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The Cryptoween Challenge: $140k Prize Pool Digital Haunt Begins!

By September 28, 2023October 9th, 2023No Comments

As the eerie winds of October gather, a cryptic surprise unravels from the shadows, tailored specially for you. Your trusted instant withdrawal platform has conjured another alliance with Casino Extreme, brewing a bewitching crypto escapade. We aren’t just whispering of mere coins – we’re tempting you with grand cash prizes, haunted free chips, and spooky spins, all laid out for the boldest of souls in the Cryptoween Challenge. Intrigued by the mysterious murmurs? Let’s unveil the phantom prize.

Cryptoween Challenge: Your Call to the Crypto Cosmos

Invoke the spirits of bygone treasure hunts. But in this spectral setting, sandy backyards transform into labyrinths of digital gold. Embark on the Cryptoween Challenge journey – a trove concealing an astonishing $140k prize pool, accompanied by spectral chips and spins. This cryptic carnival ensures chills and thrills until All Hallows’ Eve. And looming in the shadows is the supreme talisman…

The Supreme Specter of the Cryptoween Challenge

In the dimly lit corners of the crypto realm, a prize looms larger than legend: Bitcoin. And amidst the fog, what might you glimpse? An entire Bitcoin awaiting its master. Rise above the haunted ranks, and this ethereal treasure could be yours. The potential? Unearthly!

Ghoulishly Generous Giveaways!

Beyond the ethereal peak, those hovering between 8th and 62nd places won’t be forsaken. Eerie Free Chips are there for the seizing. For spirits drifting between 63rd and 200th? Prepare to whirl with Free Spins, as if caught in a ghostly dance.

Deciphering the Enchanted Enigma:

Already imagining the crypto riches? Here’s your roadmap:

Earning Points:

  • Deposit with cryptocurrency and earn 1 point for every $20.
  • Further sweetening the pot, get 2 points for every $100 wagered, provided you’re using clean crypto deposits.

Rules and Regulations:

  • The Challenge is open to all cryptocurrency depositors and players.
  • To jump into the fray, ensure you make a qualifying deposit of at least $20.
  • Participants can snag the daily reward thrice max during the challenge’s tenure.

Daily Showdowns:

Each day, a leaderboard refresh promises to either thrill or motivate. Here’s the deal:

  • Top the chart and bask in glory with 100 Satoshi Coins. The one following closely gets 95, with subsequent placements diminishing gradually. The range? A rewarding 100 to a minimum of 5 Satoshi Coins.

The Cryptoween Challenge Also Assures:

  • Daily refresh of the leaderboard.
  • On All Hallows’ Eve, champions shall be crowned.
  • Heed the call between September 28th and the eerie eve of October 31st.
  • Ensure a minimum of three prior deposits for eligibility.
  • Points accrue only from non-progressive slots.
  • Rewards manifest with no tricks, only treats.
  • Chip Prizes entail 40x wagering and cap at 3x max cash out, strictly for non-progressive slots.
  • Keep your bets at a maximum of $10 per hand.

Crypto warlocks and witches, the Cryptoween realm pulsates with daily Litecoin rewards, the enigmatic Bitcoin, and cryptic treasures hidden deep within. Dare to enter the fray? The crypt gates are now open!

Cryptoween Challenge

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