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What to Do in Metaverse

By May 10, 2022No Comments

Can you imagine hanging out with your friends or having job interview only by putting on virtual reality headsets? It’s no longer just about the camera view or video conferencing with colleagues, you can now be with them in the same room. We are sure that you’ve already heard about metaverse and today Casino Brango wants to give you some fun ideas of what to do in metaverse except having work meetings, which can be boring, as we can all agree.

Socialize and Meet People

Socializing and making friends in a virtual world can be very different than in real life. It is still unfamiliar how is it going to look, but Meta is aspiring very ambitious. People in metaverse are going to represent themselves as avatars. The main idea is the feeling of presence – you need to really feel like you are there with other people, which today’s technology can’t quite deliver yet.

Attend Concerts at Metaverse

At one point, during the presentation, company showed a scenario where a woman who is sitting on a couch attends a concert with her friend who is physically there. They are also able to make an eye contact even if they aren’t standing next to each other. Insane, isn’t it? Seems very cool, but it is still quite unreal.

Who Performed at Metaverse?

Some of the biggest names in music industry such as Justin Bieber and Cardi B have recognized potential of hosting concerts in digital world. Their fans showed enormous interest. Virtual concerts seem to be the thing nowadays. What do you say?

Play Games

When you say a word “metaverse” many people think it’s about gaming because it is one of the biggest entertainment industries. We bring you some of the play-to-earn games that you can play right now. The best of all, they are all crypto friendly just as Casino Brango! Let’s see what else we have in common!


Sandbox is a virtual world where players can build, own and monetize their gaming experiences. It is Ethereum-based game platform. Sandbox offers an amazing virtual world that you can explore at your own leisure. Like similar Metaverse games, you can create an avatar and go around socializing with people. We are sure our crypto enthusiasts are going to love it.


This is one more game studio that merges online gaming with cryptocurrency. Locked on all sides by crystallized oceans, it is full of intriguing enigmas. Players are hunters and they are trying to solve a mystery of what happened. If you are known as a mystery solver, this game is for you.


The final addition to a list of online metaverse games brings Ultra. This is an all-in-one gaming platform powered by Ultra’s blockchain. The most appealing feature of Ultra is its flexibility, which allows it to be used for both gaming and trading on NFT marketplaces.

Shop for Real and Virtual Products

The new era of metaverse opens new possibilities. One of them is virtual shopping. A lot of fashion brands are looking for a chance to place their products in metaverse virtual store. AI technologies help creating a better profile based on activity, taste and purchase history. Shopping with customizable 3D avatars that represent yourself and instant travelling between the stores are also some of the cool things about this.

Invest and Monetize Metaverse Real Estate 

Metaverse real estate is already popular. Many celebrities have already invested in virtual land. It is like buying crypto 10 years ago and NFTs last year. Buying land is usually done with cryptocurrencies, especially with Ethereum, SAND and MADA. Should you invest in metaverse land? Well, we don’t know. There is no guarantee that the price will go up – it depends on metaverse itself. But, if you decide to invest, buying with cryptocurrencies provides safety and security.

Metaverse revolution is here, there is no doubts. It could change a lot of things. The most important – to unlock a massively bigger creative economy. We probably cannot even imagine all the benefits and opportunities that it is bringing. Send us your thoughts, we would like to hear what you think. Until then, much luck in playing at our casino!

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