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Get 50 Free Spins on Dragon Feast & Battle in $1,500 Tournament!

By November 3, 2023November 8th, 20232 Comments

Hey there, fellow fortune hunters! Ready to unleash the dragons and taste sweet victory? Casino Brango is fired up to unveil the latest addition to our slot collection – Dragon Feast! To set your gaming spirit ablaze, we’re serving up 50 Free Spins, and there’s another delicious New Game Tournament where a delectable $300 daily prize is up for grabs. Shall we take flight into this mythical adventure?

Introducing Dragon Feast Slot

In a realm where dragons reign and fortunes await, Dragon Feast presents a banquet of features that will set your pulse racing. This 5×3, 25-payline slot serves up a decadent dish of chances to win big, disguised as a sweet tooth’s paradise, complete with cake, candy, and massive cash winnings.

Indulge in the Dragon Feast Experience

Dragon Feast is not just a visual treat; it’s a gameplay marvel. Mystery symbols transform before your eyes into lucrative Wilds or matching symbols, each promising a greater chance of hefty rewards. But the real cherry on top? The candies. Blue, pink, or green, these confections are more than just eye candy; they’re your ticket to an array of Free Games modes and jackpot joys.

Satisfy Your Hunger for Wins

Prepare for an outpour of features that could have you spinning amidst dragons with an insatiable hunger for wins. Free Games galore await as you collect candies that fatten your chances with Free Spins, Wilds, and Jackpots. Whether it’s triggering single free games with blue candies or unleashing a frenzy of jackpot opportunities with pink ones, Dragon Feast ensures a high volatility ride through a candy-coated dragon’s den.

Dragon Feast’s Tantalizing Treats:

  • High volatility for those who dare to dance with dragons.
  • Paylines that promise as if they’re double in number.
  • A top award of 1,000 times the total bet to strive for.
  • Mystery Symbols that bring unexpected twists and potential rewards.
  • A trio of Free Games features that mix and match for a custom gaming feast.

Will You Conquer the Dragons for the Top Prize?

Soar into the Dragon Feast with 50 Free Spins to start your mythical journey. And don’t forget the New Game Tournament – a chance to showcase your valor from November 8th to November 12th. Wager wisely and consistently, and you could be the one to hoard the $300 daily prize.

The Feasting Tournament Rules:

  • Join the fray with a minimum deposit of just $20.
  • Keep it real with pure deposits – no bonuses or free spins diluting your claim to the throne.
  • Climb the leaderboard with strategic wagers to become the dragon master of the day.

Casino Brango is all about the thrill of the win, and Dragon Feast is our latest escapade in a world where every spin can lead to epic tales of glory. Are you ready to join the feast, brave the dragons, and revel in the spoils of victory? The dragons are waiting, and the feast is set. The adventure begins now!

Dragon Feast


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