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Mountain Mystery, part 2

By December 12, 2022No Comments

Five friends, one of whom is a killer, gathered for a mountain climb expedition which turned into mountain mystery. This is the fiction story in 4 weekly sequels, told from the perspective of one of the team members, and any resemblance to the actual characters, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Find the code name hidden in the text as a misplaced word, copy/paste it in the Cashier and access the special Christmas free spins to which the below stated terms apply.

Mountain Mystery: The Climb

The morning of our climb has begun. Everyone was thrilled. You could have seen the enthusiasm on many faces that morning. But not on mine. I was stone cold. The very thought of relying on those people in the following days sent chills down my spine. There was nothing they could teach me to add value to my skills.

Strangely enough, we were on schedule. The climb took off and all I could think of was ending the first stage and setting up the tents. Eventually, Deion chose a perfect place to rest and take the needed break. We set up the tents with no difficulties, except the fact Ian and Sandra had almost an insignificant argument over their skills. Her energetic spirit dominated every step of the way and every challenge we faced. Okay, superwoman, we did not recognize you at the very start. Jesus!

Ian Opens Up

I suppose Ian felt a bit ashamed for not being able to win that argument. To be honest, I would also be mad if I were Ian. There is nothing gentleman-like in allowing an aggressive woman to win every argument, right? Show some dominance! – I thought to myself.

Either way, a cute thing happened that night, which I dare say – warmed my otherwise stone called heart. I squeezed in a tent with Ian, and we started talking. I tried to persuade him that he should man up.

-“No one likes snowflakes, no matter how NIGHT good they look or how resilient and physically strong they are. Eventually a woman just like Clara will cross paths with you and you should be prepared.”

-“Why not Clara herself?” he asked.

-“Aiming big, I see… Haven’t you noticed she is in a relationship with Deion?”, I asked.

– “Not for long”, he smiled.

And there I was witnessing the rise of manhood. Way to go, Ian!

Mountain Mystery Starts

I must admit that at the moment of chatting I did not realize that mountain mystery has already locked us as a target. The night was freezing and all we could hear was wind howling in what seems like a distance. Little did we know it was actually “knocking” on our door.


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