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Scariest Halloween Pranks 2022

By October 22, 2022One Comment

How terrified can a grown-up person be on Halloween? Apparently, a lot. We know what our senses can expect when it is dark, or when we are alone. However, there are Halloween fans who made Halloween pranks a work of art. We did a bit of research and decided to share with you some of the scariest Halloween pranks you can try recreating this Halloween.

Halloween Pranks Starter – The Noises

Nothing is scarier than unidentified sounds in your own home. You hear it but cannot see it or detect it. Your senses automatically sharpen, and you expect someone or something to jump right at you. You either freeze or grab a bat. Would you like to scare someone in this way? All you need is a small but powerful speaker and a downloaded scary sound, as per your choice. The web site can be a good place to start.

Wish to recreate your favorite horror movie? No problem. How about do your own recording of someone’s voice calling for help? The possibilities are endless if you are creative.

Scary Mirror Messages

Did you know that you can leave secret messages on a mirror that pop up only when there is steam in the bathroom? Apparently, the substance called isopropyl leaves marks on the mirror that can send chills down everyone’s spines.

It is an alcohol, safe on the skin, as it is usually an ingredient found in lotions, aftershaves and so on. So, all you need to pull out this prank is to get isopropyl alcohol, think of a creepy message and leave it for someone you wish to frighten. Once the person goes to take a shower and the bathroom fills with steam… surprise message will pop out.

May we suggest one of the following lines: “I can see you “, “That’s not what we agreed on, (NAME)“, “ Did you miss me?“ “ You can try, but cannot escape,“ “This is  going to be one scary Halloween…“, “Watch your back”, “Can’t wait to play with you, (NAME). ” Do you have any ideas what to write? Share them with us.

Creepy Dolls

Who doesn’t fear Chucky? Or Annabella? The very thought of these dolls makes us shiver. Ever since the Child’s Play series in the 80ies, creepy dolls have been featured in mass media and are now inevitable detail in horror movies.

Having a creepy doll in the corner of your room will make for the perfect set of any Halloween prank. Things get even scarier if you think that there is a spirit of a mass murder trapped inside the otherwise inanimate object. Plus, you can combine the doll with a creepy Halloween message to leave the complete horror impression.

Getting an old, creepy doll should not be a difficult task. Look for the old toys in the garage and re-design it to be creepier, or if necessary – buy one. This season, pull out one of the scariest Halloween pranks 2022 by putting the doll in someone’s room, and see what happens.

Fake Computer Glitch 

Not that we have tried this yet, but some of us are planning to. Apparently, there are sites that simulate the particular working environment on your computer screen. Whether you wish to simulate the complete system failure, a hacker attack or just the update process which goes above 100%, it is doable. Not to mention, again, the creepy messages on your screen. Browse the internet for ideas and apps and let us know how it went.

Fake Insects

We almost never come across the person who is fond of insects. People usually think they are repulsive, which a reason more to use fake insects to scare someone on Halloween. These make for the right choice if you are looking for easy-to-do pranks. The entire effort from your side should include buying fake insects made of silicone usually and placing them in a strategically chosen place.

We should probably give you some ideas here, but the very thought of it is unpleasant, so we will leave it up to you to push your creative limits.

Unusual Halloween Drinks & Food

Here’s a thought. You can pair serving unusual drinks on Halloween with fake insects described above. Yuck… ok, delete that thought. How about making special ice cubes, such as “bleeding ice cubes” for example?

And do you know what goes perfectly with drinks on Halloween? Strawberries dipped in chocolate! If you browse the internet, you will find plenty of ideas how to “dress” your strawberries as pumpkins, ghosts, bleeding strawberries, etc.  If we could read your thoughts, we bet they would say: “Enough with blood already.” So, how about we turn to the topic of dark phantom intruders?

Silhouette in a Dark Hallway

The question is – who do you wish to scare? I am asking because this one is not for the faint of heart. Encountering the dark silhouette at the end of your hallway for example, will scary you, there is no doubt. When you do not expect anyone else inside your apartment or house, and then a dark silhouette pops up, what’s the first thought on your mind? Will you grab a knife, a baseball bat, a phone to call 911? Will you lock yourself in a bathroom or attack the intruder? These are all the questions which will be running through your “victim’s” mind once the silhouette does its job.

To prepare the prank, all you need is some dark crafting paper out of which you should cut out the human-like figure. You should then attach it to the wall where it would be visible. Pay attention to the spot where the light is positioned, so that your paper silhouette is only slightly lit. This adds to the mystery and scary vibes.

Halloween at Its Best

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If you have more interesting ideas about scary Halloween pranks, we invite you to share them with us. Let’s scare the heck out of people together! Spooky salute!

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