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We’ve got used to a pandemic by now, I have to admit. Staying at home, however boring it may be, has some advantages. I promised myself to exercise more frequently. God knows I need it. I am still struggling with that promise. Many of my friends decided to eat healthier, spend more time with their families, watch movies they skipped in the past, and so on. However, I recently took a glance at the spending habits of Americans during the pandemic. Needless to say, I stumbled upon some crazy stuff. Here are the three things people are buying like crazy during pandemic.


I guess there are many people who made the same promise to themselves like I did. I hear you, people and give you two thumbs up to succeed!

According to the New York Times article the sales of clothes in general  fell 79% in April. At the same time, the sales of sweatpants increased 80%! The article also mentions the intriguing case of Scott Sternberg, a fashion designer and his brand “Entireworld”. Namely, the lucky brand was one of the few to see the sales increase to a staggering 662%! It happened in the first month of a pandemic. And their top item was – you guessed it: sweatpants!

Without the wish to go into details of how “Entireworld” managed to do this (although this is an interesting story), the bottom line is that people recognized the need to dress differently. And somehow, sweatpants found the way to three things people are buying the most.

Bread Machines & Yeast

Once you pull on those sweatpants, you might as well bake your own bread before you go out for the morning jog. If you manage to find the yeast, that is.

Apparently, the sales of bread machines in just three days in mid-April increased four times. This is according to the NPD Group, a market-research company. On the other hand, the sales of yeast went up to an unimaginable 647% at the end of March 2020., according to Nielsen.

The question that remains open is whether the people actually felt the need to eat healthier in general? Or if making your own food is a way to avoid getting infected? Both is OK, of course. Moreover, it was logical to assume that food would be among top three things people are buying in crisis. What I am trying to say is that there are some habits that we develop in times like this one that we should consider keeping afterwards. They should become part of our lifestyle.  At least from time to time, as we have to think about our local bakeries and other small businesses as well.

Nail Kits

Now, this one came as a surprise. I realize that we, women should avoid going to public places now to get our nails done. However, I did not expect the sale of DIY nail kits to go through the roof. There was, reportedly a 431% increase in the consumer interest in nail kits, according to Nielsen.

It can be therapeutic, I know. Making sure your nails are perfectly done, regardless of what you do. Baking bread or jogging, or simply working from home. Mixing colors, creating new designs, getting inspired by DIYs on Instagram. Nevertheless, I admit I have never learned how to do it myself. I applaud to all of those brave women among you who manage to do professional manicure by themselves!

It is a fun fact that among many other items that started selling at high speed during a pandemic were also bidets, due to toilet paper shortages. And, guns – due to… who knows what.

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