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Xmas promotion

Xmas Promotion Bonuses, Free Chips and Other Treats

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Season’s greetings, fellow Brango players, from our house to yours! Christmas is slowly closing in on us, and we’re extremely excited to share the celebratory spirit with you by offering some super favorable Xmas promotion bonuses, boosts and free chips! And when we say extremely, what we really mean is Extreme! That’s the name of our sister instant withdrawal casino we’ve teamed up with to make the holiday season twice as joyous for you this year! Let’s see what presents await you under the Christmas tree.

Combined Special Xmas Promotion

Christmas is always the cause for celebration at our MasterCard-accepted casinos! That’s why we’ve decided to double down the fun by making a cross-promotion on both Casino Brango and Casino Extreme. In the next period, you’ll be able to claim special Xmas coupons that will be followed by free chips on every deposit bonus you use. The combined worth of claiming both will total up to $2,000 in bonuses and a $131 free chip available every day at both sister casinos!

EXMAS/BRAXMAS Xmas Promotion Codes

The first set of codes you can use are the EXMAS/BRAXMAS ones that will bring you a whopping 310% boost or up to a $1000 bonus based on your deposit amount! They will be redeemable once per day and will be available for use on all non-progressive slots. But that’s just the start of the story because once you claim these codes, they’ll automatically be followed by free chips following ones.

SANTA/CLAUS Xmas Promotion Codes

We’ve already said that there is always a cause for celebration when Christmas is around but now there’s also a CLAUS for one. Because the code bearing the same name at Casino Brango or the SANTA one at Casino Extreme will bring you a $65.5 free chip on every deposit bonus you’ve previously used, resulting in a combined amount of $131 free chips if you play at both casinos. And they’re also available for claiming every single day! That’s one helluva Xmas Promotion, wouldn’t you say?

Doubling the Luck is More Fun

So, if you want to double the chances of filling your Christmas stocking to the brim with cash, be sure to visit both our casinos and take the best of two worlds! There are a lot of other no rules bonuses, freebies and other treats awaiting you, so head on to our promotions page and check them out.

Speaking of freebies, you still have a couple of days to claim 30 FS on our latest Mermaid Royale slot, so don’t lose another moment to get them!

For more details regarding the Xmas promotion and other offers, make sure to check out the whole terms in the Cashier. You can also get in touch with our friendly support staff members, who are available around the clock to provide any additional information you might need and are always willing to assist. Wishing you the merriest of Christmas!

Xmas promotion CTA

Mountain Mystery

Mountain Mystery, part 3

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Five friends, one of whom is a killer, gathered for a mountain climb expedition, which turned into mountain mystery. This is the fiction story in 4 weekly sequels, told from the perspective of one of the team members, and any resemblance to the actual characters, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Find the code name hidden in the text as a misplaced word, copy/paste it in the Cashier and access the special Christmas free spins to which the below stated terms apply.

Night Sets and the Mountain Mystery Starts

I know I needed to sleep, but it was impossible. As if a devil himself was riding the waves of my brain, reminding me I came here looking for blood. I have to admit that the circumstance seemed too good to be true. A slaughter in the mountains miles away from civilization would allow me to cover my tracks and use the extra time to get far away from it all. Unreachable, so to say.

As the night was becoming darker and darker, the howling seemed more and more alive. As if it was an animal howling at the moon, almost like the wounded beast. Many years later I heard the mountain mystery legend about the mountain lioness of Chile whose roar and sad howling OYEAH  still echoes the wilderness to remind of the loss of her two cubs. Interestingly, the stories about loss always find their way to me.

The Approach  

They say that killers are usually good at pretending to be friendly and normal. I thought I had good communication with everyone on this trip. My cover was perfect. This is precisely the reason why I was so surprised to hear footsteps approaching the tent. Ian was sound asleep. I, on the other hand put all my senses on high alert. As the footsteps stopped, I slowly grabbed my ice axe, knowing mountain mystery was upon us.

The next thing I heard was a panicked breathing, and a hushed sigh, combined with the sounds of the fight. I played dead and waited. Why didn’t I rush to save them, you may ask. Now, why would I do it? Someone was doing my job, and I almost admired the courage of that person, or entity. What it takes to be so audaciously wild, I wonder.

Mountain Mystery: Who Was It?

I have to admit I did not expect anyone in this little group of ours to have a killer instinct. Was it Deione? I could possibly imagine him doing it, but why would he attack either Clara or Sandra?

Speaking of ladies, Sandra had both mental strength and stamina to do it. But what could be the motive? Jealousy? Did she want Deione for herself? Noooo…. Even Deione was not man enough for her. Clara on the other hand was not a killer. I mean, you could say that she maybe faked it, that sometimes the villains have the craziest of facades, but I am telling you – no way. I would have recognized it.

Once I could no longer hear anything, I slowly opened my tent. Traces of blood were the first thing I could see. And oddly enough, the other tent was ripped open from inside.


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  • No deposit required.
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No rules bonus

No Rules Bonus, Freebies and Other Treats

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If at the moment of entering the casino you feel like a kid in a candy store, then this article is for you. We will be exploring the sweetest treats possible. Yes, I am referring to the types of casino bonuses, and especialy – no rules bonus. No matter what type of a player you are, there is the perfect bonus for you, especially if you decide to play at Brango casino. Let’s check out how and why.

High Roller Bonuses

If you are a high roller, you are in for a hell of a treat. Speaking in pastry terms: the biggest and the most delicious triple chocolate fudge cake is yours. In other words, you can easily swipe the table with the biggest rewards possible.

High rollers are usually players who invest large sums of money into fun and playing knowing they can expect a return. How come? It’s simple. Sooner or later the jackpot will strike. It is only the matter of time and whether your bankroll can sustain it.

VIP Perks

Those lucky souls are usually members of our VIP Program and have plenty of perks at their disposal. The most attractive one is the weekly withdrawal limit, that’s for sure. The higher the VIP level, the more money a player can withdraw. For instance, the starting Silver level can withdraw $4k a week. On the other hand, the highest ranking Double Diamond VIP level player can withdraw $15k per week.

Now, big withdrawals are just a part of the overall advantages high rollers have. There is more to our loyalty program than it meets the eye. Casinos tend to pamper high rollers every step of the way. From the moment a player enters the VIP program, the comp points keep pouring in with every $20 wagering, which they can turn into real money.

Monthly cashback amount also increases with every new VIP level. In other words, even when it happens you lose, MasterCard casino Brango is here to soften the blow.

Reload Bonus

This tasty, delicious treat of a nice sounding name is a standard in some casinos. Usually, a player needs to be a regular depositor in order to claim it. Reload bonus can come in various forms. It can be a match bonus, a percentage bonus, and sometimes, it is a time-limited bonus.

For example, at ETH casino Brango, the 333% Bonus is redeemable daily, unlimited number of times. With this bonus players can enjoy the most sought-after games: non-progressive slots and Keno. Bear in mind that instant withdrawal casino Brango is primarily a crypto casino. However, Brango also accepts credit card deposits, but in that case the bonus amount can vary. Make sure to check details either on our Promotions page, the Cashier, or with our friendly support agents through live chat.

Refer-a Friend Bonus

At some casinos, you may come across this type of a bonus, which is easy to grab. It only requires you to bring a friend at the same casino to sign up. As soon as that new player signs up, you get a reward. At the moment, Casino Brango does not offer this bonus, but I am sure that you will find other perks that may even exceed your expectation.

No Rules Bonus

This is the “Red velvet cake” among all the types of casino bonuses. As we started this article with pastry metaphors, why not continue? Rare are the individuals who do not like red velvet flavour. And in terms of this type of casino bonuses, I cannot think of a player who is willing to skip the “no playthrough, or no max cash out“ requirements.

No rules bonuses are the most sought-after bonuses in every casino. Those of you who play with us regularly, know that we feature them regularly. Every month, you can come across them in the Cashier, and play your heart out. The main ingredient which enhances the flavour: the fact that no rules bonuses are low-risk bonuses. And this month we have a true house specialty for you.

Up to $2k Bonus a Day

Casino Brango’s monthly promotion “Christmas Cash Party” has kicked off with “no rules” offer. Every day in December, you can claim up to $1k no rules bonus twice a day to play your favourite games. As usual, all games except table games and live dealer ones are included.

In short, do your thing and collect your winning without the need to playthrough. Also, there would be no cap on your win cashout. Contrary to the most promo offers where there is a standard max cash out set at several times or several tens of times the deposit amount, this deal doesn’t have it. You win, you cash out no matter how high the winning amount is.

Welcome Bonus

Is there anything better than the warm welcome while you are still just browsing? Just imagine: you are looking at the sweets, already feeling the sweet smell of chocolate and then we offer you a welcome deal, just so you can get the feel of the experience: 500% low wagering bonus + 500 spins!

When we say “low wagering” in this case it means 10 times the deposit amount, which is still way lower than the usual 40x, for example. Add the 500 free spins that come in a package, and you are in for a real treat! Make sure not to miss this one!

New Game Release Bonus

One of the house specialties is the free spins promotion, which Casino Brango hosts with every new game release. As many of you already know, upon new slot release, the casino treats players with up to 80 free spins on a new game, 50 of which you get to claim right away at the Cashier. The remaining 30 free spins you can win on our Brango blog, after leaving the slot review in the comments section. Stay tuned, because we have a brand new slot coming up shortly!

We know that every one of you likes free spins, so we invite you to stay tuned for the upcoming Christmas promotion. Make sure to stop by regularly because this time we have prepared something completely different. There is still time to grab 100 freebies coming your way! Hurry up!

Newest Game

New slots keep piling up at MasterCard accepted casino Brango. Sometimes, we feel that it is easy to lose track of which slot is the latest, or the hottest, or which one pays out the largest sums of money. Hence, a quick reminder.

Fans of the grumpy green goblins will love the latest Gluttony of Gems slot. This highly volatile game bears the potential of 50,000 times the bet, as the top reward. Moreover, it also comes in a package with much loved Free spins with a Multiplier. Moreover, you will also come across the Hold & Spin feature, as well as Golden Coins Feature. If you haven’t had the chance to spin on its reels so far, now’s the chance. Take care and good luck!

Goblins: Gluttony of Gems PLAY NOW

mountain mystery

Mountain Mystery, part 2

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Five friends, one of whom is a killer, gathered for a mountain climb expedition which turned into mountain mystery. This is the fiction story in 4 weekly sequels, told from the perspective of one of the team members, and any resemblance to the actual characters, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Find the code name hidden in the text as a misplaced word, copy/paste it in the Cashier and access the special Christmas free spins to which the below stated terms apply.

Mountain Mystery: The Climb

The morning of our climb has begun. Everyone was thrilled. You could have seen the enthusiasm on many faces that morning. But not on mine. I was stone cold. The very thought of relying on those people in the following days sent chills down my spine. There was nothing they could teach me to add value to my skills.

Strangely enough, we were on schedule. The climb took off and all I could think of was ending the first stage and setting up the tents. Eventually, Deion chose a perfect place to rest and take the needed break. We set up the tents with no difficulties, except the fact Ian and Sandra had almost an insignificant argument over their skills. Her energetic spirit dominated every step of the way and every challenge we faced. Okay, superwoman, we did not recognize you at the very start. Jesus!

Ian Opens Up

I suppose Ian felt a bit ashamed for not being able to win that argument. To be honest, I would also be mad if I were Ian. There is nothing gentleman-like in allowing an aggressive woman to win every argument, right? Show some dominance! – I thought to myself.

Either way, a cute thing happened that night, which I dare say – warmed my otherwise stone called heart. I squeezed in a tent with Ian, and we started talking. I tried to persuade him that he should man up.

-“No one likes snowflakes, no matter how NIGHT good they look or how resilient and physically strong they are. Eventually a woman just like Clara will cross paths with you and you should be prepared.”

-“Why not Clara herself?” he asked.

-“Aiming big, I see… Haven’t you noticed she is in a relationship with Deion?”, I asked.

– “Not for long”, he smiled.

And there I was witnessing the rise of manhood. Way to go, Ian!

Mountain Mystery Starts

I must admit that at the moment of chatting I did not realize that mountain mystery has already locked us as a target. The night was freezing and all we could hear was wind howling in what seems like a distance. Little did we know it was actually “knocking” on our door.


  • 100 free spins on Naughty or Nice III
  • Make sure that before claiming the spins your last action needs to be a deposit.
  • $50 MCO
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  • $10 max bet per hand
  • Coupon code is time limited to a week starting from December 12th, 2022.
mystery casino brango

Mountain Mystery, part 1

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Five friends, one of whom is a killer, gathered for a mountain climb expedition which turned into mountain mystery. The place of gathering was the city of Mendoza. This is the fiction story in 4 weekly sequels, told from the perspective of one of the team members, and any resemblance to the actual characters, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Find the code name hidden in the text as a misplaced word, copy/paste it in the Cashier and access the special Christmas fully free spins to which the below stated terms apply.

The Mystery Begins

Ah, nothing can beat the lively spirit of Chile this time of the year. With Andes at the distance, and the mighty Aconcagua which will be the place of a great mountain mystery, the night has set.


There we were five adventurous souls with a clear goal ahead – to take over that mountain peak! “The weather is pleasant, as expected”, Ian must have thought to himself.

“There is no need to light the fire, as we would do at home in December. Home seems so far away. Why did I need this trip, anyway?” must have been the thought that lingered on his mind as he watched Clara swallowing the last bite of chicken.

His entire body and blushed face gave off the impression of someone thinking: “She is so hot, God help me”. It was clear that Deion noticed it and felt a bit edgy.

Deion and Clara

Speaking of Deion, he was a born leader. Never did he expect to lead the mountain expedition, let alone be a part of the mountain mystery.

As a child, he dreamt of becoming the famous athlete. Basketball has always been his choice. Somewhere along the way, he got hooked on climbing which became his passion. It took over his soul like the slow fire gradually expanding with every new dash of oxygen. That evening, he was sitting at the table, seamlessly chit-chatting, while in reality getting as much information as possible about his fellow climbers and their character features. But not about Clara, though. He knew her soul inside and SILENT out.


Sandra was the woman who seemed friendly, but authoritative at the same time. She gave off the impression of someone with a lot of experience. Not just in climbing, but in life as well. Watching her among these people, she seemed as if she had been their teacher or a mother, although she was far from it. Mountain mystery could have been her alias.

Mountain Mystery: the Narrator

As for me, I watched them all and knew this trip would be the most memorable adventure in all our lives.


  • 100 free spins on Cash Bandits 2
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