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Debunking Myths About Gambling

By August 24, 2019May 4th, 2021No Comments

Debunking myths about gambling can be an easy job, if you are open-minded. As we promote intelligent approach, we decided to tackle some of the most frequently mentioned prejudices regarding gambling in general. Gambling should be fun and rewarding. Therefore, let yourself enjoy and let go of the excessive superstition.

Myth: Beating the Casino in The Long Run Is Impossible

“Beating the casino, in the long run, is impossible” is one of the most commonly spread misconceptions about gambling. All games have their own probability ratio. Furthermore, luck plays a great role in each game. If you have luck on your side, your chances of winning multiply.

Many casino games are mathematically based and as such-could be subjects to calculations and developing strategies. However, there is no house edge that is sustainable through indefinite period of time. Basically, this means that beating the casino, in the long run, is possible. Especially, if blackjack or video-poker are your thing. Why? Well, the chances of winning these games rely more on the player’s experience and technique than on luck. This implies that you,  as a player, control the situation.

Some may say that this is possible only in theory. We can claim otherwise. However, it is up to players to try to put this theory into practice.

Myth: You Can Not Live Out of Gambling

Now, do not get us wrong. We are not saying that you should live out of gambling. We are merely claiming that this is doable.

Believe it or not, there are people who explored this subject and detail. The conclusion is that a player can earn a substantial amount of money on regular basis if he plays either blackjack, poker or engage in sports betting.

Naturally, before relying on this kind of profit, a player should secure enough funds to support his endeavor. Moreover, a player needs to become a real connoisseur of a specific game or a betting system. The important thing is to choose the field of interest. We all have more enthusiasm when we work in the fields we are privately interested as well. Therefore, you will find many blackjack experts among people who possess analytical minds. Or simply, love pragmatic systems and are good with numbers.

Sports betting, on the other hand, is for dedicated fans. If you are a true lover of a certain game, the chances are you will have all side information that can be crucial – although it may not seem that way.

Myth: You Cannot Beat the Slot Machines in the Long Run

Well, most of our players are live examples of the possibility of winning the slots. It is a common misconception to wait for a jackpot that has not appeared for a certain period of time, and then play. People win money playing slots all the time. The math behind the slots is based on algorithms that are a bit more complicated than simply making the time gap between two wins.

Moreover, there is a constant giveaway of free spins at our casino, which makes the game even more interesting. It enables you to win significant amounts by simply keeping track of what is going on at our site or blog.

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