat exhaustion. So, November and December are probably the best choices.

This Is the Most Expensive World Cup Ever

Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world. And they for sure didn’t regret spending money on this World Cup. By investing more than $200 billion, they have exceeded 2010 South Africa Cup 60 times. The infrastructure, stadiums, airport, hotels. Everything is done to support this great event. That is probably one of the reasons why the tickets for this World Cup are the priciest ever.

Qatar 2022 Is the Most Compact World Championship

All the stadiums are within 34 miles of the center of Doha! This is the first time ever, and fans will be able to visit multiple games in one day, without flying or spending additional money. Plus, there is central air-conditioning in all arenas. By the end of the championship, they are expecting the highest number of visitors ever.

First Female Referees at Men’s World Cup

Three ladies: Yamashita Yoshimi, Salima Mukansanga and Stephanie Frappart have written the history by becoming first ever women to enforce the laws of the game during men’s world cup.

Alcohol Is Forbidden at Stadiums

Qatar authorities have decided to ban selling and bringing alcohol to the games during world cup. Many fans are used to enjoying beer or 2 (or 5) during games. It is hard to believe this rule be followed that strictly. But let’s hope there won’t be too many problems.

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Drinksgiving Celebrations at Casino Brango

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Hey there, fellow Brango players, are you excited about the impending holidays we expect in just a couple of days, such as Thanksgiving and Black Friday? You’ve probably already come up with some jokes to tell over the dinner table, or updated your shopping wish list with items to fill your wardrobe. But did you know there is even one more occasion happening over the week? The so-called Drinksgiving Day, also referred to in some circles as Black Wednesday, or more infamously The Blackout Wednesday. Let’s check out some history behind the occasion.

History of Drinksgiving

While we know pretty much about the history of Thanksgiving Day, which has been around since 1621, the origins of Drinksgiving are much murkier. The term was coined around 2007, with a search history on Google beginning in 2014. But the concept has been around for many decades before the term itself came into broad use.

Drinksgiving Day refers to the tradition of people, mostly young adults and college students, gathering the night before Thanksgiving in their hometown bars and pubs before spending the next day with their families, or as Urban Dictionary jokingly puts it, having to endure them. The fact that most people don’t work on Thanksgiving makes Drinksgiving a perfect occasion to catch up with old friends over a couple of drinks. As long as you take them the same way you like to play at our bet safe casino. Responsibly.

How to Celebrate Drinksgiving

There are numerous ways to celebrate Drinksgiving, and none of them has to imply indulging in binge drinking. Your primary focus should be on the essence of such a gathering. And the essence we’re talking about is the celebration of friendship.

So, reach out to that old high school buddies you haven’t seen in a long time by hopping out to your favorite pub or bar. Or if you’re into a more private atmosphere, invite them to your place, and serve them their preferred choice of drinks, whether or not it involves alcohol. This way, you’ll both have a great time looking back on the good old days and ease some tension ahead of the big day in front of you.

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Thanksgiving Jokes

Thanksgiving Jokes To Laugh at The Dinner Table

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Incredible food, spending time with family or friends, and a day off from work – what’s not to love about Thanksgiving? We really can’t think of anything. Turkey Day is only couple of days away and we know you’re busy preparing for it. But casino Brango would like to help you with the dessert – Thanksgiving jokes and puns. Here are some ideas of how to start your Thanksgiving dinner with a laugh!

Laughter as a Stress Relief

It’s fun to share a good laugh, but did you know it can actually improve your health? Laughing has many benefits that you should be aware of. It releases stress out, keeps your concentration better, and boosts the immune system. Also, laughter triggers the release of endorphins, and that’s why we have done our research about this great holiday.

Whether you are looking for ways to avoid awkward silences at the dinner table, or an easy activity to entertain your guests while you’re waiting for the turkey, these jokes can be a great solution to both. Let’s see them!

Thanksgiving Jokes

Think you’ve heard all the best Thanksgiving puns and one-liners? You ain’t seen stuffing yet. Check out these!

  • How do you tell the difference between turkeys and chickens? – Chickens celebrate Thanksgiving.
  • Asked to write a composition entitled “What I’m thankful for on Thanksgiving,” little Timothy wrote, “I am thankful that I’m not a turkey.”
  • Why wasn’t the turkey hungry on Thanksgiving? – It was already stuffed.
  • What do you call a turkey on the day after Thanksgiving? – Lucky.
  • Knock, knock! Who’s there? Harry. Harry who? Harry up, I’m hungry!
  • What’s Frankenstein’s favorite Thanksgiving dish? – Monster mash potatoes and grave-y.
  • Which holiday is Dracula’s favorite? – Fangs-giving.
  • What kind of key can’t open doors? -A tur-key.

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Thanksgiving Jokes

Halloween movies

Casino Brango’s List of Best Halloween Movies

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The spookiest holiday of the year is slowly approaching, and all of us are in search of ways to properly mark the occasion. Maybe you’re already coming up with ideas for scary pranks to pull out on your friends and family. Or enjoying some of our best horror-inspired slots, there’s certainly no lack of creative ideas. But few things can match the comfort of cozying up in front of your TV, grabbing a bowl of popcorn, and playing some of the best Halloween movies. That’s why we came up with this list to help you settle in the mood.

Dracula (1931)

Whether it’s a book, movie, or your favorite slot, you can never go wrong with the classics. And one should look no further than Dracula (1931) if you’re down for some old-fashioned scary Halloween movies type of fun. Based on Bram Stoker’s classic novel of the same name and starring Bela Lugosi as the protagonist, this movie set the standard for all the next takes on Dracula. The aesthetics he introduced for the role also serve as the inspiration for two of our popular slots: the classic Count Spectacular and the brand-new Count Cashtacular slot. So, if this movie clicks with you, you’ll most certainly enjoy playing both of them.

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Carrie (1976)

Brian De Palma’s Carrie (1976) might not be set on Halloween but the vibes it oozes definitely are. This alone is enough to put it on the list of the best Halloween movies. The movie is an adaption of one of Steven King’s best-known novels, which tells a story of a bullied telekinetic teen on a path of revenge for all those who have done her wrong. It also has one of the most iconic prom scenes that’s sure to send shivers down your spine. But be cautious, it’s not for those squeamish at the sight of blood.

The Shining (1980)

The Shining (1980) is another adaption of Steven King’s stories that’s not only one of the scariest Halloween movies but one of the best movies of all time too. It’s a variation on the archetypical haunted house trope, where we track Jack Nicholson’s character’s slow descent into madness. Filled with cursed twins, spooky ghosts, and psychic visions it’s a perfect movie to put you in a Halloween mood. And the film’s punchline about all work and no play making you a dull boy is a good reminder not to let everyday stresses get the worst out of you.

Ghostbusters (1984)

Speaking of everyday stresses, is there a better way to relax than to watch a truly hilarious comedy movie? And who said you cannot have a comedy on a list of best Halloween movies? Ghostbusters (1984) is a perfect example of how you can combine elements of action, adventure, horror, and fantasy and still end up with a timeless Halloween classic. As if Bill Murray leading a team of parapsychology educators that start their ghostbusting business isn’t enough of a synopsis to immediately get you on a hook. The movie also features one of the best soundtracks ever produced with the main theme played at every proper Halloween party.

Halloween (1978)

And what better way to finish this list of best Halloween movies than with the aptly named Halloween (1978)? This movie launched the careers of John Carpenter and Jamie Lee Curtis, turning into an instant classic the second it hit the theaters. The story of Michael Myers who escapes from a psychiatric hospital on the eve of the holiday to terrorize his hometown neighbors is one of the most impactful movies ever made. The now legendary William Shatner mask has become the stuff of legend, with the “final girl” trope and “slasher movie” forever entering the horror lexicon due to it. Knowing all of this, it comes as no surprise that the franchise is still active almost half a century later.

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Halloween pranks

Scariest Halloween Pranks 2022

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How terrified can a grown-up person be on Halloween? Apparently, a lot. We know what our senses can expect when it is dark, or when we are alone. However, there are Halloween fans who made Halloween pranks a work of art. We did a bit of research and decided to share with you some of the scariest Halloween pranks you can try recreating this Halloween.

Halloween Pranks Starter – The Noises

Nothing is scarier than unidentified sounds in your own home. You hear it but cannot see it or detect it. Your senses automatically sharpen, and you expect someone or something to jump right at you. You either freeze or grab a bat. Would you like to scare someone in this way? All you need is a small but powerful speaker and a downloaded scary sound, as per your choice. The web site can be a good place to start.

Wish to recreate your favorite horror movie? No problem. How about do your own recording of someone’s voice calling for help? The possibilities are endless if you are creative.

Scary Mirror Messages

Did you know that you can leave secret messages on a mirror that pop up only when there is steam in the bathroom? Apparently, the substance called isopropyl leaves marks on the mirror that can send chills down everyone’s spines.

It is an alcohol, safe on the skin, as it is usually an ingredient found in lotions, aftershaves and so on. So, all you need to pull out this prank is to get isopropyl alcohol, think of a creepy message and leave it for someone you wish to frighten. Once the person goes to take a shower and the bathroom fills with steam… surprise message will pop out.

May we suggest one of the following lines: “I can see you “, “That’s not what we agreed on, (NAME)“, “ Did you miss me?“ “ You can try, but cannot escape,“ “This is  going to be one scary Halloween…“, “Watch your back”, “Can’t wait to play with you, (NAME). ” Do you have any ideas what to write? Share them with us.

Creepy Dolls

Who doesn’t fear Chucky? Or Annabella? The very thought of these dolls makes us shiver. Ever since the Child’s Play series in the 80ies, creepy dolls have been featured in mass media and are now inevitable detail in horror movies.

Having a creepy doll in the corner of your room will make for the perfect set of any Halloween prank. Things get even scarier if you think that there is a spirit of a mass murder trapped inside the otherwise inanimate object. Plus, you can combine the doll with a creepy Halloween message to leave the complete horror impression.

Getting an old, creepy doll should not be a difficult task. Look for the old toys in the garage and re-design it to be creepier, or if necessary – buy one. This season, pull out one of the scariest Halloween pranks 2022 by putting the doll in someone’s room, and see what happens.

Fake Computer Glitch 

Not that we have tried this yet, but some of us are planning to. Apparently, there are sites that simulate the particular working environment on your computer screen. Whether you wish to simulate the complete system failure, a hacker attack or just the update process which goes above 100%, it is doable. Not to mention, again, the creepy messages on your screen. Browse the internet for ideas and apps and let us know how it went.

Fake Insects

We almost never come across the person who is fond of insects. People usually think they are repulsive, which a reason more to use fake insects to scare someone on Halloween. These make for the right choice if you are looking for easy-to-do pranks. The entire effort from your side should include buying fake insects made of silicone usually and placing them in a strategically chosen place.

We should probably give you some ideas here, but the very thought of it is unpleasant, so we will leave it up to you to push your creative limits.

Unusual Halloween Drinks & Food

Here’s a thought. You can pair serving unusual drinks on Halloween with fake insects described above. Yuck… ok, delete that thought. How about making special ice cubes, such as “bleeding ice cubes” for example?

And do you know what goes perfectly with drinks on Halloween? Strawberries dipped in chocolate! If you browse the internet, you will find plenty of ideas how to “dress” your strawberries as pumpkins, ghosts, bleeding strawberries, etc.  If we could read your thoughts, we bet they would say: “Enough with blood already.” So, how about we turn to the topic of dark phantom intruders?

Silhouette in a Dark Hallway

The question is – who do you wish to scare? I am asking because this one is not for the faint of heart. Encountering the dark silhouette at the end of your hallway for example, will scary you, there is no doubt. When you do not expect anyone else inside your apartment or house, and then a dark silhouette pops up, what’s the first thought on your mind? Will you grab a knife, a baseball bat, a phone to call 911? Will you lock yourself in a bathroom or attack the intruder? These are all the questions which will be running through your “victim’s” mind once the silhouette does its job.

To prepare the prank, all you need is some dark crafting paper out of which you should cut out the human-like figure. You should then attach it to the wall where it would be visible. Pay attention to the spot where the light is positioned, so that your paper silhouette is only slightly lit. This adds to the mystery and scary vibes.

Halloween at Its Best

Spending Halloween on your own? We’ve got you covered. Brango is the MasterCard accepted casino, in addition to being the well/known crypto casino as well. It means exceptional service, great promotion and instant withdrawals. What more can you ask for this Halloween season?

If you have more interesting ideas about scary Halloween pranks, we invite you to share them with us. Let’s scare the heck out of people together! Spooky salute!

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