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Valentine’s month

Valentine’s Month at Casino Brango

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The love month is on, people! It is a pleasure to be able to share all kinds of love vibes with a great bunch of people. Since we are in the business of boosting, let’s try to enhance the excitement and boost your luck during this tremendous month. As of February 1st, crypto casino Brango hosts the special Valentine promotion. Welcome to Valentine’s Month at the fastest and most generous casino online!

Valentine’s Month Overview

Don’t you feel excited just prior to Valentine’s? Yes, there are adults to whom this silly holiday still matters. After all, love is what unites us and this world needs more of it, that’s a fact. Okay, lets skip the “world peace” kind of phrases and get to the point.

The entire Valentine’s month at Casino Brango is rewarding. Since this is one of the loveliest months in the year, we always want it to last longer and be cozier. Having this in mind, we divided it into two halves, both of which offer great bonuses and free spins. Think of it as the warming up and big party phases. Yours is to let yourself go, stop avoiding the Cupid and claim what belongs to you.

The Offer Up till February 13th

In the first half of February, up till February 14th, our Cupid will be offering 20 free spins and up to 100% NO RULES bonuses! You are welcome to claim this phenomenal package up to 5 times a day!

This means that up to 5 times every day you will be given the opportunity to get the best out of the already exceptional kind of promotion. No rules refer to the fact there is no wagering requirement, nor max cash out limits. You take the bonus, play, win and take the winning with no additional wagering and risk of losing the winning amount. Plus, there is no cap on cashing out, so no matter how much you win, it is all yours.

What Happens on February 14th?

Right after the Valentine’s Month reaches its peak, we will be keeping the love fire burning. The true party starts with another round of “no rules” offers. What could be better than the already mentioned bonus and free spins package? More spins and more bonuses!

If the Cupid finds you, consider yourself lucky. Each of his arrows will bear 56 free spins as a reward for your every deposits. And that’s not all! The bonuses will go high once again, up to 100%. Again, your favorite absence of wagering and cash out limits.

Valentine’s Month Bonuses and Minimum Deposits

Valentine’s Month carries a lot of sweet, loving delicacies. As mentioned above, bonuses go as high as 100%. During the entire February the bonuses will be tiered. It means that the bonus will depend on your depositing amount. We will start boosting your deposits from 40% for the minimum $35 deposit going all the way up to 100% for deposits of $120 and higher.

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As for the 56 spins to play non-progressive slots which you can get in the second half of the month, the minimum deposit is $10. Wagering is set at 30x and the max cash out is set at $100.

Lastly, we invite you to always check the full terms in the Cashier, for accuracy, before claiming the offer.

Love Vibes in Focus

A bit of love thoughts from the love-addicted author of this text is inevitable. Crypto casino Brango’s team is happy to be a part of the most diverse crowd. Our way of expressing love and gratitude is in providing the best possible service. Instant withdrawals are a great part of it – just to show how much we care and take your money seriously.

On a more personal level, we also appreciate a friendly chat. Feel free to stop by our comments section below the blog posts to share your thoughts. We are always over the moon happy to see you writing.

May love finds you wherever you are! Good luck this month!

Valentine’s month play now

115 free spins

115 Free Spins Plus a Little Extra

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Great beginning of the week with some pretty wild spinning at crypto casino Brango. We have prepared special surprise for all of you spins lovers. Instead of the usual bonus offer, during January 25th and 26th you can spin your hearts away with the 115 free spins on Wild Fire 7s. Plus, there is a special extra ingredient which makes our offer even more appealing. Keep on reading.

2 Days of 115 Free Spins

Litecoin casino Brango hosts free spins promotion during which you will be able to grab many chances of striking the big one. And not only striking the progressive jackpot but doing it the “old school way”! A bit later we will discuss the upper hand of retro slot game with a modern twist.

Allow us to first explain the hypnotic promo offer in detail. In short, for as little as $25 minimum deposit, you are welcome to claim the code containing the 115 free spins for Wild Fire 7s slot. Still, this is not all! As we always like to go a step further, we included the extra 15 spins for all of you who deposit in LTC. Therefore, we are talking about 130 free spins which can be yours as we speak. We also invite you to check the full terms before claiming the offer.

How Much Can I Cash Out?

Before becoming eligible to ask for a withdrawal, you should wager the free spins winnings 35 times. Maximum cash out is set at 30x deposit amount. Do you know what that means? The higher the deposit, the heftier cashing out.

If you are new to the online gambling world, here is a short explanation of the cashing out and withdrawal amounts. In many promotions, you may come across the cash out limits. It is important to distinguish cash out limits from withdrawal limits.

Withdrawal Limits & Cash Out Limits

We may say that these two are connected. Let us take a look at withdrawals first. For example:

  • The withdrawal limit refers to the maximum amount which you can withdraw weekly (less the bonus amount, if any). In case your winning exceeds the withdrawal limit, you can collect the remainder the following week.
  • Cash Out limits are set by casinos, for a specific promotion, at several times or several tens of times the deposit amount.

For example:

  • In this particular promotion, cash out limit is 30x deposit amount. It means that in case you deposit the very minimum of $25, the maximum amount you can cash out is $750 (30 x $25), regardless of the entire amount of your winning.
  • However, when depositing higher amounts, such as $100 for instance, the maximum cash out limit is $3,000 (30 x $100). It makes a difference, you will agree.

As a newbie, you have the weekly withdrawal limit of $4,000. Knowing all this, you can plan your deposits, potential winnings and cashing out amounts.

Eventually, the question which pops to your mind is: how much can I expect to win on one of our slots? In other words, is it worth investing more than the minimum required deposit? So, let’s check out the game in focus.

Choosing the Game

Wild Fire 7s is the game for which you can snatch those alluring 115 + 15 free spins. When deciding on the deposit, you may wish to assess the slot. Many players play on a hunch, which may be the best way to play slots, which are completely unpredictable, yet proven to be generous in the past. Nevertheless, if you like to plan your investments and deposits, you will most probably look for the highly volatile games delivering bigger amounts less frequently.

Highly volatile games have less symbols that pay higher amounts of money. This is the information you can find in the pay tables. On the other hand, slots with lower volatility provide smaller winnings more often. This is a great thing about slots – they are fun and potentially generous whichever way you look at them.

Wild Fire 7s play now

The Special Feature

Wild Fire 7s bursts with retro vibes in both design and excitement. It has three reels and 5 paylines. The additional fourth reel is there for the extra symbols and progressive jackpot to land.

This slot has a special Free Games Feature which rewards you with 7 free games with every spin multiplied 5x.

How to Get the Extra Free Spins?

The path to the extra 15 spins leads through Litecoin deposit. All of you who decide to deposit in LTC, will get the additional 15 spins on top of the 115 spins which you can get with this promotion.

Why Litecoin, you may ask. It is affordable, fast, secure and can get you additional treats while playing with us. This time it is additional 15 spins. Other times, with different promo codes you may get additional boost for making a deposit in Litecoin. It is pretty cool, you have to admit. If you have interesting ideas how we can make our offers even hotter than they already are, we would like to hear from you. Our comments section below is open to your thoughts. Or you can just stop by to say hi. Let’s keep in touch.

In the meantime, do not forget to go straight to our lobby, find your favorite crypto promo offer and keep spinning for winning!

20 free spins

20 Free Spins for Lucky Wins

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Hello, world! Today is a brand-new day with brand-new surprises that we at the Casino Brango have prepared for you, our dear players. Gifts are a custom with us and not an exception. This time we want to recall you about our 20 free spins monthly promotion! We have prepared 20 FREE SPINS that can be yours in a matter of seconds, you just need to take them. If you want to find out how you can get them, stay with us!

20 Free Spins to Play Top Slots

We make sure that you have a good time while playing at the Casino Brango. You know you have the possibility of instantly withdrawing your funds, yet we wanted to enhance your odds for huge winnings also. That is why we are giving you 20 free spins to play our most popular slot games!

During the whole month, we are giving you a chance to collect your free spins every day with the coupon code BLIZZARD20. With us, this January is also going to be in the holiday mood and that is why we are also giving you x45 wagering on free spins winnings with no deposit required. Enjoy your game and check the terms and conditions below!

Terms & Conditions

  • Coupon Code: BLIZZARD20
  • x45 wagering on fs winnings
  • MCO: $50
  • NP Slots only allowed excluding 777
  • $10 max bet per spin

In the end, we want to invite you to check our various depositing methods. Different methods are all made to make your experience at the Casino Brango better if that is even possible. You can read about depositing on our blog, but if you have any questions feel free to contact our customer support. They are available to you 24 hours 7 days per week!

Spin the wheels of fortune with those 20 extra free spins! May the odds be with you!

claim now free spins

big crypto bonuses

Big Crypto Bonuses at Casino Brango

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How about those big crypto bonuses? We know that crypto casino Brango’s players are all aces in search of the best fun online. Hence, the ongoing crypto promotions paired with the rare instant withdrawals. Seriously. You will rarely come across the crypto online casino that can honestly walk the talk. To make the choice of big crypto bonuses a bit easier, we compiled the most sought-after coupons in this post. Buckle up!

Find Top Casino Bonuses

Look no further. Brango is the online casino with instant withdrawal, which should speak for itself.  One of its special treats are big crypto bonuses, no doubt. To get a big bonus means to snatch the best of the online casino promotion.

As you already know, using a bonus grows your chances of scoring bigger amounts while playing your favorite games. Brango has long defined itself as one of the leaders in the industry when it comes to payouts. In the past year we went a step further and enriched the offer of available payment methods paired with big crypto bonuses.

This type of offer allows players to use several crypto advantages:

  1. First of all, there is simple and fast depositing process, hence fast access to games.
  2. Then, there are specific benefits related to certain coupon codes promoting cryptos. For example:
  • You may grab the generous bonus for your first crypto deposit, which we will explain at the end of this article.
  • There is occasionally additional boost for a deposit in a certain crypto, usually Litecoin. As a matter of fact, we have coupons of this kind as part of our monthly Blizzard of Cash. So, make sure to come back to us daily, as the coupons keep changing every two days.

Now, we are off to specific crypto offers. Think of it as a quick reminder.

Dash Deposit Promotion

Ever since we launched DASH, the party never stops. Safety, speed, and almost no fees are all benefits of this cool crypto. Bitcoin is the king, we agree. However, some other cryptos have come close and even outranked it in certain aspects. Dash is one of them.

To get the best of Dash, crypto casino Brango reminds you about the available coupons. Feel free to claim both offers, just make sure that each coupon is redeemable with one deposit, as specified in the terms.

30% DASH No Wagering & No Max Cash Out Boost

No wagering and no max cash out all in one! How cool is that? Take the bonus, play your game, hit the win, and take the money with no playthrough. Low risk, big winning potential. These are the terms:

  • Code: DASH30
  • Value: 30%
  • Minimum deposit: $35
  • Wagering: None
  • Max cash out: None
  • Allowed games: non-progressive slots, Keno & Video Poker
  • Max bet per hand: $10
  • Available for 1 Dash deposit

300% DASH Boost

Talking about big crypto bonuses, right? Well, it rarely comes better than this. Remember, the minimum deposit here is $35, but the bigger the deposit, the more valuable 300% boost becomes. You will agree with me that 300% on top of your $35 results in $105 boost, eventually allowing you to play with $140. But imagine 300% boost on top of your $100 deposit. Now, we are talking.

  • Code: 300DASH
  • Value: 300%
  • Minimum deposit: $35
  • Wagering: 40x Deposit + Bonus
  • Max cash out: 15x Deposit
  • Allowed games: non-progressive slots, Keno & Video Poker
  • Max bet per hand: $10
  • Available for 1 Dash deposit

Cardano (ADA) Deposit Promotion

ADA is one of those cryptos with advantages that threaten to outrank the most famous cryptocurrencies. If you are into energy efficiency, you may be interested to know that ADA saves on energy consumption. There is no mining, just validation. It aligns with the above-mentioned safe depositing methods. Moreover, it is reportedly 35 times faster than Bitcoin. And there is more! There are 2 active Cardano (ADA) promotions at the moment. Again, each of these coupons is redeemable with a separate deposit.

30% Cardano No Wagering & No Max Cash Out Bonus

The same as with DASH, 30% bonus comes with exceptional no wagering and no max cash out rules. Play, win, and take your money instantly.

  • Code: CARDANO30
  • Value: 30%
  • Minimum deposit: $35
  • Wagering: None
  • Max cash out: None
  • Allowed games: non-progressive slots, Keno & Video Poker
  • Max bet per hand: $10

300% Cardano Bonus

Big crypto bonuses can sometimes be a game changer. We have seen players both winning and losing. However, nothing compares with the powerful feeling of challenge. And the best way to challenge your luck and take control over the odds is to play with some skills and significant bankroll. Now, as far as skills go, we can only offer advice, which you may find at our tips & tricks section of the blog. As for the bankroll, we can certainly hep out. For example, with the 300% bonus, as follows:

  • Code: 300CARDANO
  • Value: 300%
  • Minimum deposit: $35
  • Wagering: 40x Deposit + Bonus
  • Max cash out: 15x Deposit
  • Allowed games: non-progressive slots, Keno & Video Poker
  • Max bet per hand: $10

Other Promo Codes at Casino Brango

Being a crypto casino, Brango hosts a lot of crypto offers. Dash and Cardano (ADA) offers are promotions in focus. However, if you browse the Cashier, you will see that we also offer 200% plus 75 spins offer if you are a first-time crypto depositor. Look for the code 200COINS.

Moreover, there is also a hot deal of 80% plus 35 spins on Cash Bandits 2, available once a day.

This has been our selection of crypto offers. We invite you to dig deeper and find the one that meets your needs. Who knows what you can find?

As said above, enhances your chances together. We will provide for the big crypto bonuses. Yours is to invest wisely and reap the rewards of your play. Good luck, people!

No Wagering and No Max Cash Out Promotion

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What Are the Best Online Casino Bonuses?

January is the month of great expectations, and this January we are all a step closer to fulfilling the plans and meeting those expectations. New opportunities come knocking on your door daily. All you should do is stop by our lobby regularly to see if there is anything that catches your eye. This month it would be hard to leave our crypto casino and go on your regular business, let me tell you. However, don’t worry. Our exceptional offers are constant, and our support team is here 24/7, so you can always come back. Today, a new promo code becomes active, allowing you to get the best of the no wagering and no max cash-out promotion. That’s right! Both of your favorite rules are packed in one! Check it out!

No Wagering Bonus & No Wagering Bonus 2022

Simply put, the best online casino bonuses are those which can be considered player friendly. Whether it is the low wagering, low deposit requirement, or perhaps – the huge bonus percentage, bonus promotions are a real treat.

However, we understand that not many casinos can feature several player-friendly rules all at once. Right? Think again. Crypto casino Brango is one of the rare crypto casinos that hosts exceptional promotions frequently. Sometimes, we get the feeling that promotions never end.

No Wagering Bonus

Specifically, players usually prefer the “no wagering” rule. The reason is simple. The absence of the playthrough requirement allows players to take the money and run. Joking here! But it is close to the truth.

With no wagering, you can basically take your winning as soon as you achieve it. There is no risk of losing the winning amount through additional wagering. We may say that no wagering bonus is one of the best online casino bonuses.

No Max Cash Out Bonus

Once you use the bonus to hit that long-awaited big win, the chances are you would want to get that money as soon as possible. More importantly – you want the entire sum of your winnings, on your account.

No max cash-out rule provides you with that benefit. When a bonus has the “no max cash out” rule attached to it, it means that the casino did not put the cap on your payout, except for the usual weekly withdrawal limit. In short, you can get the entire sum that you have won, either as a one-time payment or in weekly installments if the entire sum exceeds your weekly limit. More importantly, no max cash out ensures that you can withdraw everything that you have won with no standard limitations, such as 10x, 30, or 5x deposit amount.

Tell Me About the Active Promotion

As of January 11th and all the way through January 12th, you can be the one to exhaust the full potential of the no wagering and no max cash out promotion. Yes, we have the active coupon which combines both of the player-friendly rules.

As usual, we went a step further and added an extra 10% boost for all of you who deposit in Litecoin. And this is not the only advantage of depositing in LTC. In case you missed our previous posts tackling this topic, we invite you to read Litecoin Guide to Depositing and the overall Litecoin advantages material on our blog.

To get more details about what this offer is all about, go straight to our lobby and browse for 35NOWR. Plus 10%, it makes 45% no wagering and no max cash out bonus. Check the full terms before redeeming.

No wagering and no max cash out claim nowTerms and Conditions Are Boring… Should I Read Them Either Way?

By all means, yes. Terms are there to keep both players and a casino – safe. Being aware of the terms means knowing your rights. It saves you from the surprise moment and makes sure your gaming session at our instant withdrawal casino runs smoothly.

How else would you know how much to deposit, or at what point you can ask for a withdrawal, or which games you should play, and which are not allowed?

So, put a bit of effort into reading the terms, and play the best online slots at crypto casino Brango.