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Mother’s Day Traditions

By May 7, 202213 Comments

What is the first thing that comes up to your mind when you hear the word “mother”? For many people it is love, support, compassion, softness and tenderness. This weekend we celebrate these lovely creatures who remember every birthday, anniversary and all dates significant to you. So, it would be very disrespectful if you forgot about Mother’s Day. Even if you dismissed it from your mind, Casino Brango is here to remind you of it and give you some additional information about this day and provide you some ideas to make “I love you” gesture. Let’s start!

Establishment of Holiday

Celebration of women and mothers can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans who organized festivals in honor of the mother goddesses. In its present form, Mother’s Day was established in 1900s thanks to Anna Jarvis who initiated it after her mother’s death. She organized the first celebration of this day in 1908. Soon, Woodrow Wilson made it a national holiday and the catholic churches also accepted it.

Tradition and Celebration

There are different ways to celebrate Mother’s Day across the world. They usually include going to church, presenting flowers or gifts and family dinners. The whole point is to make women feel special on this day, but we believe our readers treat women carefully every day. On this day we should also pay attention to women’s position in society, to give them credit and respect for everything they are doing. Our mothers and many other women have fought for generations to achieve and protect equal rights for us all, but there is always space to improve things. This holiday is here to remind us of compassion and solidarity so make sure you always find time for conversation with meaningful ladies in your life and helping them with household chores.

Mother’s Day Gifts to Save the Day

In case our male readers didn’t prepare properly for this holiday, Casino Brango is there for you, our dear procrastinators. If you are not very creative you should always go with flowers or a perfume, but we at Casino Brango appreciate originality. Think about her interests, habits and lifestyle. Try to remember what she was talking about lately, there must be something that she wants but cannot afford. If it still doesn’t ring a bell, gift cards are always safe choice for the ladies with unpredictable taste. Basically, there is no wrong presents.

Mother’s Day in Casino Brango

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If you got to this, we want to thank you for reading. We hope you found some interesting and useful information in this short reminder of Mother’s Day holiday. Casino Brango is looking forward to celebrating the next big date soon. We will do our best to make more interesting promotions and we are eager to receive your feedback. Always happy to hear from you!

Happy Mother’s Day!


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