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Mega Monster: Major Frights & Mega Wins With 300% Boost & 50 Spins

By March 25, 2024March 27th, 20242 Comments

Salutations, brave beast tamers and monster aficionados! After the roaring success of Magic Spellbound, prepare to unlock a new level of excitement with Mega Monster, our latest spine-tingling slot sensation. Set foot into an arena where the stakes are high, and the creatures are larger than life. Join forces with an eccentric cast of monsters, each more delightfully daunting than the last. Spark your daring spree with a monstrous offer: a 300% Boost + 50 Spins to catapult you to the pinnacle of winnings! Redeem with code: MONSTER300 at the cashier, but hurry—this deal vanishes when the full moon wanes on March 31st. And there’s more: a beastly tournament awaits to commemorate the release of Mega Monster. Scroll down for the gory details.

Mega Monster Slot Overview

Traverse the reels on the 5-reel, Monster Madness. Within this eerie laboratory, the air crackles with electricity, and the echoes of monstrous creations stir the night. Amidst the cackles and howls, discover a landscape teeming with opportunities for legendary payouts. Franky, Wolfie, and Vampirella are not just your companions; they are your key to unlocking the game’s massive potential.

A Menagerie of Mega Monster Features

Mega Monster isn’t just a slot game; it’s an entryway to a bizarre bazaar of fantastical features and monstrous payouts:

Terrifying Free Games: Trigger the Free Games with the Mutating Combos feature by aligning 3 or more Full Moon Scatter symbols. Select your concoction carefully to unleash up to 60 Free Games, where combinations mutate, and your winnings grow with a multiplier that could skyrocket your balance by up to x5.

Scatter Howls: The Full Moon Scatter cries out to award payouts from any position, multiplying your total wager and paving your expedition with silver-lined victories.

Wild Monsters: Not one, but two kinds of Wild Monsters are eager to morph your reels. These beastly Wilds substitute for all symbols except Scatters, increasing the likelihood of hair-raising wins.

Top Award Monsters: Seize the top award, an awe-inspiring 50,000x times your bet, ready for those bold enough to face the creatures of the night.

Venture into Mega Monster 

Dare to embark on a journey into Mega Monster with just a $20 deposit. Pry open the doors to a domain where monstrous rewards lie in wait and magnify your intrepid escapade with our 300% Boost + 50 Spins.

Tournament of the Beasts: A Monstrous Encounter

Gear up for a clash of epic proportions in our New Game Tournament. Compete for a share of the $1,500 monstrous prize pool from March 27th to the 31st, with bounties designed to augment your beast-wrangling skills to mythical levels. A mere deposit is your ticket to this coliseum of contention. Here, your strategy and luck are your arsenal – no extra bonuses or spins needed. May the most formidable beastmaster prevail!

Join the Monstrous Rally

The call of the wild is loud, beasts are restless, and a legendary lineup of monsters is ready to rumble. Step into the fray at instant withdrawal Casino Brango. Delve into Mega Monster and spin your way to monstrous majesty. Play now and etch your saga in the annals of monster mythology. A world of mammoth fortunes beckons – will you answer the call to adventure?

Mega Monster


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    A little bit too much like red but I do like the red so I do kind of like this one not too bad I have really got a chance to play it much but I’d like to play some more. Would you like to help with that? it’s pretty good game all Fast reload.

  • Great casino this Game had a a lot of cool bonous and fast reloads haven’t really been able to try it yet I would love to be able yo pass on the advice

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