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Work Hard Play Hard Promo

March Promotion at Casino Brango

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This March is going to be something! And by something, I mean spectacular! If you have been reading our blog regularly, you probably already know that. We have started big, with the greatest ever online slot tournament “The Maserati Cup”. This tourney will be as luxurious as its main prize, which is a brand-new Maserati Grecale! And that’s just one of the rewards you can get from the impressive $200k prize pool! Make sure to enrol as soon as possible because the early bird catches the worm. You can read more about the tournament in our previous article, but now let’s talk about the March Promotion and other great things waiting for you at Instant Payout Casino Brango.

We’re keeping the tradition and as usual you can enjoy our great monthly offers, this time as a part of the March Promotion. Get ready for up to 5k in bonuses per coupon, every day! And that’s just the part of it! Let’s hear more.

Get the Most out of the March Promotion

The March Promo is called “Work hard, play harder”. I don’t know about the work, but with our boosts, I am sure you will be able to play much harder! We have noticed you like your boosts high, and that’s why we’re keeping them high! So, this month you can grab 2 different coupons. The first is called HUSTLE and with this one, you get a 125% deposit bonus. The maximum boost amount is $1000, but since you can redeem it 5 times a day, it can take you up to $5k in bonuses!

The second one is GRIND, and it boosts your deposit by 365%! It can also be used 5 times, every day! Both coupons can be used for all non-progressive slots (777 excluded).

I am sure you’ll take advantage of these amazing offers and hustle your way to some pretty big bucks. Also, don’t forget to check out the Cashier as well as our Promotions page where you can track all the incredible happenings at your favorite online place.

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Conquer the Reels of Our New Game

Other than March Promo, the beginning of the month is also the time for some new slots! And the newest one is called Warrior Conquest. As its name says, this game turns you into a warrior, and as a weapon, you can use 30 FREE SPINS. In our previous post, you can find out more about the game and how to get the freebies. Make sure to read it as soon as possible, since this offer lasts only for seven days.


$200k Maserati Cup Tournament Begins!

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They say money cannot buy happiness. But have you ever seen someone frown while driving a Maserati? Yeah, me neither. Maserati is the perfect blend of style, luxury and performance. And you may be asking why I am writing about sports cars when we are at casino Brango blog. Well, it’s because I am announcing the greatest ever online slot tournament, where the grand prize will be none other than the luxurious Maserati Grecale! Yes, you’ve heard it right. And there is plenty more to hear, so stay tuned to find out all about the amazing Maserati Cup Tournament!

Maserati Cup Tournament Details

Maserati Cup Prizes

Okay, let’s start big. The greatest ever slot tournament is called the Maserati Cup. Since the main prize is a Maserati car. But that’s just the beginning. The tourney prize pool is $200k! If you don’t end up with the Grand Prize, you can feel sad about it basking in the sun of the Bahamas, because the second prize is a trip to the Bahamas for 2! There are also amazing prizes for others among the top 10 players, and around 200 free chips prizes.

Additionally, there are 49 very valuable daily rewards for all of you who end up being the daily winners.

How to Enrol and Calculate the Points

This part is very simple and it’s what makes the tournament so amazing. The race for Maserati starts on the 1st of March and it ends on the 19th of April. Entry fee is any bonus-free deposit of  a minimum $20 dollars. You don’t have to be good in math to do the calculation. Join the $200k prize pool tourney with only $20. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

So, once you are in, you collect points by playing your favourite games. You collect points by wagering, putting more deposits and involving in daily missions. Daily missions are something like daily games, where you get a goal for that particular day. The more missions you pass, the more tournament points end up on your account! You have to be consistent, so you don’t miss anything. Consistency is important because it also helps with multiplying your points. If you don’t skip any day, you are much closer to the top of the leaderboard!

Play at Both Casino Brango and Extreme for Maximum Points

You probably remember our previous tourney “Blood, Sweet and Tickets”, which was ongoing in both Casino Brango and our sister Casino Extreme. It is the same with Maserati Cup. We support each other and want to involve more players! So if you play at both casinos, your points will add up and your chances of winning will rise. You know what to do. Head to both casinos and play at both places for maximum experience!

I think you have heard enough. Now it is all up to you. Be sure to check the tournament page and get involved as soon as possible. Be fast and solid as Maserati, and you may be driving one in April. Good luck!

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Valentine’s day Casino Promotion

By Casino Promos 5 Comments

Love is in the air! And so is cash! Yes, February is all about love, romance, and appreciation, but here at Instant Withdrawal Casino Brango, we like to spread love by creating amazing opportunities for all of you to make money! That’s why our February promotion is voluminous, burning, and intense. I am talking about up to $10,000 in bonuses a day intense!

So, you want to be our Valentine?

February Promotions for All-year-long Romance

Did you know that celebration of Valentine’s Day originates from Ancient Rome? There are many stories trying to explain how it all started and we will probably never know the real truth. But it is not time for a history class, and what’s important is that we are celebrating the love so let’s start with it.

For all of you our dearest friends, we have 2 different coupons available as part of our February Love themed promotion.

Low Wagering & High Volume Bonuses

One of the coupons gives 125% Bonus, or up to $1000! It is a low wagering boost which can be used for all non-progressive slots (777 excluded). The other coupon is a bit spicier as it offers 365% Bonus with a minimum deposit of only 20$. Again, it is valid for all non-progressive slots (777 excluded). Both coupons can be redeemed 5 times a day, which means you can take up to $5000 Bonus each!

Be sure to check out the Cashier as well as our Promotions page where you can find more awesome promo offers.

And imagine what amazing gifts you can buy to your partner (or yourself) with this cash! You can pick up some ideas for unique Valentine’s Day Gifts in our previous article.

February promotion play nowFebruary Is Also About Super Bowl

Mid February will be super hectic. Other than Valentine’s Day, we are all highly excited for February the 13th when the great Super Bowl LVII Game takes place! It’s going to be a real spectacle, action-packed and with thrilling halftime show. Can you imagine how excited the people who are going to watch it live must be? And can you imagine yourself there at the stadium? Well, dreams can become reality with a little help of your favorite online casino.

There is an ongoing tournament called “Blood, Sweat and Tickets”, with the super bowl tickets as the main prize! Plane tickets are also included! But that’s not all. This tourney has amazing $50,000 prize pool, with daily rewards such as iPhone devices, cash and free spins and chips. It is on for couple more days, so you still have time to grab your place among winners of these amazing prizes. The best thing is that tournament entry is any bonus-free deposit of a minimum 20$. And all you have to do is play, which means you can win tournament prizes even if you don’t actually win in games.

Hurry up and join now!

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The Greatest Ever “Blood, Sweat and Tickets” Super Bowl Tournament

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Hello our dearest friends! Did you miss us? I’m hoping for a positive answer! As you can see, we are back now, and we are bringing some super exciting news! Your favorite Instant Withdrawal Casino Brango hosts the greatest ever Super Bowl Tournament “Blood, Sweat and Tickets”. Why it is the greatest ever, you might ask? Well, the tournament prizes will answer your question. You are going to hear more about them below, but here is just one small teaser: The main prize is Super Bowl Tickets! I am sure I got you excited, so let’s not waste any more time!

“Blood, Sweat and Tickets” Super Bowl Tournament Overview

This tournament is a perfect mixture of the things we love: games, prizes and Super Bowl. From the title you might think you will have to sweat for those prizes and tickets, but the only thing you must do is play your favorite games. The prize pool is an astonishing $50,000 and entry is any bonus-free deposit of a minimum 20$. Minimum deposit requirements, but a huge return on investments. Sounds like a good deal to me!

So, once you are in, you collect points by wagering. The more you play, the more points you get. For each day of consecutive play, your point multiplier will increase. And, you don’t have to win to get higher on the participants list. Just play.

And here is another amazing piece of information. You can play at both Casino Brango and our sister Casino Extreme. If you do play at both, the score will add up, plus you will get multiplying points!

The Greatest Ever Prizes

Super Bowl Tickets

The Blood, Sweat and Tickets Tournament winner will get an opportunity to watch the Super Bowl LVII game live, from the State Farm Stadium in Arizona! Just imagine the lights, hype, and atmosphere. And they will also get a chance to hear some great music, because as usual, amazing artists will be performing. For example, Rihanna will be there this year! If you shine bright like a diamond and end up as a champion of our amazing tourney, you will also be rewarded with flight tickets and accommodation. We got you fully covered!

iPhone Devices Every Day

Yes, the title doesn’t lie. Apart from the amazing main prize, every day one of you can become the owner of brand-new iPhone or iPad. No need for more explanation here, just be sure to read the terms on the tournament page and play, play, play!

Freebies and Cash Prizes

These ones are standard prizes we give away every tournament. And we are keeping them here, too. If you weren’t lucky enough to grab an iPhone today, you can try the following day. But you are also in the race for freebies and some exciting cash prizes. The opportunities are numerous, because this year should start in the best way for as many of you as possible!

The tourney starts on January 26th, and lasts till February 6th. This is one of those chances you shouldn’t miss, so be sure to check the tournament page and get involved as soon as possible. Good luck!


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January Promotion featured

January Promotion Brings up to $5000 Bonus

By Casino Promos 7 Comments

Hello for the first time in the New year! The beginning of January, what a lovely time! A time to rest and leave all the bad things behind. And a time to work on making 2023 your best! Here, at Crypto Casino Brango, we are determined to start this year right! First, let me just say that we plan on keeping our well-known fast payout service. We also want to remain one of the most popular online gambling places. And what better way than with one amazing January Promotion. This month we have prepared the amazing Ice, Ice Riches promo. This promo again brings great bonuses, and “Ice, Ice Riches” is also the title of our ongoing tournament with standardly astonishing $30,000 prize pool.

Keep reading to find out how to make this January freezingly good!

January Promotion Overview

Have you started working on your New Year’s resolutions yet? Well, here is one you will sure enjoy fulfilling: Get money while having fun! And to help with that, we have prepared 2 coupons as a part of our Ice, Ice Riches Promo. The first one is called “Blizzard” and it does bring a storm, but a storm of cash! This coupon comes with up to 365% deposit boost and up to $1000 bonus which can be redeemed 5 times a day! $5000 a day sounds pretty good! Another coupon is named “Snowman”, but this snowman is not made of snow! It is made of opportunities to spice up your gaming adventure! It also brings up to $1000 bonus, 3 times a day!

Both coupons have low wagering requirements and can be used for all non-progressive slots. If I were you, I wouldn’t waste more time! Be sure to check all the terms of the promotion and let’s start earning!

January promo cta

January Tournament and Prizes for the Top 200 Participants

We care and we listen to you. And we have heard so many times that tournaments are something you love. So, the tradition is live, and another amazing tourney is live. As I already said, the January tournament is called Ice, Ice Riches. And skating on our ice can bring you closer to the amazing $30,000 tournament prize pool! The awards are ready for the top 200 participants! If you enroll, you can win free spins, free chips, and great cash! And the champion will take home $5000 in cash! Just play your favorite slots and the chances of getting on the leaderboard will only rise! As usual, you can see more details on Casino Brango Tournaments page where we explain the rules, points calculation, and leaderboards.

Early bird catches the worm, so join now and get rich!

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