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Robin Hood’s Riches: Play $1500 Tourney

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Attention, all gamers! Hold onto your green hats and get ready for an extraordinary event at Casino Brango. From December 20th to 24th, we’re hosting an exclusive tournament for the legendary slot game, Robin Hood’s Riches, with a remarkable prize pool of $1500 along with a top reward of 75,000 times bet per line. Now, not only can you enjoy the thrill of Sherwood Forest, but you also have the chance to compete for noble winnings in this limited-time tournament. So, polish your arrows, don your green attire, and let the quest for riches begin!

Robin Hood’s Riches Basics: 50 Paylines and Free Game Scatters

To begin with, let’s delve into the basics. However, this 5×3 slot is anything but your average stroll in the park. Moreover, with a whopping 50 paylines, brace yourself for a wild ride. Notably, scatters are scattered (obviously!) throughout the game, eagerly waiting to trigger up to 20 Free Games. Yes, you read that right – 20 chances to snag those wins like a true outlaw. Now, let’s explore more about what the game has to offer.

Robin Hood’s Riches Acts: Archer’s Wilds and Multipliers

But hold on to your quiver because there’s more. The Archer himself might decide to grace you with his presence at any moment. Picture this: you’re spinning the reels, and bam! The Archer randomly shows up, shooting extra Wilds onto the gameboard. And get this – some of those Wilds come with Multipliers up to 3x! It’s like having your own personal archery coach, but with more gold and less target practice.

Robin Hood’s Riches Spin ‘N Win Feature: Filling the Treasure Chest

Now, let’s talk about the real game-changer – the Spin ‘N Win feature. Get a full stack of Wilds on any reel, and you’ll start filling up the Treasure Chest with Coins. It’s like Robin Hood’s piggy bank, only way cooler. Trigger the Spin ‘N Win, and a 3×3 gameboard of Coins magically appears on top of the regular board. Each Coin is your golden ticket to instant prizes or, drumroll please, a Jackpot! It’s like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but with an arrow and a green hat.

Robin Hood’s Riches Nobel Winnings: Stealing Gold 

But why are we doing all of this, you ask? Well, it’s simple – to help our hero and his band of merry outlaws steal glimmering gold back from the rich. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that noble cause? Plus, the more gold we snatch, the more our pockets get filled with noble winnings. It’s a win-win for everyone involved, especially you!

Emotional Rollercoaster: Spins, Anticipation, and Excitement

Imagine the thrill of spinning the reels, the anticipation as the Archer takes aim, and the sheer excitement of triggering the Spin ‘N Win feature. It’s like a rollercoaster of emotions, but without the motion sickness. And with each spin, you’re not just playing a game – you’re on a quest for riches, an adventure with the legendary Robin Hood himself.

Seamless Transitions: Features that Flow Like an Arrow

Transitioning from one feature to the next is smoother than Robin Hood sliding down a zip line in the middle of Sherwood Forest. You go from spinning the reels to triggering Free Games in the blink of an eye. And just when you think things can’t get any better, the Archer swoops in with his bow and arrows, turning ordinary Wilds into extraordinary Multiplier Wilds. It’s like magic, but with more feathers and less top hats.

Visual Delight: Sherwood Forest Comes Alive

The graphics are so crisp and vibrant; it’s like Sherwood Forest came alive on your screen. You can almost smell the pine trees and hear the rustling leaves as you navigate through this virtual adventure. The attention to detail is spot-on, from the twinkle in Robin Hood’s eye to the glimmer of gold in the Treasure Chest. It’s like you’re right there with the outlaws, plotting your next move against the rich.

Medieval Jam Session: A Quirky Soundtrack

And let’s not forget the soundtrack – it’s like a medieval jam session. The music sets the mood, making you feel like you’re a part of an epic tale. It’s the kind of soundtrack that makes you want to dance around your living room with a makeshift bow and arrow, pretending you’re the hero of the story. Who says you can’t be a little quirky and fun while winning big?

Robin Hood’s Riches Conclusion: A Journey into the Heart of Sherwood Forest

Robin Hood’s Riches is not just a game; it’s a journey into the heart of Sherwood Forest, where wins are legendary, and adventure awaits around every corner. With 50 paylines, Free Games, Multiplier Wilds, and the Spin ‘N Win feature, you’re in for a wild ride. Don’t miss the chance to participate in Casino Brango’s exclusive tournament from December 20th to 24th, where the prize pool is a whopping $1500. So, grab your green hat, polish your arrows, and join Robin Hood in the quest for noble winnings. May your spins be merry, your pockets filled with gold, and your tournament triumphs be legendary!


Flexepin 101: Your Passport to Casino Bliss

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Welcome, thrill-seekers and online gaming enthusiasts! So today, we’re diving into the world of Flexepin, the unsung hero of hassle-free transactions in the realm of online casinos. Whether you’re a seasoned gambler or a casual player, Flexepin might just be the road to go on your next gaming escapade. So, buckle up as we explore the ins and outs of Flexepin and why it’s making waves in the online gambling community and how you can use it on Casino Brango to make deposits. Now, let’s get started!

What is Flexepin, Anyway?

Picture this: You’re itching for some online casino action, but you’re not keen on sharing your credit card details or linking your bank account. And then enters Flexepin, the rockstar of anonymity in the online payment world. It’s a prepaid voucher system that lets you make secure transactions without revealing any personal information. It’s like paying for your gaming thrills with a secret handshake – only cooler.

Getting Your Hands On It

Getting started with Flexepin is as easy as pie. All you need to do is simply locate a nearby retail store that sells Flexepin vouchers – it could be your local convenience store, gas station, or even the friendly neighborhood ice cream parlor. Once you’ve found it, purchase a voucher with the desired amount, and voila! You’re now armed with a secret weapon to conquer the digital casino realm.

Cracking the Code

Okay, it’s not really a code like deciphering hieroglyphics, but Flexepin does come with a unique 16-digit code that holds the key to your virtual kingdom of gaming. And, think of it as your golden ticket to the Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory of online casinos. So when you keep that code close, you’ll be unlocking the gates to a world of entertainment.

Flexepin and Online Casinos – A Match Made in Digital Heaven

Now that you’ve got your voucher burning a hole in your pocket, it’s time to find the perfect online casino to splurge on. And the beauty of Flexepin lies in its versatility, as more and more casinos are welcoming this quirky payment method with open arms. Whether you’re into slots, poker, or live dealer games, it is the backstage pass you need for a VIP experience at the hottest online casinos.

Flexepin and Bitcoin – The Dynamic Duo

If you’re riding the Bitcoin wave, you’ll be pleased to know that Flexepin plays well with this digital currency giant. Thus, it allows you to seamlessly convert your voucher into Bitcoin, opening up a whole new dimension of possibilities. In another words, it’s like turning your gaming journey into a thrilling cryptocurrency adventure – who said finance can’t be fun?

The Advantage – Why It’s the Player’s Choice?

Anonymous Awesomeness

Flexepin is the ninja of online payments. No personal information required – just the way your gaming alter ego likes it. Say goodbye to intrusive questions and hello to anonymous adventures in the virtual casino jungle.

Top-notch Security

The internet can be a jungle, but Flexepin is your trusty machete. With its 16-digit code and no link to your bank account or credit card, it keeps your financial details locked up tighter than Fort Knox. Play with peace of mind knowing that your transactions are as secure as a dragon guarding its treasure.

Instant Gratification

Flexepin understands the need for speed. Once you’ve snagged your voucher, you’re just moments away from diving into the world of online gaming. No waiting around – it delivers instant gratification, like a magical express lane for thrill-seekers.

Widening Horizons

The Flexepin family is growing, and more online casinos are recognizing its charm. This means you’re not limited to a handful of options. Moreover, they provide you the key to unlock a diverse range of gaming platforms, each offering a unique flavor of excitement.

Flexepin at Casino Brango – Where the Fun Never Ends

Curious about where to unleash your Flexepin-fueled gaming escapades? Look no further! Casino Brango is the ultimate destination for Flexepin enthusiasts. As a forward-thinking online casino, we at Casino Brango, understand the importance of providing players with diverse and secure payment options. It fits the bill perfectly, allowing players to experience the thrill of Casino Brango’s games without compromising on security or anonymity.

At Casino Brango, the journey goes beyond just a convenient deposit method; it’s a gateway to seamless transactions and boundless thrills. As in, you can imagine a world where depositing funds is as smooth as spinning the reels of your favorite slot. Furthermore, Casino Brango has curated an experience that ensures every Flexepin transaction is not only secure but also adds an extra layer of excitement to your gaming escapades. So, if you’re ready to elevate your gaming experience, Casino Brango is your go-to destination.

 How to Deposit with Flexepin – A Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you’ve chosen your Flexepin-friendly casino, let’s walk through the simple steps to depositing and kickstarting your gaming frenzy

Create an Account

Sign up at your chosen online casino. The process is usually quick and painless, requiring basic details to set up your account

Visit the Cashier

Navigate to the cashier section of the casino. This is where the magic happens.

Select Flexepin as Your Payment Method

Look for Flexepin in the list of available payment methods. Click on it to let the casino know you’re bringing it to town.

Enter Your 16-Digit Code

The moment of truth! Enter the 16-digit code from your voucher. It’s your ticket to the casino extravaganza.

Choose Your Deposit Amount

Decide how much you want to deposit, and confirm the transaction. And again, Flexepin’s flexibility shines here – it caters to both the high rollers and the budget-conscious players.

Start Playing

With the deposit complete, you’re now armed and dangerous in the world of online gaming. Once the tables are set, and the slots are spinning – it’s showtime!

Flexepin isn’t just a payment method; it’s a game-changer in the online casino universe. In addition, with its anonymous allure, top-notch security, and instant gratification, Flexepin opens doors to a world of possibilities for every kind of player. Therefore, grab your Flexepin voucher, unlock the virtual gates, and let the games begin! Whether you’re into classic slots, poker showdowns, or the thrill of live dealer games, it is your trusty sidekick in this digital adventure. Happy gaming!

desert raider slot

Take 30 Free Spins to try new Desert Rider slot

By Game Reviews

Hello, fellow Brango players! Have you also had a burst of nostalgia lately seeing Brendan Fraser getting long overdue recognition for his acting contributions? If you’re old like us, that nostalgia probably stems from remembering the excitement that transposed us to the mystical land of ancient Egypt in his 1999 movie Mummy. Well, get ready for another kick of it, because a new Desert Raider slot that’s coming to Brango’s instant withdrawal casino is set to do the same! And as usual, we get to treat you with an extra 30 free spins too!

Desert Raider Slot’s General Features & Symbols 

Desert Raider slot is the last in a line of RTG’s slots inspired by ancient Egypt along with the now classic Cleopatra’s Gold and Egyptian Gold ones. It comes in a 3×5 grid 20 paylines high volatility form and a top award of 50,000x times the bet. The role of Wild is played by an explorer figure inspired by Indiana Jones and Fraser’s Jonathan Carnahan. He is out to uncover the precious relics of ancient Egypt such as Sphynx, Scarab, and Eye of Horus.

During the Base Game he’ll turn into Expanding Wild by covering the entire reels before the payouts are served. As far as Scatter is concerned that role is filled by yet another recognizable symbol of ancient Egypt. The infamous Book of the Dead! It pays whenever it appears on the gameboard, and its wins are multiplied by the total bet and then added to line wins.

Special Features of Desert Raider Slot

Speaking of Scatter, he plays the main role in triggering the Free Games Feature of the Desert Raider slot. Getting 3 of them on the gameboard triggers 10, 4 gets you 12, and 5 Scatters activates 14 Free Games.

But before you enter the Free Games mode it’s important to note that the game will choose a random symbol to act as the Special Morphing symbol.  When this happens all the other symbols on that reel will transform into a Special symbol, for possible additional payouts. And if the symbol that the game randomly chooses happens to be the Expanding Wild one, then it will hold onto reel 3 during Free Games.

The Free Games are played at the bet amount of the triggering spin, and the bet cannot be changed. The feature ends once there are no more of them remaining or when the maximum payout is achieved.

Embark on an Adventure With 30 Free Spins

Well, if this doesn’t sound like a call to adventure, we don’t know what does! And if you’re ready to answer its call, we’re here to help you get set. All you have to do is take a ride on the Desert Raider slot, gather your impressions, and leave a review of the game in the comments below the post. Keep in mind that it has to have at least 20 words to qualify for the 30 free spins, and don’t forget to check the terms too. Best of luck!

Terms of the Promotion

  • The promotion is available only for depositors.
  • The review should consist of more than 20 words to qualify for the free spins reward and to be published.
  • This promotion is good for playing non-progressive slots only (excluding RTG777)
  • No two free money promotions are available between deposits.
  • The last day of the promotion is September 22, 2022. After that, we will start processing the 30 free spins reward, i.e., starting from September 23, 2022.
  • Eligibility terms should be fulfilled by September 30, 2022, at the latest. That is also the deadline for all the spins to be processed.
  • Promotion may only be claimed once per person/account/household/IP Address.
  • Free spins winnings must be wagered 45x before a withdrawal can be made.
  • The maximum cash-out is set to $/€ 50.
  • Withdrawals may only be processed after your account has been verified. If a deposit was never made, a “Verification Deposit” will be required prior to any withdrawal.
  • All bonuses are subject to the Bonus and Promotions section of our Terms of Service.
  • In the interests of fair gaming, wagering more than 10 $/€/AUD per spin while playing any of our non-progressive slot games will result in all winnings being void while playing the bonus in question.


What to Do in Metaverse

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Can you imagine hanging out with your friends or having job interview only by putting on virtual reality headsets? It’s no longer just about the camera view or video conferencing with colleagues, you can now be with them in the same room. We are sure that you’ve already heard about metaverse and today Casino Brango wants to give you some fun ideas of what to do in metaverse except having work meetings, which can be boring, as we can all agree.

Socialize and Meet People

Socializing and making friends in a virtual world can be very different than in real life. It is still unfamiliar how is it going to look, but Meta is aspiring very ambitious. People in metaverse are going to represent themselves as avatars. The main idea is the feeling of presence – you need to really feel like you are there with other people, which today’s technology can’t quite deliver yet.

Attend Concerts at Metaverse

At one point, during the presentation, company showed a scenario where a woman who is sitting on a couch attends a concert with her friend who is physically there. They are also able to make an eye contact even if they aren’t standing next to each other. Insane, isn’t it? Seems very cool, but it is still quite unreal.

Who Performed at Metaverse?

Some of the biggest names in music industry such as Justin Bieber and Cardi B have recognized potential of hosting concerts in digital world. Their fans showed enormous interest. Virtual concerts seem to be the thing nowadays. What do you say?

Play Games

When you say a word “metaverse” many people think it’s about gaming because it is one of the biggest entertainment industries. We bring you some of the play-to-earn games that you can play right now. The best of all, they are all crypto friendly just as Casino Brango! Let’s see what else we have in common!


Sandbox is a virtual world where players can build, own and monetize their gaming experiences. It is Ethereum-based game platform. Sandbox offers an amazing virtual world that you can explore at your own leisure. Like similar Metaverse games, you can create an avatar and go around socializing with people. We are sure our crypto enthusiasts are going to love it.


This is one more game studio that merges online gaming with cryptocurrency. Locked on all sides by crystallized oceans, it is full of intriguing enigmas. Players are hunters and they are trying to solve a mystery of what happened. If you are known as a mystery solver, this game is for you.


The final addition to a list of online metaverse games brings Ultra. This is an all-in-one gaming platform powered by Ultra’s blockchain. The most appealing feature of Ultra is its flexibility, which allows it to be used for both gaming and trading on NFT marketplaces.

Shop for Real and Virtual Products

The new era of metaverse opens new possibilities. One of them is virtual shopping. A lot of fashion brands are looking for a chance to place their products in metaverse virtual store. AI technologies help creating a better profile based on activity, taste and purchase history. Shopping with customizable 3D avatars that represent yourself and instant travelling between the stores are also some of the cool things about this.

Invest and Monetize Metaverse Real Estate 

Metaverse real estate is already popular. Many celebrities have already invested in virtual land. It is like buying crypto 10 years ago and NFTs last year. Buying land is usually done with cryptocurrencies, especially with Ethereum, SAND and MADA. Should you invest in metaverse land? Well, we don’t know. There is no guarantee that the price will go up – it depends on metaverse itself. But, if you decide to invest, buying with cryptocurrencies provides safety and security.

Metaverse revolution is here, there is no doubts. It could change a lot of things. The most important – to unlock a massively bigger creative economy. We probably cannot even imagine all the benefits and opportunities that it is bringing. Send us your thoughts, we would like to hear what you think. Until then, much luck in playing at our casino!

fortunate buddha play now

Copy Cat Fortune

New Copy Cat Fortune Slot Brings You 30 Free Spins

By Game Reviews

Something has been brewing in our kitchen for quite some time, we’ve had to keep our mouth shut like the cat got our tongue. But the time has come to let that cat out of the bag and announce the arrival of a new feline-themed slot Copy Cat Fortune to Casino Brango’s stock. The cats are beings that have a knack for bringing gifts, and the gift they bring this time is 30 free spins. Stay with us till the end of the review to find out how they can be yours!

Basic Overview

The Copy Cat Fortune slot is a brand-new addition from RTG, and by the looks of it, fortune is exactly what you’ll get should you choose to play it. It comes in a classic five-reel with 25 fixed paylines form with symbols paying from left to right. Speaking of symbols, the one for Wild is of course a wild cat that substitutes all other symbols except Scatter. And if you know that the cats as creatures of the night have a special relationship with the Moon, it won’t come as a surprise to you that the Moon serves as a Scatter. The great thing about the Scatter is that any wins you get from it are not just added to the line wins but are also multiplied by the total bet.

Mystery Stacks

Another great thing about the Copy Cat Fortune slot is the mystery stacks feature. Each reel has a consecutive stack of mystery positions that game symbols replace after every reel spin. It triggers totally randomly and applies to every symbol including the Wild and the Moon.

Reel Copy Feature

And now we come to the part which makes the Copy Cat Fortune slot so original despite its name. The Reel Copy is a new feature specific to this game. It triggers on the first reel whenever matching symbols stack upon it. That’s when the copying part of the name kicks in because these symbols copy to other available reels. Once the process is complete, the winnings go through evaluation and payment procedure. All of this occurs at the bet of triggering spin, and that bet is not changeable.

Free Games

The next feature is the one we all love when it comes to slots. The Free Games! And Copy Cat Fortune has a copious amount of them to offer. You’ll enter Free Games mode every time 3, 4, or 5 Moon bonus symbols show up on one of the paylines. That in turn gets you either 5, 6, or 8 Free Games. And if a winning combination of Moon bonus symbols appear on multiple paylines you can retrigger Free Spins awards up to 200 times. Another great thing is that a reel copy feature tends to occur more frequently too when Free Games are active.

With 10 or more free games awarded you can choose either Regular Free Games or 50 Lines Free Games, but with 30 or more you get to pick Super Free or Mega Free Games. And here’s what that means:

Regular Free Games are playable across 25 fixed paylines while 50 Lines Free Games allow half of the Free Games to be played with 50 paylines. Super Free Games will get 1/3 of your winnings multiplied x3 times, while Mega Free Games will do the same to 1/5 of winnings multiplied x5 across 25 paylines.

Get Your Claws On 30 Free Spins

It’s time to deliver what we promised in the introduction. All you have to do to claim your 30 Free Spins is to try the game out and share your impressions with us in the comment section below the post. It should consist of at least 20 words to be eligible, and you can post your reviews until March 23rd. Instant withdrawal casino Brango cares about your opinion and we have absolutely no doubt you’ll be as content as the cat who got the cream!

  • The promotion is available only for depositors.
  • The review should consist of more than 20 words in order to qualify for the free spins reward and to be published on the blog.
  • This promotion is good for playing non-progressive slots only (excluding RTG777)
  • No two free money promotions available between deposits.
  • The last day of the promotion is March 23rd, 2022, after which we will start processing the 30 free spins reward, i.e. starting from March 24th, 2022.
  • Eligibility terms should be fulfilled by April 1st, 2022, at the latest, which is also the deadline for all the spins to be processed.
  • Promotion may only be claimed once per person/account/household/IP Address.
  • Free Spin winnings must be wagered 45x before a withdrawal can be made.
  • The maximum cash-out is set to $/€ 50.
  • Withdrawals may only be processed after your account has been verified. If a deposit was never made, a “Verification Deposit” will be required prior to any withdrawal.
  • All bonuses are subject to the Bonus and Promotions section of our Terms of Service.
  • In the interests of fair gaming, wagering more than $/€/AUD 10 per spin while playing any of our non-progressive slot games will result in all winnings being void while playing the bonus in question.

copy cat fortune play now