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Big Santa Gives Away Free Spins

By November 24, 2021December 2nd, 2021216 Comments

As announced the other day, Big Santa is finally here, ready to give away presents, and he is ready to start with some free spins. As of today, the game is available for playing at crypto casino Brango. We bet you can hardly wait to get your hand in the gift bag in search of your gift. We invite you to start here, by winning 30 free spins. Play the game, write the Big Santa slot review in the comments below and grab the spins!

Big Santa in Focus

In case you missed the announcement, here is the sum up. What you have before you is a 5-reels and 25-paylines slot with the maximum payout of 50,000x the bet.

The Big Santa slot is a highly volatile game, so brace yourself with patience in order to hit bigger wins which are worth the efforts. When playing the slot, focus on the gift bags and keep collecting the coins.

Up to 20 Free Games provide for Xmas fun in the company of Mrs. Claus, Elves, Rudolph, Christmas Treats, and more.

Your Task

As usual, your task includes writing a brief review. However, kindly note that it should consist of more than 20 words in order to qualify for the free spins. Otherwise, your comment will not be published.

You have the liberty to write down your impressions, good or bad.  Let us know about the overall experience and your favorite aspect of the game. We would also like to know if there is anything you disliked. Would you recommend it to someone? Will you be playing it again?

Terms of the Promotion

  • The promotion is available only for depositors.
  • The review should consist of more than 20 words in order to qualify for the free spins reward and to be published on the blog.
  • This promotion is good for playing non-progressive slots only (excluding RTG777)
  • No two free money promotions available between deposits.
  • The last day of the promotion is December 1st, 2021, after which we will start processing the 30 free spins reward, i.e. starting from December 2nd, 2021.
  • Eligibility terms should be fulfilled by December 8th, 2021, at the latest, which is also the deadline for all the spins to be processed.
  • Promotion may only be claimed once per person/account/household/IP Address.
  • Free Spin winnings must be wagered 45x before a withdrawal can be made.
  • The maximum cash-out is set to $/€ 50.
  • Withdrawals may only be processed after your account has been verified. If a deposit was never made, a “Verification Deposit” will be required prior to any withdrawal.
  • All bonuses are subject to the Bonus and Promotions section of our Terms of Service.
  • In the interests of fair gaming, wagering more than $/€/AUD 10 per spin while playing any of our non-progressive slot games will result in all winnings being void while playing the bonus in question.



  • Elizabeth Morris says:

    Lizzie1270. I just completed my post but didn’t add my user name. I am not a fan of this slot as all. Did not win anything never even saw a free spin or any bonus round. So from my point of view it was not one of my favorites.

  • Brandy Vasquez says:

    One of the best games added so far no matter what the amount you win u r always a winner while playing at amino brango try out BUG SANTA FOR A AWESOME GAME !!

  • Brett vanbuskirk says:

    Big Santa is a great game for all of us players during this year’s holidays season. If you want some good fun and holiday cheer, then pick this game. Love casino brango, keep doing what y’all are doing

  • Christ344y says:

    I think this is a solid take on a holiday slot. We all enjoy the seasonal slots to give the holiday that extra chase. What we don’t want is a Santa that puts a coal in your striking. Thankfully this one delivers some nice rewards thus far. Decent payouts, solid game design and fun graphics. Enjoy!

  • Cory Cosens says:

    Big Santa is a really exciting new game that will definitely make my regular rotation of slots that I like to play on Brango!

  • Abs says:

    I have had the chance to try out big Santa. With what seem to be a very high volatility it will sure become a big hit. It’s like the long wait all year for Christmas.

  • DSG85III says:

    This new game is perfect for the holiday season. The Christmas theme is right on time and the game is fun to play. With plenty of wilds your sure to get a big win on any spin.

  • Jermfrogg says:

    I haven’t really had the chance to play it much but already I can see it has potential to pay big without costing you big first. Another good game for BRANGO! 💪

  • Deante K says:

    Big Santa is a good addition for the holiday season. I love the excitement of not knowing if the big wilds are gonna pop up.

  • Amanda Kicker says:

    i played this game with 10 free spins and hit the bonus round twice so 25 xtra spins and won 128$! played for like an hr and a half! really exciting game

  • David Derviskadic says:

    Great job Brango another awesome way to win provided by my favorite family of Casinos, thanks for the free spins around this time of giving hopefully with a big win I’ll be giving too.

  • lorenzo says:

    the big santa slot.. i tought i would see no bigger game than couple on the casino.. but the santa slot blows me away.. what a great game

  • Ronald Klotzer says:

    Tried the game and didn’t like it at all. Low payouts, very few wins, just a money pit. Never got any bonus or free spins or much of anything from this slot.

  • Sarah says:

    The new Christmas slot Big santa pays super generously, the feature is fun and the graphics are good. Will defs play again

  • Jesussa says:

    Brango has come up wit another one of my favorites now lol this is a fun game and pays out well I love the graphics up to the different looking designs it’s amazing 😻 I definitely will continue to play this game as long as it keeps giving me winning vibes 🤝 thanks

  • Ezra says:

    I’ve played it and haven’t had much luck. So far it seems like small wins and when I’ve won the free spins bonus I still have.gotten nothing so it all .kght just be bad luck fore.. but we’ll see.

  • Autumn Blevins says:

    Seems to be a hit game. Hard to get the bonuses though to line up. When you do get the money bags in does give you 20 free spin games to play, which is nice considering most casino games I have played usually only go to five to ten Max! Good luck fellow players.

  • Valerie Buckley says:

    I Think That brango has great games and there always giving free spins that’s a plus always like free spins in new games

  • Kyle5204 says:

    So far so good I’ve been playing for a few months now and with this casino I have never experienced anything even close to the horror stories you hear regarding other casinos online. They have honored every single transaction Which is the most important factor to me. Secondly, the speedy cash out process is awesome; it is one of the reasons I keep going back. Keep up the good work!!

  • Michelle Shipe says:

    I tried Big Santa. I liked it even though I didnt win big. I’m excited to see what these 30 free spins could win me though. I love playing at Brango Casino.

  • Michelle Shipe says:

    I played Big Santa. It was fun but I didn’t really win big. That’s okay I love playing at Brango casino and I’m excited to see what these 30 free spins bring.

  • Felicia Askey says:

    Good day to all!! Big Santa on Casinobrango is my new go to game. It is the bomb! The wilds the free spins are exciting to hit!!

  • Jack says:

    This site has been good it has great promotions and great play and huge secltion for games I highly recommend this site for any one who love to play slots

  • Anyssa M Salazar says:

    I love this online casino game.. it always gives away free spins for new games all the time I love it

  • Marilyn Brooks says:

    This is the first good online game i played in a long time. It’s legit not real hard to make a deposit and don’t have to worry about any scams.

  • Brendon Swartout says:

    Who doesn’t want to get ready for Xmas by playing big Santa and hope to win big money?! Sounds like a win win to me!

  • Steven Burleson says:

    Seems to be a very exciting looking slot for the holiday seasons. I can’t say I know much about it because I really only played it on free play but seeing as how there’s not supposed to be much of a difference between playing the real slot machine and free play I’d say this is definitely a slot machine worth checking out. I can’t give a thorough review on it what I can say is it does definitely looking at interesting 🙂

  • stephanie flint says:

    I enjoy all the different varieties of the games they have to offer Im giving them 5 stars love playing thank you

  • akduck88 says:

    I really do like this game and this is fresh and feels like I’m playing in the live casino. I look forward to hitting the feature in this.

  • Alexander King says:

    The new Santa game is pretty neat it seems kind of hard to get a bonus. I didn’t really win anything on it this morning when I played it. Seems like the bonuses are a little harder to hit but I’m sure when they hit the hit pretty good so all in all I’m ready play little more but it ain’t too bad

  • Anthony White says:

    This is the best online casino game I have played yet I would recommend playing it is the fairest on slots an fun dealers so what are you waiting for start playing now

  • Thomas says:

    Well I haven’t yet Played the Game… But Brango is one of Two RTG Casinos that I Genuinely Trust and Are Industry innovators. Instant Withdrawals should Be a Standard on All Crypto Casinos. That should go without saying. Unfortunately that isn’t the Case… But thankfully Brango isn’t One of those other Sites that Pick apart your play looking for any little excuse not to pay… Thank You Brango

  • jessica nape says:

    This slot seems OKAY. I didnt win anything substantial on my first try but willing to give it a second chance with these free spins 🙂

  • Smyles328 says:

    Hello! I love all the Christmas games. I especially like Big Santa however, because of the multiplier in the free spins, and I just like the style of this game with the bigger character blocks. Fun to play, frustrating to lose. 🙂 love casino brango though.

  • Ricky Drew says:

    The Big Santa Slots game is a fun and fast sure fire money maker, It hit so many times and so many ways, plus it’s Christmas and I happen to love Christmas!
    Yall should play it

  • Gregory DiToro says:

    Cool machine, keep bringing more fun games … Not sure why when I submit this its telling me that I am commenting too fast though lol


  • Joann says:

    Big Santa is fun to play just like all the latest slots at Brango. The graphics are bold and it threw off fairly decent wins while I played for the short amount trying it out. Can’t wait to play more and hopefully be one of the the first big jackpots on Big Santa!

    Username: JoJoMB

  • Alex Croll says:

    After trying this game out I was disappointed. The lines mixed with the huge icons equaled not many wins… Never hit bonus or any profit.

  • Lisa Rafico says:

    Love playing the fun slots fast payout.
    Always has free spins and bonus codes.
    Hoping to get a big win this holiday season

  • Devin says:

    What a awesome game! I’ve been playing it all morning, hoping to win big with these free spins! Casino Brango is the casino
    to go to.

  • Rocco abbondandolo says:

    I like this game for the simple fact that it has the expanding wild which expands from left to right instead of just up n down which can equal some decent wins… Rocco636

  • Brody Miller says:

    Big Santa is finally here! I can’t wait to continue playing this game through the holidays. It puts you in that spirit and gives that warm feeling when playing

  • Christopher Castaneda says:

    I played it this morning, and fell in love! It’s so cute and just in time for the holiday season. The fun colors and sounds make it a festive slot I would recommend others to try out.

  • JOEY M CHARD says:

    This casino is absolutely awesome! I play it all the time! You can cash out instantly! The support is spot on! I love this casino

  • Brody Miller says:

    Ive waited for Big Santa Slot and it’s everything I’m looking for to put me into the spirit of Christmas and gives me the chance to nice Christmas. I urge everyone to give it try at Brango!

  • mike weist says:

    This is a great game with lots of prizes and bonuses that you can win overall I would give it a 10 out of 10 this is a great game

  • Brian sonnenblick says:

    Big Santa brings all the holiday joy right into a 5 reel slot that keeps you wanting to play for more. Good art design to possible big buck features. Give it a peppermint whirl. You might just like it for your one spot stop to sit and spin the reels


  • Lucky says:

    The game was good, great theme, and graphics. Enjoyed the free spins and bonuses. Overall, I would play the game more and definitely would recommend it to family and friends. Great job Brango. LUXz304

  • Olivia Carroll says:

    I love it when a new game comes out and “big santa” is not a disappointment. Leaves me on the edge of my seat with anticipation of a big win and is very festive at the same time, thanks casino brango for keeping it fun all day!

  • John A Mix says:

    I think that Brango is one of the best casinos that I have visited . Amazing games and awesome bonus featchers. Keep up with the great rewards. Thank you

  • Jimcar12 says:

    I really like this game! I played a few rounds and hit the free spins trigger. Very cute and I plan on playing some more when I get my free spins!

  • Felicia says:

    Big Santa is my Big go to game!! The free spins the wilds!! Holy reindeer!! Go give it a spin!! Merry Christmas!

  • Vincent Nicholas Dizeo says:

    Free spins and a new game I have a Moto

    If it’s for free it’s for me it’s a gift for us to play on the house thanks again for everything this game is awesome

  • Dustybo1 says:

    Big santa was a very exciting game to play it was packed with bonuses and fun features. It had many ways to win a lot of money I was very pleased with this game and can’t wait to play again.

  • Richard Washington says:

    Big Santa Is one of Brangos most interesting and fun slots I have encountered so far. Very interactive, amazing bonuses, and a great addition for the coming Christmas season. KEEP THE GREAT GAMES COMIING!!!

  • Yules Giraldo says:

    Honestly this game is perfect for the holidays! The characters are super cute and the payout is great!
    The downside is getting the free games! It’s a bit challenging but I bet if you get it. The payout can be huge! One can only dream! Happy Holidays!give this slot a try! It’ll be so much fun!
    – YulesCasino

  • Yazz Beaulieu says:

    Now that I have actually taking the time to play this online casino game I find that I love it it’s an amazing game and you can withdraw real money I am going to continue to play these games that biranh.o has provided for us

  • Eric dees says:

    Really great online casino with great bonuses an give aways I really recommend u to check it out u won’t regret it.i love it so stop waiting an try it.

  • Heather says:

    I love your games and the promos and giveaways are fantastic. Best casino online gaming platform I’ve joined so far keep up the awesome free spins and amazing customer support.

  • Joefry123 says:

    Love the game. big Santa is awesome. good bonuses. good game. Really fun to play . i recommend trying it out

  • Dion J Dawson says:

    As always Brango hit it out of the park with this months new slot. The best online Casio always makes good. Brango makes going to the casino a thing of the past when staying at home playing better slots not only makes me money but makes it comfortable doing it.

  • Jamaul says:

    The casino is excellent and lots of free spins and bonuses as well as low affordable deposit and the chance at receiving good extravaganza pay outs

  • Forest Woltman says:

    Christmas time slots are the kitties titties at brango casino this new Santa slot the wins are a go go! Love the large slot icons and free spins a plenty!!

  • Chase says:

    What can I say, this game came just in time for the holidays. For me personally it’s the bright colours and the frequency of the prize pay outs. By far the most engaging game that has been released in the past few months in this site.

  • Phayrath southam says:

    Tis the season to be winning big and this is the game to play. You want to win j suggest you play this slot. Merry Christmas band seasoning greeting everyone.

  • Dion J Dawson says:

    Why to toa brink and mortar casino when Brango gives you the best quality of games and let’s u save money to be able to spend more while sitting at home. Brango always had awesome games and is no different this month with there game of the month. Thank you again Brango for doing it right the first time

  • Tim says:

    Brango steps in and gives you your Bitcoin/ crypto withdrawal within one hour, well mine was 10 minutes. YES! TEN LITTLE MINUTES, IT WAS IN MY CRYPTO WALLET AND TRANSFERED INTO MY BANK 10 MINUTES.Great service, #1 online casino fastest payout and no catches they are legit and awesome

  • Cameron puckett says:

    I think k these games are fun but I have yet to get laid today so I don’t y want to waste my time aying games instead of getting phssey

  • Christina porterfield says:

    Christmas is just around the corner, and Brango Casino is coming to town with New slots,promotions and bonuses. Win big join the Brango Casino.
    Christina Porterfield

  • Dale youngblood says:

    Big Santa is fun reminds me almost like spring wilds nice payouts and lots of wilds good game overall gotta try once

  • Leanne Jones says:

    I really enjoyed the new game Big Santa. And I love the wilds on there as well. This is a must play game if you haven’t played yet. Great job adding Big Santa.

  • Timothy kuhn says:

    I like playing on Durango casinos and like all the fast slots they have on it it wouldn’t let anybody else to play

  • Rskye1982 / shafer82 says:

    Also can I get my spins from the last review I never received them and have got the run around all week also emailed you guys a couple times ,also did not get the from extreme either,I have a screen shot of both reviews if you need them but there posted on both sites

  • Jayson Ichiki says:

    This is a great casino for online roulette gambling, fast bitcoin withdraw , could use better promos for depositing players but other than that it is a good place to play

  • Gary D Knox says:

    BRANGO Casino is a great place to play a your favorite games from slots to table game bets and much more!!! They have great promotions and are always offering some of the best payouts in the industry.I think out of all the one line sites BRANGO Is second to none

  • Timothy kuhn says:

    I like mango casinos I like playing all their slot machines and appreciate all the freebies and promotions that I get in my emails and when invite anybody to play on this that’s very nice to play

  • Anthony Dobyne says:

    I need 2 win love 2 play hope to bethe next big winner dat take it all wit me home coming for it now

  • James Brown says:

    This game is cool and stress free. I would advise people to play it day or night i give it a five star rating

  • Alicia Delaney says:

    Big Santa,crypto casino Brango, loving it, it’s exciting, festive, cute and big winning potential, I’ll be singing Christmas carols, while playing big Santa through Christmas till next year’s…all the way to the bank to cash out the big one Santa left me and the family 🙂

  • Terrance Beaulieu says:

    I really enjoy playing on this online casino website.This new game is also very well with pay outs I would love to win big!!

  • 806reg says:

    Big Santa is awesome it is the best game added in quite a while I plan to winning slot on this one

  • Alicia Delaney says:

    Big Santa, big fun!! Cute, festive, exciting, I’ll been playing this from now through Xmas till next year, big winning potential, Santa hook me up big so I can hook the rest of the family up for Christmas too

  • matt65557 says:

    its an ok game so far i didnt play it a whole lot yet but i will play it some more. from what i did play the game seems to be fun idk about any features i didnt get any free spins or anything.

  • Johnny Johnson says:

    Man I play bring a lot of time quick and easy deposits quick and easy withdrawals they always got free spins and promotions offers to keep things interesting if you’re looking to play at a fun casino Brango is doing

  • Larry Hur says:

    I thought the game played extremely well and actually would consider playing in the future. So I recommend fellow Brango players to give the game a chance who knows mite just get that Christmas spin to reign in the New Years with bigger bank account.

  • Felicia G says:

    I really like the graphics and the good feeling of being in the casino. Being that 8 haven’t been in a while. 8 give this game rating of 10.

  • Honey Tuli says:

    I love this game is so awesome and nice to know that you can win money without putting anything in

  • Brandy Rowe says:

    I haven’t played yet but I love the boys features and free spins. Excited to try this new holiday game.

  • Theresa says:

    Casino Brango has multiple games that peaks your Interest and keeps you entertained as well as fast efficient deposits and withdraws.

  • Sherry says:

    Didn’t get to delve too deep into the game. Can’t wait to redeem my free spins and see what the game really can pop out as far as well.


  • Kristen L Blakeney says:

    I really enjoyed this game. It started kinda slow at first but once it got going it really got fun! The pay outs were great and the feature was fun for sure! Thanks for the fun games!

  • Robert Collier says:

    One of my favorite casinos, Fair games fast payouts and very reasonable playthroughs on free spins perhaps my favorite part cryptocurrency deposits/withdrawals although would be nice to choose different withdrawal methods then what was used to deposit i can live without that

  • Carolyn92052 says:

    This game seems really fun! I got a chance to play a few spins and I really want to play more! Can I get those free spins please? Lol

  • Amanda says:

    It’s a very nice slot a bunch of details and Free spins are amazing I love that bet ratio it’s good all out great slot good job guys

  • Megan says:

    I really enjoyed the Santa slot! It’s so adorable and festive I didn’t get the free spin feature but can’t wait till I do! It really gives Christmas vibes a new meaning and hopefully the Christmas presents we could buy with the big wins off it will make us all feel jolly!

  • Vickie M Anderson says:

    I enjoyed the game although I seldom. Hit the free spin bonus and the wins were few and far between and unless my bet 2as pretty high the payout was small

  • Cody says:

    The very first spin I took on the practice version of this slot hit a whole square of Mrs clauses for 625$ I really like the layout of this game so far looking forward to seeing all it has to offer.good luck everyone

  • huynhthai says:

    I love all game slots about Christmas day and Big Santa is one of them . In this new game , design so cute with suprise gifts during playing game . Can’t wait for getting giveaway free spins and enjoy winnings on it .
    username : huynhthai

  • Kayla says:

    I had a lot of success with the game big santa and was surprised at how much I won just in a few minutes. Plus it was really colorful and festive. Brango is one of my favorite casinos because they have a huge selection of games, it’s easy to verify and easy to win.

  • Jacob E Jarrell says:

    I like cousio brabgo it’s one if the one games that’s like a real cousins. Playing the slots is as close to the real thing as u can get.. it’s by far the best slot game.. and they give u a chance for free spins and free game play more than any game..

  • Raymond G Cranmer says:

    I love this place great selection of games I try to play as much as I can but most of the time I can only play like 30 year 40 bucks don’t have a whole lot of money but I recommend it to my friends and give it a 5-star thumbs up

  • Claudia Scarbrough says:

    I am so excited about the new slots game big Santa. I cannot wait to play it and hopefully have some love and cheer brought to me and maybe even a little moolah!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone gobble gobble!!+

  • James Hedrick says:

    I love the new graphics and playing games that coincide with the time of year…the BIG Santa slots have been very good to me this year, so far have gotten out more than I put in…the bonus spins are really fun and exciting to watch, even if you don’t win its a good time…looking forward to spending more money…it well worth the time

  • tina holdaway says:

    i watched my boyfriend play big Santa and it was awesome! it seemed he could not lose so naturally I wanted in on this new game but unfortunately I was not as lucky.
    I received one round of free spins out of 40$ thar went fast. it is a fun game tho, especially to those lucky ones 😅
    good luck everyone

  • hanvien75 says:

    Big Santa is one of the best ways to kick off the festive season with BIG wins up for grabs. Many ways to winnings , look so beautiful design
    username : hanvien75

  • Heather Yandeau says:

    I liked the speed of Big Santa. Just fast enough it was exciting but not impossible to follow. Challenging and fun.

  • Tripledubs98 says:

    This is a fun and merry slot and alleles can produce some big win as well. It has a little bit of everything with tons of shiny reindeer wilds and connecting reels as well as changing multipliers in the free game feature
    , which when combined with the wilds, can be very exciting. The snowstorms and overall holiday theme makes for a fun and lucrative spin!!! Overall unique and fun for the Holiday senson, happy holidays and good luck everyone

  • Kenny Stroops says:

    Casino Brango has met & exceeded my expectations that I require via my gaming needs. I am a bit concerned with the whole pay out process though. They claim to have extremely fast cash outs ( which may be true) I have sent in the required Identification for other casinos & even passed the verification process, for other online casinos & tried to cash out and have ran into more problems. I have faith in Brango; that the cash out verification is painfree. Thanks, I can’t wait for those 30FS! HAPPY NEW YEAR! CHEERS

  • billy Laliberte says:

    Very great game to play.. just in time for the holidays as well with this game.. i encourage everyone to try…….. thamks casino brango!!!!!!!!

  • Natalya I Ryko says:

    Very cool game
    I love all day free spins that I get when the new games come out and most of the time you don’t have to make a deposit to get the free spins I recommend this game to anybody that likes to play

  • Heather McLemore says:

    I love this new game. I love the holidays and it gets me in the holiday spirit. I’ll definitely be playing this game rest of the holidays.

  • Dylan Thomas says:

    I like the games an the variety of different providers that this casino holds. What lured me in was the free chip but after that I love the casino this is my only one now

  • Terra Ogan says:

    I love this game! They have the best slots! I can’t get enough, I keep coming back for those big wins! I feel like a winner everytime I play!

  • Keneshia Gray says:

    I really love this game. It’s time consuming and a great way to pass some time. I reccomend everyone to at least try it once

  • Brandon frailey says:

    Awesome website been playing for a while cool games awesome promotions and a good chance to win real money overall great fun filled experience at the comfort of home

  • Richard Yarwood says:

    The new big Santa game is a ton of fun.I would highly recommend it.Way to go,this game is amazing and great! I really had a good time playing it.

  • Axel says:

    This game is so awesome! I hope that it will bring me alot of luck since i am on a loos-streak. Thank you so much

  • Adam Pherigo says:

    Love this casino and love the games always good fun and great promotions keep coming back for more fun thanks again guys you are really awesome

  • Kaylee says:

    Haven’t had any big wins yet so it’s not my fave however had friends who love it will keep an eye on this one

  • Brian Moore says:

    I have to say out of many online casinos is lancasinos prango is by far the best and I love the new game they have released big santa I’ve had nothing but big wins from this game lazy if I was I’d love if I was a little kid a game sitting on santa’s knee

  • Drew K Robinson says:

    I love this game. The bonus is enjoyable and gives me an adrenaline rush everytime i hit it. The graphics keep me attentive the entire time during gameplay. I’d easily rate this 10/10.

  • Adam M Swinney says:

    Big santa is a awesome game super great bonuses. Big jackpots ,wilds and speak features. Is one of my new favorite games super awesome for real

  • Crystal says:

    I love this website ! Lots of fun, but be careful it’s also highly addictive! I love the chat features , support is wonderful, the also have an abundance of promotions which you win free games. GOOD LUCK 2 YOU ALL!

  • Nick says:

    I have to say that I like the fact in the free spins feature every time you win that it randomly selects a win multiplier. Also I like the graphics of the game and how the reels aren’t as normal reels are.

  • John Gray says:

    I really enjoyed playing Big Santa Slots. During my free spins bonus round I hit 5 free spins symbols which was a nice 5 of a kind along with 20 more bonus spins. This Big Santa will definitely become one of my regularly played slots.


    Big Santa seems like a fun new game to play at brango casino, relax the day away with big Santa and try for a big win

  • Kimberlea Jean Becklund says:

    I believe this hame is the most popular thing to do in the world 🌎 and the kids are very important to us 🇺🇸 and we are back in school work and get them back on track for next year 💪

  • Stephen Milton says:

    Here is my Big Santa Slot review ,I decided to use a $20 freechip on this slot and found out this game has high volitilty. Quickly brought me down to $8 then had a single min bet spin win for $10 then quickly down to $5 where I landed 10 freespins the bonus round has a random multiplier for ever spin but the problem is it’s high vol so good luck hitting anything I only won .80 cents in those ten spins then it took the rest of my money
    . Over all I was not impressed with this slot it was not as fun as other games actually quite boring . But might give it another try

  • Drew K Robinson says:

    In my opinion by far the best gameplay. The bonus is very exciting and gives me an adrenaline rush everytime i hit it.

  • Kmmk86 says:

    Pretty good game overall it seems like it took me up and down and up and down. Easy to get lost in playing and end up at $0. But pretty fun game with decent payouts.

  • Desiree Morriseau says:

    Thank you Santa for the free spins!! This blog should be proof of the possible winnings you could get playing the casino games here at Brango. Its sad there is so many scams out there but the fact you receive 50 free spins without deposit just shows that this place actually pays out when you win!! Real money and real wins when your luck is right!! Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

  • Kendra says:

    I truly enjoyed this game. I only wish i had actually won the money that I “won”. I got up to 700 bucks but had the play through bonus issue….. My username is kendravonda43

  • Josh Wieck says:

    It’s a good game for the time I played. Not a lot of action but I did only play for about 40 spins. Thanks for letting us play the game.

  • Megan Hicks says:

    The new game Big Santa is perfect for the upcoming holidays. I love the features. And the way some of the pics are huge it makes winning worthwhile when you hit. It is a new favorite slot of mine on Casino Brango. USERNAME 793club

  • Gregory says:

    I like this game it has a lot of different variations and chances to win. I think I’ll be putting this one in the favs.

  • Brian C Jesse says:

    I have enjoied this game very much lots of free spins and games payout could br better but cant really complain i have lotsbof fun playing

  • Brian says:

    Big Santa is a wonderful slot with cool features. Just in time for the Holidays and to help me build my balance for future withdrawals here. Absolutely love this game. Can’t wait to play it again!!!

  • jamiedpowell says:

    username jamiedpowell
    awesome santa game! in 4 spins i won $50 and i like the multiplier feature in free games as well as the big symbols

  • Shawn Polan says:

    Username: unSTPbl
    Big Santa Review
    I received the 100 spins and gave them a go. I enjoy slots for the most part, and I understand the seasonal theme for this particular slot but I didn’t particularly care too much for it. I believe my results are probably better than average I think I made $18 off of the free 100, .25 cents spins.
    I did manage to hit the bonus and received 10 free spin spin and in the bonus round you get a random multiplier 2x,3x, 4x,5 xwhich is nice but , reels seem stiff. Just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean you won’t give it a go.

  • Alvanna Oliphant says:

    Big santa is a great game I loved the Mega wild symbol with Rudolph leading the way to big wins. The stacked characters were great when they were all together. But if not there are a major blockage that stop the little wins that keep me going. Only thing I didn’t like about it other wise with the wild multipliers for free spins. I’m really going to enjoy this x Mas with brango

  • Jorge Benitez says:

    I had the chance to try out this new slot this morning, I liked how it randomly gives you a big wild or another symbol covering a few reels which can equal to a big pay. I also like the free spin bonus multiplier it is totally random but if matched with a big wild and a decent line hit that multiplier can pay big. I played on the lowest bet but I can’t wait to try it with a higher bet and see how the pay out is!

    Username: Jbenite14

  • Chase Lohmeyer says:

    I’ve enjoyed the game so far, it seems to hit pretty often. I do notice some people are having trouble playing it on decent phones, so it seems to be a little heavy on the GPU side, or possibly hard coded, you should use more functions.

  • Paige Graves says:

    I really enjoyed playing Big Santa Slots. During my free spins bonus round I hit 5 free spins symbols which was a nice 5 of a kind along with 20 more bonus spins. This Big Santa will definitely become one of my regularly played slots.

  • Faith green says:

    Brango is my favorite casino new santa game amazing perfect for holidays always excited to see what is next can only imagine something awesome gor the new year way to rock it

  • dustybo1 says:

    I was thrilled that the new slot was finally here until I played it. I love casino brango but after playing this new slot I was not very enthusiastic about it anymore. I expected another more and the wins did not come often enough and the payout was not very great either.

  • Daniel Pritchett says:

    It’s a fun game.. I’ve only played it twice the first time was horrible had 1 win and I won 1$ never saw a free spins or anything no bonus
    The second time I did pretty well, still no free spins or bonus
    I just got lucky and hit 5 straight with the big box
    Give it try you maybe the person who does well and gets a good win
    Happy thanksgiving y’all

  • Jeremy judd says:

    This is a super fun game it keeps you on your toes and guessing and the wind are amazing I love it

  • David Shank says:

    I really like how I would drop a big card covering 4 slots but as you guys said it would it took to many spins to win and I didn’t hit big at all. Even if the win aren’t as big you should make them more common

  • Armando R Castillo says:

    i liked the new game as far as the graphics were concerned it was awesome. I wasnt to impressed with the bonus feature I was hoping for something a little more fun. It seems like it will do good for the holiday season…I really hope it does.

  • Jack Cone III says:

    Loved the theme, obviously because it’s that time of year and I love Christmas. It’s very similar to Epic Holiday Party, which I happen to love. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to warm up to this year’s newest holiday slot. It isn’t quite as refined asthetically and I couldn’t help but feel as though the creation and release of Big Santa were both a bit rushed. On top of that, the feature differences from that of Epic Holiday Party appear to be toned down in winning potential and the “random multiplier (capped at 5x)” didn’t provide the excitement or belief that a big-win was possible in the same way that Epic Holiday Party was able to do, in my opinion. As much as I wanted to enjoy Big Santa, I simply didn’t and I’m disappointed to say that I would NOT recommend this slot. It doesn’t provide anything unique that can’t be found in Epic Holiday Party, or various other Christmas-themed slots out there.

  • Deborah Masucci says:


  • Peter Jaremko says:

    The new big Santa game is a ton of fun.I would highly recommend it.Way to go,this game is amazing and great! I really had a good time playing it. I really enjoy the fast payouts and big slot wins

  • Tyamorrison says:

    Been a very fun slot machine. I play this all day and all night and 8e u get n3n I I hope that more games come out like this one. S9 I can 0lqy rh8awnekeeps me away from real u22

  • Ashley white says:

    Name Chonka27

    It’s a great addition to the casino .. it was a little different. Something new to play. I actually like it I won but then lost but it was entertaining

  • Brandi Rooksberry says:

    Its okay but i feel like as soon as you get close to completing the wagering requirements you stop winning enough at the games til your at $0 balance

  • Kalidoss Balasubramanian says:

    BIG SANTA FOR A AWESOME GAME one of best game I saw in this season. casino BRANGO is promoted more slots games, big Santa is the best free spins are much better, but the free spins is less,totally it’s a good slot game

  • Casey says:

    I think big Santa is an excellent addition to the casino and I had a great experience playing upon his release yesterday can’t wait to continue playing through the holidays!

  • Matt Bruffett says:

    Big Santa is a high volatile game and very streaky! If you will stay with it your bound to hit a big win. Noticed I would win 3-4 times really quickly and then long streaks of nothing. All in all it’s a good game and putting me in the holiday mood!

  • Darryl says:

    The new big Santa game is a ton of fun.I I really like this game it has a lot of different variations and chances to win. I highly recommend it. Way to go, this game is amazing and great! I really had a good time playing it. I really enjoy the fast payouts and big slot wins

  • James says:

    I spent a couple of hours playing this game today. The possibility of hitting a big win by placing a .25 cents per spin are great. At one point I won 49.50 during my bonus free spins I was awarded while playing the game. The best part is the amount of ways you can win while playing Big Santa.

  • Eleanor Aguila says:

    I am usually not into Santa games or other kids kind of characters so I was skeptical to even try it but the 30 spins and the 100 spins to play he game sounds really good to me so here we go. The game is actually entertaining and for some reason it made me smile and I felt some happy while playing it. I smiled and enjoyed playing. I just wished that there are more bonuses but the with small amount of money that I started with I actually didn’t do bad because I hit the mega win several times. The graphics and the speed of the game is just perfect. Now this will be the first game that I will look when I log in again. Great job on this Santa App!

  • Brandon Mills says:

    The hits here are rather modest and be prepared to go a few bonus rounds with paltry winnings before you really see a big win. That being said the bonus rounds seem to come around alot more often and I even hit 5 free spin scatter symbols first day playing.!

  • Dakota gosser says:

    Big Santa is a great game for all of us players during this year’s holidays season. If you want some good fun and holiday cheer, then pick this game. Love casino brango, keep doing what y’all are doing

  • Darryl says:

    I’ve enjoyed the game so far, it seems to hit pretty often. I would highly recommend this game to everyone. Arrived just in time for the Holidays and to help me build my balance for future withdrawals here. Absolutely love this game. Can’t wait to play it again!!

  • Michelle Jones says:

    This casino has been a great time! They have a huge selection of games and many bonuses what’s not to love? The new Santa game is fun and I give this casino a big 10! Good luck everyone and may you be blessed! Thanks Brango Casino for all that you do! 😃

  • Umamageswari says:

    Username: popuma

    The new Santa game is pretty neat it seems kind of hard to get a bonus. I didn’t really win anything on it this morning when I played it. Seems like the bonuses are a little harder to hit but I’m sure when they hit the hit pretty good so all in all I’m ready play little more but it ain’t too bad, totally it’s a very good slot

  • Jeff says:

    This game was fun. The tiles change from smaller to larger Which enables you to win bigger. The free spins were frequent when I played. I would play this again. For sure.

  • Ezequiel luna says:

    Well I didn’t like it at all low payouts very few wins Never did get any bonus or free spins and when they gave out those free 100 spins I think I won like 13$ 🤦‍♂️.!!!

  • Faith says:

    THE NEW Santa SLOTS GAME. I don’t know yet. so far I lost my winnings playing the first time. BUT. that could change if I play to win. I wouldn’t trying it again? Santa best show me sum love and send it. my Christmas wish is to WIN a JACKPOT!!!!

  • jennifer cuevas says:

    I played the Big Santa Slot and thought it was good. The visuals are fun and very cheery..My spins landed a few times on the reindeer which are wild. I landed the 10 free spins feature too..Its very festive much more than the other christmas themed slots. This is one of the slots I will be playing again.

  • Coltin says:

    Big Santa is a great game I love the Christmas spirt it brings with the reigndeer and Santa clause and the elf and all the amazing things that the game provides I love it so much thank you Brango

  • Nicole C says:

    I like holiday themed slots as much as the next guy. I see it as a little break from the regular favorites. I like the way that the bonuses are setup but not a fan of the Ho Hum artwork and quickly lost interest.

  • Tomkin says:

    I enjoy this game so much I am a big fan of all things Christmas. I love Rudolph Mrs Claus and Santa but not so much the elf. The graphics bare on point the Christmas music is cute. My favorite thing about this game is the free spin feature with the multiplayer.

  • Gredis Martinez says:

    At Brango Casino Big Santa 🎅 Slots, for this 2021 Holidays. It’s amazing!! Getting to play online during the holidays and enjoying it’s theme is exciting. Hopefully I haven’t been too naughty and win a big surprise! And so for everyone as well! We deserve it Big Santa!! Let them big bucks fall like snow. HO Ho Ho! Happy holidays to everyone!!

  • Greg petty says:

    This is a fun game! New to this site and this was my first game. I am hooked! Lots of fun and cool layout too. I would recommend this game.

  • Kaitlin richard says:

    This new game is perfect for the holiday season and i really love the Christmas theme and graphics. The game is fun although i didn’t win anything off of it. It does give a lot of wilds. Hopefully hit soon enough atleast my moneys worth. Username Kaitlinp96

  • Joey Stock says:

    Big Santa is a great game for all of us players during this year’s holidays season. If you want some good fun and holiday cheer, then pick this game. Love casino brango, keep doing what y’all are doing
    By the way on my 5th spin I hit the bonus and won 75 dollars

  • Vanessa rasul says:

    Big Santa is such a fun game. It pays well for every win too. The animations is really cute. The bonus is just as exciting and is given often. I have no complaints with this game I would recommend it for sure.

  • mHudepohl17 says:

    The game was cool had a lot of fun the winnings were not the best but still I enjoyed the game. Can’t wait for the next one.

  • Anthony Agre says:

    It’s so much fun to play it takes me to another place… I love playing this game for real money is even more exiting… you have to try it…

  • Angelica Nutter says:

    I’m kind of a “Scrooge” around Christmas time, and I honestly don’t enjoy the hype but this slot was sweet and simple and just enough holiday fun to make me smile. The best part of this slot is the giant symbols that can fill up the reels, then there’s a gift from Casino Brango that doesn’t need fancy wrapping paper to make me feel all jolly and warm. Thanks again Casino Brango:)

  • Cody c says:

    I just wanted to start by saying that this casino rocks…..but the new Santa slot rocks even better the details and all I love it

  • Amanda says:

    Well to start off this comment by saying very well slot Santa’s slot is fun and free spins are nice as well I love BRANGO

  • Janice Bradshaw says:

    This game is like epic holiday in a way but I like it alot better many times I got the free spins at 15 free spins a cash out though but had fun


  • Francisco Rivera says:

    This game is the bomb did anyone win big? It was dim while it lasted anyways. Didn’t cash out from the 100 free spins but had a !!!


  • Robert C Lopes says:

    A pretty fun game to play and I highly recommend playing it. You will have fun and the bonus features are original and a blast.

  • Jason Coenen says:

    Name flopmyway

    This slot seems to be pretty taxing on the video hardware. I play on a Samsung mid-range device and it kept freezing to the point where I couldn’t play. I liked the big tiles though and the payouts that come with em. Overall not too bad of a game if it didn’t freeze up all the time.

  • Charles Mauldin says:

    The new Santa Game, Very nice game big wins no luck but fun to play love playing at Brango and extreme as much as I can.


  • Ashtyn vanblaricom says:

    I have had the chance to try out big Santa. With what seem to be a very high volatility it will sure become a big hit. It’s like the long wait all year for Christmas. Ashtynv96

  • Carolyn92052 says:

    I love this game! I have been able to win quite a bit playing! I really like the design and the free games trigger happens alot!

  • Jefflake says:

    I tried 400 spins on the new Big Santa slot and ended up about even using 2 dollar bets. The bonus was hard to get. Out of 400 spins I only hit it twice. Wilds were plenty but didn’t combine with much for wins. Probably won’t go back to it as I have better luck on other games.

  • Annie M Freudig says:


    Loving the new Big Santa game. The Choice variety on free spins is great incentive. The game induces the warm Spirit of Christmas and whether I win or not it will bring me much great happiness this year happy ho ho ho holiday!

  • Jimmy Underwood says:

    This casino is a lot of fun and it has been a long time since we had been in the middle of our conversation and we had a lot of good time and we are very excited to see the progress of your work

  • Ricardo says:

    This game is awesome. Definitely something new and what better time than with Christmas around the corner. 2 thumbs up


  • Kimico says:

    I’ve played The Big Santa Slot at a few of my favorite online casinos. And it was always fun. I definitely would recommend this game for anyone that want to get into the Xmas spirit and win some money at the same time.

  • Ra2377ven says:

    I think the reels are very smooth and the game is pleasing to the eye. I found it tough to get the bonus round much but still enjoyed playing. Stacked symbols are always a plus and I’m still learning much of the game.

  • jimgordon1978 says:

    Username: jimgordon1978

    Oh oh oh ! Finally a nice and innovative slot, here! Its theme is one of my favourite, especially in this period in year. I really enjoyed myself during my playing session recently, and I am sure it will become of of those I regularly will play. If you didn’t tried it yet, come on! You’ll find it amazing.

  • Jacob Hochstetler says:

    I have enjoyed playing big Santa game! The free spins are a lot of fun and it’s a good balance between winning and losing to keep it entertaining!

    Username Jake92

  • Kellie masters says:

    I think this game is cute but seems to be hard to win anything but a few cents or so . I honestly don’t think this is a game I will play a lot in the future it just seems kind of blah to me and not really that fun either .

  • Ryan McCart says:

    This game is decent when you hit the free spins feature there seems to be a good opportunity to make a fair return on your money spent playing but otherwise it seems to barely hit. Not my favorite but an overall enjoyable experience. 6/10

    Username: RyanIs2Dope

  • Chelsea says:

    Big santa is such an awesome game with super great bonuses. Big jackpots I love the most.. wilds and speak features. Its definitely one of my new favorite games to spin and win on!!

  • Jose Celis says:

    This big Santa gave is exciting! I started off not to well, the i hit the bonus. The bonus spins are great as well! They payour is great. This game is fun and is worth your time.

  • Andrew Fitzgerald says:

    Big Santa should be called big tease it always teases big wins but bonus is nothing special and way to difficult to trigger I state thos game play as ” not so much…”

  • Zachary Arthur says:

    Thank you for this wonderful game played on your online casino webpage. I usually play a lot on online gambling websites and seem to find this one that you all operate different from the other websites, and I am thankful it is something different to me. Keep up the good job and keep those reels still spinning.

  • Kate Randina says:

    Big Santa looks cute and the theme is relevant as it’s Christmas. Playing the game itself though was not so fun for me as I didn’t win anything at all and it’s no fun when you just straight lose.


  • Abelguad35 says:

    Big Santa is an awesome game that takes me back when I was a kid and how I love Christmas time I like what Brango is doing with these promos to get feedback from the players and throwing in free spins shoot you’ll have non stop comments coming in I enjoy the game cus it makes my 3 old dance and I get to spend some time with him .

  • Mohammad Aftabul Alam says:

    Big Santa is 25 payline slot. Where you can get minimum 10 free spins in trigger with maximum 5 times multiplier win and re trigger option. Random wild. Overall payout is average. In a ward it’s a nice game.

    Username: Aftabul

  • Michael A Heddon says:

    Love this game seems to be the only one thats been hitting any good winnings lately. Love the multiplier on the bonus games that helps get them big wins fast… Along with the multi space wilds that pop up. My user name is tonyheddon420.

  • jamiedpowell says:

    username jamiedpowell
    i love the new santa game ive reviewed it and played it and i love the big symbols that count for 2 or even 3 reels and the random multiplier in the bonus feature is awesome too. i like the game alot

  • Alex says:

    This is a great casino . Seems to be pretty fair and I can deposit and cash out almost instantly. I give it 4 out of 5 . Slots could be a little looser.

  • Marilyn Brooks says:

    This is a very good game. I would recommend anyone to play it. It’s legit not a scam like most games. I love playing this game i give it 5 star’s

  • Walter Hurtado says:

    I thought Big Santa was a cool slot. I like the free spins feature. When I spun on the free 100 spin that I got the other day, it got a few big wins. It was a great slot, can’t wait to spin the next 30 free spins on it. My username is Walter626. Thanks and have a great day.

  • Laura says:

    Super festive Christmas game and perfect for this casino! Love hitting the huge payouts and in the regular spins not even the bonus. Perfect slot for Christmas to release and get spin promos on!

  • Edgard Murillo says:

    I like the santa clause slot its graphics and win percentage is awesome only one thing is that when the reindeer try to complete your lines it sometimes can go on a bad streak of no completions other then that great potential for winnings

  • aniekan d udofa says:


    umm idunno maybe i need to play it more i didnt really like it didnt have any big wins or any wins matter of fact but maybe ill give it another shot and see what happens

  • phuc vong says:

    feature is not hard to trigger but didn’t win anything big from this slot yet. i need luck from 30 freespins